AliExpress Shopping App


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Shopping 6.10.2 May 26, 2011 May 21, 2018 178.9 MB iOS 9.0 or later 12+
New in version 6.10.2

General improvements and bug fixes.

Thanks to everyone for all your great feedback and suggestions. Keep it coming! If you find a bug or an issue, then tell us about it. Remember to mention specifically what the problem is and where it happens.


Ever wanted to shop everything in one place, at one time? We’ve created just the app for you! With thousands of brands and millions of products at an incredible value, AliExpress is the go-to app for those in the know.

Shop what’s new & now from home to health, tech to toys and sports to shoes (plus the hottest fashion around) every day. And, let’s not forget all our deals! From flash & super deals to coupons and more, you can get the best products at the best prices in a swipe.

There are countless reasons to love shopping on the AliExpress app but here are some of our favorites:

• Millions of trendy and unique products
• Easy search – so you can find what you want quickly
• Coupons, discounts, flash & super deals so you’ll always get the best price
• Free shipping on over 75% of our products
• Order management & automatic shipment notifications
• Buyer Protection on all your purchases
• Secure online payments
• Personalized feeds, with products picked especially for you

Language Support
We’re global, so our app is too! We support English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Bahasa Indonesian, Thai, Italian, German, French, Hebrew, Korean, Polish, Dutch, Arabic, Vietnamese, Japanese and Ukrainian.

Currency Support
Our app currently supports eight different currencies for payment (Euros, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Japanese Yen, British Sterling, Russian Rubles and Swedish Krona), and six further currencies for browsing (Brazilian Real, Indian Rupee, Ukrainian Hryvnia, Indonesia Rupiah, Mexican Peso and Turkish Lira).

Tell Us What You Think
Like us? Love us? Can't get enough of the AliExpress app? Let us know! We love to hear your thoughts. Plus, if you any areas for improvement while using our app, tell us that, too! We take all feedback seriously and use it for constant improvement. Drop us a line in the app by tapping "More" then "App Suggestion".

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Encuentras increíbles cosas a un precio excelente
ely escudero on 5/25/2018
Ali express me e convertido en fan, la aplicación Es buenísima. Encuentras todo. Y Es súper seguro comprar.
ممتاز جدا
dode66622 on 5/25/2018
ممتاز جدا في الطلبات
Poor customer service
JennyE72999 on 5/25/2018
Banned my account for trying to use the $4 coupon for new users. Contacted support and they said to not use the coupon, but that didn’t work either, made a new account and that one was banned immediately.
Scammers and fraud’s
Jd usa on 5/25/2018
Please do not install this app at all, AND DO NOT BUY ANY PRODUCT FROM HERE ITS ALL SCAM AND FRAUD THEY SEND YOU ALL DIFFERENT WRONG ITEMS OR DAMAGES ITEMS AND THEN ASK YOU TO RETURN IT WHICH COST YOU MORE FEES TO GET BACK YOUR REFUND. What ever I ordered from here had problems which i ask for refund and they ask u to send it back which has no value. Please do not waste your money in ALIEXPRESS!!!! ALI EXPRESS CHEATS YOU IT DOES FAVORS TO THEIR SELLERS NOT CUSTOMERS
Return item
suzan bolus on 5/24/2018
I got ps controller and doesn’t work and I they never my money back , aliexpress site steal my money and this the worst site see it
ayeliz on 5/24/2018
i love this app everything about it good shipping good everything NOT AN SCAM !!!
namearch on 5/24/2018
This is really good and its customer satisfied site. But we need to wait a longer time for our product. I really loved lot of items are available. Thank you
Would rate 0 stars if I could
23Stamps on 5/24/2018
This company steals art and concepts from the original creators. Do not support these thieves. It’s disgusting that they’re making money from having a bigger platform and taking from the people who made the original designs. Please don’t support them and look to find the genuine items, not these cheap knockoffs
Muy buena "recomendable"
Norkasi on 5/24/2018
Muy buena aplicación para compras lo único es que demoran en llegar los productos pero eso es normal, dura más eBay
Love this app BUTT
Dauntless Boutique on 5/24/2018
I love this app been using it for years, I’m a diamond customer. I just think they need to crack down on the vendors, designers using fake or stolen pictures from US designers and then us the customer have to fight back and forth to get your money back. They ship you a faulty product and want you to send it back and it cost half the price you spent ordering it. Now your at a lost. They need to update the terms then order at your own risk.
TV Terry on 5/24/2018
Great quality. Very satisfied. Will shop more in the future. Thanks.
The Leading Shopping App
BConero on 5/24/2018
So far I've had no problems with this App. This is my Go-to App. The 2nd most visited App in my phone after WhatsApp 🙂 tells you how addictive this App can be. The App is user friendly and well structured and they keep things very engaging with free stuffs, games, coupons, flash deals etc.. I love this App because I'm always discovering new products with the App. The prices are absolutely fantastic and they ship to many other countries than any other shopping App. You can find almost any product you wish and if you are not careful, you may spend your entire day scrolling through the different varieties because they are just so many of them. This is the leading shopping app in my opinion.
Mr.Ed-DJ on 5/24/2018
*Blackthorn* on 5/24/2018
It’s ok
Jmorine on 5/24/2018
AliExpress is easy and convenient.
Great app!
Muamer Softic on 5/24/2018
Great app!
My favorite shopping site
LivLat on 5/24/2018
Best shopping site if you’re not in a rush.
Great products
Eliana Davis on 5/23/2018
Great products , cheap prices and I’ve never had any issues with my account ... fast shipping .... very happy with quality and selection too ... definitely recommended ..👍😀
Personal experience
Pool yea on 5/23/2018
I have been very satisfied with Ali express customer service and shopping experience. There were times where all my issues and concern were solve which makes the shopping experience reassuring. I'll even say they are better than Amazon or eBay. I say that because when I got an item that was not as described I got my refund. Or got the issue resolved. So for Ally express thank you for having this great experience.
Best app
briabey on 5/23/2018
My favorite app in the world. I literally be on here more than anything else. I love to shop. Mostly everything I get from here is LEGIT & very very affordable.
To ali-
__twinyamie on 5/23/2018
My favorite app 5 stars
Amazing prices
Dalirae on 5/23/2018
Love shopping at AliExpress
I love this app and the sellers
Muthafookin keyboard warrior on 5/23/2018
You can't beat the prices and also the customer service is top notch. I love the daily rewards just for logging in. Amazon needs to do this.
Ali shopper for four years!
JenNicole86 on 5/23/2018
I am obsessed with this site! I am almost always pleased with my orders!
ممتاز جداً
RabieMakkah on 5/23/2018
تعاملهم بأمانة حتى في حالة عدم وصول الأغراض يرجعون لك أموالك فوراً بدون تأخير من حوالي يوم إلى ثلاثة أيام
So pleased with Ali Express!
careyec on 5/23/2018
Ordered an item 5 days ago, wasn’t expecting it for at least 25 days and received it yesterday. Clip in ponytail was just as beautiful in person as it was on the pictures. Thanks Ali Express! Coming back for more products soon!
Refaatttt on 5/23/2018
Its very good be continue
gnolika on 5/23/2018
Its very easy !!!
Enas1111 on 5/23/2018
Very vertical seller and product
١٣‏/٨‏/٢٠١١ ٣:١١ م on 5/23/2018
Great App
HeatherLandry on 5/22/2018
This is a really well-made app with lots of helpful features. There’s even a built in image search. I use the app a lot.
Awesome app
JenaJune on 5/22/2018
Because of this app I can shop and get what I pay for and be happy and not go broke 😍😍😍
Not bad
ilitwol on 5/22/2018
It’s not amazing but it is not bad. If only they can provide me with shipping options and group the items in one package.
So satisfied
Afaf.alasker on 5/22/2018
I’m so satisfied.. like it so much, many items, many stores, suitable prices, good choices.. thanks.
I love this app!!!
Leave her legacy alone on 5/22/2018
Omg this app is absolutely amazing I’m super pleased with the fast service!!!
Nepali Heart on 5/22/2018
Cheap products, Easy to order, fast shipment.
Gogoladze on 5/21/2018
Great app
Serbsuper on 5/21/2018
It’s great
Kimbev69 on 5/21/2018
Ok i found your app over 3 yrs ago after i had to apply for disability and quit my job and your app literally saved me so much money i was able to celebrate holidays, birthdays, kids parties and regular household items and clothing and stuff to resell to make money to buy groceries so i THANK YOU! Also i have won 4 items already having just received a huge lightbulb pendant light just today! Thank you and your awesome sellers
AliExpress pocket section
wethejordan on 5/20/2018
Wish the AliExpress pocket had different cash limits so that I can load a couple of dollars here and there rather than $10 at a time for a future shopping trip. I’m only giving 2 stars in hopes that someone reviews this
I’m not satisfied with AliExpress shopping App
Caremla Qadan on 5/20/2018
I enjoyed shopping by using AliExpress app, but not any more. This app has a weak customer service and poor connections with buyers. If you did not receive an order, simply it is almost impossible to get a refund! Moreover, in many cases, goods are not as described.
RobLeeJr!!!!! on 5/20/2018
Great items
Mejor que otras apps
irelisjael on 5/20/2018
Considero que Aliexpress es la mejor apps de comprar en internet. Tanto los precios como los vendedores son excelentes.
Joella1236 on 5/20/2018
They have good products in great prices. It's just amazing. But it only takes time.
Packages don’t come
Tbiff01 on 5/20/2018
You will not get the packages you receive then they tell you to open a dispute and never refund you, the first time it happened I was thinking okay it was just a mistake but happened 2x after do not buy AliExpress
Super Happy I Ran Across This App!!
StephLMiller on 5/20/2018
I absolutely LOVE the variety of items & The Deals you can get on here. So much easier than going to the store. My ONLY problem is I can’t purchase a lot of stuff (but the items I have, I’ve LOVED & Will Purchase Again)! The other thing is the waiting, (I understand that it takes awhile to ship from China to the USA) but I rarely get to purchase, so I feel like a kid when I order & can’t wait, Lol! Love the Easy to use App., but I “HOPE ONE DAY” to be chosen for a Free Review on a Product. Thanks AliExpress!!!
Patience is key
Satan189 on 5/19/2018
Great app. Use it for daily items that when purchased in bulk and I have patience(usually no more than 3.weeks) ends up. Ring a great bargain.
Great app
c234mg on 5/19/2018
Free shipping in almost everything!! I love the security about the purchase and every time I have a question or problem about the product the sellers helps you right away.
Productos de buena calidad y llegan muy rápidamente los pedidos
Michael19889 on 5/19/2018
100% recomendado
Great App
NormaH:-) on 5/19/2018
Every month I spend 100 dollars and I can’t stop everything I want they have it all wow very easy to use
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