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This app was last updated on: Aug 16, 2017
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New in version 17

- We’ve added delightful touches to make your Ink Card experience even better
- We’ve also redesigned the side navigation

We're always trying to improve Ink Cards and to make it easier for people to connect with their loved ones and friends all over the world. It's because of people like you that we can do what we do - if you had a great experience with Ink Cards, please consider giving us a review.


Turn your photos into beautiful personalized cards for only $1.99, includes FREE shipping! We Sincerely Guarantee it!

*Featured in the AppStore for Making Family Memories and Photo Projects*
*Rated Best Photo Quality by Digital Photography Review*

Mail REAL one-of-a-kind cards without a trip to the store! Create and send cards straight from your iPhone or iPad to your lucky recipient’s mailbox. For a more personalized touch, add an embossed envelope and upgrade to thicker matte card. You can also ship a pack of personalized cards to yourself—which is great for holiday and thank you cards.

Perfect for any occasion:
- Thank Yous
- Birthdays
- Weddings
- Graduations
- Travel
- Holidays
- Grandparents
- Babies
- Invitations
- Anniversary & Love
- Thinking of You
- Get Well Soon
- Congratulations
- Christmas

Ink Cards are printed on thick, glossy 5x7-inch card stock - in other words, these are high quality prints on high quality paper. Each card starts at $1.99 (including postage!) - buy discounted credit packages within the app to save even more. Upgrade to premium to mail your card in an envelope with a thicker matte card. Purchase with Apple Pay or scan your credit card at checkout.

You create, we deliver:
- Cards are delivered to the U.S. and Canada in 3-8 business days, and to anywhere else in the world in two to three weeks.
- Card packs can only be delivered within the U.S.
- Receive email and push notifications to know when your card has been ordered and shipped.
- 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If your card gets lost, damaged, or somehow leaves you less-than-wowed, we will send another or return your money.

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Wordzplayzer on 8/16/2017
Great app. Great card designs. Easy to send cards to love ones.
Great...when it works. What's changed?!?
Scrappleby on 8/16/2017
This summer I have sent several cards and have experienced three of the five cards not being received. The cards are time-sensitive. I've used this app for a long time with no issues. But this summer has been awful. Is it time for me to move on? P. S. I've paid for the cards and if they can't be delivered when I requested for the second time - please refund my money!
Great idea and good execution
Littletasha on 8/15/2017
I love sending cards to people but don't always have time. The ability to advance send cards for special or specific events, to send multiple cards for an event and to add your own pics is AWESOME!! I've been using it for years with positive results. Even when cards get lost due to bad addresses the team is super helpful
Kyrakap on 8/14/2017
Love this app and how easy and affordable it is to share memories and thank yous So quickly! Regular shipping usually Takes 5 days, but you can get faster shipping.
Great site!
Flowersforyou on 8/14/2017
Works well with pictures on your phone. Easy to make and send cards and reasonably priced!
Love this app!!
Nlgbeck on 8/14/2017
I am an amateur photographer. I use this app EVERY time to send out a 'sneak peak'/Thank You to clients. I have had no problems and all postcards have arrived. Love it!
Wonderful app
Shelly8137 on 8/14/2017
I love this app. I am able to quickly send friends and family postcards with pictures from my camera roll. I have been very pleased with the paper and printing quality. Every postcard I have ordered has arrived on time. I am a very satisfied customer!
Terrible service
Tracyyyyyyyy817 on 8/11/2017
Do not download this app! I ordered a card over 2 months ago and it still hasn't arrived. I contacted the support team 3 weeks after it was supposed to be delivered, and they said they would fix the issue. I asked them to expedite my card and then send me confirmation but I never heard back. Two months later I reached out to them again because it still has not arrived. I assumed delivering cards on time ( or at all) would be one of their top priorities since cards are usually sent because of a special occasion tied to a specific date? I wish I would have taken the other negative reviews seriously 😩
My family adores the cards I send!
KraftyKitty085 on 8/9/2017
They have the cutest card designs at very reasonable prices. Great selection of birthday and holiday cards! Quick tip: you can send just one card to that someone special
Beautiful card designs!
Achen19897 on 8/9/2017
I love all the card designs!! 💯 super easy to choose a card, add photo and message, and send a card! All for only $1.99 too 😊
I love it
Sandripida on 8/9/2017
Is the best!!!
Don't do it!
Mariposacafe on 8/8/2017
It let me send one card. One. Every time since it will not work. Let's me create the card but when you go to complete the transaction it says error every time. Waste of time! Too many other smooth working card apps out there to mess with this one!
Love this app!
Muckmania on 8/7/2017
This is one of my new favorites!! We have family overseas and across the state so this is a great way to send pictures of their favorite little one!! I would like some more variety in editing the cards (font changes, editing text, etc) but as a whole, they are a huge hit with family and the delivery time has been great (even internationally!) thanks so much for a great way to send mail to loved ones!!
So far so good...
Livingashera on 8/5/2017
So far everybody I've sent a card to loves it.
Not tracked properly
Player1()6 on 8/4/2017
I sent out 27 cards over 5 business days and only a few were delivered. Hopefully more will be delivered ASAP. Why does the app say "delivered" 3 days or more before they are actually delivered?
Gkceeujhdcb on 8/3/2017
I love this app! I'm terrible at mailing things, and ink helps me keep in touch and eliminates my weakness - actually mailing the card!
Mail on the donkey back
Yellowcanue on 8/3/2017
Take way too long for the recipient to get the card. It's just a card and I don't know why it took too long to get to the recipient. They need to improve their delivery system.
Lifesaver for after surgery
Leightlc on 8/2/2017
After being bedridden after surgery, this app was so great to get those much needed thank you cards sent out! People brought flowers and food, and INK allowed me to thank them from bed. Just amazing!
Best Way to Wow
MinnesotaLady on 8/2/2017
Writing Thank you cards is the worst. I have terrible handwriting and never have a stamp. Ink lets me send them quickly from my phone. They are neat and timely and my older relatives CANT STOP TALKING ABOUT THEM! You would think I sent them long stem roses or a puppy. So much cheaper than both and the personalization really makes people feel special. I love it. Worth every penny. Also, buy in bulk! You'll use them all!
Musica Nortena de Corazon on 8/2/2017
They have an amazing quality of cards. Love them
Love it
Dyeriginals on 7/31/2017
Love this app! I use the postcards and the card with envelopes. I use my own pictures to personalize the card. Just wish you could put a return address on the he envelope. Looks like junk mail when it arrives.
So easy!
EKReedall on 7/27/2017
This is a very easy and brilliant way to keep family in the loop and send a personalized card. I love the way it allows me to keep recipients and my payment info so that it's all too easy to send photos out. Something I'm not good at doing.
Every thank card is done
ToriThoma on 7/25/2017
This is the best way to say thanks! Really love how easy this app is. Thanks!
Love this app!
katyM011 on 7/19/2017
This app lets me keep up with thank you cards and birthday cards using cute pics without much effort!! Love it!
Excelente 💯💯💯💯💯
la gatuvela on 7/19/2017
😍 me fasina mis fotos perfecta todo bien
Great concept!!
BlazinHazels on 7/18/2017
Great Concept! But my contacts will not upload or save, and I can't send any cards out! I just keep getting cancelled messages and updates saying my contacts are uploaded but are no where to be found. I hope it can be fixed! Would love to use it!
SO impressed!!
Witedaisy on 7/15/2017
I shopped around a lot for invites for my son's first birthday party. This is the only place I found exactly what I was looking for - simple, easy, clean-looking & really cute. AND they're super reasonably priced. AND I didn't have to mail them out - all taken care of for me. Will be coming back to this app again & again.
Great cards
JennySilva on 7/15/2017
Thank you so much ❤️ My husband loves your cards !
Won't let me order
Nthornhi on 7/15/2017
I've used this app for years! I've loved it in the past, but there's something wrong with the latest update. I bought a bunch of credits (which that purchase went through) but now the app won't let me place an order! I've deleted the app and restarted my phone 3 times (as directed by customer service... Which took two days to respond) but it still doesn't work. Now I have a bunch of credits that I can't use. If they'll fix this then I'd love this app again... Right now searching for another option.
Nythood on 7/15/2017
Excellent , never seen an app like this before
Sdlux on 7/11/2017
I seriously love this. It's so much fun. Lol
Super easy to send some love
aly[BO] on 7/9/2017
I use this to send pictures and notes to my grandmother. I love the schedule ahead features.
Rport72 on 7/9/2017
Love this! Send weekly postcards to my daughter at camp, and use it for Mother's Day and Father's Day for my parents...they love getting them better than hallmark cards!
Give a Quick, Thoughtful Gift
ArwenH on 7/5/2017
Pictures of your sweet babies make beloved gifts to everyone on your list. It's a busy time for our young family but these are like little lifelines to remind my loved ones that we're thinking of them.
Easy to use
Lexlutherrrr on 7/5/2017
Super easy to use and you can schedule when you want a card to send. It's nice to get ahead of sending cards so you never forget an event!
Love this app just wish...
Mary Gaynor on 7/5/2017
Love this app just wish they had more variety in designs. Also wish you could choose from a few different fonts to make each card more unique. Thanks for making it so easy to send pictures to my grandmother who doesn't receive picture txts on her phone :) Thank you INK!
Such a good app!
Zarasahara1 on 7/1/2017
This is an awesome app! Cannot stop sending cards , very inexpensive and cute designs! I love everything about this app
Love these cards!
Kelsey Wilky on 7/1/2017
I haven't stopped ordering since I downloaded the app! Really love that I can send thank yous or just happy reminders to friends so so quickly!
Pretty good app but…
Mr reason on 6/28/2017
I wish it would print folded cards, rather than single postcards.
just tried it out!
peacefulpink on 6/27/2017
just sent a friend my first card and i think she's going to love it! the app is user friendly and very cost effective. Can't wait to see the final product!
Great app!
Loricampmom on 6/26/2017
Love this app! I just wish it didn't take 5 days but the postcards are beautiful and my 3 daughters at sleepaway camp love getting them
So easy
Tatertots12121212 on 6/25/2017
I used to be lazy and take forever to send cards or thank you notes but now I can do it while sitting on the couch! Way more meaningful than sending a crappy hallmark card that will go into the garbage bin.
Quick easy way to send a nice surprise!
Ne Ne 6 on 6/22/2017
What a genius app. Pick a photo and card and click send. Price is incredibly reasonable and much better than having to go to the store grab a card and worry about postage. I love how I can personalize and send it to friends/family that are out of town! So happy with it!!
LOVE this App!
Awesomelyawesomeaweosme on 6/22/2017
I use this app regularly to send family and friends cards for so many holidays and celebrations. I have even used it to make prints of my favorite pictures because the texture of the paper makes the photos even more beautiful. I love the variety of holidays/celebrations and options for sending. And, the bonus for me who lives in the middle of nowhere is that Ink cards are cheaper than driving to the store, driving to the post office, and buying a stamp!
Love it - but one small issue
Nbellote on 6/21/2017
I ordered cards from this app probably about once a month (just had a baby and like to send baby cards to family). I love how easy and convenient this is and the price is really good too. One small complaint is that sometimes the cards come with some small black ink marks which they probably just need to adjust their printer so it doesn't happen anymore. I had it happened a few times but one awesome thing about this company is that you can reorder a damaged or lost card at no cost so that's kind of nice. The problem is when I send to other people I don't know if they arrive properly without the marks I can only tell by the ones I send to myself and it happened more than once. Please adjust the printer (one baby picture had a black ink mark on my baby's face that made him look like hitler)! Other than that you guys are great!!!
My new favorite thing!
thankfulinFL on 6/21/2017
I have family and friends all over the place and have used Ink to send thank you's, graduation announcements, hello to my elderly parents and get well wishes to friends. I love choosing a photo from my phone picts and the recipients love receiving them. Easy to use, convenient, great quality and fun! Thanks to Ink for making me look good!
Beware Ordering from this Company
defyingtheworld on 6/19/2017
Ordered a Father's Day card on June 8th, card did not ship until June 12th and after mail run today the card still has not arrived (a full week later). There is nowhere to check tracking via app or website. I know it's only $2, but I expected the card to arrive on time and it's still not there. Frustrated. Thought this app was awesome, easy and fun so I recommended it to my friends but now I will tell them to beware.
sixpacabbs on 6/16/2017
Living far away from my family, I have found This to be such a perfect way to send cards and pics to them! It keeps me from running all over the place to do it myself. Love this app!
AdventConspiracySupporter on 6/14/2017
I love this app so much! It's so nice to be able to easily send notes to family and friends. The best part about it (besides the very high quality cards and personalization) is that you do not need a subscription! You can send as many or as few cards as you want without paying extra!
Love, love, love
MamaBear757 on 6/12/2017
Love the designs, and best of all the schedule option!
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