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Marriott International

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Travel 6.12.0 Aug 05, 2011 Apr 19, 2018 70.6 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 6.12.0

Here's what's new:
- Mobile Key: Now with fewer steps for a more seamless arrival
1. Check-in on our app
2. Get an alert when your room is ready
3. Tap your phone to open your door
- Bug fixes and improved app performance

Thanks for your loyalty; we hope to see you soon. Until then, tell us what you think by rating us in the App Store.


The Perfect Travel Companion™
Designed and developed for Marriott Rewards® members, the Marriott Mobile App makes managing your Marriott Rewards account and all your reservations, stays, and booking with Marriott® easier than ever.

With 4,400+ hotels and resorts from 18 brands in over 87 countries, there's a hotel option available for all your travels, and the Marriott Mobile App provides exclusive benefits for Marriott Rewards members to make your stay better, including Mobile Check-In with Room Ready Alerts (including priority upgrades); Mobile Requests & Chat with the front desk for everything from an extra pillow to luggage assistance; Mobile Key, which allows you to go straight to your room at select locations; and Mobile Checkout with late checkout requests from anywhere – all from your preferred mobile device. Visit for more details.
- iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch
- Apple Wallet: Add confirmed reservations and your Rewards membership card.
- TouchID on iPhone and iPad for simpler sign-in.
- Apple Maps: Seamless use of native maps to improve searches and directions to or from hotels.
- Available in English, Spanish, German, French, and Chinese.

- Easy enrollment: Sign up for Marriott Rewards directly in the app.
- Member Rates: Lowest rate guaranteed for Marriott Rewards members.
- Account Activity: Anywhere access to account balance, nights, points, and activity history.
- Together with your SPG® Account: View your SPG account between the SPG and Marriott apps. In addition, transfer points between SPG and Marriott Rewards from the app.

- Upcoming Reservations: View and manage all your reservations, including adding them to Apple Wallet and your calendar, and save hotels for easier reference to re-book.
- Hotel Directions: Apple Maps–incorporated for smoother travel to and from the hotel.
- Hotel Contact Info: One-touch calling and mobile chat with hotels – no more scrambling for phone numbers.
- Active Stay: When you travel, your upcoming reservation becomes your homepage so you can readily access reservation information and Guest Services during your stay.

- Mobile Check-In: Get priority room assignments and Room Ready Alerts before you arrive.
- Elite Benefits: Get priority upgrade assignments and confirmed priority late checkout.
- Mobile Requests & Chat: Make requests anytime for towels, toiletries, and other common asks. When you need more help, chat with the front desk from the app, no need to call.
- Mobile Key: At select hotels, go straight to your room and open the door with your iPhone or Apple Watch; it also works for the elevator, gym, parking garage, and other places a room key is needed.
- Mobile Checkout: Expedite your departure and get your folio without needing to stop by the front desk.

- Book our lowest rates, including rates exclusive to Marriott Rewards members.
- Search using your nearby location, address or point of interest
- Browse hotel photos, maps, city guides and amenities before booking or simply call a hotel (if supported by your device).
- Save and manage hotels at which you regularly stay so rebooking at the same hotel is faster and easier
- Get inspired with ideas for where to go and what to do at your favorite destinations with articles from Marriott TRAVELER.

Download our app and book a trip at one of Marriott’s 18 brands including The Ritz-Carlton®, EDITION®, JW Marriott®, Autograph Collection® Hotels, Renaissance® Hotels, Marriott Hotels®, Delta Hotels®, Marriott Executive Apartments®, Marriott Vacation Club®, Gaylord Hotels®, AC Hotels® by Marriott, Courtyard®, Residence Inn®, SpringHill Suites®, Fairfield Inn & Suites®, TownePlace Suites®, Protea Hotels®, and Moxy® Hotels.

iPad Screenshots
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Can’t login
so this happened... on 4/21/2018
Since the new update, I have not been able to login in to my app. So it’s useless for now and taking up space. Smh
Lifetime points wrong
payinback on 4/19/2018
The lifetime points portion has been wrong for months. I’ve sent numerous emails for them to tell me they don’t know when it’ll be fixed. Beginning to lose trust in Marriott.
Marriott App Needs Work
NCTim on 4/17/2018
The Marriott app needs a lot of work and better beta testers. The app is not intuitive at all. Navigation is challenging. If you are a member, it will take a while to locate your info and learn how to book with points. And if they miss logging stays, it is a challenge. While they take digital, not png digital which is the iPad screenshot format, not to mention second only to jpg. I tried the new digital key in the app and while it checked me in with a room number could only say "ops" when it would not open my door. Loved dragging my luggage all over the place late night. Get it together Marriott.
My reservation doesn’t show up in the app
Delia741 on 4/17/2018
My reservation doesn’t show up in the app
Waste of time
Darlagb on 4/17/2018
I get an email telling me to check in by downloading the mobile app so I download it. It will not connect my reservation with my rewards number. Keeps telling me I have no upcoming reservation. There should be a chat feature but there isn’t. A complete waste of my time.
Looks great but feels like sandpaper on the skin
Milltton on 4/16/2018
The app is beautiful and has a lot of potential, but the inability to view a receipt for a past stay on the app is frustrating, especially when needing to do expense reports weekly. Also to be competitive, take a note from Hilton and offer a floor map and directions to various amenities on the grounds. Fitness center, pool, restaurant and the like. Step it up!
Azthechad on 4/16/2018
Why did you remove the ability to see past stay history on the app? It makes no sense whatsoever.
Creating an online account
ctorp1 on 4/15/2018
I have tried on three separate occasions to create an online account with my rewards number on the app. I receive an error message every time. This is very frustrating. I stay at other brands of hotels because of this. Their apps are much more user friendly.
Zero stars
Lgb23 on 4/14/2018
Does not work with VPN on. Does not work with VPN not turned on.
Needs improvements
Sage the pitty on 4/13/2018
Needs improvements like their rewards program!
Very frustrating
migshel on 4/12/2018
Just getting the dates to come up takes too much time, the calendar format is really frustrating. There is no map area search, app colors are very dead and official looking. The Hilton app is way better to use. Marriott should get some pointers from them. Total waste to use this app.
MickyPant on 4/11/2018
Marriott is usually reliable and this app is no exception. Easy to navigate, logical and very helpful. The only feature I had a problem with was linking my Starwood’s program but that’s Starwood’s stupid password protocols - I could log on via my pc but not mobile - the Marriott featured worked great. I just checked into a nyc hotel booked using points - I was able to check in remotely and also get late checkout. Great app. Good job Marriott IT guys and girls!
Take some tips from the Hilton app
1bean2 on 4/11/2018
I think the Marriott app developers should download the Hilton rewards app and copy some of the things they have done. The Marriott app makes it very unclear on how to redeem points. Hilton rewards will let you use half points, half cash if you have not saved enough points. You just click “use points” and can see what hotels are in your points range. I still have not figured out how to use points to book a Marriott room. This should be more clear.
Waste of time
Hate this app Bb on 4/10/2018
Couldn’t find my upcoming stay and couldn’t pull it into the app with the confirmation number. Deleted the app immediately. Wish I hadn’t wasted my time.
Absolutely awful
pylemj1 on 4/10/2018
Upcoming reservation will not link with my account despite trying everything suggested by FAQ’s and multiple customer support reps. Spent almost an hour trying to get it to work. What a complete waste of my time.
“Rate varies during stay” is something a slumlord would pull
Tecerhfefnjt on 4/10/2018
when booking a room for more than one night, they will show you the lowest nightly rate of your stay... So if Monday night is $99 but Tuesday/Wednesday night is $175, Marriott shows $99*... pretty scummy if you ask me
Mnnice1111 on 4/9/2018
Does not matter - what use to be easy now challenging- app why don’t show all rooms? And why not show points vs cost easier vs flip between pages? Online version worst! Web designer has 60 inch screen and business people on 15” laptop? Make it easier for customers And then the platinum line - use to be able to get to live person - now computer Voice just makes you agree before Maybe talking to customer service
Like the concept but functionally it’s useless
Chicago's Very Own... on 4/8/2018
Pros: 1) Booking a Marriott hotel 2) Info on hotel 3) checking out Cons: 1) chat doesn’t work at all 2) requests doesn’t work at all 3) mobile key doesn’t work At first, I thought all of my cons were just me, but coming on to the app review I see that I’m not alone. I think the app design and layout is spot-on, but most of the features on the app do not work.
Needs work
CCI Jen on 4/7/2018
I use this app every week when I travel. It works for the basics but I hate that you can’t permanently update credit card information (or other profile updates) in the app or deal with Marriott Rewards smoothly. You get kicked out of the app to sign onto the MR website to sign up for Mega Rewards, etc. Unlike others, I have found the Chat works great. It works but nothing special, and not as good as Hilton’s.
Not good for Marriott credit card holders
everg311 on 4/6/2018
You can’t filter your hotel search by hotel category. I also can’t redeem my annual night certificate with this app.
Needs iPad update!
Doc702 on 4/3/2018
The app is generally good—it gets the job done. But the fact that it needs to be updated to work with my iPad drives me crazy. Get on the stick and update it!
Can’t login
Fairly Incredible on 4/2/2018
Newest version of the app won’t let me login on iPad or iPhone. 😕
Wish I could add Staff Compliments!!
Thank Your Team! :) on 4/2/2018
Great app, but I wish there was a way to leave staff members compliments on the app (w/ an optional choice to say who it’s from, and for which staff member)!! It would make the team happy, and they deserve to be able to look up compliments if they’re ever having a bad day (I used to work at a Westin, and this would’ve been so awesome). For example— the front desk guy remembered me from one trip 6 months ago, and remembered exactly what happened the day I arrived last time. That was so hospitable!
Rated 4.8 Stars (said no one)
Bunky1999 on 4/2/2018
Full disclosure: I’m a Marriott Platinum Rewards member who travels at least 100 nights/yr on business. I always stay at Marriott properties unless there is isn’t one local to where I’m working. I love Marriott properties but I’ve given up on their app. Totally confusing, user-hostile and progressively gets worse w/every new version. (Oh, and Hilton? Stop celebrating b/c your app is even worse). According to a study by NN Group, “76% of users surveyed said the most important factor to them when visiting a website is that the site makes it easy to find what they want.” How hard can it be for a multi-billion dollar, global corporation to design a user-friendly website or app? Marriott, your guests deserve better. WAY better.
Boro55 on 3/31/2018
App is useless. Check in never works and chat feature is a joke
Can’t log in
Kid Canoga on 3/31/2018
POS. I tried to log in and supplied my ID and PW (even though I had “Enable Touch ID”) checked. I pressed “Sign In” then the notification to put in my fingerprint comes up, so I do that, starts all over again. After three attempts I just bailed and booked my room using the Hilton app. Why is a company in the highly competitive hospitality business so bad at executing the little things?
Kdawg987654321 on 3/29/2018
App constantly crashes or says no results found no matter where I search.
Horrible app
MichellesItunes on 3/29/2018
Won’t download. A complete joke.
Important functionality doesn’t work
cooldudesas on 3/29/2018
The mobile key does not work. I tried multiple times to “download” the key with no luck. It always says “let’s try again later”.
Love it!
smile4bree on 3/27/2018
This is a really well designed app! I love all of the full service features. In addition to the normal booking features, getting directions and calling the hotel - you can actually interact with the hotel during your stay. During our recent stay, I was able to adjust our estimated arrival time and get an alert when our room was actually ready, order more towels and a blanket (which they brought up to our room a few minutes later), use the chat feature to request a late checkout. These feature worked great for me, but I can see where the responsiveness of the actual hotel could effect results. Just one more reason we ❤️ Marriott!!
Skeptical-2 on 3/21/2018
I have a reservation. I get an email: download our wonderful mobile app and life will be good. So I download the app, try to look at and make changes to my reservation(s). App says I have no reservations. So I “search” with my conf number, it shows my reservation. No option to link the existing reservation to the app. So I go online to Marriott, find the reservation, try to change account info by adding in my newly acquired acct number. Tilt! Does not compute! Why were they so eager to get this app to me to manage my upcoming stay if the app cannot see or manage my upcoming stay?!.? Bizarre.
Terrible usability. You know UI is different than UX, right?
Cb1771 on 3/19/2018
I thought the Hilton app was bad until I used this thing. You have to toggle through screens?? Who's idea was that? And why can't I search specific addresses to book? I can only search cities/locations? The only reason I don't give this a 1 is because technically it does work and the individual screen design is pretty good. Beauty is really only skin deep here.
Version is broke
Azroadie on 3/15/2018
Updated app and now it won’t accept my login. Tried online and I entered everything correctly so this app version has a critical bug
Adding Guest/Spouse names
Khmallman on 3/13/2018
Highly annoying that you can’t add your spouse name with a reservation and need to call hotel directly. Several times I have had to call hotel at time of check in because we weren’t at the hotel at same time. Need to allow spouse name to reservation profile in settings if this is gonna be used as a business and family used app. Have a primary and secondary profile. Not always traveling together but my family is able to benefit from points and travel.
Error City name contains invalid characters
yyy888 on 3/12/2018
This is bad. I can't create an account! I get the error message in the subject line. The funny thing is there is no "city" field so even the error message is wrong! I tried updating to the current version. Still get the same error. What a waste of time.
Slow and cannot take Amex
Taino Prime on 3/11/2018
I tried to book a hotel for 35 minutes using my Amex and it took the wrong number format and asked for 3 digit security code, Amex is 4 digit. It couldn’t even retrieve my Amex card on file. After 35 minutes of frustration, I tried to book using a Visa but the hotel room was suddenly not available. VERY BAD EXPERIENCE. Basic testing would have revealed a person cannot book using Amex or enter an alternate Amex card.
# guests always wrong
stmck on 3/11/2018
I like the app overall but every time I use mobile check in the number of guests is always wrong, usually double what I made the reservation for. Each time I’ve doubled checked my confirmation email.
Can’t cancel reservations
Shoozanne on 3/10/2018
This app will not allow you to cancel reservations. Beyond annoying as a frequent Marriott guest.
Unintuitive design
bbbbys on 3/9/2018
Overall, a very strangely designed app. Navigation is overly complicated.
Points not displaying correctly
Otj287 on 3/9/2018
At the end of 2017, I reached 1.2 million points. Now? Somehow my lifetime points total displays 1.08 million. Why are my lifetime totals not displaying properly? Making requests to the hotel through the app is futile. More often than not, I make a request, it’s marked as “complete” and I check in to find it’s not. Other times, it’ll tell me a representative isn’t available. Why bother with this since it’s obvious that training employees in this is useless and making repeated requests is idiotic.
This app is improving!
Castgen10 on 3/8/2018
Update March 4, 2018 Latest update fixed the Apple watch bug preventing the app from opening. The app developer is responsive. Not sure yet whether it works with room bookings. More to come. Update Feb 24, 2018 It was working and now its not after latest update. I cant believe how many times Marriott has messed this up. Please fix it. I’m running the latest iOS and watch os software. I want to like this app as I'm a loyal Marriott member and use the Apple watch extensively, esp. when traveling.
Better than Hilton
Alatáriël on 3/8/2018
I use both regularly and Marriott is 100x better than Hilton.
Mike213 on 3/8/2018
The biggest problem with the app (I'm 99% sure its designed this way on purpose) is that it sorts the results of the hotel by loswest night rate - not the total of all the nights. So now, to see how much the hotel is for the entire stay, I have to click on the room like Im about to reserve it. From there, once I see that the first night is SIGNIFICANTLY lower than the rest of the nights (nice job sales team), I back out and look at the next hotel's rates. HERE'S THE WORST PART- Once you back out of a room (after you see the price), that room goes into "limbo" and is unavailable. I dont think it's forever but im not sure how long. So if the hotel only has 2 rooms left and I check out the rates on both of them (which I have to do because of the grimey sales tactics), the hotel appears as no rooms available. Edit: in response to the developers response- you have to view the summary of charges to find out the total price of the room. I get that. But everytime you view the summary of charges, and go back to the previous screen, that room is now not available. Try it - use the app, look up a room at a nearby Marriott and use next week as your stay dates. Select the first one (member rate/king/guest room or whatever it is) view the summary of charges. DO NOT select book now! instead go to the page before. What you have now done is removed one of that hotels available member rate/king room at that price. Now if the hotel has 5 of those rooms, try viewing that room's summary of charges 4 more times. Eventually that room will dissapear from the app results...All because you didnt want to put the room's total price on the page before the summary of charges.
Unable to Cancel
two45s on 3/8/2018
Why do I have to contact the hotel directly to cancel? Why can’t I cancel via the app? I can cancel online with the website...
Justin Jack on 3/7/2018
How does this hunk of garbage get such a high rating? Ever since the major redesign it keeps getting bigger, slower and less useful. Now it’s completely forgot my account.
Useless if I cannot use my own password
Gratest on 3/7/2018
This app was great for booking rooms. Most other features were not really functional. Now Marriott wants me to update my password. The format of password they insist using won’t permit any of my handful of passwords to work. Sorry but I’m not creating another new password to remember. Why are you forcing me to update my password? We you hacked? Did my information get stolen? What’s the deal.
Does not work
Jimmyhunterhaw on 3/6/2018
The recent update (3/5/18) broke my app. It requests user number / password. I can’t change the user number, and when I put the correct password in nothing happens.
good app but...
Bob Biggs on 3/6/2018
I changed credit cards and deleted off my profile, added my new marriott premiere. When I checked in at the hotel they still had the old credit card number, which I had deleted and which i did not want used for travel. Hotel staff said this was on the app end and apologized. Perhaps some communication needed whenever CCs are changed to update info..however it gets done. Also noticed previous days hotel (when i went to another city the next day, shows up on the upcoming stays..other ideas, how about a check out button, had staff come into the room when it was still there - potentially embarrassing situation
Upcoming Stay?
JBain1 on 3/5/2018
My reservation in 3 days isn’t showing in my upcoming stay part. What gives?
Too Much Fiddling
Starx52 on 3/5/2018
Works okay for check-in. App change is constant, but does not add much value, just additional views.
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