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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Social Networking 6.9.6 Sep 08, 2011 Jul 17, 2018 148.4 MB iOS 10.0 or later 17+
New in version 6.9.6

Smile! We've made some improvements to photos, so upload some new ones and check it out.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.


Elevate your dating experience with eharmony - the most trusted online dating service*! At eharmony, we take the time to get to know you so that we can introduce you to matches who are truly compatible. With our proven process, it’s no wonder our dating service has the highest quality matches*. Get the most out of your online dating efforts, download our app and sign up for free today!


Setting up an eharmony account is even faster with the option to register via Facebook. Complete our compatibility questionnaire and upload photos to help jump start your profile. Your answers are plugged into our algorithm (this is where the magic happens!) to help us find your compatible matches. We deliver a few matches at a time so that you can take your time to review and connect with them. Send a smile, Favorite a match, or write a message – there are so many ways to go from browsing your matches to dating them!

• Register and take the compatibility questionnaire for free
• Receive a few matches at a time and view their profile
• See compatibility details to understand how you and your match get along
• Send Smiles, Favorite your matches and find out when it’s mutual
• Send pre-written Quick Questions to get the conversation started
• Get push notifications to know when matches are interested

• View unlimited photos to learn more about your matches
• See who’s viewed your profile or Favorited you so you know who’s interested
• Send and receive custom messages to take the conversation to the next level
• Use the What If? feature to meet singles who may be outside of your preferences

• We offer subscriptions in 3, 6, and 12 month durations, with prices as low as $9.99/month
• Your iTunes account will be charged at confirmation of your purchase and auto-renews for the same upgrade price at the end of each three/six/twelve-month period.
• Auto-renew may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase and must be turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

Other things you need to know:
• eharmony is safe and secure
You can view our Privacy Policy at
• You van view our Terms of Use at
• You must be at least 18 years old to download and use this app

* Based on a 2018 survey of 1,616 U.S. singles.

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Pricy but good.
Reid Scott on 7/18/2018
First off the pricing for the subscription for this website is outrageous! But I have to admit I was pretty happy with the results. The conversations I had with women on here were some of the best I have had from any other dating app, and it’s completely free from scam bots. So I guess they are doing something right.
You have to pay to get anything from this website
only free2setup your profile on 7/18/2018
I was disappointed. I’m just starting out single and this was the first online dating app I tried because it’s so well known. But I wanted to check it out before spending money on it. I would have purchased 1 month if it would have been $20 or lower, but I did not see any options for anything less than 3 months. I could not view the profile pics and I couldn’t read any messages that were sent to me. Very discouraging after taking the time to complete my profile
Probably the worst app out there for younger people.
Tharath on 7/18/2018
Absolutely out of touch, features are lacking to say the least (can’t even hold down backspace when writing to delete in mass if you want to change something). The price of admission isn’t really excusable for an automated service, you need a membership to do something as simple as send someone a message or view a picture? In the landscape of dating apps out there this has got to be the least user friendly one out there. I recommend eHarmony look at it’s competition for insight on what people are looking for when setting up a profile or viewing other people’s profiles.
A waste of my time and my money 😒
raylie_rae on 7/17/2018
I was on this app for a year and the only men on there were the creepy guys you would expect to be on a dating site. When I complained about the matches I was receiving, they told me to increase the distance that I was willing to travel. I’m not traveling over 200 miles to meet somebody eHarmony! Once my subscription expired, that’s when they showed me all of my matches who were actually worth talking to. Then they wanted me to pay another $283 to talk to them. Complete bull💩! Don’t waste your $283 on this scam. It’s a total rip-off. I should’ve listened to the reviews when before I purchased this crap 😑. They sell you false hopes and show you couples who haven’t been on this site since 2001. They don’t have any new couples advertising for them. Bottom line: Don’t use eHarmony!
desireable41 on 7/16/2018
I thought this website aint nothing went i saw it online, and tv i need too try it an fine my match because i went on pof an though dude was the one but he was talking, and another female online. The website is call pof? Yes, i did let him hit it, my fault an yes i do regret. Why do some guys want to play game with female heart.
DenClay on 7/14/2018
I paid for a year membership. It’s been about 2 weeks in and I have messaged and smiled at at least 25 women. I have not gotten any responses at all! I have about 4 or 5 pics up and a very open minded. Very disappointed and going to ask for a refund
Need more matches
JrRulz1998 on 7/14/2018
EHarmony should lower their costs and do more to attract new users. You have the best system around but a lot of people go to the other sites because of the cost. Please! I’m looking for my match.
Diversify your dating apps
dalen52 on 7/13/2018
ONE app won’t magically make your dating life easier. I used eharmony for three months and I found more success with other apps. I did meet quite a few people from EH and guess what.... we never even talked about their compatibility system. It doesn’t exist! One think I like about EH is their amazing blog, customer service, and app design. Definitely give it a few months to see if it works for you. Also, If beauties don’t like you on the free app they aren’t going to flock to you on the paid app. If you’re not getting good matches. Relax and do some soul searching. Are you maybe trying a little to hard, are you coming across as needy? Work on yourself first. Love yourself first.
Không vì lý do gì mà không liên lạc được các bạn
phuong vuon chuoi on 7/12/2018
I am sad to have you to talk. But on this page I find everyone busy and not answering? Do not know why ? Or I do not know how to use because I do not speak good or use G to translate..
babeeney on 7/12/2018
Notifications say i have msg so I look and no unread Mali know what’s up with that??
Terrible Service - Not worth a penny
dzrvsynfulfyivx on 7/12/2018
I live within 30miles of D.C., Baltimore, and Annapolis and eharmony couldn’t manage to proved me a match a day on average and I’ve gone over a week with no matches at all. I have a 100% completed profile and all quizzes filled out. I even called customer service and repeated the process at their suggestion to “fix” any issue. Needless to say it fixed nothing. So my sense is I am paying for a service that does literally nothing for me and now they are telling me they won’t refund me. I would NEVER recommend this service to anyone given this experience and I most certainly now credit the “reputability” of this company.
Dtjfeijfhii on 7/11/2018
Members should be able to do more even if they don’t have a subscription. I have the app and I can’t even talk to anyone. One star.
Wrong choice123
wrongchoice123 on 7/10/2018
Not sure why the sight is limiting the number of men I can see? Some days I don’t even get any matches why is that?
Not to much movement
knb44 on 7/9/2018
I’m not getting any responses. Why is that am I doing something wrong?
Jonn031784 on 7/8/2018
Too many fake profiles you figure since I paid for the service y’all could control that part a lot better
Wasted $200
XxSpiriDionxX on 7/8/2018
Wasted my money in an app that has me lower my standards to the lowest to “find someone” fitted for me. I’m still waiting and all I attract is people who are not even in my standard level, or whom I can choose as a partner. I keep attracting teenagers and elderly men when I asked to speak with men my age. I have learned my lesson and will never waste money is something like this, specially if it’s long distance relations.
lookingforlifelongpartner on 7/8/2018
Fine. Would have like at least a week trial before I had to speed 129.99 on an app.
It is ok
Myrcure on 7/6/2018
It has a clean page and good organization but just as well as other blind dating; nothing is special ~
So many fakes
Jon allenn on 7/6/2018
I would like to have an option to only see the paying people. All the “matches” that are free is annoying.
Over Priced
Christyck18 on 7/6/2018
I was hoping to be able try out the app but the free app features are useless because you can’t see anyone’s face. I thought ok maybe I’ll pay for one month but the least amount you can do is 3 months at a time for over $100! I’m sorry that’s ridiculous for not knowing if this is going to be just the same Creepy guys that are on all dating sites. You guys should at least have like a real one week trial to see if people like it or not. I’m not so desperate as to pay that much money to meet someone on line.
My Matches
therose92270 on 7/5/2018
I send smiles but I never receive any sort of response. Most just delete me! I am attractive, my profile is neutral enough, I am educated, cultured so I am not understanding the lack of interest????
This app is a scam
jeffrol11 on 7/5/2018
They will keep charging u even after u cancel. Keep an eye on ur account. I have one match a month its totally a joke and should be shutdown for scamming people!
10 years and going strong!!
Emer911 on 7/3/2018
My husband and I met on eharmony 11 years ago. October 4th will be our 10 year wedding anniversary. I never thought I’d find anyone on any dating app because we don’t live in a big city however it happened. We now have a house together and 2 kids. My biggest advice stop trying so hard and let things happen. Go slow and have fun. Always work on bettering your communication together and never give up on love!!!
I do not like so far
123reeca on 7/2/2018
This app is not the best. Not too much people is using it.
Worst dating app/site
idonywanttogiveanickname on 7/1/2018
I’ve been using this app now for at least 6 months. Feel like a complete idiot for paying for it. You get no matches unless you don’t have any limits, especially location. Want to find someone within a 5 mile radius? Good freaking luck. The only time I can get any matches is when I don’t have it limited and all the matches are either in a different state or too far away in my state. I’m from NY, this shouldn’t be that hard. A complete waste of my money. If I could give zero stars, I would.
So disappointed
Medicgrl74 on 7/1/2018
This app is very disappointing. I spent money subscribing and the matches are very few and far between. In order to even get more “what if’s” it tells me to broaden my search radius?! I don’t want to talk to someone 5 hours away. I don’t have any desire to do a long distance relationship. I’ve been on it for about a month already and had one conversation with someone that lasted less than an hour. Complete waste of my money and time.
Fjas22 on 6/30/2018
Only time will tell how I feel
Too many people that are not in your area
Latinone03 on 6/30/2018
It’s hard to date when this app keeps sending people really far away. Even after being specific on the settings. As big as eharmony is I doubt there were only a few in my city. Waste of money.
It’s the little far.
Luv2Decorate on 6/29/2018
I haven’t been a user long, however, I find it annoying you can’t delete emails, so people you aren’t talking to anymore are filling your inbox. I also don’t like that non-members can contact you, but you can’t communicate with them, except through sending questions, using the blank answer box to chat.
Save your money
AnaCutDaBanana on 6/27/2018
This just really isn’t ideal. If you pay close attention they give you a certain amount of matches a day meaning they are controlling the amount of people you can interact with or possibly be “compatible” with also meaning you’ll only see a certain amount of profiles in the time period you chose your subscription for possibly making you have to wait longer. I’ve had better success on free dating pages than this one. But if you’re an older man that wants younger women this would probabaly be ideal for you. This is designed to make them money, not find you someone compatible
get me off here on 6/27/2018
Please take me off this app I no longer want to pay for's absolutely not good for me..I have had no luck on here and I'll no longer wish to be on here!!! to me it seems like a scam!!!!!
Better apps available
Sl28 on 6/26/2018
Maybe I’m the wrong age (35) or maybe I’m just not a good fit for the dating pool on this app, but eharmony has been pretty disappointing for what I paid. I’ve had better ease of use and success with other apps.
It’s ok
bulldog2521 on 6/26/2018
Most of the your time is spent waiting for a reply. That being said, it would be nice to have something to show a members last active date or how active they are. Also if the site had more explanation of their dating results would be nice.
Terrible don’t buy
Matt198100000000 on 6/23/2018
Literally haven’t had a new match in weeks, and the ones I have are states away and not what I’m looking for, you’ll do better on your own I promise. I can get incompatible matches I’m not attracted to for free on tinder thanks.
It’s good and had most of the desktop version
Cath from the song on 6/23/2018
It would be perfect if it included the Q&A part of the desktop version.
There is no “compatibility match”, just accounts with one or two pictures, or ghost accounts.
Zux0000 on 6/23/2018
Do not use this service! The matches are anyone they can hook to pay their very expensive monthly fees. DO NOT signed up for more than a month, you won’t be able to cancel the account until has drained every penny for your subscription. There is no “compatibility match”, just accounts with one or two pictures, or ghost accounts. Not worth the money they so gallantly ripped people off.
Terrible App
Dee43525 on 6/22/2018
I live in a major metropolitan city that is full of so many things to do...which would lead one to think there were several million prospects out there. The day I signed up, I was immediately sent 8-10 people—3 of whom were admittedly, ending their membership (bad sign, already) and the others were not even remotely assigned according to my preferences. Since this time, several months ago, NOT ONE PERSON has been sent. This is a total ripoff...don’t kid yourself into thinking you’re going to meet someone. But, they don’t mind charging your credit card for nothing!
Complete waste of money
hjklgff on 6/22/2018
Week 8. I’m just going to cancel it even though I have another month left. It sickens me to have this app on my phone. . #1 they say, maybe at scamming. Week 6 100 Miles radius receiving 1 useless profile every 3 days. If you want to feel stupid sign up for this site and pay 3x what the other sites charge you. You will get more out free pof than this scam. Week 4 I’m now receiving 1 profile every other day. I haven’t received a single reply are even a view from all the 100% compatible profile I sent messages to. This site is loaded with inactive profiles. This feels worst than blowing money at a casino. $95.00 with a 40% coupon 3 months. Worst dating site. Not worth .95 cents. I feel sorry for the people that sign up for this garbage and pay full price. They send you 4-5 profiles in the first week. No last on activity date so don’t know if you are sending messages to inactive users. Conveniently got rid of that feature in 2015. I choose 60 mile radius but ran out of profiles by week 2. Hopefully when FB comes out with there dating service it will destroy these online dating scam sites.
Don’t bother
Tricky2747 on 6/21/2018
Been on here a little over a month and nothing. Nobody responds to messages, nobody reads messages, and I really think that most of the profiles that I’m matched up with are accounts of people that no longer have a subscription to the service or never had one in the first place. In short, don’t waste your time with this service. Very disappointing.
Too many fake or none active profiles
just tired of it asking on 6/20/2018
This site isn’t good it’s full of profiles that people don’t use anymore and it sends me people that are not what my preferred type is it’s pretty wide ranged but outside the range is just annoying wasted money at this point. Now I’m just sitting her using it to get my moneys worth kinda sad
Had higher expectations....
Mama Suz 16 on 6/20/2018
Men had profile pictures that looked like they were mugshot photos. Most people didn't message back. Only had one or two new matches each day. Set a distance limit and got matches from Canada. No where in my settings did I say I wanted a long distance relationship. Wouldn't recommend this app to anyone.
Not as good as it used to be
Dryadgirl on 6/20/2018
Keep in mind the last time I used eharmony was before smart phones when there was only a website. I felt then the questions were more in depth and the matching was better. My biggest pet peeve is how compatibly is determined. I would love to be able to rank what is most important to be compatible in. For example, I’m more of a low key introvert that enjoy simple time at home and maybe a Farmers market on the weekend. I’m not adventurous. I do not enjoy traveling. Yet, I keep being matched with all these adventurous, traveling types simply because we score high on intimacy or other qualities. I wish I could get a refund because it is just not useful at all.
Complete disappointed
simplyperfect65 on 6/19/2018
I would not recommend this site. Over the last 3 days I’ve had one match sent to me and I live in Dallas /Fort Worth. There’s only one available man on this site? Really? When I put down my location of 60 miles and it asked me the importance I have to select very important to only get Dallas/Fort Worth and when I don’t I’m being matched with men in completely other states. 60 miles is still inside the Texas borders. I reach out like suggested and no one is responding back. I feel they are looking for the perfect model for their arm. I feel I have completely wasted not just my money but my time
this is outrageous, a homophobic app
ReeSteele on 6/18/2018
I can’t believe I downloaded this app. I am completely appalled. When I was signing up I clicked that I was a woman and it automatically assumed I wanted to find a male and clicked male. This is 2018 I shouldn’t have to worry about problems like this. Never again. I hope this app gets removed from the store.
goodluck2 u on 6/18/2018
They have very good advertising, but the reality is that being that I paid, I expected more. The majority of my matches were to far away. It just isn’t working for me.
Gay people can’t use eharmony?
Filoja726385 on 6/17/2018
They suggest another derivative App when registering as an LGBT customer...
Feeling some butterfly’s right now
fast heartbeat on 6/17/2018
Right now I am talking to somebody on e-harmony that I like a lot. Hoping some day that something good will happen with us.
mad at eharmony on 6/16/2018
I saw a Hulu add and thought it was worth a shot. After doing the questionnaire I got excited because it said I had matches...but I had to pay to see... So, like the sucker I am I ponied up and paid...what a huge mistake. First, in the opening questionnaire there is no option to say you don’t wanna date someone with kids. Half my initial matches had kids...I’m 21 I don’t wanna date someone with kids. So, I thought okay, I need to be more I change the age range and what I’m looking for...eharmony says I’m too specific and need to broaden my scope...I thought their “algorithm” was supposed to be great. I’m totally disgusted with the app and my eharmony experiment. The cost is insanely high especially for a full time student. There is no trial run, no way to know if accounts are active. Eharmony is a money grubbing scam that preys on people who just want to find some love. DON’T BUY.
Having trouble knowing what to do
Scarpa is a Gg on 6/16/2018
I’m having difficulty with figuring out what I’m supposed to do after I say hi to a guy. There’s no response. What does that mean? How do I get rid of the ones I don’t want?
No matches no one responds!!!!
Qwiley on 6/15/2018
Not getting my monies worth
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