Perfect Cell Lite


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 1.3.2 Feb 28, 2011 Oct 12, 2015 149.9 MB iOS 6.0 or later 12+
New in version 1.3.2

Support for iOS 9, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus


Play as the most advanced creature ever discovered on Earth. You are trapped in a high security submarine base and you must use your superpowers to escape from this hostile environment; dodge lasers and AK-47 bullets, solve puzzles to progress and try to survive the many other dangerous and deadly traps. Play through an original story that uniquely combines the best of action and infiltration games . Use intuitive, multi-touch gameplay; play as up to 3 Cells on the same screen, dash through the air with a swipe gesture or cut off your enemies’ heads with a ‘draw and dash’! Use your mind to find your way out covertly or, if you prefer, use fast-paced action gameplay to kill every scientist and soldier in your path. You are the Perfect Cell!

"Perfect Cell is bloody brilliant" -

8/10 (Silver Award)

Full version features:

- Hyper realistic environments with dynamic lighting and physics

- Cut your enemies into bloody pieces with a simple gesture

- The best Action/Infiltration/Puzzle game on the iOS!

- 35 levels with dynamic atmosphere across 5 different worlds

- Very intuitive multitouch control

- Game Center : Achievements and Leaderboards provide a high replay value and allow you to share with your friends

- Full HD 3D Graphics, optimized for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It's really smooth on a 1st gen iPhone/iPod, and it looks just amazing on a Retina display!

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Plz make full version free
captainprice730 on 2/22/2018
You will get lots more downloads and I have like no money plz make full version free or at least make more levels available on the lite version. Thanks good game make more too
11m 39s is my best time
Doomcraft on 3/9/2017
It's a quick game only 3 levels but totally worth it I completed it in 11 minutes and 39 seconds but defiantly getting the full game
Can the full game be free? :(
Ladydevo on 4/23/2016
Please let the full game be free my son really likes it but we cant aford it please!
AWESOME!!!! Just needs more content.
DeltaMD on 3/30/2015
This is a really awesome game! I've always wanted a game where you can be a creature like this and have powers and abilities. I just beat all the levels and am trying to beat 100%, but the only thing was the game git repetitive after a while. I was hoping that you would later find more of your homies on board. So far I only have three and I don't know if I'll get anymore. Different bad guys besides the man three on board would be cool. Also I was hoping for more levels in different places. Anyway the game was pretty good and I have heard if you beat 100% you get different skin colors! That sounds cool!!
Awesome App! 😃😀
hkamran80 on 1/15/2015
This is extreme! So fun! Though as it the Lite Version, there is only 3 levels. A1, B1, and C1. Wish it was all free...
Great and reccomended
Soggy Leaf on 2/24/2014
This game is great and i will reccomend it to everybody i know
Worth getting 👍👍👍👍👍
huvgvivi on 4/10/2013
The game is awesome but add more levels
Not sure
Trey4u2 on 3/26/2013
This game is different, not bad, but not sure if its good or not. The free version was only a couple of levels. Not long enough to get a feel for it. Cool graphics, not much of a plot to it. Not fun enough for $2.99 for sure!
Really intuitive game!!!
iMarvin97 on 2/6/2013
I love this style of games. Almost reminds me of lost winds 2. But anyway, I love this game and will buy the full version. You should make the full version FREE FOR A DAY! ADD MULTIPLAYER! This game would be so cool if you could co-op play through Game Center. MAKE MORE POWERS! Maybe an invisibility mode, or ghost like mode so the cell can go through walls for a limited time? I don't like how the bad guys are so 8 bit looking. Can't you make them more computer graphic? I think that would make the game seem more real.
Li'l Zombie Monkey on 1/26/2013
Quite different from other games. Well-designed. Engaging. Nice details throughout. The creators obviously put much thought and creativity into this. Just wish there were a few additional levels. Great game.
Poussey on 1/26/2013
Awsome game
Shurikanguyias on 1/5/2013
This game is very fun I love how simple it is play and you can basically do what you want you have to kill the guards but you can if you want to. If the full version if this game was free for a day I would get and beat that day ;)
: )
Brain is moon pie dumplings on 12/31/2012
I love it. The simplicity of the game is fun, but it's so addicting. I've played the lite version like 4 times. Five thumbs up.
Bllgxklz on 12/13/2012
It is such an awesome game! You can do all types of scientific and futuristic stuff!
Redn2000 on 8/28/2012
I recommend this to anyone. And it wold be nice to get the full version free for a day.
Great Game
Avakyan15 on 7/27/2012
Please make the full version free for a week,because that would make me very :D
Full is too expensive
Flameleaf15 on 3/7/2012
Love the lite!!! Can you make the full version less expensive please thanks :))))
Love this game
Risky14 on 1/20/2012
Really good game!!!!
Love this!!!
Ng2hieu on 1/2/2012
Best Ipad app ever!!!
Game Reviewer100 on 12/22/2011
This game is tops for me
Worst game ever
Cai524 on 11/27/2011
This game is as suckey as hell
Drummerboycroy on 10/24/2011
I cannot BELIEVE this game does not have more buzz... I almost wish the developers would make it free for a day to bring more attention to a game that SERIOUSLY deserves it... Gameplay is unique and uses the IOS to maximum effect. Get it!
Yungtiger on 9/25/2011
Its good but can u make the full version free for at least a day please
Person107 on 9/8/2011
It GREAT, but its too short. Only tree levels!!! I want to buy the full version now 'cause it IS REALLY FUN! Get it now see if you like it and if you do get full version now like me. It doesn't crash its not slow it's perfect only thing is it's way to short, I beat it in 30 minutes.
Moar pleez
Review'er on 8/27/2011
Truly a gaming revolution to the app store. Stunning graphics, complex simplicity, and furthermore, the idea behind the game itself... Just wish I could afford the full version
One Star Jabar on 8/25/2011
Worth buying full version.
4coogans on 5/10/2011
Request the full version at freeappaday!
Piano Music Lover on 4/29/2011
Could be fun if found objects would move when tapped.
lvlisanthropy on 4/28/2011
You play as a terrible squiggly floating squid monster who has sonic the hedgehog's speed and the mind of... well you. It's tentacles sway evilly behind it as you navigate the level... avoiding obstacles, smashing through floors, and reducing armed gaurds to spaghetti sause with lightning speed. I was laughing the whole time XD :::Pros::: -Hilarious and malevolant gameplay -Very nice graphics -Ragdoll physics so you can punt your victims miles away! -No stutter -Delicious gore -mazes are detailed and fun to navigate. I saw a lot of things reused but not to redundancy. :::Cons::: -You are somewhat overpowered and that, of course, makes the game a bit too easy. -No multiplayer? XD I bought it. Definitely try the demo atleast!
doneymonster on 4/18/2011
Nice mix of puzzle, stealth and action. Full version recomended.
Looks cool...
take_me_seriously on 4/6/2011
Controlling the thing on iPad is really annoying... I dunno... I'd love to be able to keep my thumbs in one place as opposed to both all over the screen. Can't please everyone I guess... Bought the full version anyway. Hope devs see my review and plea for alternate control method...!!!
Amazing graphics, extremely easy gameplay
Chaos215bar2 on 4/6/2011
I really love the graphics and I want to like the game, but the levels in this light version weren't even slightly challenging. If the levels do get harder in the full version, one or two of the later levels need to be included here. Otherwise, as much as I like the idea, it just isn't worth playing.
Very nice
Brownryce on 3/23/2011
Very fluid game so far! Gameplay and story are entertaining.
Frozenvoid on 3/15/2011
Cool good story and the way you kill enemies is just sick!!! 1 thing I would do is add more gore that's it :)
Great game, but $5?
Jubei Mnemonic on 3/7/2011
I REALLY want to play the full version of this brilliant game, but can you PLEASE run a sale one day or something?
Pure awesomeness
teamaudi on 2/28/2011
Smooth original easy to learn hard to put down. It's free what do you have to loose. take a dump and play.
jonathan. on 2/28/2011
This is a really polished game that captures the feel if being a monster rebelling against scientists in a facility like we've seen in movies. It is as fun as it's always looked! I don't enjoy the controls though. I'd much prefer a touch dpad with tap elements or a boost button, swiping around all the time isnt too comfortable for me at least. I'd buy it if that was an option!
Thorbjorn on 2/28/2011
Awesome. Instabuy.
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