United Airlines

United Airlines

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Travel 2.1.44 Jul 19, 2011 Apr 19, 2018 215.5 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 2.1.44

• Added link to the MileagePlus X app
• Updates to Track My Bags
• Performance updates and bug fixes


United is pleased to offer the United Mobile App. The United app is optimized for the iPhone and compatible with the iPad and Apple Watch. From flight booking to flight status and much more, the United app is your indispensable travel companion.

Key features include:

• Check in for flights, domestic and international for eligible travelers
• Change your flight
• Select alternative flight options if there are significant flight delays or cancellations
• Purchase Award Accelerator®, Premier Accelerator℠, Premier Access®, Economy Plus® seating and upgrades, subject to availability

Mobile Boarding Pass
• Store your United mobile boarding pass in the United Mobile App or save it to your Apple wallet for easy access
• Store mobile boarding passes for select partner airlines when you are connecting from a United flight to a flight on one of the participating airlines

Flight Booking
• Full-featured, native app flight booking, including the ability to search and book using miles for MileagePlus® award travel
• Purchase Economy Plus seating, Premier Access, and United Club℠ one-time passes, subject to availability

Flight Status
• Check the status of your upcoming flight or search for the status of other United flights with a flight number or route
• Access and view upgrade and standby lists
• View aircraft seat maps
• Get departure and arrival information
• View the current location of your flight’s aircraft
• See amenities offered in flight
• Receive flight status push notifications: Monitor a selected flight and receive automatic updates sent to your device

Reservation Management
• Manage your booked reservations
• Add and view current United reservations
• Change seats
• Change or cancel reservations
• Automatically upgrade and receive upgrade information if you are an eligible MileagePlus Premier® member
• Purchase Travel Guard® Insurance, Premier Access, and Economy Plus seating, subject to availability
• Add reservations directly to your calendar

MileagePlus Account
• Enroll in MileagePlus
• View your MileagePlus account information
• See recent activity and statements
• View flights, including current, past and canceled flights
• Add MileagePlus card to Apple wallet

Other Important Features
• Track the status of your checked baggage
• Stream and watch popular movies and TV shows from your own device on select flights
• View interactive airport maps
• See United Club locations and hours, and purchase one-time passes
• Eligible MileagePlus Chase Card members can access their one-time passes
• Schedule Uber transportation to or from the airport
• Play Sudoku games
• Share your reservations and check-ins with your social network and view our recent tweets

iPad Screenshots
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Does what it’s supposed to do
missHQ23 on 4/21/2018
Read through some of the negative reviews and they all seem like user error and not issues with the app. They could use a little more UX review to make things easier to find, and some content is repetitive so could be removed. Otherwise it does what it is supposed to do.
United Airline App
PiltdownPanda on 4/19/2018
This app might almost make up for the 1/2 inch of space between my knees and the seat ahead of me on the last few flights. Not to mention the physical pain that forced immobility meant for my knees.Thanks United! You’re the best!
Effectively Useless
pdspdspds on 4/19/2018
I don’t think I have had a productive interaction with this miserable thing. Nothing ever works, either because a server tips over at the last stage of a long slog of a workflow, or the workflow seems to complete without accomplishing anything—no reservation is made, seats aren’t assigned, boarding passes don’t materialize. United is the only airline for which I get printed boarding passes at the airport these days, because it’s just more convenient than trying get this app to do anything useful.
Dissatisfied again!
"Dawny" on 4/17/2018
Delayed planes whenever I travel. Pilots not available going out and coming back from destination. Extremely frustrating. Friends keep telling me to go to Delta or Southwest. May have to do that. Old planes too...
Great app
msppof on 4/16/2018
Works well and is much simpler than going to full website. I use it almost daily
Jake4015 on 4/16/2018
Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but the app won’t give me the option to book a flight. Tried many times. So booking on Kayak.
Didn’t work for me
cosmid88 on 4/14/2018
There was always “additional software or plug in” needed to view the movies, except some Chinese ones. Then, the movie would stall at about 10 minutes and couldn’t play on.
Worst Airline
Boogie4eva on 4/12/2018
Horrible app from an even more horrible airline.
Poorly designed - only good for boarding passes
whyaskforthis on 4/11/2018
Use the web page for everything else. This app was not designed for ticket purchases and does a poor job of it. Only competence is the ability to check mileage activity and keep boarding passes, but poor for all else. Top page is over 2/3 an advertisement for the airline and the credit card. All functional links are confined to borders and some so obscure and hard to click on all but larger devices. United really needs to make up its mind on whether they want this app to be for advertising or have good functionality and useful for its customers.
Entertainment doesn’t work
TMPINTL on 4/10/2018
Downloaded app 24 hours prior to travel. On an 8+ hour flight, app never worked as a personal entertainment device. Error message 3500 popped up during the entire flight. Rebooted iPad, app and WiFi numerous times to no avail. Sad.
Bugged (Update)
Earliest lemur on 4/9/2018
Initially gave a bad rating due to a bug, turns out the app thought I was logged in but upon attempting to view my account info it showed me as logged out. Once I logged back in everything was fine like before.
Simply doesn’t work
Guinness_EP on 4/7/2018
Very poor. Latest IPhone and up to date ap. Error 3500. Not able to connect for free movies but can gladly let me buy and use the internet. Flight staff have no solution. One could get it to work on there phone.
Reliable, useful, and always evolving
looperlonic on 4/6/2018
If you’re a United traveler, you already rely on this app for at least check-ins/scans. On the plane, it’s great to be able to see current flight status, and do all the things you need to do to manage travel (check connecting flights, alternative flights, verify baggage is down below, etc.) and you can do this on in-flight free WiFi (no need to pay for internet access — you can use app fully by just connecting). The app is pretty darn bug free, too. Don’t think I’ve had it lock or bail on me.
Best Airline App out there
ehphoto on 4/6/2018
This is by far the best airline app out there. I’ve used a lot and the only one that compares is Alaska, but it’s still not as good as this one. That’s one thing United has going for them. Their tech stuff. You’re able to see the seat map, the standby list, and upgrade list. You can easily change your seat, upgrade, or track a flight. It keeps track of my reservation and if I want it to, will notify my of gate changes or delays. Sometimes the timing of the notifications is a bit off, but if you understand more about the industry, then you’ll understand this can’t be perfect. The entertainment part is great! The flight tracking option is great! What would be really cool is if you added a feature to listen into the flight deck. Like back in the day when you could plug into the seat and hear the pilots. For all of us aviation nerds, please bring that back. The only negative I’ve found is with the most recent update (April 2018), the app load time takes forever and then occasionally crashes. Whatever you did, please fix it. If it’s the image that is now in place of the blue load screen, get rid of it. It’s not needed.
Great App
Xavier Kuai on 4/6/2018
This is so far the best airline in terms of functionality. Most people just complaint about the service on United, not the app. The app has almost all the functions you need and they work pretty well.
Cannot check the reservations
chee htote on 4/5/2018
Ever since I updated to the latest version of this app, I can no longer check my reservation. The app keeps shutting down. Pls fix it ASAP!
Agreed worst app ever
Louisville banker on 4/3/2018
No one at United can fix the app so it recognizes my name and match my tickets. They just keep saying to uninstall and reinstall never has worked. Very inconvenient and frustrating. Sent me to tech services, I have an iPhone but they have no clue!!!
Entertainment Never Played
DTYY on 4/2/2018
I tried and tried to play movies with the app over the in-flight Wi-Fi and only got errors. Flight attendant blamed my phone of course.
Response to Bernadette
Slugger SB on 4/1/2018
Sorry Bernadette was having problems with UA app. Like most apps, the initial activity is new and not comfortable with all. After using for many years I find it quite easy to use and it provides significant helpful information. Keep up the good enhancements and for new users keep in mind that all apps take a few tries to understand all of the attributes.
JhwC on 3/30/2018
The latest update cause app loading very slow.
No internet again
Tip Monica on 3/29/2018
6 flights over 3 hrs in 4 weeks and no internet connection again. This app is worthless. The only thing that works are the fee they charge you to use the in flight direct tv. What a scam!! So disappointed, maybe its time to change airline.
Best airline mobile app
Acrossdmiles on 3/29/2018
Best airline app!! Thank you United! My husband & I travel a lot with United as well as other airlines. I must say United has the best mobile app. Easy to use & functional! Thanks for always adding new features. I love your bag tracking function.
Complete junk
Perspicacious on 3/29/2018
After logging in with Touch ID I tried to check my premiere status progress, and the app dumped me into Safari and asked me to type in both my username and password. What’s the point of the app if I have to use the website anyway and login a second time? And why is half the home screen devoted to ads? I’m a paying customer and Mileage Plus member. Give me useful options and information. There are many home page menus hidden off to the side in the tiny strip at the top of the page. A fifth grader would have more basic good sense than whoever came up with this user interface disaster.
great for mma training
Loving loving on 3/28/2018
i got free training for my wrestling tournament that i was flying to on my United flight!
Useful but buggy
Jnslotnick on 3/28/2018
Good for checking in and monitoring delays but I found an annoying bug; Had push notifications on for my flight and when it landed I kept getting notices again and again that it took off and landed. I got dozens and finally had to delete and reload the app.
Can’t Print from App and No e-mail Confirmation
Cannot Print on 3/27/2018
Just spent ~$3000.00 on flights. Was close to going with Delta instead because of the trouble I had with the United app. Still waiting ~15 minutes so far for an e-mail confirmation of the flights. Through the app I directed it sent it to two different accounts several times. Still no show at either e-mail address. Plus, I cannot see any way to print the reservations from the app. If I cannot get an e-mail confirmation or a printout of the flights I just bought, I will cancel the reservations well before my 24 hours ability to cancel for free expires. I will not take the risk of just counting on the app to remember my flights, plus without a printout or e-mail, it’s hard to for the flight info onto others.
B92mr on 3/27/2018
I pride myself in not missing flights. I get all apps for airlines so that I can get updates and receive info about flight status. I used this app and it told me my flight from O’Hare (CHI) to LaGuardia (NY) was delayed and said it would depart 1 hour after original scheduled departure time. When I arrived at the gate, 1 hour before the NEW scheduled depart time, the plane had left!! The app still said plane was delayed!! No announcements were made! Terrible airline with an even worse app!! What a way to miss my first flight!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP.
App provides wrong information
tphuey on 3/25/2018
I almost missed a flight because the boarding pass in the app and in the Apple wallet had me at the wrong gate. I waited at the gate for an hour, and 10 mins prior to boarding I sensed that something wasn’t right. There was no agent at the gate, or destination info posted. I checked the app again and it still said I was at the correct gate. So I went to the departures board and learned that my gate was clear Across the airport in another terminal. I had only a few minutes to get there before I boarded. Thanks United App for passing bum scoop.
Promises entertainment delivers frustration
Fhfjuig on 3/25/2018
While in flight and connected to the WiFi, I could use the app to check on the flight status, view entertainment that was supposed to be available, and even watch the two items that play in a pop up and do not require the app. But anytime I tried to play something that required the app, I would get a message that there was a problem connecting my device to the network, despite my device being connected. Absolutely useless and the worst inflight entertainment app experience of any US carrier
Need to download to watch shows on United flights
AbhinU on 3/25/2018
It’s dumb that one has to download this to watch shows on the flight, and if you didn’t download before the flight starts, you have to buy internet access! Poorly thought out.
Worst airlines evet
CWilsChi on 3/25/2018
Last 20 united flights I HAD to take, everyone is delayed or cancelled for lame reasons. Today at ORD, yet again delayed over 2 hours. Excuse... they need to fix a chair. How about preventative maintenance. Best thing that could happen is for you to go bankrupt.
Good, but needs improvement
Eliz04 on 3/25/2018
The app is good, but it could use a few improvements. First, include children as an option, as only “adult” may be selected on the app. Second, change the app to include info for saved travelers on your MileagePlus account, such as gender, DOB, and trusted traveler #. Only the primary member's info is saved.
Garbage airline
Hshjwj67272!;& on 3/24/2018
If you want to kill your dog, United is a go-to airline.
Can’t download at the united gate
Syckone on 3/23/2018
Doesn’t seem to want to download. I’m at the gate waiting to board my plane. Now on the plane still trying to download it. I guess United doesn’t want you to use the app. How lame. 😂 it’s just like their service. Piss poor!
Worse Airline Ever!!!
Jpain866 on 3/22/2018
I was on hold for over 90mins. Just for a simple reservation change. That's after waiting in Newark for 5hrs and then my final flight was cancelled and I had to drive to Maine to make a meeting in the morning. I know something's are uncontrollable but absolutely the worse customer service!
So disappointing
MargaretHonolulu on 3/21/2018
Terrible. Taking a much needed vacation - using premium miles to go 1st class -not fancy getting here & movies had to be downloaded and no recent shows as promised when encouraged to download & update app. Uncomfortable seats & underwhelming snack. Worst part 1st leg of return flight cancelled with no notice. Already at airport when told absolutely no way to catch my flight home & no hotel vouchers "weather issues void that option". Ridiculous to cancel so many flights on west coast for east coast weather. United agent took almost an hour of me standing there being told that there was a wait of 4 days for some passengers getting out. "I was lucky" but no way to get me on one flight leaving in an hour. Promised me I could have the "only first class ticket" on Delta airlines from Seattle the next day & handwrote the new flights & times with no confirmation number available. Computers down. I made arrangements for the ride back, evening & return to airport. Then I called Delta & they did. It have any information on my flights. I had to call United & Delta twice again as could not fix online. The Delta agent said I was booked coach & by this time there was no first class or business available Seattle to honolulu. I tried to pay for a larger seat but was told it would be $1700 for coach! The only way it could be changed was with United as the united agent had booked me coach & they had to change it. I have wasted a whole day of time & money. The united agent I finally got on the phone this evening was able to call the Delta agent, Max, in Redmond Oregon to "fix" the website so I could "upgrade" to a middle slightly bigger seat (economy plus) from Seattle to Honolulu. So disappointing when it should & could have been easily taken care of. I had also called during the day 3 times & twice was cut off. (90 minutes). Not sure the outcome but fingers crossed there are competent agents to ensure it's not "on me" to fix things. Not great vacation. I want my miles back! At the very least.
Used to work now doesn’t
MackleMonster on 3/21/2018
This app used to work. But now none of my flights or boarding passes appear at all. Tried logging out and back in but nothing shows. Absolutely useless.
App not pusing notifications to my iphone
okrosa on 3/21/2018
Everything else is excellent
New Feature- will kill your pet and lie about it!
RainierBeach on 3/21/2018
Just kidding that's not a new feature. United has always been willing to harm your pet. They threatened to kick me off a plane a few years ago for touching my overheated French Bulldog.
Not Able to Cancel Reservation
Pedro_Perez on 3/20/2018
I’m a standby passenger and I notice some things were removed from this version: 1. I’m not able to see the standby list on the Reservation Details tab. 2. I can’t cancel my standby listing from the app. It goes to a United website with an error. Please fix this. You’ll have angry gate agents with standbys that cant cancel their listing.
The most great airline app
It is better than delta AA and any other airlines app. UA is the most great!
Never connects
canuck sm on 3/18/2018
I spent way too much time trying to get this to work. Run a software company so would think I could get past the can’t connect issue but would constantly kick me out. Then said to get the latest app so checked and my version was two days old. Embarrassing for such a huge company to have such a garbage experience.
Grrlsouljah on 3/18/2018
When you go to accept terms and make payment. Horrible App for an airline to even say they own. Improve it or drop it- it would cause a lot less aggravation for your customers.
Broke my screen
Saldb on 3/18/2018
Every time I use this app it punches me in the face and drags me out. What's the deal united? Update: they also killed my dog.
App is about as good as the airline itself
Iron Beagle on 3/17/2018
We squash bug in the app and we kill your pets in the plane. Come fly the friendly skies.
Another bug
Boeing Goeing on 3/17/2018
Now I am forced to call United reservations, where I have to pay a fee for speaking with an agent, just to change or cancel a reservation which I used to be able to do for free on the United app until a bug introduced today - great job guys
Functional enough
thelarry on 3/17/2018
It works okay to see your flight and check in but you can’t check in from the reservation screen. You have to view your reservation, memorize your confirmation number, and then go to the check in screen separately. Who designs an app like that and do they actually use it before releasing it?? 😂 Update: you can check in with the reservation page but not until 24 hours before, which makes sense. It would be helpful to have a note on the screen saying that check in is available 24 hours before.
Almost good, not quite - still fails in many ways
mjsreviews on 3/17/2018
Tried checking in and issues again. Wouldn’t take the wife’s passport info - had to re-add her passport to check in. Then, it says I’m premier and can pick an economy-plus seat - so I pick one for the connecting flight and it wants to charge me!!! Is it a complementary upgrade or not? The only useful feature is the app boarding pass for domestic flights.
Dog killers
Cmccracken899 on 3/17/2018
I'll never fly this airline again. What flight attendant in their right mind shoves a dog into an overhead bin?
Worst airline ever
Marmoset Killer on 3/17/2018
... and tortured or killed a few dogs. #BoycottUnited
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