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Jet lag usually feels worse when traveling from west to east.

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Save up to 40% on your next flight! CheapOair lets you know when to buy. Simply watch a flight and get a notification when the price drops!

CheapOair is like having your own personal super-fast, all-knowing travel agent that analyzes up to 20 billion flights daily and lets you know the best time to book on the go.

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CheapOair is an award-winning travel app. No spam. No ads. No popups. Just the confidence you’re booking smartly.

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• New! 3X Reward Points in the app!
• Free 24/7 customer phone support.
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• Pick your favourite seats on the go.

CheapOair Credit Card
Get and manage your CheapOair Visa Credit Card activity right in the app and earn 7x Reward Points on all bookings!

We Price Match
If you find a lower rate on another US-based app within 4 hours of booking, we’ll credit or refund you the difference.

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"Gold Award” – Magellan Awards, 2017.
"Gold Award” – American Business, 2017.
"Gold Award” – AVA Digital Awards, 2017.
"Gold Award” – Hermes Creative, 2017.

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Not responding
Mr.Alhajji on 2/11/2018
It is very frustrating when login use it for once and then it logout by itself when I try to login again it says try later. Sometimes I wait for minutes then hours then days and cannot login again. I do reset the password I thought I maybe forgot the password and after I reset the password still doesn't login. The app is cheap not the tickets !! Please do something to fix this stupid app
Best prices and good service
jojobamike on 2/2/2018
There prices were the best and their customer service was great. When I had to cancel some flights they dealt with the airlines and got me good refunds.
I phone X support
waffy32 on 2/2/2018
Doesn’t support Iphone X , tried to sign in many times from my Iphone X. I tried from my iphone7 and my laptop it works
Vladimirs Play on 2/1/2018
Если коротко: все ужасно...
Over charge
Daij.star4 on 1/26/2018
They charged a hidden $23 service fee and when I called to cancel I was first told it would be $25 to cancel flight and then $60. Customer service reps are Very unprofessional & took 23mins to process a refund
Easy booking
Vandamme79 on 1/24/2018
I’ve been using them for a couple years now , never been disappointed!
dollakmark on 1/21/2018
The travel protection is useless with cheapoair. It doesn't protect anything
Professional from start to finish
Rosie01-02 on 1/20/2018
The greatest compliment you can offer a company is to tell tell family and friends about choosing 1 Company over another. My last 2 Flights have been booked through CheapOair and I’ve recommended CheapOair to all my family and friends. Thank you for providing a great Service!
Best deal
indo tibetan on 1/19/2018
Thanks for getting me the best deal. So far I have no complaints:)
Always Great!!
33Twins on 1/16/2018
Never been disappointed with cheapO air!! Thanks for making my relationship with my love more attainable they your amazing deals!! You make loving easier! Happy New Year!!
Best of the Best
Milan, Janakpur on 1/16/2018
I always using CheapoAir to booked the all kind of tickets, hotels etc..., All in one and easy to used. Thank you!
My top priority booking
omarpastor on 1/12/2018
Best economy , easy to book and great everything, fast and easy to navigate, always buy my flights here cheapoair. And great costumer service , they give great alternative for the best possible booking as possible for our satisfaction. Really live this app is great . Thank you development keep the great job.
ILL HUMANATI on 1/10/2018
Easy to use app! Best price on the internet! Will use again!’
Tesfay on 12/30/2017
Be careful when you are for booking with this application. I had really bad experience in NY when when my connecting airports were about 40 miles apart.
Awesome app
janealva on 12/25/2017
Easy to use, book, and track your trip.
Best website ever
waleed nakhleh on 12/20/2017
Always best price and short connection
Worst service ever
upen.kadari on 12/15/2017
They keep false hotel rates on their website. Booked a hotel using cheapoair. Was charged higher at the hotel. In spite of complaining multiple times to these guys. They always say supervisor will you and nobody got back to me.
Very confusing site
Blinds Etc. on 12/13/2017
When I choose the dates I want to fly I expect flight options for those dates to show up first. NOT ALTERNATIVE DATES! I clicked on the first price I saw because it was a) the first price & b) it was cheap and didn’t realize it was for totally different days then what I asked for! And NO REFUND even though the flight isn’t for months later. I see some other people have had this problem and I believe this site uses this as an opportunity. I’m also contacting the BBB to report this. Not cool!
Kyle_morris1988 on 12/9/2017
I didn’t read all the reviews. This app is a scam. They sold me a ticket on a 140$ mark up. Granted this was a last second ticket ... but I call south west the next day and they told me I would have saved over 140$ if I just went threw SW AA. Very unhappy. Don’t get this app!!!!
Great App BUT
Lalo drotter on 12/8/2017
The app is easy to use, but the email promotions cheapoair sends never send you to the app to get discounted rates :(
Over expensive flights!
Purple piratee on 12/6/2017
$2,000-3,000 for a flight from Houston to Boston!? In March and or April This app is broken. I’ve checked airlines via their website online and it’s way cheaper. I’ve found flights for $70 bucks! How does this app not find these deals? Fix or update or something! Must be broken
Same things
Kimmega on 12/6/2017
It is still cannot buy from el paso texas to legos Nigeria.
Awesomely awesome! Powerful & Excellent App! :)
ghanem.yaqoub on 12/3/2017
Thank you for such a wonderful, powerful, trustworthy and reliable App (Service). User since 2013 ✌️😁💘
Best app to get deals
Jdndjsjsns on 12/3/2017
I know another apps like skyscanner that can be cheaper, but I personally recommend this app, because is so much secure, I have never heard someone complaining about CheapOair
A great help
Blackstallion132 on 12/1/2017
Making reservations with ease. This app is a great help and I recommended it to a friend this week. It’s very useful and helpful.
farmgrlok11 on 11/30/2017
Do NOT use this company!!!! They advertise a cheaper rate on the dates you chose. And then, after you pay for your flight, they switch the dates on you to an alternate booking, which I didn’t chose nor agreed to. And, I didn’t even click on the area, which offered alternate dates for a cheaper price, because the dates I chose are the only dates I can go. And then, they want to charge you hundreds of more dollars to charge your itinerary. It is illegal business practice & straight up fraud, and I am going to contact the BBB and make a report.
9thLife on 11/30/2017
Original review below. Thanks to developers for the response, better late than never. Your whole response could’ve been simply , “no, the app cant do that” as opposed to repeating what I stated already as the entire POINT of the concept; that groups of people flying all together sometimes find it easier to book all tickets at once, but unless you book your own single flight you cannot access the info on the app, so this app is NOT for your needs. Great. Got it. Sheesh. Original review: It looks like I cannot use the app to track my booking because I wasn't the one that bought it. Under "My Trips" the screen pops up as "No Trips Found" with no place to input a booking conf number which I have because my kid bought my plane ticket for me. So maybe the app would be great if I could use it... We did find the cheapest tickets via CheapOair but the app seems to have this one loophole for me or anyone else who didn't buy their own ticket.
inmar diaz on 11/22/2017
Same thing happened to me, they put you on another days, hiding them and you buy but everything is wrong, after you have to pay 40 dollars fee per person
It doesn’t work
Cashincal on 11/20/2017
It doesn’t work. It says try again later. What kind of app is this????
It was cheaper than other apps
Vix_vi on 11/11/2017
It was easy to book and then when the booking comes it's in other date and they even dare to charge you a fee to change your flight even when the mistake wasn't yours; I knew the dates I was looking for and then this system change them ridiculous their customer service, nothing to help the customer just looking for make it difficult and have a hard time It was easy to use and cheaper price for same flights I was looking in other apps
Amazing service!!
Moonshinegurl on 11/8/2017
Last time I went to see my brother I used Cheap O Air and I did so again. It’s the fastest and friendliest place to go through! I will always go through here to get my tickets! Thanks for the help and great customer service.
TaylorMGK on 11/7/2017
Initially when you enter your destination, the 1st option on the site seems to be the cheapest. I selected this option because duh "CHEAP-O-AIR" right ? Wrong this flight had a different date & location which I was not aware of until I received an email confirmation after my account had been charged. I called to explain my mistake & see if they could change the date but I would be charged a fee to change the date or a $50 fee to cancel all together. How does a business operate like this? The location I entered should have been the suggested flight option this is very upsetting & I cannot afford to do either option at the moment so I am hoping I can dispute this charge & find a flight elsewhere. After readying more reviews they apparently change the dates of your flight all the time
Tiloybelen on 11/2/2017
This app is awsome! I love it, makes me want to go around the world !!
Easy and cheap
Gringoloc0 on 11/1/2017
This is a good app, just be warned that if there is a flight problem neither the airlines company or cheap o air will do anything to help or reimburse your money.
Overall: great
Wholikescurtians on 10/29/2017
Easy to use, cheap prices, and a useful app.
Super easy
rdhcschoenherr on 10/26/2017
We buy lots of tickets and this was the easiest app to use. GREAT prices too!
Tampa trip
Drew july on 10/23/2017
First time using CheapO air and it all was smooth and easy no issues.
Just what I needed
chicagonora on 10/20/2017
No problems booking, easy to use, and got a good deal on a flight
No 👎🏻 NO 😡😡😡
Nadia Mad on 10/18/2017
I broth 6 tickets in here and when I tried to cancel because the airline was going to charge $25 dollars 💵 per luggage. They says that I can cancel but I need to pay $50 dollars per person because of the cancelation!! WHAT HAPPEN WITH THE SENTENCES DON't worry you have 24 hrs of cancelation to bad 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😤
Baggage fees
Never give up. on 10/17/2017
When I booked my reservation, I didn’t see anywhere I could choose carry on or checked?
Hameed10 on 10/16/2017
Thank you for easy and low price tickets to purchase
jonathangeovanni on 10/15/2017
Just love the deals
oxsarahnicolexo on 10/11/2017
Enjoyable booking experience
DaveMS81 on 10/11/2017
Just wanted to leave some positive feedback regarding my recent experience booking with the updated CheapOair app. The app is fast and easy to use and the prices are wallet friendly. Just used it again for my upcoming trip - worked perfectly. Highly recommend, my favorite booking app by far!
Abby Quezada on 10/9/2017
Better than Expedia 😂
ew87611 on 10/8/2017
Love this app everything's reasonable
Cheap flights
mdenyes on 10/5/2017
Have had great flights for as cheap as I can find
Is this app hacked?!!
Another dmv test taker on 10/3/2017
After I booked my flight there were other charges on the credit card!! First was a "sixpanel" and another was an american airlines!!! Wth?!!! It was good because it was cheap but this?!!!! Omg!!
App will not let me login!
Bevo6000 on 10/1/2017
App will not let me login! I reset my password online and still won’t let me login???!!!!?
Two thumbs up 👍👍
Caleleaeli on 9/30/2017
I always book with Cheap OAir! The app is very easy to use!
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