5K Runner, Couch Potato to 5K


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
$9.99 Health & Fitness 7.5 Jun 02, 2011 Oct 15, 2017 110 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 7.5

iOS 11 Compatibility


Get in shape in 8 weeks with the official and often imitated 5K Runner® 0 to 5K program. This app has over 4.2 million success stories of people that got in shape and started living healthy, and you can do it too. Only 30 mins, 3 times a week, for 8 weeks and you will run 5K.

Get ready to start your new healthy life.

This app has won multiple awards (see below), is the most effective & popular 0-5K app and is highly recommended by health & fitness experts.

● Alternating walk / run intervals
● Run segments gradually increase over 8 weeks
● Human coach voice through your headphones that tells you when to walk / run.
● Listen to your music and the coach will blend in
● Control music through the app or headphones
● Compatible with Nike+ and all other GPS apps
● Compatible with all music apps
● Giant community of 0-5K runners on Facebook
● Earn achievements & badges as you advance
● Integrated with Facebook & Twitter
● Outdoors or Treadmill

GPS & Apple Health
● Built in GPS & Distance Tracking, also when app is in background
● Integrated with Apple Health for Calorie calculation & saving workouts

NOTE: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Simple, Easy, and Gets Results
● Nothing to learn. Just press start
● Excellent for weight loss
● The best & most effective 5K training app
● Completely ad-free

We’re here for you
● We gladly answer all questions - just ask us at: support@fitness22.com

- 4.2 Million People successfully did it

- Awards: Best 5K Training App, Best Running App, Editor's Choice, Top fitness app, Best Beginner App, Top Quality App, Best fitness and nutrition apps.

- Featured on CNN, Fox, USA Today, Times, Fitness Channel, Apple's "New & Noteworthy", AppAdvice, AppCraver, Best10Apps, Appolicious, Daily Motion, AppOfTheDay, MakeUseOf, the iPhone App Review, Remix Your Health, AppShopper, Apple's Top Health & Fitness apps, and so many others.

- Recommended by doctors on healthTap.com

- See real life success stories on facebook.com/5K.Runner.Community

Press Reviews
"If you thought that you could never run - get ready for a BIG surprise. With this app - you will run"

"It's a great App, I was hooked by the second run, and it kept me running"

"If you want to start running and to keep running - this app will do it for you"

"One of the best iPhone running apps I’ve tested." 

"This application is a must-have fitness trainer for anyone trying to catch the running bug or getting ready for a major running event"

"This app is amazingly effective and will help you achieve that coveted 5K distance. If you want to get running, this app is a must.“

Do Good
- We are proud to be associated with several charitable organizations. Although we contribute to several causes, we have a particular soft spot for animals and are proud to contribute to aspca.org and rescuefromthehart.org. Please also consider donating.

● Privacy Policy:

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Good way to ease in
Oriolesmagik on 4/18/2018
And keep motivated. Helps make running a little more fun.
Great app
ajstem on 4/13/2018
Easy to use & motivational
Very disappointed!
ZY-6265-2701 on 4/12/2018
I bought this app in a fitness bundle. I should have known it would be a dud because the bundle was only a dollar or two more than the app alone. Consistently crashes when I try to play music through the app, will not stay open on my Apple Watch when music is even playing, fails to update itself as I’m running thereby causing lag on the Watch and the iPhone, and it can’t even be used without the iPhone nearby! The whole point of having GPS on the watch is to track movement and receive app prompts (not texts or anything) without needing the phone attached to your hip. Don’t waste your money. Edit// Joined a gym and discovered this doesn’t even work on a treadmill, despite their claims!!!! STILL ANGRY about this purchase, uggghhh.
Perfect for the non runner who wishes they ran:)
A Xander on 4/5/2018
Allows anyone to begin the joy of running. Slowly and perfectly. Always wanted to run but lack will power I can go these workouts give 150% and feel great. Can’t wait to get to 5k. This is doable for the most out of shape person.
I like the ding
Wagdaggy on 4/5/2018
The app for the phone just vibrates. Sometimes I don’t feel it.
Great but if you have an Apple Watch you won’t get notifications through tour headphones
Dreone23 on 4/4/2018
Great but if you have an Apple Watch you won’t get notifications through tour headphones
Awesome App!
Christine92681 on 4/4/2018
My Lab and I LOVE to use this app when we go for our runs! It's a great way to keep track of your progress and train for a 5k at the same time. I highly recommend this app to anyone!
WAS my favorite
Aviation mechanic of 2016 on 4/1/2018
This was my favorite app. Now when I try to access my music I just get a blank screen and no music. Have to delete the app to get out of it.
Great App
Irritated100 on 3/27/2018
I recommend this to everyone who wants to start a running program
K 819 W Hamilton Ave, Campbell, CA 95008Qqki
Marichico on 3/25/2018
Nb b Yavnibnnouh hn
Not reliable to do it’s one and only job.
Lalandmine on 3/20/2018
This app makes voting 5 stars easy with 1 click but requires a whole sign-up process to leave any other review. Scroll through to read the critical reviews. Shady. This app freezes during my runs all 👏 the 👏 time. Imagine that. You’re doing so well, and then the next “chime” for the walk/run instruction never happens. I’ve been walking for 3 minutes now what’s going on? App is frozen solid. You have to force close and restart. It does not save or pick up where you left off. I don’t know why I paid $10 for an app that can’t do the 1 job it has to do. And then makes it hard to leave a negative review. I’m actively trying to get a refund.
It’s ok
TheJonnyMagic on 3/18/2018
But there are free apps that are as good. Ten bucks is ridiculous.
Buggy app, developer interrupts workouts with SPAM
FN1234### on 3/18/2018
The only way this thing seems to work as advertised is if you turn every other app off (including any music or podcasts you’re listening to) and you hold your phone out in front of you so nothing can touch the screen. Getting ready for a workout, the app opened a pop-up asking for a rating and comment. As a rule, WHENEVER an app interrupts me soliciting a rating, my practice is to ALWAYS give that app a one-star rating and an explanation why (because of the SPAM). But I decided the developer ought to know about the other problems I’m having. So I went to the in-app “comments” page, wrote all about the problems I was having, then found out that once you type all that stuff, there is no way to send it. The app just freezes and you have to quit it. Bottom line: The developer needs to go out and actually USE this app in a variety of ways their users might operate it. We all know how lousy the installed music & podcast apps are on iOS, so many of us use alternatives. The developer needs to see how their app works with these other alternatives; specifically the “Casts” app which I use to listen to podcasts. I guess that’s forgivable, but having an app that has a “comments” function that DOESN’T WORK, well that’s not a forgivable problem. BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD, guys...
Freezes and Crashes: Issues with Playlist Integration
JCinChina on 3/13/2018
I’ve had this app for a long time and it has been go to when I’m returning to running as a part of my workout routine. However, it’s stopped playing my playlists and completely freezes when I try to select it. When playing music outside of the App you lose the voice commands and the Apple Watch notifications are annoying (you have to click on them to read the command, which isn’t always convenient while running). I’d really like this issue fixed because I haven’t mastered the art of running with my own thoughts and need the music.
Never thought I’d run again
uteh45 on 3/12/2018
After hurting my back several years ago I had given up on running ever again. My PT told me to try a walk/run routine and it worked! Now my daughter and another friend of mine who both struggled with running are using the same app and loving it! Both thumbs up and five stars for sure!
abumchuck on 3/9/2018
They don’t update this app anymore. Wasted $10 just to have all my data delete and stop syncing with the Health app.
Seriously does what it says
Revuuuu on 3/6/2018
I was a couch potato, now I can run. Impressive!!!
5K compatibility
Sneezy6907 on 3/5/2018
Love the app, but I was extremely disappointed that the app on my series 3 Apple Watch doesn’t function without my phone. One of my main reasons for purchasing the watch was the ability to workout and leave the phone at home. What’s the point in creating the app for the watch if you still need the phone for it to function?
Love it!
Jbm497 on 3/5/2018
I love this app
How do you receive a refund ?
Michelle22682 on 3/2/2018
I tried this app for 2 days. I liked it but it doesn’t calculate your average run time like other apps do. I paid $9.99 for the app. Can I receive a refund since I only used it for 2 days ??
Favorite c25k trainer
me.anonymous on 2/21/2018
I've used several c25k training apps and Fitness22's is my favorite. I like how they load the heavier intervals onto the middle of the run and the heaviest day in the middle of the week. Over the years of off and on running this app has been the most consistent way to get up to multiple mile runs again.
Goodbye calorie ring!
Landthief 1972 on 2/16/2018
Would give this app 5 stars, but didn’t realize it calculates kcal on gps, not steps. I completed my calorie and exercise rings on my iPhone as I was doing a run on my treadmill. As soon as the run was over, this app calculated my kcal as TWO, yes 2. Then it overwrote my HealthKit data, pushed it to my watch, and boom, my calorie ring dropped over 200 points. Did I mention I had already told the app to not use HealthKit? Finally figured out I had to go into HealthKit and block kcal tracking from this app. This is a bug! Your app’s data should never overwrite the watch’s data!
My running partner
Donzzo on 2/12/2018
For five years, 5K has been my running buddy... always ready to Go, no complaints, any kind of weather... always encouraging and tracking it all..just perfect!!
Good app
Lorileii on 2/6/2018
I wanted to get back to running and this app has been a great help.its easy to use and the time goes by fast. Really like it!!
JennT2612 on 2/2/2018
I am looking into the Apple Watch Series 3 Nike edition and wanted to know if this app works independent of the phone without adding the cellular (would like to run hands free/without my phone). Thanks!
Love this app
Elisabeth77 on 2/1/2018
I’ve used this app multiple times for training for a 5k! Highly recommended!!
Philllitino on 1/30/2018
This keeps me on target
Awesome App!
DADDY CEE on 1/30/2018
Been using this for years! Love it!
Simple, easy to use
Ti22ti on 1/28/2018
Very simple, easy to use app
Nice app!
IMPMD on 1/28/2018
Starts at the right level to prevent injury. Voicing is also encouraging and not annoying. Enjoyable interface and allows Spotify to play in the background (would love integration...).
Slitherman02 on 1/22/2018
This app is AMAZING. Everything about it I love. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get in shape, or just wants a running schedule.
Great App with exception
StephLRivas on 1/18/2018
I love this app. It gives me the push I need to (re-)start exercising/jogging. I wish it actually told you how far you should have gone or how fast/slow you should go. I’ve never hit 5k in the time allotted. So I assume I should be running faster.
DomCapo on 1/14/2018
Fantastic program and so easy to use!
DD to 5ks
MainerMary on 1/12/2018
I have always wanted to run 5ks but the girls got in the way. I had reductions on both girls done February 2017. This training app got me the skills I needed. I did five 5ks and two 10ks last year. I’ll be doing many others in addition to my first 10miler in April 2018. I highly recommend this app for anyone wanted to boost their goals into running or lots of walking. Thank you
What happened???!!!!
Ijuswannarun on 1/10/2018
App no longer works on my iphone 7 if I try to play music. Music never starts and it causes whole app to freeze. Was a great app but have been trying several times in past few weeks and same thing hsppens every time. Please update so we can listen to music while running!!
Miss quality on 1/8/2018
Love this App!
SecurityFlawsEverywhere on 1/7/2018
All the reviews make the app look really promising, but it has multiple problems - both with Apple Watch and treadmill support. It isn’t really Apple Watch compatible. Sure, it will display your walk/run status on the watch, but offers no notifications (vibration or sound), not any other information via the watch. You can’t start the app from the watch, and you must keep your phone with you during the run for it to work. It is not treadmill friendly. The app will not capture distance or calories burned if you run on a treadmill as it requires GPS to calculate that, it also doesn’t offer pace information. While running on the treadmill, I closed my exercise ring on the watch, however when I was done and the 5k app synced to Apple health, my exercise ring actually reversed itself because the 5k app didn’t recognize that I did 30 mins of exercise based on my run. It said zero. The interface is nice, but overall the app is disappointing.
Great App
Kirschling on 1/7/2018
This app really helps me to move forward with my running. It is gradual so that each week is able to be accomplished. Sometimes I repeat a day before moving forward if I feel I need it.
Great App
t_resa81 on 1/1/2018
I have been using this app on and off the last 5 years. It was my first step to my half marathon and once again- I'm on that track. The only reason I’m only giving a 4 star is because it sometimes crashes when I’m trying to get my music playlist to start...
Great App, but...
pangelboy on 12/31/2017
This is a great C25K app. The app is nicely designed, with a clean interface, and has helpful audio cues for warming up, walking, running, and cooling down. I used this app religiously the best three months or so to run my first 5K! I don’t think I would’ve without this app. The app isn’t perfect tho. The notifications in-app to purchase the developer’s other apps can become annoying. Also, finishing the program doesn’t mean you’ll be able to run a 5k. The app will train you to run continuously for 35 min, how far you get in that time is up to your ability and pace. It got me through my first 5k, but YMMV. It’s a well-design and great app and I recommend it wholeheartedly. I’ve begun using the 5k pacer app in preparation for my next 5k and find it to be just as wel-designed. After that I think I’ll move on to their bridge to 10k app. This is the C25K app to get!
Try it
juststayfab on 12/31/2017
Very reasonable goals. I wish it “measured” my miles after I’m done with a “running session”. Other than that, I highly recommend it.
Zargdc on 12/30/2017
The running goals are unrealistic for beginners. Tried it and couldn’t get past week 4.
Good App
khlynn on 12/26/2017
Works well. Helps me stay on track.
Good but minor issues can make it great
Deacon Soul on 12/25/2017
I have been looking for a program that will help me improve my running and it's here. Thank you! Only thing is it takes awhile to sync my music!
Old faithful!
Destinyseeker on 12/15/2017
I always come back to this when I want an efficient training or interval workout. Put in the time and you will see results in your stamina, running distance and overall fitness. Just don’t forget to include a stretch at the end. :)
Favorite running trainer
M..Oooo on 12/12/2017
Never ran before this! Now I can run a 5k:)
Easy initiation to 5K
KDMoose on 12/3/2017
This app has been instrumental in getting me to run a 5K. I started out doubtful that I could run one, but with this app I trained for, and successfully completed, an official 5K, and now I'm working on improving my times.
Like your own coach
Simorual on 11/30/2017
I’m a couch potato, and this pushes me to speed up even when i feel like walking and being lazy. I look forward to when I get stronger and more energetic!
Excellent app
pfefferness on 11/27/2017
This app is perfect for beginners!
Great app! Essential
happyandinshape on 11/24/2017
Must have
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