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Your favorite pedometer and step counter app has just upped its game!

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Are you reaching your daily 10,000 steps per day? Step to it and download the free Runtastic Pedometer app now. Step tracking with a pedometer app is the perfect starting point for a fitness beginner and a great addition to the training of the more advanced.

Your personal step counter works on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

APP FEATURES & BENEFITS: (limited in free version)
- Automatic step detection
- Works anywhere: pockets, purse, arm, hand
- Accurate calculation of calories burned
- Calculates speed & distance
- Step frequency calculation
- 1,000 step beep: Audio signal every 1,000 steps to keep you on track
- Users can save body metrics like weight and height for a more accurate calorie count
- M7 and M8 processors are used (on compatible devices)
- Sync with Manage all data online
- Share your activities on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or via email and iMessage

Runtastic Pedometer is ideal to track your daily steps and movement while the app motivates you to take even more steps every day. Let Runtastic Pedometer help you reach the recommended 10,000 steps per day. Kick off your journey towards a fitter, healthier self!

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Steps not counted
Javena416 on 11/7/2017
I’ve used this for about a week or so and every time it seems to be off by almost a half mile. I walk 3 miles everyday and I use MapMyWalk for it. I was looking for something to count steps as well as miles, I’m sorry to say that I’ll have to cancel this app. It’s a shame because it had everything that I wanted.
Not accurate distance
Adamflyers on 7/26/2017
I ran the boardwalk at Rehobath beach, which is one mile each way. I ran the whole thing up and back once, totaling 2 miles. This app calculated that I ran 1.4 miles. I had my suspicions that it was not accurate in the past, but this just sealed it. Uninstalled.
basic goof
jegomez on 4/30/2017
Keeps on counting even after you tell it to pause, for example if you're resting.
Pretty good pedometer
Coastaldog on 4/22/2017
Only complaint is that the step (or stride) length adjustment is super sensitive making it very difficult to accurately adjust the step length. Runtastic can fix this and should fix it now!
Horribly inaccurate
Dr. Richlen on 4/5/2017
This app is consistently off my 1 mile. It's really really really bad. Do NOT download. Counting your steps is more accurate than this thing. It's like if you gave a toddler and abacus and told him to start calculating quantum mechanics. That's how accurate this junk is.
Not Accurate
Rrg_girl on 12/21/2016
I've tried this app a few times now for running and it's not accurate on its distances. My old pedometer was spot-on with the measured track I use but this one is consistently off by over a mile each session.
Good app
LisaSaylii on 11/4/2016
Good app for tracking your steps. Easy to use
ClarkeBarre on 8/21/2016
I simply want a pedometer, but this foolish thing requires you to register after agreeing to a lengthy agreement. Completely unnecessary… DELETE!
This App is so cool
Julie Jani on 8/15/2016
I really like this app! It is really helpful! It does a good job tracking distance and time! Its also easy to be able to connect to your social peers! I recommend it! Though you do need to log in with email or facebook for it to track your workouts!
Don't waste your time!!!
Dobber46 on 8/8/2016
So inaccurate, told me once that I had walked 2.16 miles in less that 17 minutes. I walk the exact same route each day, it has never been even close to showing the same numbers. I could understand a little variation in the readings, but 1.1 miles one day then .68 mile the next day? Could be a good app, but it needs some work.
The worst!
Linykev on 6/11/2016
Do not waste your time with this useless app! Does not calculate anything correctly! Would give it 0 stars if possible!
Very inaccurate
AbqSlim1 on 3/16/2016
Looks cool and has the features I need but said I walked 0.59 miles when I walked 1 full mile on my route so unfortunately not worth keeping. Step count was also 800 steps off so can't use it.
srhoda on 1/31/2016
The screen looks nothing like what is shown in the screenshots. It is full of intrusive advertisements.
🐘😀 on 1/10/2016
I❤️this app because I don't have a FIT BIT so YA
no longer works
Isabelagata on 1/7/2016
This no longer works on iphone 5C ios 9.2. I wish they’d fix this since I used to really like this app.
Good app, needs work
AlexRazd on 11/19/2015
I have been using this app for a while, it has very nice functionality. But: every time I want to pause it or even at the end of the walking session when I want to save the data it freezes, or becomes painfully slow. Clearly programmers need to fix the glitches to make this very useful app (I am using paid version) less painful.
CTNC Mom on 11/9/2015
Am I the only one experiencing this problem? Ever since my iPhone was updated, I've been experiencing glitches with this app. It used to ask me after I paused session if I want to add the time that I paused it to the session or not but now it just automatically adds that time. It says that I walked .22 miles in five hours which is just not accurate. Also sometimes the steps get stuck and don't move at all even though I'm moving myself.
Great app!!!!!
Princess04050607080910 on 11/8/2015
Love this app you should get it!!!
Lousy Customer Service
rjcs56 on 11/2/2015
Ok app unless you want or need customer service. There is none. Emails sent to their customer service result in a form response directing users to their robo help section. Runtastic has three times tried to bill me for cancelled service. Each time I respond they send another bill totally ignoring me. Let's see if they read their reviews any closer than they read customer service emails requests. By the way, the free Fitbit app is more accurate than Runtastic, which is the reason I originally cancelled my account.
Not useful for me
Tea-Bone on 10/15/2015
I don't get the point of a pedometer that only counts your steps when you tell it to. I don't walk in "sessions"
Not working with upgrade to new phone
Sandzel on 10/14/2015
Worked great with iPhone 4. With new iPhone 6 hardly working. Does anyone know how I can contact developer to see if they can help ?
Macymoo80 on 9/18/2015
This is a really helpful and easy way to lose some of the pounds. Even if you are tired and don't think you walked much you always get a true and positive answer. So that is why I love this app
Awsome App!!!😘😘😘😘😄
Porkipinerocks14 on 9/16/2015
This app is very simple to use! It has a lot of cool features and just is overall a great app! This app is helping me stay fit, and active! I like all the features and the steps are very accurate unlike some other step counters! Thank you for making this app! I totally rate it 5 stars! This is a great alternative to the fit bit bracelet! Please buy😍😍😍😃😄😀😝😝😀😃😊☺️😉😘
Too Generous
Infodork on 8/20/2015
I can practically sit still and register steps. I have this simple plastic clamp on pedometer provided to all on my wife's EGHP to compare this iPhone app to. Dear me - this app is way too generous. Bummer. I want it all on my iPhone, but the pedometer apps are either insanely engineered with nine thousand features and they don't work unless you let them track you, or this sweet simple app that is just too generous in how many steps it registers, even on low sensitivity.
Has a few issues
Longlegz86 on 7/21/2015
Usually works great but lately it's not been tracking all my miles. Normally works great.
I love this app but I hate two things
Pocahontas100 on 7/13/2015
I hate how you have to buy the pro app of this in order to see the calories you've burned, and it will only keep three things you keep in the history section.
Not good
Brwnskinned on 7/9/2015
Deleted it...not accurate!
Deleted it!
rrrrachel9 on 7/5/2015
Worked great at first then after the updates it stopped getting my distance correctly. Deleted it. Don't bother.
croixmom on 7/2/2015
This app is a total failure. Does not accurately keep information. This trial version saves only 3 sessions -- not really enough for a fair evaluation.
Writerlinda on 6/25/2015
Gave it one star because I walked four miles this morning and it said I took 2 steps. Don't waste your time on this one.
It's pretty goog
Casey765 on 6/19/2015
I just got the app and it looks like it's good but I don't see why you have to be over 13 to use the app. It's not like there's anything bad about it and plus look kids that have Facebook don't have there real birthday
really cool app!
gingermalloy on 6/12/2015
this pedometer app is effortless. I just downloaded it to get a baseline value of where I am. I sit at an office all day and want to make sure I am getting in enough steps and staying healthy.
Makes me get off my butt!
Cindyphilli on 6/9/2015
I know that moving more and getting more steps is my best solution for weight loss. So, this app makes me feel like I need to go on a walk 5x a week after work in order to move more - love it!
Salud y estilo
PastorJavier on 6/8/2015
La verdad es que me gusta la aplicación para que me mantenga informado de mi actividad física y monitoreo de mi alimento
Perfect companion!
SamPat86 on 6/5/2015
It is very good, easy to use and I just keep my phone in my pocket and it does the work for me.
Where'd the mPoints go?
Lioooooonessss on 6/4/2015
I like this app but I don't think it's as accurate as it could be.. Latest upgrade left me without my mPoints
Do not upgrade
DrNaho on 6/3/2015
Get a call while walking? Pauses. Stand still for a minute at a light? Pauses. Ridiculous.
great app!!!!
Van_Reid1 on 5/29/2015
I didn't know what to do to lose weight, so I just decided to get more steps and track it with this app and it's working!
Bad tracker
Quincyann on 5/21/2015
This app doesn't accurately track steps. My friend and I use it for our training runs for gymnastics. She decided to download a gps app instead and when her gps app hit 2 miles, mine was at .92. Do not trust this app for distance.
Cool basic app
Chadthecat on 5/18/2015
I downloaded this app when I bored in an airport and started walking during my 3 hour layover. I don't use it everyday, usually when I am at a conference or trade show and want to be "wowed" with my step amount. Easy to use, uncomplicated, basic, straight forward...
My wake up call
George01983 on 5/18/2015
I used this app because of a collegue of mine uses it & I was really surprised that I wasn't really moving much at all. This app is super easy to use and was very straight forward, which I think I needed. I like how it tells you the amount of steps and the relation to distance as well.
Great pedometer app!
stone2cut on 5/15/2015
Easy to use and very accurate. Also doesn't use a lot of battery in the background. Nice app for walking!
Bring back mpoints !!!!!!
Modd777 on 5/11/2015
The new update removed mpoints. Pls bring back. That was a great advantage to using pedometer. I no longer use the app now that mpoints were taken away
Sometimes tweaky
Vanillarose79 on 5/11/2015
After the last update it won't even load! Please fix!!! Love this app but sometimes it doesn't register all the steps I take. And it uses a lot of battery.
Missing something ?
Primbapt22 on 5/11/2015
Would be nice if you can pause the app and still be able to see how you're doing. Also see calories burned....or did I miss these ?
Danger Will Robinson ….. Danger!
AK-Wiz on 5/10/2015
IF you really, really like receiving marketing solicitations then THIS is the app for you! Getting away from this company is made more difficult by the “Delete my account” link on their web site going to a 404 “Page not found” error. Danger!! Avoid!!
It's ok...
Wakywon on 5/8/2015
I was really glad to get this app but wasn't sure it was counting steps wasn't!!! I knew how far I actually walked and app said I hadn't gone near that far!!! Now they took my points away!!! BOO!
Not Accurate Anymore
Joyce WI on 5/8/2015
I've been using this app for a couple years but lately it has no been accurate o my distance. I've deleted and re-installed it. Hope that helps.
Kahy123 on 5/7/2015
Ditto about losing the mPoints after the last update. It added motivation to use. I'll check out other ones now that may have more accurate distance tracking.
Bring mpoints back
Abottje on 5/7/2015
I use to like this app but I really miss the mpoints so thinking about deleting app
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