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Whirl through artCircles™ to discover art you love in a brand new way. Simply select a color, theme, or room type from the spinnable selection wheel, let your fingers wander across a palette of curated art, and find your new favorites — from classic masterpieces to contemporary prints. Browse popular art, create and share galleries with friends, and let's Inspiring Insiders fill you with ideas on how to decorate with art at home. The framing feature even lets you customize and buy framed artworks directly from your iPad!

More fun features:
• View community favorites with the flick of a wrist
• Share art you love with more ease than ever
• Explore and shop by room type
• Follow your friends

Download artCircles™ today to reinvent the way you discover, experience, and share the art you love.
App Store awards include: Featured Fine Art App (2013), Top 10 Essential Apps (2013), App of the Week (2012), #1 Lifestyle App (2012), #1 What's Hot App (2012), and Editors' Choice (2012).

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Artruisms on 3/2/2017
I like the way you can hang it in a room and take a photo. Anybody know a program or app for that?
Just what I need
Relaxed Mike on 11/26/2016
Inspiring to this budding artist.
Best app to have forever
Highcats on 9/20/2016
One of the first apps I got when getting my iPad 5yrs ago. App refreshes with new art constantly. Totally love it.
Easy to search art
SimpleArtLover on 8/16/2016
Chanced upon this slick app to explore art. Various prearranged themes made it easy to explore art. I came across products that I would not have browsed to otherwise. Circles made it easy to browse and navigate. Interesting concept.
Tremendous resource and source of information
Spacejpl on 1/19/2016
As an artist and teacher this app is truly wonderful for me. Whether I am looking for inspiration or the history behind concepts and certain pieces, this app provides it all. If you want to buy a piece, you can usually frame it beforehand in your room via your camera and the app and there you go. If you love art, the history, the colors, the artists themselves and what it does for us, then definitely check this app out. You won't regret it.
Can't save
Whatever713. on 9/15/2015
Would be a great app, except whenever I try to save, I get an "error saving" message.
Makes browsing and buying art easy.
Funding north's college on 7/23/2014
:) great app, it really helps search for and discover new art.
Most galleries inaccessible
Zagnew18 on 5/17/2014
Was great when I first downloaded, now 80% of the galleries just give me an error message when I try to load them: Unable to load gallery. Can't view the art I want to see, uninstalled.
aniasf on 5/13/2014
Lots of beautiful art to discover by movement, style makers, color, or my Facebook friends.
Art Appreciation
wolfinblaze on 5/11/2014
This is an absolutely wonderful application. Learning about and experiencing art has never been more enjoyable!
Wow. Big update.
aquaosx on 5/9/2014
Love the new look. Very cool!
Art circles makes me happy
Barbara Fahey on 3/17/2014
I enjoy looking at the art. It is very relaxing. Also by viewing the very large selection of images I am learning and seeing new and different pictures. Sometimes this can be a way to become inspired to make my own art. Art circles is like having a muse to amuse me. The immense variety of art and the way that it is organized is another thing that I appreciate having and taking the time to use art circles.
Neat App!
Abolina on 1/22/2014
Really nice interface. I'm an art lover and an app developer and I gotta say, great job.
Quite fun
The Pianimal on 1/7/2014
I'd love to see more circles, but this is an educational and fun app. Would be great if it was searchable by artist.
Picture Perfect
Belora on 12/17/2013
I love this app with its wide variety of art works which include photographs as well as paintings. It is possible to find works grouped by color, artists, themes, genres, etc. Because of the way art works are grouped, it is helpful in making informed decisions when decorating your living or working space. While it is possible to purchase framed reproductions of great art works for your home or office, this app can be used just to view quality reproductions of fine art. I must confess that is how I use the app.
Great idea, however...
tinker, tenor, doctor, spy on 11/10/2013
Practical application is, alas far from shining brilliant. Needs work, more variety to add, information on how to find places there these works can be viewed -locations/museum hours; history of the art-piece itself, and perhaps more social interactions, finding common souls and such...
saveedjavier on 9/13/2013
If you are interested in art at all, this app is definitely a must; it has really helped me to enjoy art in a very practical way.
Amo esse app
ericcampos on 9/11/2013
I love this app
sam3451878 on 9/11/2013
Great pictures
Anoyaro on 9/7/2013
I absolutely love the interface, as well as the pictures. I really like the way this app works.
Thirdstheword on 8/23/2013
Only wish there was a primary teacher version, meaning one that omits nudity. The human body is wonderfully portrayed in the artwork but not all parents are supportive of their children being shown this at school. Use this resource wisely, because it is a must have app.
Big Mike 999 on 8/21/2013
It's fun and very Zen to randomly go through the art circles according to your mood.
Nia Fox on 8/10/2013
This is a stunning app. A must have app for Art lovers.
Mind blowing!
smacktalk fan on 8/7/2013
What a great idea! It's very well executed. It's a MUST HAVE as far as I'm concerned
Love it
Basia_33063 on 8/2/2013
I really enjoy this app. When I need inspiration, this is where I look.
Lots of food for thought
Sledgehammer392 on 7/28/2013
Great place to go for ideas or just to browse.
Panda juice on 7/21/2013
Great app, although it has shut down a couple of times. Overall, awesome app though.
Xpressman on 7/20/2013
Great app
Mermilla on 7/19/2013
This APP has a glitch and kicks you out if you tap on some circles. It also hangs up. I had to delete and reinstall, but still hangs up
Really nice
Art obsessed on 7/18/2013
I really like this app. It has a beautiful design and is very interactive and fun. Being a designer myself, it is great to have an app with the art and its history. The work is very inspiring. It does has shut off the first time I tried to select a circle. Overall, a great app and very informative.
Art Circle
Epford on 7/9/2013
Great Art at my fingertips. twenty years ago we would not have had such easy access to this Art.
Keeps crashing
Europria on 6/7/2013
So unstable it is nearly impossible to use it without crashing
Ghramkraca on 6/7/2013
Have a 3rd generation iPad and it keeps crashing :(
Art Circles
Lellion on 5/28/2013
Great app- can't wait for more circles! Love having a collection of my own.
So great!
Bssmile on 5/16/2013
It is so great app, and I have learned a lot about art. It make me to have interesting. I've never seen this wonderful app.
Love This App!
ZipDog on 5/13/2013
I have never had a problem in this application...since it was released. I keep coming back!
I like
Humando on 5/5/2013
The only things I don't like are, 1st, it has a tendency to freeze up. 2nd, there are never any new circles. Otherwise, I love it.
Art Circles are amazing
Ph0to man on 4/30/2013
If you like art this app is a must have !!
Wonderful pictures
joan sutherland on 4/28/2013
Wish I took pictures as goof as these
LisaR54 on 4/26/2013
As an artist I enjoy looking at art circle for inspiration.
Artfully artistic app!
Jaxean on 4/26/2013
I love this art gallery, you can browse lots of HD great art of all sorts. If you love art then this lovely app is for you.
Art viewer80 on 4/25/2013
Artwork is amazing and vibrant
Maukey on 4/16/2013
This app is so easy to use and well organized. The content is beautiful and inspirational.
Good art app but I hate the crushing of this app
CHighlander on 4/14/2013
I just like the art inspiration from this gives u lots of ideas.. can't stay for 1minute on an ipad with retina crushes like am I supposed to appreciate this app when it keeps crushing?
Love this app!
Lovesbookscats on 4/10/2013
One of my very favorite apps! Beautifully done!
Great app!
Crafty artsy mom on 3/27/2013
We just love it!
Great Ap!
CB in Cleveland on 3/22/2013
I really enjoy this app of various depictions of art. I am a non-artist currently taking a painting class and needed both ideas and models to try my hand at. In addition, I also just enjoyed viewing collections designed to make me feel joy & happiness. I had fun building my own collection, from which I think I can use as a wall for my screen display. Great fun!
Like it but buggy
KateCM on 3/22/2013
Updates say they are installing and installing and installing but it never installs leaving a red number 1 under my apps icon perpetually saying it needs to be updated. Very annoying. Tried deleting the app to reinstall...still shows up in the update list eternally and says "installing" hope I can get some help here.
arkuncaitis on 3/14/2013
Contains great images to provide you with constant inspiration, however login with Facebook does not work and I am unable to save favorites to view later... Please fix!
Great app
DanaJoMahjong on 2/28/2013
This is a great app, whether I'm just cruisin' for enjoyment or studying more closely. Re the latter, the art is so crystal clear on my iPad, I feel like I'm looking at some of the pieces for the first time. In any case I can appreciate details and technique.
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