United Airlines

United Airlines

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Travel 2.1.57 Jul 19, 2011 Aug 11, 2018 241.7 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 2.1.57

Thank you for using the United app! We regularly update our app to provide you with the best possible experience.

Here are the enhancements you will find in our latest update:
-Bug fixes


United is pleased to offer the United Mobile App. The United app is optimized for the iPhone and compatible with the iPad and Apple Watch. From flight booking to flight status and much more, the United app is your indispensable travel companion.

Key features include:

• Check in for flights, domestic and international for eligible travelers
• Change your flight
• Select alternative flight options if there are significant flight delays or cancellations
• Purchase Award Accelerator®, Premier Accelerator℠, Premier Access®, Economy Plus® seating and upgrades, subject to availability

Mobile Boarding Pass
• Store your United mobile boarding pass in the United Mobile App or save it to your Apple wallet for easy access
• Store mobile boarding passes for select partner airlines when you are connecting from a United flight to a flight on one of the participating airlines

Flight Booking
• Full-featured, native app flight booking, including the ability to search and book using miles for MileagePlus® award travel
• Purchase Economy Plus seating, Premier Access, and United Club℠ one-time passes, subject to availability

Flight Status
• Check the status of your upcoming flight or search for the status of other United flights with a flight number or route
• Access and view upgrade and standby lists
• View aircraft seat maps
• Get departure and arrival information
• View the current location of your flight’s aircraft
• See amenities offered in flight
• Receive flight status push notifications: Monitor a selected flight and receive automatic updates sent to your device

Reservation Management
• Manage your booked reservations
• Add and view current United reservations
• Change seats
• Change or cancel reservations
• Automatically upgrade and receive upgrade information if you are an eligible MileagePlus Premier® member
• Purchase Travel Guard® Insurance, Premier Access, and Economy Plus seating, subject to availability
• Add reservations directly to your calendar

MileagePlus Account
• Enroll in MileagePlus
• View your MileagePlus account information
• See recent activity and statements
• View flights, including current, past and canceled flights
• Add MileagePlus card to Apple wallet

Other Important Features
• Track the status of your checked baggage
• Stream and watch popular movies and TV shows from your own device on select flights
• View interactive airport maps
• See United Club locations and hours, and purchase one-time passes
• Eligible MileagePlus Chase Card members can access their one-time passes
• Schedule Uber transportation to or from the airport
• Play Sudoku games
• Share your reservations and check-ins with your social network and view our recent tweets

iPad Screenshots
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Nautilusfinder on 8/20/2018
Service much improved over 18 months. Keep climbing .
Won’t allow seat changes
Mongolianbowler on 8/20/2018
This was the function that I used the most on this app, and now I haven’t been able to check in one time and actually change a seat with the app. Almost worthless now.
Powerful app
DeadManOnLeave on 8/20/2018
Amazing abilities to book travel considering it’s a mobile app. Only recommendation it to add the ability to add Regional and Global Upgrades to a flight booking.
Super easy to use
37crosby on 8/20/2018
United service aside, this is a great app. It’s very easy to use. You can do everything—scan in your passport, upgrade, change seats, check flights status, etc.
Poor experience on my recent flight- Expected better service for Premium Golda
8627352 on 8/20/2018
Had booked a round trip from EWR to Delhi. While the flight to Delhi was smooth, the return flight (August 11) was delayed by over 18 hours. After haggling with a United representative on the phone for over 45mins I was told that I could only be given a flight back option from Mumbai if I made my own arrangements to fly to Mumbai. I needed to get back to Newark by Sunday and did not have many options, I was finally given an option to fly via Munich with about a 4-5hours layover in Munich. While I my original booking was on ‘Premium Economy’ my booking on Lufthansa was done on a regular coach class and was given a middle seat to travel overnight. At Munich I went to the Miles and More lounge and presented my United Club pass (knowing that they are part of Star Alliance), however, they said that the United Club pass is not acceptable at their lounges. So I had to sit around the Munich airport for the next 4-5hours. Overall, was a painful experience and I expected better service for a Premium Gold member.
Terrible airline
Oren Ahronson on 8/20/2018
I am a 1K client, and still think this is a terrible airline. Bad attitude, bad service and the clients are the last thing that this company is thinking about. BUT, the app is fine
Works, but not state of the art
Linkbeak on 8/20/2018
App is clunky and non-intuitive. The screen is cluttered with upgrades for purchase. Too many steps are required to find and execute the check in process. Compare to Alaska Airlines app, a much better customer experience.
Pat Dankner
patdankner on 8/20/2018
As a long time flier on United, I have the highest opinion of their first rate treatment of their passengers.
Update again?!
NewJohnny5 on 8/20/2018
Wish you didn’t have to update this app every day. And yet the update doesn’t do anything to make the user experience better as far as I can tell. For example, the seat selection should go directly to finish check in and some other navigation elements could be streamlined.
Best Airline App
Charly08654 on 8/20/2018
I have compared with other major airlines, it is incredible how good United’s app is especially the amount of flexibility and transparency.
DPMEssex on 8/20/2018
Just landed from a flight originating in Amsterdam in Polaris class. The aircraft condition, dismal service and inedible food made Jet Blue premium economy look like Emirates First in comparison. Is United ever going to improve??
Needs work
US Matthews on 8/20/2018
Cannot upgrade. Doesn’t show passports at all. Have to guess at the empty boxes.
awjwjohn on 8/20/2018
They’re #1...you make it so difficult. I would’ve flown them if I could.
Michael s
Mickey2010il on 8/20/2018
Best company in the sky, Very helpful app
Massive delays
meglmt on 8/20/2018
Both ways - massive delays - no seats in the gate area- bad communication at airport
Slow and clunky app
Anelya on 8/20/2018
I am a frequent traveler and this app after every time I check asks me if I want to save my passport - doesn’t save it. Have to scan it every flight. Which takes at least 5 minutes and requires amazing WiFi connection The app is clunky, slow, and operates like its running on windows in 1998 Terrible execution from the major airline
Awfully hard to get electronic passes
Oldtechie1 on 8/20/2018
Title speaks for itself. American is a breeze compared
davidunitedrocks on 8/19/2018
I love how easy everything is They made the interaction with the app much better
Flight delays
Kona traveler on 8/19/2018
This is why I don’t fly United. Just got a notification that my flight is delayed for several hours, which means that I miss my connecting flight. Called customer service, no help! Fly Alaska Airlines instead, they never have delays.
Pass rider
Spu239 on 8/19/2018
So hard to log in why can’t there be a more easy app for us.
The app makes it difficult to check-in
DudeItsExpensive on 8/19/2018
You have to log in multiple times to log in and finally use the feature check-in. Cheap United.
Trisha825 on 8/19/2018
The lady at the ticket gate on my way to Hawaii made me check my bag, a bag that I have traveled with for the past 10 yrs with the same luggage and never had to check it. She claimed it was too fat I tried to explained there was nothing in the pockets it was just puffy. I asked her to feel it but she wouldn’t and made me paid the $25 to chk it. Not happy!
Ridiculous. Terrible airline.
NateTheSnake on 8/19/2018
United is terrible. Six months ago, I could select my seat and had no problems with check in. Now, they want to charge me more than my ticket for a checked bag and I have to sit wherever they tell me unless I purchase a more expensive ticket. Yay, middle seat—every time. Avoid this airline at all reasonable costs.
How do I give United negative stars?
furious1000 on 8/19/2018
Seriously??? The WORST customer service experience at Logan today. I’m cancelling all of my united cards.
Perfect App
Osolinski on 8/19/2018
Great app. I wish every conceivable MapMyWalk made their app so user friendly!!
Renate Ellinghoven
Ma Siddhi on 8/19/2018
I have been a United customer for many years. I like to acknowledge the wonderful customer service I have always experienced, might it be in air or on the ground. Thank you so much for making me feel welcomed and taken care off. Sincerely, Renate Ellinghoven
Zak Malik on 8/19/2018
Love you united and I think united airlines has the best flight app.
Axemane on 8/19/2018
Everyone was very nice and helpful I hadn’t flown in a few years so I was anxious about my trip But the staff answered my questions and guided me through the process with a smile😇 Thanks United!
Not treated well
unhappy Gold on 8/19/2018
Although I am a million mile flyer on United and a former Global Service member, I have had two flights cancelled in July, with only next day service rescheduling. Had to cancel weekend plans because United wouldn’t put me on the next flight.
Fast easy app to use with United Airlines
msworldtraveler on 8/19/2018
Easy to use app when you are traveling with United Airlines I travel often and find the app very convenient and helpful especially when you need info at your fingertips on your flight information and making a reservation is just as fast & simple. I recommend this app if you travel with United Airlines.
Seats become more and more uncomfortable each flight
Archaeoprofs on 8/19/2018
I’m only 5’ 7”, and there’s not even room for MY legs in economy. Then there’s this notice “upgrade to Economy Plus for as little as $25”. So I try to upgrade and the least expensive seat is $87 for a center seat in an exit row. United, you could do a hell of a lot better on your 737s and 757s. Also, you canceled a flight I was on from London to Newark, put me on a flight 6 hours later, so that I missed my train home and had to spend the night in Manhattan (rather than going home on the same day.) As a result I 1) had to pay a $90 cab fare into NY instead of taking public transportation then 2) had to spend the night at a friend’s apartment and 3) spent the next day getting home to Massachusetts. And thus I missed a day of work. For this aggravation I was offered a “gift” from United, 3000 air miles or a coupon for $150. That $150 will likely only get me an upgrade to an aisle seat in Economy Plus on a future flight should I accept it. Honestly, United, you could do better, especially for someone who’s been a mileage plus customer for 25 years.
Seat selection on connecting flights
Michael9772 on 8/19/2018
What good is code share if I cannot get seat assignments on partner flights. It means I get dumped in middle seats.
Horrible Experience
phbjfju on 8/19/2018
Flight was canceled due to weather. United made no concessions for there passengers. We ended up at the airport for 24 hours sleeping on chairs. We were rebooked for a flight at 5:50pm the next day.
Take a lesson
c-> me on 8/19/2018
From Delta.
Great app
Drodman007 on 8/19/2018
I have given United a hard time over the years but the app has always served me well. Recently I was forced (by weather) to be moved to delta.... all I can say is that I have taken United for granted. Really is top notch and the app is too.
Smithies Wife
Smities Wife on 8/19/2018
Easy to log in ... easy to use. All sites should be as easy as United.
Honest reviewer
HonestBilly182 on 8/19/2018
They don’t let you check-in on the app unless you check in your bag. United airlines makes you pay $25 dollars BOTH ways to fly to your destination. Basically, you have to add $50 dollars to whatever you paid for, for your ticket. $50 dollars extra for what? No entertainment (no back of the sear tv’s) and cramped seats. Shameful flight that only offers tasteless pretzels as a snack. And they add in hidden costs. I hope this airline fails miserably.
United Airlines are the worst!
jon-Dash on 8/19/2018
I purchased internet for an hour. Mind you, it’s not cheap. But, the internet wouldn’t work. It will keep disconnecting you. I meant I should have guessed- this is United! Oh well, if only it hadn’t been for work, I would have never taken United. Avoid at all cost!
Eronel fl on 8/19/2018
No room for knees!
Easy check-in
zooiezoombie on 8/19/2018
Simple. Easy reminders. Simple to use even for me. Mobile device check-in the best!!
Missed tee time and could not work on flight
Sir Scooter on 8/19/2018
You get up early to catch the 6:30am flight so u can play golf the only day u are not working in Hawaii and because the luggage compartment will not close the flight was late getting into San Fran so you miss your connector. And to top it off the internet was not working on the flight.
RKANE74 on 8/19/2018
Not sure where to even start. FILTHY plane (crumpled Kleenex in the pocket of the seat, crumbs on my seat, litter on the floors, DIRTY bathroom), unfriendly and unhappy flight attendants! Plane flying international didn’t even have a TV! Totally unorganized; our flight was set out even with bad weather and ended up turning around in the air sending us back to original airport, leaving us stranded with no hotel or transportation to the other airport where our replacement flight was. Had to pay for hotel and Uber, with no assistance from United. NEVER again- I would rather take a bus than fly this horrible airline!
App doesn’t match reservation on frequent flyer number
germaninnyc on 8/19/2018
When I look for a reservation, that doesn’t have my frequent flyer number attached to it, I need to type in the booking code. But despite being recognized as a member with a frequent flyer number, I still need to add it in by hand. Why is that?
Productive tool
Visual Communicator on 8/19/2018
Helpful for bookings, changes, etc
paa4mu on 8/19/2018
Nice functionality
No hay línea aérea que se iguale en todos sus servicios.
Ediña on 8/19/2018
Adoro viajar con United.
stev9lin on 8/19/2018
100% dont recomend
echeverry27 on 8/19/2018
I don't recommend this company is very bad company nothing good, and im no happy with us. Never come back to fly with yours
Doesn’t update
DCA Flyer on 8/19/2018
It doesn’t update to reflect delays and changes in a timely manner.
Makes air travel a breeze !!
2719402702 on 8/19/2018
So easy to use - I feel like the app takes care of me and is my travel guide every step of the way!!!
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