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The addictive power of Mahjong, multiplied by 1001!
Containing 1001 unique Mahjong stacks in one, beautifully crafted package, wrapped together with 8 slick themes, over 40 lovely backgrounds and 5 extraordinary tile sets this is a stunning Mahjong package.

Press Quotes:
- "A puzzle lover's paradise." — AppAdvice

- "There's hours upon hours of fun to be had and I can see it being a long term favorite for Mahjong fans." — 148Apps

- "1001 Ultimate Mahjong is one of the highest quality Mahjong titles I have seen." — Family Friendly Gaming

- "... it is really as good as it can get." — Internet Gumshoe

Inspired by Mahjong fans from all around the world and their experiences during this century, this is the definitive Mahjong Solitaire experience. You’ll never need another Mahjong game on your device!

Key Features:
• 1001 stacks within 11 different categories.
• Refined user interface makes it as easy and intuitive as it could be.
• Customization options to tune the game into your individual Mahjong experience.
• 8 varied themes mean there is something for every taste.
• Over 40 beautiful backgrounds.
• 5 different tile sets ranging from classical to crazy ones.
• Play your own music in the game!

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Game disappears if the app is closed
Angstrom03 on 2/16/2018
A game in progress is lost if I exit the application.
Enjoyed and Amazing
Toom 10 2 on 2/13/2018
I am not bored play games. I need more mahjong than 1001. Do you make create 2002 mahjong.
Gamonboy on 2/11/2018
Fun, just learning the game Great game
Mahjong game
Mellbell78 on 2/11/2018
I love playing mahjong, however I for some reason did not enjoy this version.
1001 Mahjong
Orangecirclesu on 2/10/2018
Love to play this game. I changed it so instead of the traditional tiles, my family is now familiar with flags of the world. Some irritating factors others have expressed, but not bad enough that I would stop playing.
Cash Grab Junk
Texas Hum on 2/8/2018
So many fake reviews... Constant ads and forced to watch videos of other games. Too many other legitimate Mahjong games to play instead of this garbage.
Beautiful addictive game to play
Trebbleshooter on 2/6/2018
Beautiful addictive game to play. When you get down to no moves the tiles scramble automatically. Does not leave you stranded.
Excellent Mahjongg game
BobbieMcN on 2/4/2018
I’ve tried several versions of Mahjongg and like this one best. It tracks my scores so I can go back later and try to beat all my previous scores. Just a straight-up game. Excellent.
Get more videos on 1/31/2018
I too don't like all the ads, but it's a free game folks. This is probably my favorite mahjong game. And since the crashing between games was fixed, I can play it again. Update: I read here that the ads add half a minute to our times. I hadn't noticed since I've already set my best times; but I did notice that my times were lousy!
Queen aunt on 1/31/2018
I love this game.It is different every time you play.
Honey Pie 70 on 1/29/2018
I love this game it is awesome.
Great Games. I love them
Min. Abb on 1/29/2018
Great game
Iceman121147 on 1/28/2018
Fun and challenging
Too many ads
SnowflakeX8 on 1/25/2018
I like the game, but the free version has an inordinate amount of ads. The ones that pop up at the beginning of a puzzle actually happen “on the clock” so by the time you actually starting solving one, you are 30 seconds in. I like to beat my times and I quitting because I hate starting late. To the developers I say, make the ads NOT affect game play.
Awesome game!!!!!
Aquitaine77 on 1/24/2018
Love this game!!!
Pine Island Girl on 1/23/2018
The time in the puzzle starts before the advertisement is done
New Player
Spockspore on 1/22/2018
I have only recently begun playing this particular game, and I enjoy it very much! I do have a bit of trouble making out the tiles, but I believe that to be my problem.
Best Mahjong game I’ve ever played! Great ♊️❇️🇺🇿🤑
zippytroll on 1/20/2018
Best Mahjong game I’ve played!👍
Good game. Awful videos to suffer thru before you can play
Swimmyfluffyunicorn on 1/18/2018
Great game
Gpvgv on 1/17/2018
I've played this game for a long time and it remains one of my favorites. Never crashes.
You pay for play and still endure stupid adds
Adult 21 on 1/15/2018
You have to buy a module to play a timed game. you spend 40 seconds watching adds very bad.
Fun and Addictive
Sushicat's Mom on 1/14/2018
Challenging game helps keep my brain active! I keep trying to beat my own times...and it's tough! Highly recommend!
A favorite of mine
Dixie x 2 on 1/9/2018
Always enjoy Mahjong tile. Helps to keep my mind active.
bobra739 on 1/8/2018
Would be really nice to have new options at least once a month! Variety is the spice of life!! Thanks
MJR571 on 1/6/2018
The game is fun but each level requires you to watch an ad. I don’t mind watching the ads but the 30-40 seconds spent watching the ads is tacked on to the players game time.
Too many app ads
Cdubjags on 1/5/2018
I enjoy the puzzle challenges. But, the constant app ads every time I play a new puzzle, even one already unlocked, is extremely annoying. I frequently stop playing because I'm tired of having to watch another ad, and sometimes even two ads, for an app game I don't want. I don't mind watching them to get a new puzzle level. But, every new puzzle I start is ridiculous.
Kidnap at opera on 1/1/2018
Very addicting trying to beat your own scores. Love the various types of tile designs. Fun, addicting. Like the different shapes to choose from.
Bought and doesn’t work
BiggGgggerrrd on 12/31/2017
Bought this app and then the recent updates it doesn’t work. Fix this please!
Deb-jinxy on 12/30/2017
Fun. Good way to pass time
The best game. I like it
yquintero on 12/29/2017
The best game
TheFish0213 on 12/27/2017
Nice graphics(the colors). I like the way it sparkles when you touch a tile. Great variety of boards.
Mr M
Ginn44 on 12/27/2017
Challenging and excellent
1001 Mahjong
csp821 on 12/27/2017
This is my "go to" app to play, relax & enjoy! I played the real mah jong for several years & I do enjoy this app! And, nothing has changed since I wrote the preceding sentence! This remains my favorite app of all!!
Enjoyable Game!
PhotoartAnn on 12/26/2017
Very challenging and I enjoy playing it! Love all the different levels!
Bigmo62 on 12/24/2017
I had no issues and I really racing the clock
Can't get enough
2330jump on 12/22/2017
I play this game everyday after work to help me relax. I enjoy this game.
My favorite game
Ssamples on 12/22/2017
I have been playing this game for several years. It's one of the ways that I keep track of my brain function. Fantastic!
NanaB9903 on 12/21/2017
Love this...think I'm addicted!
Miriam3001 on 12/18/2017
Love this game it straight simple mahjong no bells and whistles, no in game purchases (thank god). Wish they would add some new boards as I've played all the originals at least twice.
iPad games
blondi 4 on 12/16/2017
I enjoy playing all the free games on my iPad.
Create Challenges!
BartandLisa on 12/8/2017
So many puzzles...beat your time on each.
Love this!
Lady Kae 60 on 12/8/2017
Purchased the entire game and has so many you can play for years
I enjoy the game disabled good past time
Tabs 3910 on 12/7/2017
I enjoy the game,I am Disabled, it is good past time. Thanks
I love this game. It is so much fun.”
8 cookie on 12/6/2017
This game has so many boards to choose from and a lot of game. You will love the large verity an ease to see a matching pair. 😂🤣
Great version except.....
MsWiz on 12/3/2017
That there are too many adds. I don’t mind the ads you watch to go to a new game, but then you have to watch a second one before you can play. Very irritating. Other than that I like the mahjong patterns and variety.
btcap on 12/3/2017
Like the traditional style and to be able to light available tiles.verrygood
Good but glitchy
The Talking Mongoose on 12/2/2017
I'd give this 5 stars were it not for the maddening glitches with start-up. Well over half the time, the ads won't go away, or I'm thrown out. I really like the fact that this mahjong version is harder than many, but it is so infuriating I may give up. And really - letting the game timer start running while the second repeat ad is on? Pft.
It’s ok
Dreddfan on 11/30/2017
The game was a lot more fun before they made you watch an ad prior to each game.
Free stacks
bjb1313 on 11/29/2017
You offered me the opportunity to watch the short video and then you will open a stack and I wouldn’t have to pay for it. There was no stack opened or offered. I did end up paying 99 change to get rid of all ads.
The Best
Witikind on 11/27/2017
This is the best Mahjong game out there. There was another one that I liked better, but the maker didn’t fix it for the new iOS.
Fact Sheet
  • Publisher: NAWIA GAMES Sp. z o.o.
  • Category: Games
  • Released: Feb 02, 2012
  • Current Version Released: Dec 21, 2017
  • Version: 3.4
  • Size: 75.4 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Game Center Certified: No
  • Supported Languages: English;