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New in version 2.3.16

Thanks for all your support, and for playing Sudoku!
- Updated game saves to increase reliability
- Adjustments to make the 'Floating Keys' feature more usable


Sudoku by Brainium is the #1 classic Sudoku game you know and love for your phone and tablet, and the best way to learn and improve your skills in this classic puzzle game.

With our Sudoku app, not only will you play a beautiful user-friendly Sudoku, but you’ll have access to the world’s most friendly and complete mobile Sudoku learning system.

With every puzzle, our “Hint” button can teach you the techniques you need to make progress. The instructions are easy to understand and unique for every puzzle with helpful animations, and colorful visuals. The hints don’t just give you the answer, they help you learn “why” the answer is what it is. This feature will help you learn all the techniques you need to solve Sudoku puzzles whether you’re a complete novice playing your first game, all the way to the expert difficulty.

Enjoy a clear, easy to read and customizable Sudoku board with visual guides that make glancing at the possibilities a breeze. 

Our input system is designed to make entering solutions and notes magically simple and our friendly scoring system allows you to compete with yourself or your friends regardless of skill level.

Sudoku by Brainium is the most beautiful, learnable, and user-friendly Sudoku game you've ever played before.

• The world’s most advanced Sudoku learning tool
• The hints will give you the answer but also explain and teach you why the answer is what it is
• Five perfectly balanced difficulty levels from beginner to expert
• Two beautiful grid styles
• Choose light or dark grid fonts with adjustable size
• Endless collection of masterfully crafted puzzles
• Useful statistics to keep track of your progress
• Unlimited Undo/Redo
• Auto-Fill Notes Option
• Auto-Clear Notes Option
• Auto Error-Checking Option
• Portrait and Landscape Views
• Advanced game options and notes
• Five gorgeous themes
• Universal App looks great on iPhone and iPad
• Global and friend leader boards
• Portrait and landscape play options
• Right or left handed option in landscape

We hope you enjoy Sudoku by Brainium, and please contact our five star support if you have any questions :-)

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Ads adds Ads
Mechanical Nature! on 2/15/2018
Even if you pop out to the options, there's an ad. Every screen advance you make there is an... you guessed it...
Al. E on 2/14/2018
Very good mind exercise game.
It’s a very good game
Yyuno9142 on 2/12/2018
I am really like the design of game. You can play it without any pressure and enjoy your time as you’re playing.
To many adds
Dam Proud of it on 2/9/2018
At first adds were ok. You could listen or delete easily. Now adds are forced on you with no option to ignor. I’m getting rid of the game because of that.
Great software
Eternity1957 on 2/7/2018
This game is great.
Couldn't be better...
artSavant on 2/5/2018
...unless maybe it brought you a beer. You get deeply into it because: •Ads that are not annoying •Has all the goodies •Is easy to use •Looks good and sounds nice •Is very chill •Always gives you new puzzles •Lets you choose 5 different levels The paid version teaches you to play the hard ones and has no ads.
Soduko Beginner
Addicted in just a short time on 2/2/2018
I've never been good at this game and so I never really enjoyed it. There's a level named Breezy and it has puzzles I can actually complete. I don't know if I could play any other levels but I'm enjoying the easy puzzles.
Annoying pop up ad
CollardsEater on 1/31/2018
Excellent implementation of Sudoku but they have recently added an annoying pop up ad before EVERY game. If they get rid of ad - or reduce frequency - it would be 5 stars.
Upgrade suggestion
Upset !!!! on 1/31/2018
It would be nice if the numbers at the bottom turned colors if all of that number was complete.
Love this game
S..in..Love on 1/31/2018
I love playing Sudoku..other games are just boring to me
burritoe on 1/31/2018
I’ve played this app for a couple of years, and I believe it is the best Sudoku app out there. However, I paid for the ad-free version, but An ad pops up every time I start a new game. I’ve tried turning my device off and on again. I’ve uninstalled both versions and reinstalled just the paid version. When I search for the paid version in the App Store, it shows I have both installed, but there is only one app on my device. The free version. Frustrating.
mtp1025 on 1/30/2018
Get lost reviews!!! DIE!!!
My first sudoku
BarbieGEEgreen on 1/30/2018
I feel so successful.
Brandy Kala on 1/28/2018
Great fun and strategic puzzle-solving skills required.
Mr. Jim
Jsharier on 1/27/2018
So much fun and oh so addictive
PatChill on 1/26/2018
Great for passing time, while traveling
Great game
parduko on 1/26/2018
This sudoku is by far my favorite. Everything from the rows, columns, and boxes highlighting when choosing a number to the the the numbers going grey in the number selection, makes playing this sudoku stand out from playing on a piece of paper
A didactic program
Archimom on 1/23/2018
On the upper levels the hints are quite informative. Better than other sudoku apps that I have tried.
Too much fun
RLendacky on 1/22/2018
Love this game
Best Sudoku App
b vel on 1/20/2018
Ads in the game are non intrusive… meaning there are 5 second long videos between games and that’s it, no onscreen ads during gameplay. My #1 app. Great sounds, beautiful and relaxing layout. Fantastic app for the price. One of the few things in this life that doesn’t cost an outrageous amount for a quality return.
Too many ads
TooTall932 on 1/20/2018
The game is fine and plays well. But between games you will see no less than 3 ads. One when it’s done, one after the menu, and one before the next game starts. Based on the going rate for ads in apps, they’ve made over a thousand dollars off my trying the app out for a day. I understand developers want paid but this is ridiculous
Great game
Deepstops on 1/20/2018
Can’t beat it for free. Cranium apps are always good.
spidersjs on 1/19/2018
Great concentration game
kay fun10 on 1/19/2018
It is fun but it is hard
Okay app.
SkysGirl on 1/17/2018
It’s a fun app. There’s just a lot of advertisements which get in the way and get annoying.
Black Screen
Solitaiarer4624 on 1/16/2018
An ad popped up black and I couldn’t get rid of it. I had to delete the ad and reinstall it. Now it happened again! So now I’m leaving a bad review because Brainium allowed a bad ad on their game that ruined my experience. Otherwise I really like the Sudoku game.
Great game
Notanumbersgal on 1/14/2018
Very fun and well done! Keeps my brain in good working order.
Nice Game
Anasos on 1/10/2018
I liked this version of Sudoko
Improved my game
Rachelskivich on 1/10/2018
I really appreciate that the hints are instructional. Instead of just telling me which number goes in a square, the hint teaches me how to analyze the puzzle. I have learned new elimination techniques and am enjoying the hard level. Expert still kicks my butt.
Fun to play
Bandana Barb on 1/10/2018
Great game. Easy and fun to play
Robyn Murphy on 1/4/2018
This is such an amazing app!
laurie iliff on 1/2/2018
So much fun!!!🤩
Brain Exercise
Jesse Pinkman III on 1/1/2018
As I get older I have read that it is important to stimulate the brain with different challenges like The ones found in the game of Sudoko. Thank you for this App.
IQ Booster
DdoggieDawg on 1/1/2018
My IQ has quadrupled since I’ve started playing. My handlers hate it because they know I’m almost free. A few more years and I’m there.
Sudoku review
zac the sassy fierce on 12/30/2017
I kinda like sudoku. I usually play it when I’m bored at church. It really passes the time.
Well done
Mimi19872020 on 12/28/2017
The game is very functional and has a pleasing ambiance. Ads in between screens keep the work space clutter free. Multiple options for game play and a good selection of difficulty levels. I would only want more themes, but the absence of them keeps it a light program.
Fun & addictive!
Shutterbug Sue on 12/28/2017
A fun way to pass the time.
Sudoku - For Learners & Experts
Npuda on 12/26/2017
This One is the best among all the Sudoku applications I have used. It’ll teach you the techniques as it applies them, yet keep challenging you with witty puzzles. I’m loving it.
Deleted app
kmchargie on 12/25/2017
Don’t ever want to use the iPad Game Center. Not even for a moment. And to have to decline that “privilege” every time the app starts was just to frustrating.
Princesscrown768 on 12/24/2017
I’m only 16 but I feel 75 playing this I love it :)
I love this game!
Mdlittle2009 on 12/24/2017
Great Game!
Great game
Dbj628 on 12/24/2017
I just started playing this game and I love it! I used to be addicted to Sudoku books but haven’t for years now. I forgot how much I liked it!
pappa charlie on 12/23/2017
great game, too much advertising
Dany4321 on 12/23/2017
great game, too much advertising
Love this game.
I need some sleep on 12/23/2017
I like this one because it gives you the easy breezy option to be able to get use to the game and then do harder ones.
ninree on 12/22/2017
Lots of fun!
Love it
Littlenit on 12/19/2017
I’ve been playing this for years and it’s one of my favorite apps.
Big Fun
Password48$ on 12/15/2017
Fun game. Keeps my mind alert.
Count to TEN! S
"Rookie" on 12/13/2017
Count to TEN backward without strutting, I beat the top score. BOW WOW WOW Yippee Yo Yippee Yeah.🤸🏽‍♀️
Androgeno10 on 12/9/2017
It is good
Fact Sheet
  • Publisher: Brainium Studios LLC
  • Category: Games
  • Released: Feb 10, 2011
  • Current Version Released: Dec 11, 2017
  • Version: 2.3.16
  • Size: 174.5 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Game Center Certified: No
  • Supported Languages: English;