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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Productivity 10.28 Dec 13, 2011 Aug 16, 2018 296.2 MB iOS 10.1 or later 4+
New in version 10.28

This update contains bug fixes and stability improvements.

This wouldn't be possible without your feedback. If you run into any issues, please shake your device and tap "Report a Problem."


Do more wherever you go with Microsoft OneDrive. Get to and share your documents, photos, and other files from your iOS device, computer (PC or Mac), and any other devices you use. Use the Office mobile apps to stay productive and work together, no matter where you are. The OneDrive app for iOS lets you easily work with your personal and work files when you're on the go.

• Quickly open and save OneDrive files in Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
• Easily find photos thanks to automatic tagging.
• Get notifications when a shared document is edited.
• Share albums of your favorite photos and videos.
• Highlight, annotate, and sign PDF files in your OneDrive.
• Access your most important files offline.

Note: For you to sign in to OneDrive for Business, your organization needs to have a qualifying SharePoint Online or Office 365 business subscription plan. You cannot sign in with an account from an on-premises directory.

To make an in-app purchase of an Office 365 Home or Personal subscription, open the app. In the Me tab, tap your storage or the diamond. Subscriptions begin at $6.99 a month in the US, and can vary by region. With an Office 365 subscription, you get 1TB of storage for each user, OneDrive Premium features, access to all features in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, and you can install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote on PCs or Macs.

Office 365 subscriptions purchased from the app will be charged to your iTunes account and will automatically renew within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period, unless auto-renewal is disabled beforehand. To manage your subscriptions or to disable auto-renewal, after purchase, go to your iTunes account settings. A subscription cannot be cancelled during the active subscription period.

This app is provided by Microsoft. Data provided through the use of this store and this app may be accessible to Microsoft and transferred to, stored, and processed in the United States or any other country where Microsoft or its affiliates maintain facilities.

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Probably the most easy and intuitive cloud solutions
cfgkey on 8/19/2018
If you’re a frequent word processor/document creator this app is for you. I love how easy it is to sync my info across devices and the ability to edit my documents within the app or the sister office apps. Never had large issues or crashes and would definitely recommend this to anyone in need of cloud storage solutions. It’s basically just like using your desktop file navigation
Muy bueno
juanaelliff on 8/19/2018
Es muy practico y han mejorado en la descarga de la foto!
Version 10.28 Keeps Crashing on iOS 11.4.1
Andrew Chan on 8/18/2018
Unreliable OneDrive app on iOS keeps crashing while browsing through files and uploading photos. Aren’t these core features of the app and how does this version pass QA?
Needs better file management
MtheAccountant on 8/18/2018
OneDrive overall is great except it fails on file management. For instance I know I have a share link to view and want to view what that link is to share. However I can’t and have to reshare it. It’s obnoxious... And because I do that regularly I have to give it an average rating on an otherwise great app.
Much improved
Jsbeez on 8/18/2018
Access to all my files anywhere is great. The ability to scan documents directly to OneDrive is awesome. Unfortunately, the scan result is often cropped and must be rescanned several times to get it right. A slight fold or line in the document causes this even when the outline clearly captures the correct area scanned - post processing issue? Need option to move crop edges similar to a photo editor. Fix this and I would give this app 5 stars.
MS updates are likely to render apps useless
Annoyed6942 on 8/18/2018
Updates killed OneDrive on my iPad & iPhone. One star till it is fixed. The update to fix bugs & improve stability made it stable alright. A brick is very stable.
J el master on 8/18/2018
The latest update makes PDFs I’m editing crash when drawing lines and then modifying them
rjama on 8/17/2018
The sorting feature is broken. New pics are wit the old and two pics are new.
One Drive
Vir-1drive on 8/17/2018
Satisfactory functional!
Unstable and unreliable
Marqsmod on 8/16/2018
Keeps crashing when syncing many pictures (like after when I may have thousands of pictures from different cameras on my phone and haven’t had proper internet for a while) I will have to move to Google drive or Amazon service instead as backup.
notoriousgrump on 8/16/2018
I used to love how handy and capable this app was but over the last 2 months nothing seems to work and I cannot access files from my onedrive app. Hopefully it comes around soon as it is an important piece of our company business.
Going from 30GB to 5GB
faviles on 8/16/2018
I'm one of those loyal customers that Microsoft punished by lowering my storage capacity from 30GB to 5GB without a valid reason. This is ridiculous in year 2017+. One star until my last breath!!!!!
Tommy Sargent on 8/16/2018
This app is useful I recommend it I told my YouTube friends that I use this app
Stepwild on 8/16/2018
I still don't get why Microsoft took away my 50 gb of free storage and replaced with a paltry 5 gb. That gave me a bad outlook on all Microsoft products and services. I use as little as possible and will delete this app very soon.
Big Mensch on 8/16/2018
One of the biggest breakthrough computer conveniences I have ever experienced.
Fácil de usar
faelosbjj on 8/16/2018
Bom aplicativo para o dia a dia
Jesus. More Microsoft garbage.
dholmes76 on 8/15/2018
Verification Request
sadvillian on 8/15/2018
every time I try redownloading this it says “Verification Request” and asks me to put do something with my billing information ? i never bought anything on this so i don’t understand
Great Features, Crashes Constantly
bradsquared on 8/15/2018
This app is wonderful, if only I didn’t have to reinstall it constantly, that would be great. Something is wrong with the syncing. If I add a file to OneDrive from my computer, then refresh that folder in the app on iOS, 9 times out of 10 it won’t show. Only thing I can do is try signing out and then in again, which then often leads to the app crashing, so then I need to uninstall and reinstall. This has happened just about every time I use it. When will it be fixed?
One Drive
Shish62 on 8/15/2018
I don’t know how I loved without it!
X / 10.5 (iOS 11.x)
downgraydd3r on 8/14/2018
tl;dr–this app, which was slightly less than functional for nearly 2 years, has improved noticeably with the exception of broken downloads during VPN use –processing gear symbol (next to lte/wifi icon) active constantly during use[FIXED] –unable to see entire filenames, even in landscape on 10.5" iPad Pro[WORKAROUND] –Word docs, of all file types, are distorted when viewed from within the app –app is 5 times the size listed in its description and clear cache does not reduce app size –constant crashing when navigating folders and opening and deleting documents[FIXED] –almost never syncs and will not refresh properly (eg, doesn't reflect changes such as a deleted document) without force closures and frequent login/logout actions[FIXED] –default landscape multipage view—that displays two pages in one (side by side) as opposed to one at a time and cannot be changed—interrupts workflow[FIXED] –fails to complete downloads for offline use with VPN enabled
Return to last folder
TXAggieInAZ on 8/14/2018
Generally I like the program a lot; however, the recents files don’t work as well as expected. When I want to upload a file from my iPad, it makes me go through the entire folder hierarchy for each file rather than allowing me to return to the last folder used.
Save space on pc
Dovebros on 8/14/2018
Love one drive
Lanboy777 on 8/14/2018
Requires laptop to revert to previous version. epic fail,
Recent problems
Mattflemz on 8/14/2018
Update 08/14/18 - Hopefully this update fixes the issues of saved pictures uploaded to OneDrive getting a date of 1/1/70 05:00. Probably won’t recover all the pictures my wife lost and couldn’t recover. ————————————————— Original Review I don’t know what’s going on with OneDrive lately. In June all of my content OneDrive was wiped out. Clean slate. Restoring to the day before, then two days before, recovered nothing. The first fifteen months of my granddaughter’s life disappeared. Today all the files are uploading with a date of 1/1/70, regardless of device, and any previously saved picture I open on OneDrive also gets its date changed. I’m now ready to use a different cloud storage service.
The videos Shorting is bugged
Handsome Jack Hyperion ruler on 8/13/2018
The “short by newest” doesn’t work it randomly shorts your videos.
Peaches4Leon on 8/13/2018
The cataloguing from the mobile app could be better.
karan.tkr on 8/13/2018
As good as it was on Windows Phone 10.
571-300-863 on 8/12/2018
I’m sorting be “Newest First” and it is in fact, not the newest on the video collection! It used to work just fine...then y’all updated it.
Date Taken Issue
Galieo337 on 8/12/2018
Don’t know when this started, but a lot of my photos, specially screenshots, get the “Date Taken” set on January 1st, 1970. I have to scroll down to the bottom on the Photos tab to see all my recent uploaded screenshots. This is annoying and it needs to be fixed.
Issues with university account
Racooo on 8/12/2018
This app used to work with my personal account and my student .edu account. However, my university account suddenly stopped working a couple months ago, and both times that I contacted support they were not able to help. I can connect to my personal account fine, and I can connect to my .edu account on all other Office apps on my phone, along with connecting to it fine on all my other non-iOS devices. The ONLY place my school account does not work is this app, which is frustrating since this is the app I use for remote file access.
Atejunomi on 8/12/2018
Great app
Love it live it
vanity_sweet on 8/12/2018
One drive is the best I can log in from any device and have my files every where I go except Chewelah they are still behind and need cell towers ....
Photos tab broken?
BWR26 on 8/12/2018
Used to sort by date uploaded but it no longer does that.
Missing photos
Nessa86 on 8/11/2018
None of my pictures are uploading that I saved from snap chat and screenshots from my iPhone... it’s telling me it’s downloading all those pictures/videos but I don’t see them anywhere on the app after downloading is completed... please fix! I created a ticket already by shaking phone and reporting the problem...
It’s ......
Knaji G 36 on 8/11/2018
I love Microsoft, and this app is good! Only thing is it’s a problem to save any of my gaming footage! I can download one but not the other. But, overall it’s good! It’s just some of the footage. It’s good!!!
Won’t stay logged in
thegreatestajax on 8/11/2018
The app does not stay logged in. It automatically logs itself in almost every time I launch. This resets the PIN protection setting and grants access without the PIN. This halts camera sync. This removes OneDrive as a file location in the OS.
What Happened?
TheGAM3Show on 8/11/2018
Use the app a lot and I’m no longer happy with where it is at after a few recent updates. Mainly, I use the video section. When I go to the video section now after uploading a new video, I CANNOT FIND IT!!! There used to be info under the videos and they also used to be placed in the app in some kind of order. Now, I uploaded my last video 4 or 5 times before I could even find it and I only had about 40 videos. Why would you remove the video info and why are the videos no longer going in, in some kind of order? It keeps putting new uploads in the middle of everything with no info and it doesn’t make any sense. Is it an accident? Is it going to be fixed? HELP! Please!
Update is very poor, return it into the old version please
raniaaw on 8/11/2018
The last update is poor. Photos i have saved from WhatsApp ana snapchat are not upload into the drive. Please return the app into the old version. It was the best drive but now worst ☹️
Love it
Obarrett15 on 8/10/2018
Bad support
MoNastE on 8/10/2018
Should Of just bought Apple iCloud. Photos deleted from the mobile device are supposed to be removed from the computer also in the cloud. Deletes from the cloud but not from the device. Not working having a difficult time getting service it’s a little clunky and not integrated. If you think you’re going to be able to talk to someone forget it.
Not on Apple Mobile Devices
E. Mark B. on 8/10/2018
Since Word is no longer available without a 365 subscription on any mobile device made by Apple, this App has lost most of its value. So I’m in the process of moving documents to Pages, even though it is slightly less capable.
Monumental fail
Old Man Dancing on 8/10/2018
Microsoft must have searched far and wide to find the extraordinary kind of talent required to create an app this screwed up that will still actually open (until it crashes again, that is).
MsSeniorcitizen on 8/10/2018
Just letting you know, now there is a problem uploading new photos, And it continues , today 8-9-18 Pictures of grandchild starting Kindergarten , last summer outings, Grandchild with her first car, important things for family , it’s not making it onto one Drive. I am actually paying for space and am not close to being overloaded. Please let me know what is what, because my patience is running out, and the thought of parting ways with one drive is on my mind. Ticket number per email is 735022 Thank you
One Drives usefulness
Grumpypathdoc on 8/10/2018
I recently signed up for the online Office suite including the 1TB One Drive option after several weeks of indecision. So far so good. Functionality is good with a minimal learning curve. Will re-review at a later date as it is used more.
Great with one big flaw
jeckyl_USA on 8/10/2018
The Outlook app on iOS is a fantastic tool once you are in. However, if there are issues with logging into any single account, you cannot use your other account until the problem account is resolved. For instance, today my aol IMAP account could not connect. I was promoted to resolve the problem however the issue was at the server. I have no means to get to my work email in the app until I clear the aol issue unless I remove the aol account from the device. This must be fixed.
Scanner doesn’t save scanned docs.
Wreddg on 8/9/2018
Doesn’t show up in my files after scanning. Terrible.
The best
Sakron1234 on 8/9/2018
Best drive ever hope to give more memory
Could be better
Hhhhhhtf on 8/8/2018
Nice being able to link content from phone to PC but upload speed is abysmal and trying to mass delete photos is a nightmare.
Microsoft Lost ALL My Data
Really HackedOff on 8/8/2018
Microsoft tried to block this review by saying that my nick names were already taken and then deleting my review. This is my third attempt to express my dismay with this app and with Microsoft's One Drive cloud services. This app lost all of my data stored on Microsoft's cloud and Microsoft admits that their One Drive has zero live support and it has impossible for me to reach anyone about restoring my lost data so far even by email. Don't lose all of your data as I did by trusting it to Microsoft's cloud. Use Amazon's cloud storage or iCloud or Dropbox instead. You do not want to find yourself in my position with no data and no recourse. Don 't lose years of precious data by entrusting it to Microsoft's One Drive. Buyer beware! You now have the facts assuming that Microsoft does not kill this bad review for a third time.
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