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This app was last updated on: Jul 14, 2017
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New in version 2.1.21

Receive gate updates via app push notifications
Concur Triplink user can now book directly in the United Mobile App
Option to Show/Hide your MileagePlus password
The United Mobile App supports iOS 9 and up
Bug fixes


United Airlines is proud to offer the all-new Apple watch compatible United app, with a flyer-friendly design. The United app is optimized for the iPhone and compatible with the iPad. Offering features from flight booking to flight status and more, the United app is your indispensable travel companion.


The United app puts valuable travel information in the palm of your hand with our new home screen travel cards, ready to access at a moment’s notice.

Cards include:
■ Mobile boarding pass card: Scan your mobile boarding pass directly from the app home screen for quick access.
■ Travel assistant: As your trip gets closer, the travel assistant updates with your departure information, your seat assignment and your destination’s current weather.
■ Flight status card: Once you subscribe for a flight notification, the flight status will appear as a home screen card, with direct access to expanded flight information.
■ My reservations card: Eligible reservations update on the home screen within the 24-hour check-in period, giving you the option to check in directly from the card. You can also manually add your upcoming trips.
■ United Club℠ and one-time pass card: United Club members who sign in with their MileagePlus® account will see a digital membership card with a bar code for access to United Club locations. United Club one-time passes can also be accessed and purchased in the app.
■ MileagePlus card: Display a digital version of your MileagePlus membership card.

With in-app access to the most frequently used travel tools, including check-in, booking, flight status and MileagePlus account information, the United app provides easy, on-the-go travel planning.

■ Enjoy mobile boarding pass storage with complete Passbook integration.
■ Check in for flights, including international flights for eligible travelers.
■ Select alternate flight options if there are significant flight delays or cancellations.
■ Choose United Travel Options to enhance your experience: Purchase premium cabin or Economy Plus® seating, or enjoy Premier Access®.

-Flight booking:
■ Book one-way, roundtrip and multi-segment travel.
■ Book MileagePlus award travel.
■ Purchase Economy Plus seating.

-Flight status:
■ Access upgrade and standby lists.
■ View seating options on the redesigned seat map.
■ Get departure and arrival information.
■ Find out where your flight is coming from and its current location.
■ See inflight amenities.
■ Receive flight status push notifications: Monitor a selected flight and receive automatic updates sent to your device.

-Reservation management:
■ Add and view current United reservations.
■ Automatically upgrade and receive upgrade information if you are an eligible Premier® member.
■ Purchase Premier Access, Economy Plus seating and more.
■ Add your flights directly to your calendar.

-MileagePlus account:
■ View your Mileage Plus account and subscription information.
■ See recent activity and statements.
■ View flights, including current, past and canceled flights.
■ Enroll in MileagePlus.

-Other helpful travel tools:
■ View airport maps.
■ See United Club locations and hours, and purchase one-time passes.
■ Play Sudoku games.
■ Share your reservations and check-ins with your social network and view our recent tweets.

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Calm down
Awesomeness973 on 7/19/2017
This app is great. I use it to watch movies. Some people need to calm down. It's just an app people. Not worth getting worked up about 🙂✈️🛩
Number 1 at being the worst airline
GradStudentNeedsMotivation on 7/19/2017
Worst airline I've ever been on. They just made us stuff bags together because you can no longer have a personal item and a carry on. What F$#%S. Never flying united again. All aholes from the flight attendants to the people scanning tickets.
JustinBAyers365 on 7/19/2017
Worst Airport in the world. Will never fly again into this airport ever.
No connectivity??
Nenaconeja on 7/19/2017
App keeps saying I have no connectivity... with full bars of reception. Extremely frustrating!!
Buttchucker on 7/19/2017
Is complete trash
Don't buy tickets in the app
lordremus on 7/19/2017
The app is suddenly showing prices which are 50% higher than the United website. What is that all about....!!!! It's been ongoing for at least a few days. You guys really want to lose my buisness don't ya?
CT teacher
Three cheers for Edna! on 7/18/2017
On June 29, 2017, our family left on a five week journey. We took the train from our home to Newark airport. Two hours later, we were only 40 miles from home and the train broke down. We would miss our flight. I called United airlines to let them know our predicament. The agent I spoke with told me we would need to forfeit our tickets. She could find nothing to connect us with a flight from anywhere in the NYC metro area to Los Angeles in time to make our connecting flight. I called one more time, and by some stroke of luck, I got an agent named Edna. Her supervisor is Ms. Flores. I can't say enough about Edna. She went above and beyond to accommodate my family, and was quite pleasant about doing so. She was able to get my family of four on the next flight from Newark and we arrived in LA with plenty of time to make our next flight. I hope, through phone records, United will find the first agent I spoke with. She could learn a whole lot about customer service from Edna!
Obsessed girlfriend on 7/18/2017
I didn't like being dragged off my flight. Embarrassing!!
I enjoyed the free services.
Mobjftaahicveybxy&hdh on 7/18/2017
I had to cancel a flight a few months ago. It turns out I left my mouth guard at home. I was very satisfied with my latest flight. I remember to bring my mouth guard this time. Before taking off I received a complimentary armrest facelift. I haven't flown with any airline that offered such a service.
TAGHoll on 7/18/2017
Terrible login for authentication into mileage program. "What is my favorite type of vacation?" Really
Idk about half of these ppl
Jupiter_4 on 7/18/2017
I haven't experienced anything of the stuff mentioned on here with the newest update to the app that saying the app should get a modern update you use up the new technologies available on phones today especially 3D Touch and Touch ID and camera scanning all the updates and other things I received are all in real time and current time so no lag on my app anyway we got delayed in Houston for a thunderstorm and lightning strikes and it updated so I know before the announcements are made from the cabin of the captain so that's great to know keeps u informed and on track
Angry LeMans Fan on 7/18/2017
It won't scan European passports & won't let you check-in! And it won't prompt you for the Esta or eTA requirements. Check in via their website instead or you will miss your flight & incure additional charges!
App rating
BADintentions85 on 7/17/2017
I luv this app n its easy to have right in my hand
The Worst
faithful southwest customer on 7/17/2017
United, you're the worst. You don't care about your customer, your employees, and your overall brand. Continue down this path, and you'll be out of business in no time.
Never Again
knows good service girl on 7/16/2017
This was absolutely the WORST flying experience I have ever had in my whole life. I will definitely be choosing a different airline in the future.
Can't Check In
Jjjjjjjiiiiimmmmmyyyyyyy on 7/16/2017
Needed the app so I can add my ticket to Apple Wallet. But it didn't even show my flight in the app to check in so I had to do it on Safari, then it redirected me to the app. Pretty useless app. Also, flight got delayed but app continued to say it was on time.
Recently Used, mildly irritated
D'affaires on 7/16/2017
Why cannot I get my boarding pass on my Wallet?? It's 2017! I hate having to sign in at a stupid desk by queuing up for it and I hate having to use my laptop. This app is OK, I don't see much use from it.
Won't open
Nocavitykid on 7/15/2017
After the update it won't open. I need the app to use wifi to work on the flight or watch a movie. Please fix asap!!!
Entertainment Needs Additional Software
David Towne on 7/15/2017
Does not work as special software needs to be added and does not come with the united app.
Usagi1969 on 7/14/2017
5 hours delay... reason, the original flight coming had engine problem and they couldn't figure out how to tell us other than changing the delay every 30 minutes to be an extra hour longer. Last time flying with this horrible airline. Good riddance.
Missing important details
Dude0u812 on 7/14/2017
It's ok for what it is. But for real-world travel on United, it should also include a 911 feature to call paramedics and/or coroner in case you are the lucky winner of a beatdown when United calls in the thugs to clear those seats you purchased but they oversold. Definitely a first aid and visual acuity test, and maybe a selection of local lawyers to choose from. Fly the friendly skies, as friendly as Jewish train rides in Germany circa 1943.
Desperately needs an overhaul
Stef Geiger on 7/14/2017
This app's interface and speed are stuck in 2008 or so. Look at what AA's app offers in terms of functionality and UI. It's odd that boarding passes in passbook often fail to update. I can have a flight delayed two hours, receive multiple redundant texts, emails, and even push notifications from the app itself, but even forcing a refresh of the boarding pass doesn't update its boarding time or gate. 3D touch has been around for nearly two years and with the next cycle of phones this fall, nearly all users will have hardware that supports it. Why after two years does this app not support 3D touch to, say, allow one tap access to your boarding pass? It's also not helpful that flight statuses vanish from the app's home screen once the scheduled departure time passes, so if you want an updated departure time, you need to "add flight" and select it. WHY? Using the app is also confusing and unintuitive. Why on earth can I not check into a flight when looking at its status and instead have to look at my reservation? Why can't I look at my flight's status when looking at my reservation?Surely these things can be linked!
Won't email boarding passes
AWillen on 7/13/2017
To get mobile boarding passes I have to download this app instead of just getting them emailed to me like every other airline. United is the worst.
Person L. on 7/13/2017
Good app
Worst Airline App
Joshunar on 7/13/2017
This app is terrible. Doesn't provide the details I want (check in status, confirmation number, etc). Poor navigation. Also it looks pretty tacky.
Not good for in flight entertainment
mcg4pink on 7/11/2017
Had the app and it wouldn't connect for a movie from England to Newark. Kept telling me I needed to update the app- which I did before the flight. I could watch the movie trailers just fine but the app didn't support the movie format. Very frustrating on a 8 hour flight!!
It is fine
wyr user on 7/9/2017
It is fine.
United Wifi
BKHILL on 7/9/2017
The internet service didn't work, couldn't stream anything.
United is horrible
Ellery44 on 7/8/2017
United is the worst
Couldn't access movies
RTloon on 7/8/2017
Kept giving me an error code after choosing my film.
Doesn't work
tastybento on 7/8/2017
I have an iPhone 6S and every time I try to use the private screening on SFO - TPE UA871 I get Error 3500 and it never works. I don't actually think UA test or check it works. Use Netflix downloads instead and save yourself the agony.
Known Traveler Number?
M row on 7/8/2017
There's no way to add your TSA Known Traveler Number to your profile or reservation, via the app. It gives you the option to add a Redress Number, but not the PreCheck info. Called customer support and was given the runaround between 3 different departments. Was on hold for at least 30 minutes total, between the 30 second conversions I had with actual people. Had to wait until I had access to an actual computer to login and update it there.
Assaulted Me
Snowballcps on 7/8/2017
This app dragged me off my flight after I refused to give up my seat.
Doesn't work
A worried addict on 7/8/2017
Lots of bugs and crashes doesn't work like the rest of their company.
Private Screening = FAIL
sonomatt on 7/8/2017
Preface: on many United flights, this app is the *only* way to access video entertainment. I think it is a genius idea for the airline to save the cost and the weight of individual seat-back screens, because everybody has their own screen in their pocket already anyway. However, it doesn't work! We tried this app on three iPhones and one iPad on a recent transatlantic flight. The only device on which this app allowed us to view streaming content (movies) during the flight was the old iPhone 5. The two newer phones and iPad refused to play any streaming content due to "error 3500." I cannot find any explanation for that error, but I believe it is due to the DRM used by the app. This app plays trailers and United's own advertisements well, without pixelation or drop outs. It just doesn't play any premium movie content. United saved a bundle by not providing in-seat entertainment hardware, but until they fix this streaming situation, this app is worthless, and long flights are a real drag.
Scam tool for a petty and vindictive company
Tom1630 on 7/7/2017
I downloaded the app and tried to check-in and print my boarding pass for my flight. I was prompted by a text message from United telling me to check in, so I clicked the link in the text and it opened the app. Upon completing the final check-in step, the app showed a message that said I would have to check-in in person at the airport (thus defeating the purpose of the app). Why do I have to check-in in person you ask? The message explained that since I am flying basic economy and am checking no bags (which costs extra of course), that means I have to wait in an unnecessary line at a counter at the airport. So I guess I'm being punished for not paying their gouge fees to check a bag (it's only a two hour domestic flight mind you, and I'm only traveling with the clothes on my back), and because I'm not a member of whatever scam loyalty 'rewards' club that airlines always try to force upon you.
Couldn't even find the terminal info for my flight
Zick20080906 on 7/6/2017
This is a joke. I tried to see the detail of my reservation. And in the "detail" page I still couldn't see which terminal I should go. Then I had to google another website to find the real detail info of my flight. What is the point of using this app then? It can't even tell you the basic info needed.
Garbage company
Hshjwj67272!;& on 7/6/2017
Now you steal a paid toddle's seat. Great job again. Never fly with this trash company.
Great App
Stirlingette on 7/5/2017
My mom works for United as a flight attendant and she's a really nice person.
Apple Watch
pixiedustbeauty on 7/5/2017
I've always flown southwest and now I giving united a try, I downloaded the app and I put the united app thing on the face of my Apple Watch and it says MSY 5 days when it should say MSY 2 days (will not update days) united needs an update to fix this crap it is so Annoying
jimbosdayoff on 7/4/2017
The only way to access in flight entertainment was you need to download the app. In order to download the app you need to pay for wifi, which is highly unethical. I have only a few more minutes left on my wifi and the app is still downloading (it has been almost 1hr). The only reason they force you to download the app is so that United's development team can claim high download numbers. Apple's App Store needs to crack down of these practices.
I got assulted
Domblax on 7/3/2017
I was using this on the plane then all of a sudden they punched me
TrickPhoto on 7/3/2017
Trying to check in, the website forces me to use the app, the app (of course) forces me to use the website. Finally got that sorted (using the app) and now the only option available for my boarding pass is to print it. Silly me for not bringing a printer on vacation. I'm not trying to change anything with my flight. Just trying to check in. Hard to imagine a more basic transaction. One star only because zero isn't an option. Take a look at the British Airways app if you want to see what it looks like when done correctly.
Asian doctors beware
Ale0317 on 7/2/2017
Lol they hit people 😂😂😂
Rhosjd on 7/2/2017
They hit people on the plane and that is funny asf
App is helpful and easy!
k.hooper on 7/2/2017
This app provides entertainment on the flight (good selection!) and makes it easy to check in online. This app as a one stop shop seems like a good idea, I imagine more airlines will follow suit.
Does it's job
TheCamelotReview on 7/1/2017
The app does its job, I was able to check in and use the boarding pass. While I didn't purchase anything on the app, I used it often and it worked fine.
Nice work
ZszszSzszszszszs on 7/1/2017
I think this app is lit sauce
20th planet on 7/1/2017
That app took me to the nearest boxing ring
Sayres12345 on 6/30/2017
The app keeps crashing. We were not able to use it to check-in successfully as was advertised.
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  • Category: Travel
  • Released: Jul 19, 2011
  • Current Version Released: Jul 14, 2017
  • Version: 2.1.21
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Game Center Certified: No
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