1st Grade Math Learning Games

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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Education 5.4.8 Nov 10, 2011 Jun 09, 2018 328.2 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 5.4.8

Splash Math just launched the Summer Program 2018 for elementary kids. It is an interactive, fun, and rigorous 8-week program to help kids get ready for the next grade. All Splash Math users will have the option to access to the summer program.

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We make math fun & engaging. Over 20 Million kids use the Splash Math program to Boost Confidence, Increase Scores & Get Ahead in Math.

Splash Math is a comprehensive and curriculum aligned math program which reinforces math concepts using self-paced and adaptive practice.

***Awards & Recognition's for Splash Math Series***
Splash Math Program is currently used by over 20 million kids and has bagged several prestigious awards.
• Winner of “Gold Stevie Award” (2013) in “Education and Reference” category
• Winner of “Tabby Awards” (2012) in “Best Education and Training App” category
• Winner of “Best Elementary Student App” (2011) by BestAppEver.com
• Featured in Apple lists - “Staff Favourite”, “New and Newsworthy”

*** REVIEWS ***
“School may be out, but students looking to brush up on their math skills will be hard pressed to find a better tool than Splash Math. It was charming, instructive, comprehensive and spoke to kids at the perfect level. There’s a reason this is an Apple Staff Favorite.” – CBSLocal.com

“Parents need to know that 1st Grade Splash Math Game lets kids practice first-grade level Common Core math skills in an entertaining way. Kids earn little origami fish for their "aquariums" as they go.”
- CommonSenseMedia.org

**Program Info**
Content Coverage: 70+ math concepts in Grade 1
Curriculum: Common Core State Standards

***Key Features of 1st Grade Splash Math***
+ Self-paced math practice program
+ Explanation for wrong answers
+ Scratchpad for rough work
+ Virtual rewards and games
+ Monitor progress with real-time progress dashboard
+ Progress synced across multiple iPhones, iPods, iPads, desktops and laptops.
+ HD graphics and sound effects to give an amazing game play experience.

This app covers following topics:

1. Addition - Add numbers within 20 using various methods with the help of pictures and models
2. Subtraction - Subtract numbers within 20 using various methods with the help of pictures and models
3. Advanced Addition - Add three numbers within 20 and solve word problems involving addition
4. Advanced Subtraction - Subtract to compare and solve word problems involving subtraction
5. Mixed Operations - Fact families and missing numbers in addition and subtraction equation
6. Place Value - Work with basic concepts of place value involving amounts of tens and ones in two digit numbers
7. Counting and Comparison - Count to 120 and compare and order numbers two digit numbers based understanding of place value
8. Time - Read and set time in hours and half-hours using clocks
9. Measurements - Measure lengths of objects using smaller objects and order three objects based on length
10. Addition Facts - Add 1, 2, 3...9 to another number
11. Subtraction Facts - Subtract 1, 2, 3...9 from another number
12. Data and Graphs - Analyze and organize data in up to three categories using charts and picture graphs
13. Geometry - Recognize shapes based on defining attributes and partition circle and rectangles into halves and fourths
14. Money - Identify coins and their values and count money using coins

***Subscription Plans***
• Plans: $9.99/month, $29.99/quarter or $59.99/year
• Free Trial: We offer a free trial period for all plans.
• Cancel Anytime: No charges if plan cancelled before end of trial period.
• Renewal: Auto-renewal may be turned off anytime from Account Settings. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
• Privacy Policy: https://www.splashmath.com/privacy
• Terms of Use: https://www.splashmath.com/terms-of-use

***Refund Policy***
User can cancel subscription & auto-renew anytime and no further credit card charges will be made from next billing cycle. No full or partial refund of the current subscription is offered for the active subscription period.

• Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SplashMath
• Twitter: @SplashMath
• Website: https://www.splashmath.com

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Buyer Beware
Edudad on 7/13/2018
I requested they cancel subscription before trial deadline. They charged anyways! This app is not good. Didn't engage my child and is waaaay overpriced compared with other apps and offerings. I Do Not Recommend.
I could only play one round then had to pay
deja stokes on 6/21/2018
I would have given it five stars if it was free. The second I downloaded the game, it said it was free then as we began to use the app after the first round it asked for money to continue; as if the first round was only a sample it wasn’t even five minutes of me using the app. Not worth the lies!
Watch out
Schmitty111 on 6/14/2018
Not a free app. I canceled the subscription before trial period ended and then deleted the app. I was still charged for the annual subscription.
Charges $80 without authorization less than week trial
Damon 232323 on 5/26/2018
Cancelled after 1 day, well before trial period. Charged card 80- my daughter wasn't happy with the game. Don't waste your time or $$
Can you plz fix this
Parker Holcomb on 5/19/2018
The trials are to expensive
321-456 on 5/18/2018
Makes learning math exciting. My 6 yr old loves math. She's loving the 1st grade games.
Let's dive in on splash math
Cg76446772 on 5/17/2018
Thank you I really love this app and I really really thank you for this thing.
Tiat229 on 4/21/2018
Do not download they will send you spam email. I wasn’t getting these emails until I signed up with them.
Did not order; only did trial; slammed 4 $80
mikemikelrar on 4/20/2018
I did not order this. It automatically starts a paid subscription after the free trial. Two months later and still no refund. By the way Apple does not courtesy copy you on your correspondence when you use their required online form. It is two months later and I would still like my refund.
One star
Shandeelion on 4/19/2018
I’m trying to cancel my subscription and it keeps routing me back to the home page. I’ve done it 15 times and the same thing happens. I’m giving a bad review because of the runaround I am having With canceling my subscription. As for content, it’s alright. There’s better things out there that are free that my kids like a lot more than this app.
1week trial
trucker20132013 on 4/14/2018
1week free trial , why ask me to log in to my App Store , so if I forgot not to cancel I will get charged . No but no thank you
They will steal your money
A mom who feels robbed on 3/26/2018
Be aware, your trial starts the minute you download and they don’t notify you that your trial is ending and charge your account for a full year immediately. This has left our very tight budget family in a precarious situation. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.
This game
comoillian on 3/3/2018
This game is so cool for my child thank you for letting me have it
Eager for a challenge
parksburg on 2/11/2018
My kindergartener was asking for more challenging math and I wanted to see if he could really do it without my help so we gave this app a try. And Now He adores this app and i’m certain my kids going to be smarter than me very soon. Honestly if I could afford it, beyond the free trial, I’d be all over this. He loves the animation and only once did he get confused by the instructions, though being a kindergartner doing first grade questions might have had something to do that. But even as I sat and watched I enjoyed the style, the graphics, and the sounds. (Not annoying like most learning apps) Kudos on the app and when I finally find room in the budget we’ll be back.
This is not free!
maursen on 2/9/2018
You can only use it free for one week and that's after you enter your CC. Then you need to pay $79! You should not download this game, it's unacceptable
Evo8u24 on 2/7/2018
Good app for my son he’s learned allot but I was charged for a year subscription, I only chose the free trial time. And was charge 79.99 for a month! Horrible horrible. Very disappointed I was charged that amount for using the free trial period.
Kablewi2 on 1/27/2018
I got charged 80 bucks! Beware! Your trial period starts the minute you download this app and they will charge you with no warning if you don’t read all of the fine print! This app IS NOT FREE as it is advertised. It is anywhere from 30-80 dollars and there is NO FREE VERSION. If you download this you will be charged the highest price within three days UNLESS YOU CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION!!!! Having said that, my daughter liked it but because of the shady business practice we won’t ever use any of their products ever again. I cancelled my subscription. But they didn't cancel it for the present. They cancelled it for the end of the subscription term. And now they keep trying to take money. Not sure how I stop them at this point so I have cancelled my card and I guess I don't get to use the app store anymore.
Loving it!
wickedmonkey on 1/15/2018
Our daughter has had a little trouble in a couple areas at school. This app is saving our sanity! We are very pleased with how it matches up with he4 curriculum.
Sadly Not worth the download
Abbyjo! on 1/5/2018
This app looks really fun and cute but it takes longer to download the app than it does to play before it asks for a credit card.....
I love Grade 1 Math!!!
Chlolearner on 1/4/2018
Dear Grade 1 Math, I love the game or app and it's wonderful and please make a update for it. I love the prizes and would love to see more options for the rewards and if I were you, I'd add a part where you can add a nickname to the app that would call you Sincerely, Chloe
RCrivelli on 12/9/2017
It could be just my daughter but, this just doesn’t keep her interest for longer than 5 min. I feel like the steps are too repetitive. There should be multiple ways to teach the number line and what number comes next or before.
Splash math grade 1
Deyo3814 on 12/6/2017
I have seen my sons achievement levels double in the 3 months he has been using this app 45-60 minutes a week. The results were measurable being reflected in his mid term report card from school ! Well worth the $10 a month investment in my opinion even if your child is an Einstein. It keeps things fresh in their heads and always a step or two ahead of the class at school.
Excellent app!!
Lidiasep on 11/28/2017
My son has learned so much!! He is the best in math in his class. I strongly recommend this app for kids above 5y/o.
Asks for $
Tpo2 on 11/25/2017
This app asks for a $10 monthly subscription after only a couple minutes.
Great app for math
Londons mom on 11/22/2017
My daughter really enjoys learning and practicing her math skills. Such a wonderful app!
Sort of Amazing
SaraMae7272 on 11/12/2017
My 4 year old has learned a lot. He has done the first few levels of the Kindergarten and is acing most of it. Super impressed. He thinks it's fun and it's building his confidence because every time he gets one right it praises him and he thinks he's smart! (And he is) :-)
Needs to be free
tdog7893580 on 10/19/2017
My sister and me need help but we can't because it cost money on the way
Played for 5 minutes before it wants money
Shellycrisafulli on 10/18/2017
This app is terrible. It lets you play for just a few minutes before it wants a subscription and in my opinion as a teacher is not worth the amount of money for the cost. There are much better games and apps out there for lower subscription prices. I also think for teachers things like this should be free. My kids need extra practice, I'm already purchasing my own iPads for my classroom and now to add on the apps for them is costing me a fortune. This app isn't worth the subscription prices!
Mrz maiya on 10/18/2017
So far my kindergartener loves it. Great app so far.
Love it
..sad.mom.. on 10/18/2017
My daughter (5yrs) loves this app. She asks to play all the time. She is already doing some 1st and 2nd grade math, and has just started Kindergarten.
Love it! Examples would be nice though
TheWastedWiener on 10/12/2017
I would have given this site 5/5 except for the fact that no examples are even give so the child knows what is being asked of them. Typically if my daughter gets a couple wrong she comes to me for help understanding what she is doing wrong. I think an example would be helpful and possibly eliminate the errors my daughter makes in the first place. The report cards are an added bonus to see how she is doing every week. We love the variety of different math skills and look forward to utilizing this site. Thanks for such an awesome educational app.
My daughter loves Splash Math
Matrixkiwi on 10/9/2017
My 7 year old daughter enjoys playing on the iPad, she is more than happy to "play her splash math game" and the bonus is that she is learning. It helps her stay ahead of her class at school.
First grade math
jenessy7 on 10/9/2017
I am on level 3 for the money I love the game make more games hard to play and when you go to level 100 that's when you win the hole game.
Paid App - Just say that
Alive4Five on 10/9/2017
If the app isn't free just say that. It's irritating to waste time downloading when you're looking for something educational (in a hurry) to occupy your child, only to find you must enter credit card info.
Great learning game
Love Zombie addiction on 9/30/2017
I love math splash!
Love it
Saminat789 on 9/22/2017
Great app. My 5 and 7 year old love it!! Fun and very educational
cool math learning app!
Zfsu on 9/19/2017
We really enjoy it!
Great brain training
Kimmi Sue 69676869 on 9/14/2017
Refreshing on my math to keep my brain sharp
Good one
Jksetu on 9/12/2017
My kids are enjoying more and easy to use, good stuff
Very Great Learning Tool
Day 2 on 9/11/2017
We use it daily! My 4 almost 5 year old son has learned so much.
You need
JX Smile on 8/29/2017
You need put on information that this apps has a fee so people's know
Nigerian Diva on 8/26/2017
Can't play unless you want to pay $80/year for a subscription
Awesome work !
glich on 8/15/2017
My kids love the app
Great App
Kymmy Cupcakes on 8/15/2017
My daughter is 5. Her level is between Kindergarten and Level 1. I love the flexibility of moving between grades. Fabulous I receive an email, reminder for my daughter to practice. She loves gaining Gold stars.. her face lights up.. & she did it all by herself. My only comment is there are no certificates or explanations as to why the answer was incorrect! Apart from this.. Well worth it.. don't hesitate to get this app along with Splash maths .. (they give a certificate to child) m Thank you. Kym (Florida)
First graders love the program
HappyParentReview on 8/11/2017
My child is having fun while learning addition and subtraction skills. The program also keeps him engaged :)
You can't even use the app!
HashTagNatalie on 8/10/2017
You can't use the app unless you pay. And I mean you literally can't use any part of the game unless you pay. Useless and waste of my time. They say you have a free trial, but that is if you give them your credit card information. The free trial should be able to be used without any credit card information.
Good for different levels
Madbooker on 8/10/2017
I especially like how you can go down grade levels, and choose different levels of difficulty WITHIN each grade level.
one-crafty-mama on 8/3/2017
Don't bother downloading this app. You have to sign up for a monthly service in order to play. The app gives you one question in each category and once answered directs you to buy. I was hoping it was like other apps where you get a few things to play and then you pay to receive all the games. Nope! It was immediately deleted.
Hate update/app changed
MSmith9456 on 7/30/2017
I paid for 1st grade and 2nd Grade Splash (never us d 2nd grade app) math. I used 1st grade splash math in my classroom for several years. It is one of the few apps I'd spend $10 on! Now that I'm returning to 1st grade, I opened the app to add students and it is all changed, required email log in, and a monthly subscription. This isn't the app I us d before! I tried to see how to restore in-app purchases, but it didn't make sense! I'd give 5 stars if this was the app I used before. It was not the "summer" version before, either.
Excellent Program
Sicario2390! on 7/20/2017
For beginners!
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