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Free Travel 3.4.6 May 18, 2011 Jun 21, 2018 118.2 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 3.4.6

If you’re a fan of being organized, you’re going to love this! We’ve sorted our flight listing screen so that you can select the best option for your booking needs. Happy searching!

Traveling to Canada? We’ll remind you that you may need a traveling visa.

We’ve squashed some bugs and made minor UI improvements.

Fun Travel Fact: Las Vegas, Nevada has the most hotel rooms of any city in the world!

We’re here for you 24/7. Give us a call at 1 800 428 8821 or email us at

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Save up to 40% on your next flight! CheapOair lets you know when to buy. Simply watch a flight and get a notification when the price drops!

CheapOair is like having your own super-fast, all-knowing travel agent that analyzes up to 20 billion flights daily, and lets you know the best time to book.

KNOW the best time to fly and buy!

WATCH a trip to receive price alerts.

BUY in a single tap with Apple Pay.

FLY with extra savings in your wallet.

CheapOair is an award-winning travel app. No spam. No ads. No popups. Just the confidence you’re booking smartly.

• Earn 3X Reward Points in the app!
• Free 24/7 customer phone support.
• Save on last minute and hacker fares.
• Pick your favourite seats on the go.
• Add extra bags and travel insurance.
• Share your trips directly in iMessage.

CheapOair Credit Card
Get and manage your CheapOair Visa Credit Card right in the app and earn 7x Reward Points on all bookings!

We Price Match
If you find a lower rate on another US-based app within 4 hours of booking, we’ll credit or refund you the difference.

Download CheapOair now and save!

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"Gold Award” – Magellan Awards, 2017.
"Gold Award” – American Business, 2017.
"Gold Award” – AVA Digital Awards, 2017.
"Gold Award” – Hermes Creative, 2017.

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areukiddn on 6/22/2018
I just booked a flight for my daughter who is 17 from Fort Lauderdale to California and it changed it not only did the price change $100 more but it now has a stop which I did not want for my 17-year-old child how do I get in touch with somebody so they can change this for me right away
My Milwaukee Trip
OkenSue on 6/21/2018
I didn’t know I would need to download United’s Ap to receive notifications of flight changes. I signed up with CheapoAir for updates and received none! Our flight out of Milwaukee was cancelled and we were rerouted but I had no notification! Not from CheapoAir and not from United! I don’t know if this is CheapoAir’s fault or United. Everyone that had the United Ap was notified apparently. And I’m not a big fan of United. Been stranded by them before. Loved our Alaska Air flight however! The one thing that I liked about CheapoAir was the guy calling and asking if I wanted to select our seats. On the way back those seats didn’t matter though with our cancellation. We were at the mercy of the airline and we had our 4 yr old granddaughter with us.
Airplane tickets oasis
Wtftiredofthisname on 6/20/2018
Like to use cheapoair because they have the easiest ways of finding and just buying the tickets. Very simple👌
SCAM!!! Do not buy flight ticket from the App you will regret!!!
Teen top mo on 6/12/2018
If I can give this a rating a negative, I will, but unfortunately the lowest is a 1. Recently I brought total 3 tickets from Cheapoair. Two tickets were brought online costing more than $900 dollar. After that I decided, since I will be traveling more often I might as well download the app. Never have I thought that this was a horrible decision. I was SCAM!!!! I book an American airline flight in the beginning, the app showed my flight, but then when I went to check again two week later, I saw nothing. No confirmation, no flight number , nothing! I was panicking thinking that Maybe the payment didn’t go thru. I went to check my bank statement and the money was billed. I call into customer service, call was disconnect 4 times. Every time when I call they tell me the same thing “we can’t find the flight number, nor your reservation”. I kept on explaining to them that, I paid for the ticket and I had my bank statement with me that I can email them. They called in American Airlines, they said that they needed the ticket number. Maybe my english is not well spoken, that they do not understand the problem was “ I didn’t receive any confirmation but my bank account was charged” both companies continue to push the responsibilities. They told me to call the bank to ask them for the ticket number. How would my bank have Tony ticket number? This kind of customer service , I am utterly speechless!!! Not only they not tried to help but they push the problem away, but still I call into the bank. I bank told me that they money was already received on there side, and they have nothing to do with the ticket number. The American Airlines was suppose to provide that. I call back to America airlines, and they told me they are not the one who was responsible for it because I brought it in cheapoair. I asked them then why on my statement it was charged saying American Airlines. The guy told me he isn’t really sure, but I have to call cheapoair, because I pay it through using there app. I call back to cheapoair again. I don’t even know how many times I have called back again. The guy was at billing department told me to email the statements, and so I did. He told me that it will probably be in a day or two. I asked him, but I need to be on the plane this Friday, it’s already Monday. He answered you will receive a call. He gave me the number to the billing department. I waited for a email, a phone number. Nobody called or email. So I decided to call in cheapoair. They did the same thing told me the same thing. Telling me they can’t help me, if I don’t have a confirmation number. From the bottom of my heart, I feel terrible for the owners of this company. He or she who work so hard to establish the platform if is today, but they are ruined by their customer service. Paying so much money to hire customer service to do there job, but they aren’t getting their job done. What is a point of having customer service, when all they do is transfer calls from department to department and saying I am not able to do that. 2 days I call in totaling more than 5 hrs on the call, the result was : they tell me to call my own bank to dispute the charge. To them I’m just a stranger, nothing more. The response I got, was upsetting. If they could not do anything from the start they should have told me from the beginning, but not waste my time. And made me waited, an while waiting the airplane ticket price has skyrocketed. This is how they treat their customer. If I was the share I would have invested in an Ai, then the people the have in customer service. It would have been more cheaper, and they pretty much do the same job, repeating the same thing, “ Sorry madam, we can’t not do anything about it “
angie yan on 6/9/2018
DONT EVER BUY TICKET FROM THIS APP !!! I just bought ticket from the app,and exchange I never know that until I check my account, never going back!Actually is expensive .
iPhone X support
Roopesh Chinnakampalli on 6/8/2018
App looks odd on iPhone X. Any plans of supporting this device?
It does not adapt iPhone x screen
blueandhack on 6/8/2018
The screenshot shows it adapts iPhone x screen, actually it doesn't.
User friendly
Greycom on 6/4/2018
I give this app and the company 5 star because the app is very easy to navigate and use. It also has great features like 3 categories of airfare price which will show you the low price the regular price and the recommended price. I downloaded this app and I have been using it to track the cost of my flight as air traveling cost always fluctuate. I believe the company is doing a great job to improve their customers experience as I have noticed some vital changes .(Sponsored review)
Sandydales Tunes on 6/3/2018
Cheap Air save me hundreds I am on a budget thank you!
CYBER-MERCHANT on 6/2/2018
Always find flights at reasonable prices
Great app but has a glitch
Bpb0687 on 6/2/2018
I just recently got a new phone iphoneX and every time I open the app it brings up the link for EU members and the privacy policy. I’m not EU. I can go online and check it and that’s fine but the app was so much easier to use. I really enjoyed it but now i cannot even access the app. Hope y’all fix this issue! I’ve really enjoy booking our flight with y’all. Thanks and have a blessed day! Bethany Yes, Terry. I’m in the US and yes, I use WIFI and network.
Great app, and company
Musicballerin on 5/31/2018
I’ve used cheapoair for years and I’ve always been satisfied with their prices and ease of use. Highly recommend this for great deals.
Works for me
Hshh1jk on 5/28/2018
This app is great. It’s easy and simple. I’ve never had a problem with my booking or my dates. There is always a ton of flight options and the booking literally takes just minutes.
Good app
Godsman1 on 5/22/2018
Works for me
@jaime_martinez on 5/21/2018
Excelente App para buscar boletos, amigable 100%, confiable y altamente recomendada!
Never again!
santa Al on 5/20/2018
Let me just say... THIS IS APP IS A COMPLETE SCAM! I have tried to book a flight, but instead you just took my money! I have tried calling and canceling. Whoever made this app is absolutely disgusting! I suggest you delete this app from the AppStore forever. No one deserves to go through this miserable situation! Shame on you!
Excellent Service!
mapudayo on 5/20/2018
I’ve used this service twice now and they’ve won me over as a customer for life. Great prices both times, but the second time, there was some kind of problem with my online booking. They called me and rearranged everything for me over the phone for even better flight times than I originally had AND for $300 LESS than before! I mean, what kind of company does this nowadays?! Excellent customer service. I’m telling everyone about them. Simply awesome.
Great service
Joy&DR on 5/19/2018
The app was easy to understand and we had no problems.
mama deka on 5/17/2018
Mr Tameron was very helpful and very professional he answered all my questions and And concerns
Loved how easy the booking process was.
KunsangPal on 5/14/2018
Keep up the good job CheapOair
Top notch service with reasonable prices
Ashyp542 on 5/9/2018
I have been avidly using cheapoair since my freshman year in college in 2010. By far this company has been my go to and has made travel a breeze for me. I appreciate them so much. Can’t recommend enough
celticwitch on 5/9/2018
I’ve tried for months to try and sign into my account and I always get the error message that states that your request can’t be processed at this time please try again later!! I’ve gotten this error message for months now!!! How long is later? I just ended up deleting the app cause it’s basically useless.
Good useful program
Al@a2 on 5/8/2018
I have used this site for flights all over Asia. It’s easy to use and usually provides the best/cheapest/fastest flights compared to other websites
andresevh on 5/8/2018
Mas de diez viajes y sin novedad, excelente aplicacion.
liriano2059 on 5/8/2018
I’m very excited with the service received 🙏
Europe Trip Using a 3rd Party
Rbell54 on 5/7/2018
My wife and I was not sure things would go as plan using a third party to fly over to Europe. However we had no issues and would definite be using CheapOair again for future travel. Thanks for making our first trip to Europe a good one.
Very unhappy - want $ back to purchase GC elsewhere
Blah blah blah X6 on 4/30/2018
I recently bought 9 $1000 gift cards for my team members as a sales gift. Two of the tried using them online and your system said it worked when they checked out you charged their credit cards the entire cost of the trip they called your service team and had a terrible experience. Your service team would not apply the GC to their purchase. Was I scammed!!! Another team member tried to apply it to a bundle trip called your service team and was told they could only use it towards air. This has been the most embarrassing experience for our company. I want to@return all these GC and purchase somewhere else. This suppose to be an award that they could use for wining s sales contest and has turned out to a nightmare. I want to return the 9 GC I purchased for 1000 they are worthless.
Mikesoffroad on 4/26/2018
Not only did they charge or authorize someone else to charge my card without my knowledge but after asking about the charges they refused to correct them. I asked for an invoice showing the charges.... here a month and a half later I receive an invoice but it was scanned and cut off so as to not be able to see the individual or over all charges. Shady and illegal as all get out
This app needs iPhone X support!!!
bhataaqibm on 4/26/2018
I think it was posted a couple of updates before that iPhone X support was added but I haven’t seen it on my phone. Those dark bars at top and bottom are a sore to the eyes.
babyfaceTt on 4/24/2018
Love this app very informative and helpful
Issam Shamandour on 4/22/2018
Ticket booking
hnsat on 4/21/2018
I booked a round trip but instead they had it listed as 4 separate tickets leaving me paying $180 for luggage $45 at each check in, I had a total of 4 check ins. Airline called for them to fixed it they wouldn’t terrible service I would never book through them again
Shahroom on 4/21/2018
This site and App are fraud... they encourage you to book travel and advertise 24 hour cancellation everywhere, when you try to cancel they charge you $75 and point you to some hidden document
Love This App
Windy City red 85 on 4/20/2018
Every time on this app I get a very very reasonable price and I love this app
Apple Pay !! Yes!!!!
Vascaino1979 on 4/19/2018
Thank you for accepting Apple Pay!!!!!
Please Be Wary
TravelGuy20 on 4/17/2018
CheapOair, in the only words I can think of, is fraudulent but still barely legal. They lie about their reviews and ratings (claiming on their website that this app is 5 stars on 23,000 reviews, when it is below 5 stars on only 900 reviews). They make it very difficult to get a hold of your boarding pass and flight confirmation; they would rather you go through their own pages which insistently tries to sell you “CHEAP HOTEL AND CAR DEALS”. Their website in of itself seems like a deceiving leather market in an underdeveloped country Their website is very poorly made—twice it has occurred where I could not log into “my bookings” as the website claimed that my email address was not in their system. Surely it was. This took several hours of trying to reach an agent (“that are available at all times”). They are dishonest about your baggage policies and hidden fees. They charge $59 for seat selection. Overall, they were a nightmare travel service and I urge all potential users to book flights through the airline itself.
Fees are greater than the savings
JVP in Silverlake on 4/15/2018
The $25 booking fee and $9 to select your seat offset any possible savings. It is a better bargain to use the airlines’ own sites or other apps that don’t charge these fees or that at least may display them in the list of fares. The app also lacks common features such as a link to add the itinerary to your calendar. On the plus side, if you select the city and not a specific airport, the app clearly flags the listings that include an alternate airport.
Found a great rate - see more...
courter_dave on 4/15/2018
This was my first time using the app to book a trip, and the concept and execution were very good. 4 stars overall in my book which is very good for me but I gave 5 instead because of 9thLife’s pathetic review as a non-purchaser. There are other ways to check on your flights, and the dev’s response was appropriate by any measure but yours apparently. We found flights to Sacramento from Chicago for a great price and had a very nice trip. Thanks for providing this service.
Just said cannot use the app on 4/9/2018
And you send me notifications... email me when when you correct this app.
Poor design and functionality
Crosbaugh on 4/4/2018
The design is unintuitive (namely, trying to check-in for a flight), the app lags and crashes when trying to use any of the links, and you constantly have to deal with up-sells. I’m going to delete this from the plane.
Wrong prices advertised
Erwinooo on 4/1/2018
Tried to purchase a ticket on two separate occasions and both times the flight went up ~$500 after checking out. The first time I thought I took too long to input my information and payment. The second time everything was saved and I checked out about a minute after I selected the flight and price still increased about $500. Called customer service and long story short they pull prices from the airline after you check out, not while searching prices which seems like the intelligent thing to do...
My Favorite Travel App
Jessy By The Sea on 3/28/2018
There has never been a time that I haven’t found what I’m looking for and at a better rate than the other competitors. It’s user friendly, pleasing to the eye and extremely easy to complete all your traveling needs right from the comfort of your handheld device.
Tarjeta de crédito
Acaprotta on 3/25/2018
Informa siempre que los datos no están drsponibles anule y volví a instalar la app y sigue igual. No encuentro quien me solucione el problema.
Easy to Use
Cleverer Girl on 3/24/2018
I’m very impressed with the improvements that have made this app easy to use and now fits my needs with multi city flights.
booked a flight no seat 💺
Zbity on 3/23/2018
thank you for response calling them did not help. but why i downloaded app one I download app for free update the advertising said free with down load the app charges 2.99 so i went to the flight company and it was as free. developer just take advertising off and let people know upfront if charge. there is no perk for app. Also i called no more pay pal this is why i went there i use pay pal. it was advertised. but it made it to easier for a unhappy customer to get a refund so they stopped pay pal. it’s ok now i know. i wrote before: i will keep you updated to see if i can axis my flight on the airline service to get proof of flight. well it did not work so i went to airline and used there service maybe app cannot do that. they offer low prices like others
Bait & Switch
Oz Capicu on 3/20/2018
You select your flight then when you go to pay for your trip, the app crashes every time. Then you have to go and purchase via the webpage and the same fights are more expensive. Total scam.
Using Cheapoair
Itachidragon123 on 3/19/2018
I have using this site for many years, it's always reliable and easy to use. I would recommend this app to anyone looking for a great booking flight app.
Mmaaddee on 3/18/2018
It is a great app to find the cheapest flights even a little close to the departing date. It was easy, fast and accurate. Thanks!
My experience
Smy316 on 3/18/2018
Always has great experiences. Customer service is on point at least for now but they are better in flight booking!
Total Scam - Stay away!
Santakrooz on 3/17/2018
Here's your feedback. A complete SCAM. If I could rate this 0 stars I would. We were trying to book online and someone from Cheapoair called us to book. They made a mistake in the booking, and required a $450 cancellation fee to fix. We found this mistake while we were still on the phone with the booking agent! And then were passed between 6 different agents for close to 4 hours before they finally refused to fix without the $450 charge. Absolute worst customer service. On top of it after checking with the airline, they upcharged the airfare 30% - we would have been able to book thru the airline directly for 30% less. Worst experience ever.
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