Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Shopping 5.2.0 Jun 01, 2011 Jul 24, 2018 96.7 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 5.2.0

General bug fixes and performance issues. We're aware of all of the issues with the app and are working behind the scenes to fix these. Thanks for your patience and stay tuned over the coming weeks for more updates soon!


From dresses and tops to shoes, bags and more, THE OUTNET.COM’s sleek and intuitive app makes upgrading your style quick and easy!

Established in 2009 by The NET-A-PORTER Group, THE OUTNET carries 350+ luxury fashion designers, from Michael Kors and Isabel Marant to Stella McCartney and Tory Burch, all with discounts of up to 75% off. Download now for exclusive access to app-only sales and the latest arrivals every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – plus use My Designers, a feature exclusive to the app, to see the latest products from your favourite designers!

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Where are those filters??
MonkSh on 8/15/2018
I’ve been using the app for more than 2 years and watched it turning worse in terms of usability. There used to be a lot more filters I could choose to easily find the right product, then after last update the app removed some and combined some in a stupid way so the search became harder. this morning when I opened the app I was surprised even the size filter was gone, leaving only category and color... I really don’t want to click through every single piece to figure out if I can wear it or now. BTW “my designer” function stopped working since last update. My customized list of designers never got saved no matter how many times I set it up...
Used to be good
A__________ on 8/2/2018
This app used to be good. Now it won’t even show me products from my list of favorite designers. I have about 100 designers favorited and when I click “View All Products” it says “Sorry, no items found”. So I literally can’t see any products. It also used to be very detailed - always telling you what size the model is wearing. It does that now on maybe 35% of items. It would even tell you the difference between each size so you could see whether you can size up or down, which it doesn’t tell you at all anymore.
Why is it all ladies fashions
larry clayton quisno on 7/16/2018
There is noooooo men clothes shoes summer or winter
Refuses me access
voxdeae117 on 7/8/2018
Even after I updated my password the site bars me from access. Waste of time.
The APP is not good
Rice_Belly on 6/11/2018
The website is great, prices are great, selection is great but the app itself is just not good. If you forget your password you will be locked out of the app. Password change does not work on mobile so use your allotted guesses carefully. It’s extremely annoying to be locked out. Stock doesn’t seem to update in real-time either so you may think something is available when it’s actually sold out. I love The Outnet but not the app. I’ve deleted it because it’s just not good but ended up re-downloading because the sales are that good. You decide if it’s a fair trade. \(._.)/
Poor new layout
chatnoirtran on 5/24/2018
Can’t stand one item layout
Love the Outnet
Goldfaden on 5/20/2018
Love the ease and deals on the Outnet. I was on the elevator last week with a delivery bag and a neighbor asked me how I like Shopping on the Outnet. She said she had never shipped on here but wanted to buy a bag. I raved about it of course!
Not working properly
sylwia.d on 5/19/2018
Unable to remove items from “cart”
Bring back the old app!
沈凯西 on 5/8/2018
Can’t believe it’s been 6 months and none of the bugs are fixed! Could you simply bring the old version back? It was much much easier to use.
Log in trouble
dmjcrandell on 3/15/2018
I can’t log in for 2 days now. It’s ridiculous I keep getting an internal codec very frustrating
Constant crash and internet connection failure
点金 on 3/8/2018
Not sure if NAP is planning on losing the Outnet. 1. No item measurement available anymore, given most items are off-season items from NAP, I supposed it should be easy to transfer data. 2. Constant crash for no reason... 3. Pisses of me most - experience internet connection failure constantly while my internet is connected and other apps are working fine. So it doesn’t allow me to add anything to cart. Well if thats so, simple solution - I won’t purchase from Outnet anymore. Solution to all above issues: uninstall the app and abandon the Outnet
RJRJ77 on 3/6/2018
Need fabric content on all items. Currently, it’s available on some, but many items are missing this. Also, at least inseam should be provided for pants.
Fast service, great products.
lauracmac on 3/1/2018
I love Outnet!
Armchair fashionista
Khgvvffgv on 2/27/2018
For those of you not in the know already This is THE place to be for THE best items each season to update your wardrobe or simply when you are ready to take the next step and choose a few new things to set yourself free for a total lift. This season it’s a shorter cut, slimmer skirt, long sleeve dress, with shoes and a bag to make your friends ask .”how does she look so Ab Fab ?” Sign on & click away, spring is just round the corner! Enjoy the new YOU! 💃💃🏻💃🏽
It’s impossible to sign in
Teranchis on 2/16/2018
I can’t eve sign in it’s terrible
Please fix bugs in update
Thomasknob on 1/23/2018
The two most annoying about the site over all: I Cannot save any items to my wish list which makes it impossible to shop. It’s costing you money. And there are minimal details on the clothes. Please show details like material composition an item measurements. There is a huge difference between a rayon shirt, a cotton shirt and a linen shirt
Unable to login
user20151003 on 1/9/2018
Please fix it!!
removed my favorite designer again!!!
Juicyjuicy77777 on 1/2/2018
The recent update removed my favorite brand again!!!!! This app is getting worse and worse.
Good deals, horrible app
Cat-eye-stone-red on 12/30/2017
I love the products offered in this app, great selection and some really good deals. As an app, or is one of the worst and I have resorted to using the website many times. Problems I have come across include 1. Continuous crash loop if you have an item in your cart that has since gone out of stock. I had to go on the website to remove it. 2. Inability to remove an item in cart even though it was out of stock. 3. Filtering ends up giving me everything rather than just the products in the special sale list. 4. The spinner is up on the screen for way too long, there are clearly availability problems. 5. Item out of stock showing as available but then I can't add to cart. I realize updating stock information real time is not extremely simple but the is no excuse to still be out of sync on your detail page 10 minutes afterwards. I want to like this app more, please fix those bugs.
Great Shopping App!
Mimmy13 on 12/30/2017
This app is easy to navigate. There is a wide variety of clothing and accessories. I wish it was easier to do a search for a general item category.
First Purchase
brownboy95 on 12/14/2017
Just did my first purchase let’s see how I.T goes but quick and easy
Great Company, Buggy App
ECzink on 12/13/2017
There have been a lot of bugs in the app lately. The company is great, but I would recommend buying on the website and avoiding the app until they’ve worked out the bugs from the last month or so. Of note, the filters are difficult to use and the search logic seems to be set to ‘or’ instead of ‘and’ so you get too many results.
Misleading Promo
Leightorres💜 on 12/13/2017
I received an email from The Outnet that if I downloaded their app, I could use a promo code for 20% off my purchase. I decided it was worth it, downloaded the app, and tried to complete my purchase, but the promo code doesn’t work. I reached out to The Outnet and their response is that they are working to make the app better, so sometimes certain things don’t work. It seems shady and disingenuous to offer a discount for downloading the app, and then tell the user that it doesn’t work. Blech. Deleting the app as soon as I submit this.
Great site terrible app
Yoyojorio on 12/9/2017
Better off going to their webpage. Their app is clunky and doesn’t work well
New update huge step backwards
LanaWood on 11/16/2017
New update is super frustrating- wishlist blown away, order history not functioning, my favorites don't load most of the time and plenty of other bugs make me more likely to turn to competitors apps. The update was not well executed and a step backwards in functionality.
Horrible upgrade
Dannaru on 11/8/2017
Truly awful. I can’t even find how to shop USA.
New app is awful!
LenkaPenka13 on 11/7/2017
The Outnet has just gone through website and app update and it is absolutely horrible! You can’t see your past order details. Recent orders disappeared entirely. Old wish list did not save. Items that were in my shopping bag vanished and no longer exist under the designer name. Poor item descriptions and sizes are all mixed up and you cannot tell if you are looking at French or Italian sizing! The address got mixed up and I now have an address in there that I have not used in over a year. The app is really buggy. This is a massive FAIL!
Not a good app anymore
jordyjord55 on 11/6/2017
I used to love this app however recently is has become much harder to use, items from my wish list randomly get deleted, when I search under some of my favourite designers not all the clothes show up, I have to do a wide all category search to see everything. Very annoying and time consuming.
You are clearly not ready for this update
Notwayitstaken on 11/5/2017
One, the pop up in the holiday section. The app flow is a mess. Two, why remove the model information and size she is wearing? That's critical information for me to purchase the correct size.
New update
Greens2diworld on 11/1/2017
The update is terrible. The details and fit in the new update is not helpful. Please bring back the old details and fit! The selection of items have lessen. The new OUTNET is just bad.
New Version Crashing ~ AGAIN!
AJNIKAJ on 10/31/2017
New update on October 30th keeps crashing again! What's going on with the app? It's crashing upon opening. This happened back in April and now again in October. What's the ETA to resolve?
What happened to the latest update?
Blackcat0830 on 10/31/2017
With the most recent forced update, they lost all of my favorited brands, all of my wish list items. The order of the sizing is random, and where is the sizing and fitting information that used to be there?! This is one of the most information for online shopping! The app is smooth, but the ux is not on par with the old version. Please fix!
Bad update
I want my things on 10/31/2017
Was about to go back to the site to buy some of the clothes from my wishlist, but there is no list! Somehow the update deleted all my items from the cart and wishlist, and nowhere to be found even when searching for it. Also, as someone else has mentioned, the size and fit info isn’t as optimal as the previous version of the site. The search bar won’t work either with this app; works fine on the web.
the latest version is terrible
Ightdermcse on 10/30/2017
So many bugs and the update website cleared up all items in my wishlist and past shopping history. Horrible upgrade.
Latest update is terrible (version 5.0.0)
Pghtraveler on 10/30/2017
All my wishlist items and “my designers” lists disappeared after the update. App is slower to load pages. Items I had in my shopping cart have also disappeared. Overall just very buggy! Can’t even view my order history anymore. The worst part is that it was a forced update in order to keep using the app. Should have made my purchases before updating! Outnet just lost a sale here...
Horrible website. They do fraud on your orders
Miss_Ren__ on 10/18/2017
Horrible website. They do fraud on your orders
Life Changing!
Sazzyou on 8/29/2017
I love this app. So easy to use and so full of beautiful and amazing designer clothes, shoes and handbags at a great discount. What's not to love! When I need a pair of shoes or a cute outfit for an event, I go to THE OUTNET! 👍🤓💕
Great shopping experience every time!
Ceuzinha on 8/25/2017
Easy to use app, great prices, easy returns!
Charges for returns
Frkwnt on 8/23/2017
I wouldn't have bought from here if I had known they charge $ for returns.
Nushto on 8/5/2017
Easy to use overall great app
First time !
ahababa on 7/11/2017
My daughter clued me in to The OUTNET. I saw a line for sleep wear that I love called Skin. I ordered a white cotton sleep shirt on sale that was exactly my style? In arrived beautifully wrapped in tissue paper with the round stick on logo closing. You may have this presentation from a Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue, but with most on-line purchases the item comes in a plastic bag. This is a first class company. Will order from The OUTNET again.
everacing on 7/8/2017
Very fast delivery
My go-to shopping anywhere
Will be back on 6/26/2017
No matter which country I relocate to, I can always find what I want to where that can work with local style here at the OUTNET. Easy to shop w reliable shipping&return anywhere in the world. Love it!
Fab app, amazing store...
nicsc3000 on 6/24/2017
But need to add Filters for viewing stock
Great discount couture window shopping with excellent delivery results!
Ladytag on 5/28/2017
Great discount couture window shopping with excellent delivery results!
Instant crash
trptcase on 4/28/2017
Can't access sales!!!
App does not work
Ggully on 4/28/2017
Don't download the app doesn't load
Crashes immediately
LaFonda2 on 4/27/2017
Like the others said the app crashes right upon opening. Terrible.
Fix this app
Bagoogoo on 4/26/2017
The company needs to fix app. Crashes at open
Cannot open app
ecmogak on 4/26/2017
Please fix the app no able to open
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