Evolutive Apps S.L.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Lifestyle 3.4 Apr 26, 2011 Nov 07, 2016 85.3 MB iOS 8.0 or later 4+
New in version 3.4

Version 3.4:
· Updated for iOS 10.
· General design improvements.
· Interactive notifications have been added.
· New redesigned menu.
· Integrated Settings in the App.
· Filters and a photo editor have been added.
· General improvements.
· Now you can easily draw on your photos and edit them. Furthermore, photos and drawings can be stored and seen in a gallery using @Drive.
· More videos and a Night Mode have been added.
· The image quality has been increased to the highest level.


Be always ready and breath-taking with the help of your iPhone and iPad! With its front camera you will always have a pocket mirror at hand and even the possibility to take a closer look on any small detail with the digital zoom included in @Mirror.

The @Mirror will help you in your everyday life providing a great tool for putting make-up on, styling your hair or just for taking a sly look at yourself from time to time, even in the dark thanks to the Night Mode. Its digital zoom has an impressive detail and you can also freeze the image increasing its resolution. In addition, you can also capture, save and publish images of yourself with a single touch.

Just check it out, you will love it and it’s free!

@Mirror includes:
- An easy to use mirror using the front camera of your iPhone and iPad.
- The highest level of image quality.
- A variable zoom from 1x to 4x.
- The option to freeze the image to capture a detail.
- A very useful Night Mode to use the @Mirror in the complete darkness (Pro Version).
- Image captures can be sent to the Camera Roll, sent by email and published to Twitter, Facebook and Sina Weibo with a single touch.
- A sliding bar and pinching control for the zoom.
- Plenty of videos with tips on how to improve your look.
- The possibility to easily draw over your photos and edit them.
- Integration with @Drive to store your photos and drawings, you can also use @Drive to view your stored pictures and drawings as a gallery.
- Rotatable interface to adapt to all situations.
- A shaking control to reset the status of the App or to go back to the main screen.
- A design thought to memorize and adapt to your preferences.
- The possibility to upgrade to a Pro, ad free version of the App with an In-App Purchase.
- It is available in various languages, including: English, Spanish, French, Deutsch, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Catalan.

Contact: mobile@evolutive.co
Website: http://evolutive.co/en/

iPad Screenshots
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not sarcastic AT ALL on 1/19/2018
Amazinf Life changing I can’t believe it Wowzers Download this app and pay five freaking dollars!! Wow Life changing Addictive DOWNLOAD NOW
Lynray58 on 12/21/2017
I just purchased the pro version. This basically works exactly like the camera on my IPad. It doesn't center your face. You get half of the face then you have to move it to get to see the other side. Why do they do this? I want to see my whole face. Guess I'll be deleting and losing my 3.99. My bad on that I should have tried out the free app first. Won't make that mistake again.
Great app
6,000 on 10/6/2017
Perfect for a quick make up check.
AliErkan9001 on 8/25/2017
The best ever
HoodRattMMK on 8/5/2017
Very useful enjoy recommend highly addictive fun and easy for all 😀
Coco2009 on 8/1/2017
It's helpful
Hobolover11 on 7/18/2017
Great tool, I love it
Mirror app
JAWguy on 7/2/2017
Pretty cool app!
Good app
Merlynnanne on 6/8/2017
This app is a lifesaver for me. Eyes are not so good so it is a big help for putting on makeup and getting my hearing aids.
Great to have this on hand!
Ben’s Mini Ipad on 5/31/2017
It's really convenient to have this mirror on your phone for quick checks
no point to this app
ryleeawilliams on 4/8/2017
there's honestly no point you can just use your regular phone camera, your camera actually works better because it can focus this app can't...
Hopelessly Compromised "Free Version"
Panegyrist on 2/26/2017
A typical come-on app, its basic features are hopelessly compromised by advertising, non-operating feature buttons that produce demands for ratings, purchase of the "Pro" version or indeed other apps by the developer. More of a scam than a working program, I've thrown it away.
bklyn xpress on 1/31/2017
Really enjoy this app. I always need a mirror but it just adds bulk to a cute bag. I always have my phone
Good app
Fisus57 on 1/8/2017
This is just a good useful app.
Mr Stevador!!
Stevador on 12/28/2016
Very good app!!
Solid app
Mikeinnc on 12/24/2016
Works well, nice and simple to use. Some annoying pop-ups
Qeekfkgkgkflslsbdb on 12/15/2016
Like it
Mom on the go...
Gotta Walk Gal on 12/1/2016
Very useful if you don't have quick access to a mirror.
Really Useful App
NH Templar on 11/18/2016
So you don't have access to a mirror and you have your iPone and this app. Better than any actual mirror. Neat app well done.
PBSteelegirl on 8/27/2016
It's great to have a mirror with you at all times because you have your phone with you all the times so it's easily accessible
Works great!
Pinkstergal on 8/13/2016
Use it often
Goo app
Robert Ledonne on 7/16/2016
Good app, nice clear mirror image, have used it to shave even
Should be an app your phone comes with!
MunchkinzMommy on 7/11/2016
It's an excellent tool & if you have the right case it can be so easily propped up. Very convenient. Thanks!!
Nice app
Frescon on 7/9/2016
No too bad. Useful but could have more functions
It's a mirror you can zoom
Luxeoc on 6/18/2016
It been using it as long as I've had an iPhone but haven't compared it or changed it because it does what I expect.
The Ironman 2 U on 6/1/2016
Love the mirror. Hate the App that i have to clear off every time i need the mirror.
Night mode?
IshiiTunes on 5/22/2016
Only thing useful about this app is the night mode which you have to upgrade to be able to use.
Mirror review
Goofyg1rl60 on 4/27/2016
Love the mirror. Wish you could magnify it 10x. I can't see too well up close but it's great for checking your teeth! 😊😉 thank you, Deb
Love it!
G-diva on 4/23/2016
It is worth it, it is a good mirror.
Ronaldb22 on 4/22/2016
I like it but wish it were clearer.
iOS Camera Is Better Than This App
gavilan1 on 4/1/2016
No way to focus. Really noticeable on iPad. Permanent "soft focus"...
Great tool
KayKay Lee on 2/4/2016
This app completely takes the place of a compact mirror. Also, the in app purchases provide a V other Ryan if he ways to increase your own personal vanity. If that's what you think us important , 2 thumbs up. It also provides a quick and easy way for the average person to be able to check and see if they have anything on their face or not--- kudos to the creator.
Plainoldjane on 1/30/2016
Works like it should!
😍James😍 on 1/30/2016
Can't you just use the camera? It has zooming, and a mirror too. 😐
Like it!
Favgrandma98 on 1/30/2016
I been using this same app for a long time and have no complaints except one how to get rid of advertisements! Thank you! Martha
Conenvient and easy to use
LRC313 on 1/30/2016
Really like this app. It's there when you need a quick mirror for yourself or a friend! Easy to use and it gives you a nice, clear picture.
Traveler-101 on 1/22/2016
It's a very helpful app.
Love it!
snapitup on 1/13/2016
I really like this app. Great for quick checks and fixes. Wish I could view up close a little clearer but love it.
Nice support
Guillermoarios on 12/25/2015
It is very useful
Can't live without
Wrw7264 on 12/22/2015
Love it.
amarinat on 12/16/2015
Love to have a mirrow in my phone for touchups
Mohamed L Kamara on 12/7/2015
I enjoyed using the free version and decided to upgrade to a paid version. When I changed my iPhone I could only get back the free version and I tried,several times, restoring purchases but nothing happened. I've given up!
Optionsguy on 12/3/2015
I know, why not use your camera as a mirror. This is better, much better. It zooms Ina and out easily and does what you want a mirror app to do. Some of the other functions are distracting so it isn't perfect, but what is. I like it and find it useful!
Meh, okay if you're in a pinch
Slateblues on 11/29/2015
This mirror is only suitable for getting an idea of your basic outline, whether your hair is in place or your lipstick is okay. No detail can be seen at all.
Requires microphone
generalp2 on 11/26/2015
Unnecessary requirement for functionality I needed. Doesn't work simply as a mirror -ads
Mirror app
Rbwinnie on 11/25/2015
So convenient to have a mirror handy.
Don't waste your money
Pamifamili on 11/12/2015
Bought the upgrade but it still shows ads. Plus, using your front camera works just as good for free!
@Mirror Pro
Sanguill on 11/11/2015
Crappy! I upgraded but I'm still getting ads & it still asking me to upgrade. Once I press to upgrade again then it recognizes that I already upgraded but nothing else happens. Same ads as free version. Can't believe I fell for that.
Slim52 on 11/4/2015
Great App! I use it often especially after I haven eaten. 😃
Lost the upgrade for which I had already paid.
Blacksmith Alan on 10/31/2015
I had already paid for a 'night-light' upgrade for Mirror and the upgrade suddenly disappeared. It keeps asking me to again pay for the upgrade. No way!! This really bothers me a lot and I would like what I've already purchased to be restored.
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