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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
$4.99 Games 1.1.1 Nov 03, 2011 Oct 02, 2017 341.3 MB iOS 5.1.1 or later 9+
New in version 1.1.1

Fixed a rare launch issue.


“Stunningly well crafted with a compelling story, beautiful visuals and music, and hours upon hours of action-adventure, Aquaria provides patient gamers with an ocean of depth.”
—Susie Ochs, Mac | Life


Explore a massive underwater world, teeming with life and filled with secrets. Join Naija, a lonely and mysterious aquatic girl, as she explores the depths of Aquaria. As her story unravels, she’ll travel from hidden caves shrouded in darkness, to beautiful sunlit oases.

Control Naija with an intuitive touch screen interface. Use her singing ability to create your own music, affect nearby creatures, move pieces of the environment and even transform Naija into different beings. Combine ingredients harvested from the environment in the “cooking system” to create tasty items. Catch a ride on a seahorse or a giant turtle. Discover new costumes, treasures and hidden secrets. Challenge the ancient gods who lurk beneath the waves.

GIZMODO: "With handcrafted visuals and an ethereal soundtrack, Aquaria looks, feels and plays just like a gothic fairy-tale. And it’s not just a loving pastiche of the classic 2D games of yesteryear. Aquaria brings the genre bang up to date with a fresh concept and a unique control system." (Gaming App of the Day)

POCKETGAMER: "Aquaria is absolutely gorgeous, and filled with clever ideas and smart puzzles. Both a calming splash in the sea and a frantic fight against the elements, it's an essential iPad game." (Top 10 iOS Games, November 2011)

TOUCHARCADE: "a gorgeous and well-produced title with a sharp emphasis on world-building and character growth." (Best iOS Games, November 2011)

EDGE MAGAZINE: "Aquaria’s gloomy caverns are a delight to explore, and, a rarity for a modern Metroidvanias, the designers don’t constantly lead the way for you."

Will you journey to the land beyond the surface and brave the dark sinister waters below? Will you defeat the ancient beings of Aquaria or fall prey to them? Will you find a companion or wander the waters of Aquaria alone?

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Just Beautiful. Please fix the controls and volume
Fabulous freaks on 1/27/2018
If you love retro games, this is for you. Incredible art, storyline and music. If i had more time, I’d play this more and more!! However, the most recent update broke my sound and the virtual joystick is confusing. I could probably live with the virtual joystick, but no sound hurts the experience. Maybe a reinstall could fix this, but I’d lose my progress. Please save progress in the cloud...
Change the controls back
Datura83 on 12/29/2017
Please change the controls back
played years ago, it still haunts (in a good way)
Faythstorm on 11/13/2017
This game is still one of my top 10 games of all time. I still think of the levels and especially the music. The atmosphere is immersive and I love that it's still being maintained. Thank you for such an amazing game.
A mermaidvania to dive into
Evan Balster on 11/1/2017
I adore this game. Though the original was developed 10 years ago, it feels like it was made for iPad. With a huge underwater world to explore, an excellent soundtrack and a dramatic story, it’s easily one of the most fulfilling gaming experiences I’ve had on iOS.
great game worth more than the $5 price tag.
higherground37 on 10/4/2017
can't thank the developers enough for their continuing support for this app close to 6 years after it was originally released - still one of my favorite games on any platform, and worth at least ten times the price. i've just played it through to the end with my horipad ultimate mfi-controller and the experience is even better (and a bit easier in some parts) than before with just the touchscreen.
64 bit
XLjc078 on 9/22/2017
Thanks for 64 bit update and IOS 11 compatibility!!!
64 Bits Of Goodness!
Ubisububi on 9/22/2017
Seeing this App updated for iOS 11 made me squee. I was so sorry to see it go, and am relieved that it’s back from the grave. Now if only “Forget-Me-Not” and “Rally-X” would make the cut...
An essential metroidvania
Johannpi on 8/9/2017
This is one of the best metroidvania games I've ever played with an utterly unique aesthetic and mood. There is likely no better such kind of game on ios
CCCee on 1/22/2016
Another one. For those of you with the iOS 9+ Game Center bug....where Game Center doesn't work....this is another game that won't load for you.
Redrioja on 8/6/2015
I had my eye on it for a while, and now that it was on sale, I got it right away. Apart from no sense of what I actually should do, NOT having the option of a D-Pad makes this game absolutely unplayable for me. Having to drag my finger all around the screen at all times is one of the bigges no-nos. Despite the mostly good reviews, a total FAIL as far as I am concerned. Wasted money is all that it is.
Beautiful and challenging. A work of Art
Ratman1986 on 6/22/2015
Updated review: about a year later I decided to re-download this title and start from the beginning. I am very glad I did. The story is engaging, gameplay exciting, and graphics are beautiful. My original review complained about getting lost - that remains true and using a walkthrough online is nearly essential at certain points. Even with that said - this game is a masterpiece and a work of art. Recently learned this was made by TWO people. David And Alec created nearly everything. Simply stunning. Wish more iOS games were like this. Original review: I love this game, simply put. However, I've owned it for 6 months and frequently get stuck and stop playing for weeks. When I pick the game back up it is nearly impossible to remember where you have been or where you need to go next. The story doesn't lead you like many games and each new area provides a new challenge that may not be clear. Be prepared to frequently search the web for help.
Gganaumis on 5/8/2015
Simply beautiful.
Monstar98 on 1/19/2015
Aquaria is a hidden gem of a game. Combining its atmosphere with its stellar soundtrack, the story of Naija is an experience you will find yourself fully immersed in (pun intended). But what does the future hold for Aquaria? While the game hasn't received any major updates in more recent years, and no plans for further updates in sight, it would seem that this beautiful work of art has been long forgotten. Regardless, if you love wonderful music, side-scrollers, exploration, adventure, story-rich games (or just video games in general), then you'll ADORE Aquaria!
GShendrix on 8/9/2014
This game is the best game I have ever played!I have never been a gamer , but this game has me hooked!This game is very soothing , fun , tricky , and creative.I highly recommend this.
Best game ever
ffejdnaaras on 8/2/2014
This was hard to put down. Only wish someday could be a sequel.
The best game I have ever played after 2 years with iPad
Charlotte Y 1968 on 7/10/2014
This game is engrossing, challenging and beautiful. Visuals and music included. Do not try to beat this game before you fully explore and enjoy it. There is an astounding amount of ground to cover. Take your time. Enjoy. I hope for a sequel. Thank you bit blot. by the way... iPad controls are fine, just practice a little! I have not found a better game than this one. Everything else is boring compared to Aquaria. Still haven't beaten that seahorse race!
Chmac84 on 2/13/2014
So incredibly glad that I came across this game. Not sure why this game isn't all over the AppStore like editors choice and what not. Quite possibly the greatest game I have ever played. Yet Apple is trying to shove dungeon keeper and all that other bs down my throat. Buy this game and be thankful u did.
Best game I've ever played
Cozmik9 on 1/14/2014
This game is well worth $4.99. Massive underworld world is a severe understatement. Highly engaging storyline, great scenery and challenges. All around great game. I will be sad when it ends.
The best game I've ever played on my iPad!
Hoolia311 on 1/13/2014
This is a stunningly beautiful and engrossing game! The controls do take a little getting used to but with the hours and weeks of play this game has you will master the controls in no time! The only problem is I'm hard pressed to find another game that even comes close to this one! I've played it twice and will, no doubt. Play it through again and again!
Rlrieling on 12/28/2013
I love this game. The story telling, art and controls are great. My only complaint is that it took me 2 hours to play then I pretty much played the whole game through.
Buy this game
Cats768 on 12/27/2013
My last review was not very well written, so I am redoing it. This game is absolutely remarkable! The animation, music, story, design, sounds, and size of the game are miraculous. This game does not need anything...except a sequel. Please, please, please make a sequel. I am assuming that you are working on it because at the end of this one it said "to be continued" and it would be very disappointing if the storyline were not continued. I also hope that if there is a sequel, that it will be at least as good as the original. If someone is reading this, BUY THIS GAME. IT IS AWESOME. P.S. To those of you who think the controls are bad, deal with it. They are fine.
A protagonist who isn't a female cliche? Huh?
Oranges or Else on 12/11/2013
The fact that the protagonist is a human being rather then "a strange species called female" is amazing. The creators didn't set out to make a video game for a certain demographic (usually male adolescents). They set out to make a beautiful, lonely, atmospheric game. The reason that the protagonist, Najia, is female is simple, they needed a vulnerability in the hero. Society is uncomfortable with that coming from a male so Najia is female. So many female video game protagonists are "strong, but 2 dimensional woman" or "good lord those aren't clothes" or "basketball chest anatomy" or (my favorite) "this is how females think right?" This is a breath of fresh air. To wrap this up, I'll repeat what everyone else has written. Because it's true. This game has gorgeous art. And a compelling story, I didn't want to stop playing it so I could find out what happens next.
Tara Uptala on 10/23/2013
This game been good from the get. Continues to b a fav. Try it
Jud123 on 10/22/2013
Well this game looks like it had the potential to be mildly amusing. But unfortunately, in order to play, you must have both palms fully extended on the screen, so you can't really see what's going. Cool! Did I win? I don't know.
Beautiful new world - now on your iPad
MistySlate on 6/20/2013
I really loved aquaria as soon as I saw it - it was beautiful, mysterious and fun game. So I was totally delighted to see it coming to iPad, and now I enjoy the ability to swim around the kelp forest while on the move.
Myowngirl42 on 5/17/2013
A tremendous amount of clever, quirky artistry went into this game. The theme is sweet yet macabre: the persistence of goodness in an intricately created robotic society plagued by entropy. Discovering this game is like rereading In The Night Kitchen as an adult: it's greater than the sum of its parts and worth every penny. Considering the amount of time and effort that must have gone into this gem I'm not expecting Machinarium II in the near future. That being said, I advise taking your time with it and avoid any cheating. The mini-puzzles are fun and appropriate to the task at hand, and even consulting the guidebook is an adventure in itself.
myst515 on 4/19/2013
Ambient Music, Graphics, Gameplay, this is awesome! Well worth the price, and thanks to the devs as we'll as other PC developers that port their work to iOS for us to enjoy.
I really enjoyed this game
_leftcoaster on 4/12/2013
Engrossing, challenging, and fun.
Absolutely Beautiful
Ayarii on 3/29/2013
This game is amazing. Great graphics, great story line, and great music. There is much to explore and discover in this game and everyone should enjoy it as much as they can before beating the game. I am looking forward for a second game, but this game was great and I am very glad I decided to play it.
Amazing for all the senses!
RelaxJack on 3/5/2013
Wonderful graphics, great gameplay, great for new and experienced gamers alike. It's a long way from pong on my old Atari to this on my new iPad and this is one of those times I LOVE technological advancement. A pleasure for the eyes and ears and easily manipulated with a touchscreen. Wonderful. 4stars!!!
Cvb177 on 2/26/2013
Gorgeous visuals, engaging, interesting plot, lengthy gameplay, a huge world with individually unique areas, beautiful sound and music. Like Ecco mixed w Metroid, it has a throwback to great platformers, super nintendo style, mixed with the gorgeous atmospheric and sound effects current consoles offer. so fun and I love Naija! Hooray for games with metamorphisizing goodies
Sellerofpurple00 on 2/18/2013
Fun, but I prefer traditional adventure games.
Perfectly amazing
oops exchange option on 2/11/2013
My husband bought this game for me for a across country car trip. Unfortunately I never could get into it on the trip. But after we got home I started it, and couldn't put it down. Absolutely the best game I have ever played for IPad 2 If you play it you will fall in <3! (:
Unexpected gem
emily78name on 2/5/2013
So I went looking for a great puzzle game and stumbled upon this. I wasn't too sure about it at first. Little did I know what was in store. There are so many different elements to this game it's unreal. Highly recommend.
Awesome game
Czest on 1/5/2013
I wish to get second part, it's great game.
Wonderful and gorgeous game
Emzchen83 on 1/1/2013
Still find myself shocked at the ending cutscene. A wonderful and engaging storyline and I didn't find the controls hard at all...just play the game either on a flat surface or with a smartcover propped up. It has unique controls with an interesting power up and ability system, huge world to explore, unique puzzles, nonlinear gameplay, and a wonderful interactivity with the environment. A must have!
Bad controls
Chizzl1 on 12/30/2012
Like others have said this game is really good, but the controls for ipad make it unplayable. Playing the game is like a workout for your hands. I'd say get the pc version instead.
DemonRat on 12/4/2012
Aquaria is probably one of the best games I have ever played on an iPad. The storyline is engrossing, well thought out, and long enough that it would have easily been worthy of a novel. The art is beautifully surreal, dozens of imaginative creatures swim through the water and offer a myriad of challenges to the player. The shear size of the world you have to explore is breathtaking and well worth exploring. Even at the end the game doesn't fail to amaze, I spent the last ten minutes of the game slack-jawed as every little nuance of the story came crashing into place, leaving me with the desire to return to the beginning so I could experience it with a new perspective. I don't have a problem with the controls like some of the other reviewers but I do see how they could be considered cumbersome. After playing on an iPod Touch for several years however, just about everything done on the iPad's screen feels easy.
Beautiful and engrossing.
OhCanaduh on 12/1/2012
I fell head over heels for this game. So much fun to play. So many "puzzles" and areas to search. Love the gradual character modifications to make arduous tasks (such as swimming from distance to distance) a pleasure. Well thought out, captivating, and completely immersive. This is one buy an adventure puzzler lover won't regret buying.
Beautiful and compelling
Kendersnitch on 9/15/2012
I found about this game when the soundtrack popped up on a torrent site. After checking out reviews onYoutube, I resolved not to pirate the game, but actually buy it. It seemed too original and well crafted to disrespect by stealing. I was right! It is reminiscent of Metroid and The GBA Castlevania games, but it is much more than a cut-and-paste job. The game beats with a real and sensitive heart. From the delicate soundtrack, to the hand drawn backgrounds, to Naija's lovely voice, the game overflows with meticulous care in its design. Each new area discovered is a joy to explore. Each boss is tougher and more frightening than the last. Each new ability is deepens your game experience. I cannot recommend this game enough. It is worth twice the price!
Great game, controls are awful
AkkiH on 8/1/2012
The controls are awful. I feel like I'm flailing around in boss fights and need a couple extra hands. Half the time my arm is blocking the screen. I'm doing cirque du solei moves just to play the game!
Masacre_As_hell on 7/31/2012
Fantastic zelda like adventure game. Great soundtrack, visuals, boss fights temples, hours of play, playing songs, cooking meals, finding secrets. Amazing game
Action-RPG beauty
Rexfelum on 7/29/2012
Aquaria is a deep and rewarding game made of hand-drawn art, rich music, and emotional storytelling. It's an action-RPG in the style of classic Metroid and Castlevania, but it emphasizes exploration over violence: this is a complex world with a variety of life, not all of which is hostile, and your primary means of interaction is song. The majority of your power-ups are there to keep you alive and help you solve puzzles, keeping the pace (mostly) non-hectic and freeing you to just enjoy playing. And then, when there are big battles, each boss fight itself demands puzzle-solving under fire. The game is incredibly engaging whether you're playing with cute sea creatures, fighting for your life, or just singing along to the background music. Whichever system you have, I can only recommend its purchase. And recommend you play somewhere quiet and calm.
Metroidvania Undersea Excellence
Lothair on 7/26/2012
Think Metroidvania (Google it) in terms of exploration and progression, but set in an attractive and unique underwater environment.
Should come pre-installed on IPad
Mdfd77 on 7/14/2012
This is THE best game on IPad by far. No need to repeat what others have already said about this great game. Consider me impressed!
Getting Matches on 7/6/2012
Huge, engrossing, and excellently balanced. Universally smart aesthetics and attitude, just terrific in every respect.
Wowed me
Laurami on 5/14/2012
I don't care for most games because they just don't seem to add up to much after all the time you put in. This is the only one I've played where I actually cared about the story. It's not too combat-heavy, which can get boring. And it's gorgeous and just so VAST. I kept thinking I'd come to the end of beautiful things to explore and suddenly there would be a whole new amazing area. Truly epic. I immediately started it over again the moment I was done. I wish they'd make more like it.
Massive is an understatement
VirginiaVetMom on 5/11/2012
I don't know how I missed this game before, both the PC version and now this. I'm so glad I found it, though. It's beautiful, with so many areas to explore I can't even believe it, and I know I have some more to discover once I figure out a couple more skills. This is by far THE best iPad game I've installed. And I have some of the best out there. There's a pretty good forum at the developer site, too, for when you get stuck. And you will get stuck. Only complaint--controlling your character requires you to cover the screen with your hand quite a bit. Wish there were a joystick type control, so I could just enjoy the scenery more. Wonderful art and so many different types of sea life.
Stunning, unexpected beauty
FlyingPoliceBox on 5/2/2012
The soundtrack is reason enough to purchase this App. The controls are solid and the visuals are sharp and fluid on the 3rd generation iPad but the soundtrack is what makes this one of my top purchases on the iPad. You will not be disappointed. On a side note, use headphones. There are certain instruments and lows you will miss out on if you only listen through the iPad speaker and you will miss out on truly one of the best game soundtracks out there. Enjoy :)
Pak Vongsay on 5/1/2012
Awesome game, what are you waiting for? GET IT
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