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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Entertainment 4.12.5 Sep 08, 2011 Jul 11, 2018 113.5 MB iOS 9.0 or later 17+
New in version 4.12.5

* Bug fixes


The new TNT App makes watching full episodes and live sports simple and easy. Sign in with your TV provider to watch all the TNT originals you love, like The Alienist, Animal Kingdom, Claws, and more, along with favorites like Law & Order and Charmed. Watch anytime, anywhere with the TNT App on Apple TV, iPhone and iPad. You can also catch live sports, awards-shows and blockbuster movies on any screen.

The TNT App supports most TV providers, including AT&T, Spectrum (incl. Time Warner Cable, Charter & Bright House), Comcast XFINITY, Cox, DIRECTV, Dish, Optimum, Suddenlink, Verizon, and many more.

You can even start watching before signing in with your TV provider (up to 10 minutes for live TV and five minutes for on-demand). And, we’ve added select TBS shows to the new Spotlight section so you can get a taste of the best comedies on TV.

Our TNT originals include: The Alienist, American Race, Animal Kingdom, Claws, Good Behavior, The Last Ship, and The Librarians. Other series available include Bones, Charmed, Law & Order, NCIS New Orleans, and Supernatural.

iPad Screenshots
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Make it work with AirPlay
Tensleep WY on 8/18/2018
Surprise! It doesn't work with AirPlay and TNT doesn't care.
virginia nightmare on 8/18/2018
Can only watch previews. Doesn’t seem to have ability to watch entire shows.
Mr. Char
Okaloosa on 8/18/2018
The authentication every week, and the app crashes a lot.
Overall love the app.
Aleysia Marie on 8/17/2018
When I first downloaded the app it gave me no issues and that was about a month ago. Up until recently it started buffering a lot or not playing an episode when I click on it. I’m not sure if it’s my connection or not but it’s never happened before. Overall I like the app and I’ll continue to use it. I’m sure if it’s a software issue it will be resolved soon.
Girlieann61 on 8/17/2018
One of the best shows my husband introduced me too.
Cable/Service Provider Support
CG_222 on 8/16/2018
Please add DirectTV Now provider login support for app/live TV viewing.
Great app
OSUCOWBOY78 on 8/15/2018
App is working great the only thing I don’t like is the commercials but that’s hasn’t turned me away from using the app. I use when is miss my shows on live tv and before I start my shift at work. Keep up the great work on the app and I’ll keep watching.
Megan 1177 on 8/15/2018
There’s a bug that lets u watch with no commercials. Not telling what it is. :) not THAT easy to figure out. Love, A fellow software engineer.
Awesome Show — Animal Kingdom 5⭐️
Ulimate Trex on 8/15/2018
As Of Right Now Everything is Excellent!!!
Does not work when hooked to monitor
b.l.z. on 8/15/2018
I try to use this app for NBA and champions league by hooking my phone to my tv through hdmi. Once this is done only content that plays are commercials. Black out with audio only for the match. I’m not trying to record just trying to watch on a larger screen guys come on.
Needs updates
Hdhejejk on 8/15/2018
Literally always glitching, forever slow, always logs me out... come on now !
Cman111Q on 8/14/2018
This app worked for about 30 minutes then shutdown. After that, I tried both the IPads in my house and the app shuts down after I select a episode to play. VERY FRUSTRATING!
Keeps freezing
Ziagigi on 8/14/2018
I downloaded this app so I can watch one particular show. As I was watching, it kept freezing. I would turn it on and off and, not only did it still freeze, but it also started from the beginning. Thinking maybe my iPad was old, I downloaded the app on my cellphone. It’s still freezing! Extremely frustrating!!
Great, not perfect!
GniessGirl on 8/13/2018
I would love a 15 sec rewind/fast forward & fewer commercials; 6 is excessive. Otherwise, great!
Fantastic app!
feel less guilty on 8/13/2018
You go on this app with little effort to watch and catch up to one show and you get every other one to watch. Works great.
Work well on iPad
Tsettee on 8/13/2018
I wish it would stream on tv screen even with the iPad jack hooked to tv TNT blacks out on tv. So I watch it On Demand with same amount of commercials. Sometimes it’s slow but that could be my cable/internet providers because they’re definitely not the only ones. Otherwise it’s a great app
Really bad
James0719 on 8/12/2018
This app does nothing but freeze. Everything you do requires at least a minute of a frozen screen. Slowest app I’ve ever used.
Gormazing on 8/11/2018
It states I get a 5 minute preview, and that I have to pay an outside carrier a monthly fee to watch any shows on an app. If I’m already watching commercials, why pay a third party to have permission to watch when I don’t need the servicer with Apple TV app? That’s a waste of money. The NBC is much better at no cost!
Great shows but awful ap
Lilac376 on 8/11/2018
I have a lot of trouble with this app. It freezes often and today I have audio but no video. Ugh!!! I don’t have this issue with other apps. Please fix these issues. TNT has great shows but if we can’t watch them...........
OptimusKittyKat on 8/11/2018
Works well. Got the app for The Alienist, stayed for the movies.
Useless app
Christinan1 on 8/10/2018
Don’t believe the description. Says you can watch TNT shows with login to your provider. Well that actually includes about 15 shows only, only a few of which are actual TNT shows. All the others, like Bones, Law & Order, NCIS New Orleans, etc are not actually TNT shows. I downloaded and logged in hoping to see Major Crimes, a major TNT show. It, like most of the other TNT shows, are not available. Only their newest shows and frankly, fledgling ones, are available. If you want to watch old tv show reruns or episodes of their least popular shows, then this app is for you.
Works great!
Harrintonian on 8/10/2018
This app works great on an iPhone!
The worst app in this age
thatchjb on 8/10/2018
The steaming doesn’t work, stops every 3 minutes.
I don’t know
crimsonfavorite on 8/9/2018
App works fine. Stream without any problems. There’s the occasional circling and I wait about 15 seconds. Shows come up as requested and I don’t get stuck with reruns.
App is OK - But needs improvement...
Davenport21 on 8/9/2018
When watching ANY program, the option to rewind (possibly fast forward too) NEEDS TO BE ADDED as an option on the screen. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve either missed what was said or what happened needing to rewind a couple seconds. Of course, instead of being able to rewind 10 seconds for example, I end up going back minutes because of having to slide the progress bar with my finger which is a PITA!! I believe this is a simple request and very reasonable, but lets see how long it will take to be done...
Great app
orv107 on 8/8/2018
Great app
Just my opinion
Ladybri007 on 8/8/2018
I love this app. I really just use it for the movies. It has some bugs but it's worth it. It work like 90% of the time. It is fantastic. I am completely sold on this app.
Keeps me sane
Jah Lov Yambo on 8/8/2018
This TNT application has been instrumental in my sanity. My life style is so busy that I can only watch the shows I wanna watch when I have a few minutes of downtime and I can pull out my phone and watch my show and pause it if I need to but yet still come back and finish watching my show when I can. Now that’s some truly needed me time to keeps me happy. Thanks TNT
Repetitive Commercials
JWLaconia on 8/8/2018
App works well enough, but the commercials are the same over and over again. App sometimes forgets where I left off in my viewing.
Live shows skip on IPad
Teenahb on 8/7/2018
I have no problem with shows that are in your catalog. However, viewing a “live” show has problems. It gets stuck, skips and I end up missing dialogue and plot lines. Its really annoying.
Love it but needs more bug fixes:(
Ontiveros14 on 8/7/2018
I really do love this app, but unfortunately every time I sign into my tv provider it won’t let me watch certain movies. If I’m logged out of my sign on I’m able to watch the 4 minute preview then as soon as I log on it says “Sorry, we’re having trouble playing the video right now.” Even though it was working just fine before I signed in my tv provider.
Love it!
Italiansongbird on 8/6/2018
I can watch all my TNT faves with this app! Sign in your cable provider and there it is! That easy!
Solace1979 on 8/5/2018
App crashes at the first commercial on every episode. Extremely frustrating and unacceptable. Literally makes me want to return my AppleTV. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Lots of ads
LeighHaydn on 8/5/2018
Each time the ads come on the app counts them. Each time there are 6. That seems quite a few to me so I see what other providers do. The app is flawless which is a blessing.
Would have been 5 Stars
Jammas_1472 on 8/5/2018
I would have given this app 5 stars if it wasn’t the mandatory 4 to 5 advertisements they make you watch between segment breaks.
Fix the F&$&$ app already!!
cherish2305 on 8/4/2018
I have repeatedly tried to watch Animal Kingdom. Once it’s time for a commercial, it freezes. It Never moves from “ad 1 of 5” I can’t watch more. It’s infuriating. Fix it already!!!
iPhone X
omiehomie88 on 8/4/2018
Why has this app STILL not been updated to fit to an iPhone X screen...?
User friendly,
Virtually Violet on 8/3/2018
Great app! Easy to use...well designed. Just wished they had more TNT show Major Crimes, etc.
Thumbs up
Wilki70 on 8/3/2018
Easy to use app for watching TV shows on your phone. No problems streaming when connected to WiFi.
1STARR1 on 8/2/2018
Claws is the best.
From simple simon, Frances Herbert
simple simon, Frances Herbert on 8/2/2018
I truly love this hard as hell to get television show that I find, cuz I’m kinda tricky & have brains, don’t u know!!
TNT app
Schweitz29 on 8/2/2018
Works great! Love the shows!
Great App!
Spacinjason on 8/1/2018
Reliable, straightforward App.
Love it.
Knitting rozz on 8/1/2018
I love this app. No issues using it on my iPad.
No problems
Br3nt1023 on 8/1/2018
I like to use the app on my phone, mostly, but I also like the feature to move what I’m watching to my TV. Not really much else to say, it’s convenient.. streams well and I’m able to watch what I want to watch.
Great app!
B1422 on 8/1/2018
No problems at all
Criss082610 on 7/31/2018
Really convenient with all my shows on the network .
Good, could be great!
ShawnC36 on 7/31/2018
Great app. The only thing that could make it better is a more user friendly in tv app mirroring .
Apple TV Joke...
Boltontech4 on 7/30/2018
I wish I could give this app as good of a review as I would the content on TNT. I love Claws. Please start making the seasons LONGER!!! Anyways, the Apple TV app is a joke. The custom playback interface is screwy when using the skip forward or backward function on the Siri remote. PLEASE START USING THE APPLE STANDARD INTERFACE. Also, the app often crashes when resuming from a previous session. For example, if I’m in the TNT app on Apple TV, then I navigate to another app for a little while, then come back... The app crashes at launch. So cheesy. The app constantly needs to be signed into with my provider. I have deleted and reinstalled, and still the same old thing. Navigating around in the app feels SO sluggish compared to navigating around tvOS (Apple TV Operating System). And only if that were all but, TNT doesn’t even include all of their content in this app. What you do include usually expires after a short period of time. Reliable, rock-solid TV. This is what people want. Why, oh why, after a long day of work, can’t we get something like this with ease. Especially since we can’t even get access to this content without paying Mediacom, or Comcast. I have to have two subscriptions!!! Why don’t you folks have DirecTV Now available to sign in with?
iPad streaming and mirroring faulty
Fx MercedesMe on 7/30/2018
If I start with mirroring on, the app will not stream animal Kingdom. It will work (after multiple attempts) if I start streaming first before turning on mirroring. It should stream on first attempt whether or not mirroring is on.
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