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eharmony is the premium online dating destination that helps you to meet singles you’re truly compatible with. At eharmony we take the time to get to know you, so we can deliver you matches that’ll be perfectly suited to you. Download the app and sign up for free to start receiving curated matches.

By downloading our free app, you can:
• Set up an eharmony account
• Complete your Relationship Questionnaire
• Upload photos from your phone or from Facebook
• Receive your daily compatible matches
• See why certain matches are compatible and based on what attributes
• Send Smiles to your matches
• Learn more about your matches by sending pre-written Quick Questions

Get the most out of your eharmony experience by subscribing. As a subscriber, you can:
• See your matches' photos
• Use the What If? feature to meet even more compatible singles
• Send and receive custom messages
• See who’s viewed your profile

We have multiple subscription options to choose from -
• Your iTunes account will be charged at confirmation of your purchase and auto-renews for the same upgrade price at the end of each three/six/twelve-month period.
• Auto-renew may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase and must be turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
• No cancellation of the current upgrade plan is allowed during your active period.

Other things you need to know:
• eharmony is safe and secure
You can view our Privacy Policy at
• You van view our Terms of User at
• You must be at least 18 years old to download and use this app

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Bcayers on 12/10/2017
The app and website are HORRIBLE!!! You can’t search, your matches don’t update, and you can’t tell if the users are new or old.
Don't waste your money
sonijiajay on 12/9/2017
Don't waste your money on this. Go buy yourself a beer with that money and you ll still have better chances of finding someone than finding through eharmony. Bad customer service. Poor aap. It doesn't work.
Jesusofrome on 12/9/2017
My matches are even close to what I want and don’t show interest even tho you’re 100% matcha in almost everything. I wasn’t happy I played for 7 months and not one person to talk to. All I got was removed this match has moved on. I wish I could get my money back the time I waisted of this app.
Bad app, questionable service
guitarist1984 on 12/8/2017
The iPhone app is terrible. Inconsistent information is displayed compared to web app. Sometimes you see data like political view, school attended,etc. and sometimes you don’t. Only the web app consistently displays this info. I’ve reported this bug before. You no longer see when a user last logged in, so odds are most of your matches are long abandoned profiles or people who signed up during free weekends. You can’t search by city or name by city or name on the iPhone app. It’s very difficult to get matches to maintain contact, even after their supposed streamlining of the communication process. Most matches will smile or answer tersely and then never respond to follow up. Makes me wonder if their messaging service is glitched and no one gets my messages or these profiles are fake and are scripted to give out responses.
rodhmorgan on 12/5/2017
The cost of this service is outrageous. 🙄🙄
I wish I didn’t wasn’t so much money!
IHeartMySharPei on 12/4/2017
This app doesn’t have much of an advantage over the free dating sites. It was so expensive that I thought it would be really great. Not the case and I’m so upset I was forced to pay for an entire year up front!! 😭😡
Don't be fooled.
Hausjensducudjde on 12/4/2017
Read the reviews. Their app/service acts a lot like match or POF in that their matching scheme is based on virtually nothing. Case in point; I like to drink socially with friends, matched with the one person that prefers non drinkers. And that's just what I was able to see without paying for their services. You can't see the pictures, as far as I can tell you can't tell whether or not a person IS a subscriber and the longer you wait to pay for their services, the better "deals" they offer. Minimum 3 month at 15$ (One time $45) If you're made of money and don't mind shelling it out in hopes of something better, give it a shot, otherwise, OKC is the better option and has been for over 10 years.
Poor usability
garywade on 12/3/2017
They removed the search functionality from the app as well as the ability to unhide or unblock a match which is important because their web site on mobile devices is useless since almost any scroll action causes you to hide or block a match even if you didn’t want to, but, hey, at least you can search. I’ve met some nice women, but the app and web site are now so bad it’s almost not worth it. And their customer support is useless. If you submit feedback when using the latest app when on an iPad, they don’t understand that that’s possible and tell you they won’t support the old app formerly only available on the iPad, which is not what I was using.
lipa mala on 12/3/2017
Horrible matches. This sight is awful. According to eharmony I am compatible with every match they send me, impossible!!! I am disgusted with this site!
Malik's Uncle on 12/2/2017
I concur with the majority of people who’ve criticized this app. eHarmony boasts about how many people have been married due to their systematic matching. However, based upon my experience, I just don’t see such results. I hardly have anything in common with the women referred to me. Additionally, in accordance with similar negative comments, there aren’t any new matches updated on a more frequent basis. In order to see new people, I have to adjust my match preferences in order to generate new referrals. If you’re reading this review prior to rendering the services of eHarmony, I applaud you for I wish I had taken the same precaution.
Waste of money
Rusma07 on 12/2/2017
Can I select 0 stars! The matches are too far away- the email functionality does not work. The price for this site was way too much money for the service they promote. Very very disappointed.
Buggy and not optimized for iPhone X
joshmifflin on 12/2/2017
While this app is decent for keeping up with matches and communication, it has some bugs and just does not feel like a quality app. Also, the iPhone X has been out for a little while now, and the app is still not optimized for it. This is a relatively simple fix that should have been done by now.
Waste of time and money
Nihal987$ on 12/1/2017
Do not sign up; try to meet singles through social activities.
Open&Honest on 12/1/2017
The men that I've been matched to are not anyone that I'm interested in and I've been on for several months. Overpriced & disappointing service.
CaligurlSanDiego on 12/1/2017
I feel like that person who fell for a scam. Save your money.
tboone921 on 12/1/2017
I completely agree with the review I just read. Not only do the guys you write messages to not respond, but you get matched with people who are much farther than the distance you specified in your profile. I’ve had friends who’ve worked for “dating services” and I know how some operate. I was hoping that eharmony was different, but I’m starting to think it may work like my friends. The pool of people was so small that they made up profiles of guys and would match you with random people even if they weren’t your preference. I signed up for a year and I regret every dollar spent. Rant over.
BAND_GRL on 11/30/2017
No customer service at all. If you have an issue they send you an e-mail link that handles your complaint and oh apparently those people don’t have phones so you can’t even talk to them. I wanted to end my service because it was honestly creeping me out. I am 27 and set my age range from 25-30 and I continuously got matched with 40+ year old users. I had pictures of this and was again sent to a link and told customer service could not stop my service! What! Don’t use this site it’s trying to link up “younger” women with much older men.
Not impressed so far
Inspector66 on 11/29/2017
Even after being prompted to expand my preferences, way out of my mileage area or even settling for more of a drinker etc, I still don’t have any more matches. Hmm, I hope I didn’t waste my $ here
Just like all the other dating sites.
Gh5tspawn on 11/29/2017
I joined eHarmony in the hopes that if I paid for a subscription that I might find something better than the usual. Not really. eHarmoney has an interesting matching system, but the matches all have the same thing in common. It is either women who are just out to find a friend not a relationship, or they don’t respond with a smiley face. They don’t communicate or they have a free account and can’t respond. Don’t waist your money. You can get the same thing with POF or MATCH. Com. Won’t ever try this again.
Lots of choices
JanKyGal on 11/29/2017
Don’t limit your distance and you will get lots of matches
Too expensive
Sharky335xi on 11/28/2017
The cost of using eharmony is ridiculous for a dating app that doesn’t guarantee you actually finding someone.
Worst Dating App
Rosie6810 on 11/28/2017
I’ve been on quite a few apps and this is by far the worst. First, I accidentally paid for 6 months ($179.99) and there is no way for me to change it. Second, it asks me for very little information and gives me practically no information on my matches. Additionally it tells me that a 30 mile radius is too small and I should increase it for more matches. Really? My life is where I live as is my daughter’s and I will not uproot to a different state, which is what I was getting when I widened my search. Bottom line... this is the WORST DATING APP EVER!!! Save your money
Don't waist your money
beauty aymara on 11/27/2017
Don't waist your money, this app it's slow, your send questions, message to your compatible they never answer Looks like they are fake.
What a joke...
1forsomefun2 on 11/27/2017
Personally I want my money back! 8 matches?! That’s it? 1 week and that’s it. Just a waste of money. Stay away!!
Dont waste your money
Florida Blondie on 11/26/2017
This Site and App are not worth the money. They constantly send matches that live 60-90 miles away and in other states. You will go days without matches. Absolutely a waste of time. They don’t let you cancel either without charging you. They also rip you off, I was supposed to be charged quarterly, they charge me $50 a month-,BUYER BEWARE... horrible rip off
Weird matches
G Leary on 11/25/2017
I am only contacted by people I don’t understand why I’m being matched with and if I contact anyone I never hear back. Having a lot better luck on Christian Mingle.
Old and unattractive
Cups83 on 11/25/2017
Not the best site for women in their 40s unless you want an older, unattractive man. Had high hopes for this site but I’ve only chatted with 1 man in one and a half months.
Waste of money
Carebear8585cc on 11/25/2017
No one on here seems to be seeking anything real and all I get is smiley faces but when questions are sent they don’t answer and what’s worse they don’t bother to say anything period it’s like they think staying mute will find them someone . This site is a waste of money I signed up six months hoping something would show and be worth it . Too many flakes and bs people . I’m here for genuine reasons and people are browsing .to conclude things no one here is serious . If you find someone than you are the super rare . Because it’s all games to people on these sites accept for people like me who want to find someone meaningful and genuine. Eharmony is a waste of money !
All Money Making
Bookshelf316 on 11/24/2017
Eharmony keeps matching me with guys who are from outside of the nationalities and age ranges I prefer. Go to
Memescott on 11/23/2017
So I joined and have regretted it from that moment... I really don’t feel safe on this site and and I really don’t think I have so much in common with SO many people...this is just so definitely not for me.!
All of my matches are in other states..
motavated on 11/20/2017
For whatever reason this site matches me with men in other states.. Michigan is a large are to have no single men and what are the odds that none of them use eharmony.. would never recommend to anyone..
Don’t bother.
Hallobackgirllll on 11/19/2017
Horrible app. Horrible site. Just don’t bother. Paid for three months have a total of 10 matches. Can’t believe this is worse than match. How disappointing.
No harmony on this site
Boom to this app on 11/19/2017
Unless you purchase in app you can’t see or do a thing other than make a profile. I can’t even delete my profile at this point and I’ve blocked the emails but they still keep coming. This site was a waste of my time and will be for you unless you want to use in app purchases that is not explained to you fully until you make a profile! Save yourself some head ache and 20 minutes to create one.
Sixfootprincess on 11/18/2017
Sending me three poorly selected matches a week doesn’t a great dating site make. Dated, back and forth questions paired with the inability to search or browse for people I would like to meet created a total waste of my time and money. Is it just that there are that few people paying on this site or are their algorithms that behind the times? Boring, lame, sad, and useless. Save your money, stay on Tinder.
Not enough matches
sanditunes on 11/18/2017
You fill in how far away you want your matches to live and how important that is to you. Then they put a warning symbol that your criteria is too limited. So you expand your criteria and get matched w ppl out of state, or in my case because of my proximity, matches w ppl who live in Canada. Who is going to go to Canada or vice versa for a date? Or to live? Makes the thought of getting married pretty tough. Crossing the border isn’t as easy as it used to be either.
What a waste
Btomas72 on 11/18/2017
I’ve tried many sites, but EH is by far the most expensive and least effective. I’ve had zero interests in one year, whereas plenty on other sites. EH even tried to set me up with a coworker who I already know us a jerk and incompatible with me. Really? And the app tells me that my preference of being within 120 miles is restrictive. How far do you have to go if this is the perfect dating app? Total waste of money.
Messages don’t really work
george.four on 11/17/2017
I have to use the web app most of the time to send and read messages..
Tuffmom on 11/17/2017
CATFISH CENTRAL, extremely poor customer service. Took 10 requests from me to get someone to respond to me. Weekly emails from eHarmony telling me about deleted matches who were catfish.
Horrible! Don’t waste your money! Worthless absolutely worthless!!!
Notagunnatell on 11/17/2017
You cannot even perform the most simple of searches. We all have physical indicators that we either find attractive or unattractive, you cannot even look at a group of people who would fall into you preferences!!! You cannot see a single pic till you pay!!!! Worthless absolutely worthless!!
Trust the bad reviews
sfoster1283 on 11/17/2017
I usually don’t take the time to write bad reviews but this has to be an exception. I’ve tried a bunch of dating apps and EH is by far the worst. No control over searching for and browsing over profiles. You can only sit back and wait for the “genius” system to send you a few recommendations a day. These profiles are often non compatible matches and very often live in areas nowhere near you. I’m talking like 2-3 hour drives. There is a lot of hype and crafty marketing but ignore it, trust the people who have experience with it, and for the love of god, save your money. I instead would recommend Match or even OkCupid and Zoosk.
jh0430 on 11/16/2017
Horrible app, matches you with people that do not even come close to meeting your (totally realistic) criteria. Wildly overpriced...don’t get sucked in by their promises.
Army ride on 11/16/2017
Don’t waste your money it is just as bad as POF TINDER OR ANY OTHER FREE APP...
No matchest bad app
JoeyCraplnPants on 11/15/2017
I’ve been off the site for almost a year. Logged back in and renewed my subscription and all it did was dig through my mailbox and match with girls who didn’t want to talk to me a year ago. Absolutely zero new matches in over a year.
caveat emptor
jose state on 11/14/2017
this is by far the worst dating app and ironically you’re gonna have to pay to see this trainwreck in all its detail. constant bad login attempts, really crappy interface. beyond that, the service is awful. the questions asked to figure out compatibility are pretty awful. there’s a reason why i’ve only been able to answer less than 15% of them. the fields are also ridiculously rigid and in some cases, absolute nonsense. for example, you can like watching golf, but it’s not an option of sports you play. come on, eharmony - that might apply to horse racing, but golf? save yourself some money and buyers’ remorse - don’t bother with eharmony.
Not impressed
wineandvine on 11/14/2017
Guys want to meet women but don’t want to talk to them. At least with Tinder I can get some response, may not be what I want, but it’s a response.
Negive 5 stars
invertermanb1 on 11/14/2017
This site should be taken to court over how bad it misrepresents it’s app on tv or all add. They show these cute people finding each other and in reality what is on the site is horrible. I’ve been on the site for a little over a week. There is not one lady that I would actually want to carry on a conversation with much less meet. I’m so disappointed with this site. I thought with I costing money to be on that only serious ladies would be on there and would have a better chance of meeting someone worth while. Not the case. I wish I could get my money back. It was a waste to get this app that’s for sure.
No 1-month option?
Spleric88 on 11/14/2017
Why is there no 1 month option? Why do I have to commit nearly $150 for a 3 month membership when I don’t know if I will like it? Why is there anything beyond 6 months? Let me be honest, If I haven’t met anyone from your site after 6 months and nearly $200, then I won’t be using your service any longer. Anyway, a 1 month, $10-$15 option would probably be your best bet. Until then, no money from me for these ridiculous time options
Absolute Rubbish
Halfpast6 on 11/13/2017
Don’t pay for this.
Eharmony Bad News.
screweharmony2 on 11/13/2017
I have been on this site three months. Not one message. About once a month I check it; same page pops up. I would rate Zero if I could. Site needs to stop taking peoples money. $7 a month is not a deal. Cuz this site is a rip off.
kathy Thrift on 11/12/2017
I’ve only been here less than a day, they took more money than they were supposed!!!!! Only one or two nice looking men. I hate it I want my money back!!!!!
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