JetBlue Airways

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Travel 4.3.1 Feb 03, 2012 Apr 27, 2018 150.9 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 4.3.1

• Continued design refresh
• Various bug fixes
• This is an update your mother would approve of


Take JetBlue everywhere you go! Download our app to book, manage and check in for your trips, access boarding passes and more.

Day of travel – Your day of travel is a breeze with key information right on the home screen.

Manage trips – Update your seat selection, add extras or make changes to your itinerary with just a few taps.

Boarding pass – Check in and get to your gate quickly without the hassle of printing a boarding pass – one less thing to carry on!

My TrueBlue – Enroll or sign in to TrueBlue to keep track of your TrueBlue points, request points for past trips and enjoy a more personalized experience.

My trips – Add your upcoming and past itineraries to access everything you need to know.

Book flights – Search and book your next trip with ease.

Airport pickup – Request a Lyft rideshare, connect your Lyft and TrueBlue accounts to earn points, rent a car with Avis/Budget or schedule a shuttle.

Inflight experience – View your flight’s DIRECTV® schedule, SiriusXM Radio® channels and free snacks and drinks onboard.

City guides – Learn about hot spots by tapping on city names in My trips.

& More – Access our flight tracker, travel tools, airport maps and other content.

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Sold us Mint tickets but we got coach
Hapanese DragunHorse on 7/18/2018
When we bought tickets it was for mint, jet blues first class but when we were at the ticket counter they issued her couch tickets. They stated because she had a pet but she was not told this until minutes before departure. She was not refunded the difference and we yet to speak to corporate to resolve this matter further.
Jet Blue app
Lynn Sloane on 7/18/2018
App was very easy to navigate through with Instructions were clear-given. Very happy.
International flights
norwich3135 on 7/18/2018
It should allow to upload the picture of the passport so you can help children and elderly people even if you aren’t with them. And there is a glitch if the passport was issued in the US but the person is citizen of another country, it reads the person as resident of the US even though they aren’t so it wouldn’t allow to do it right
Integration with apple wallet has bug
CRS 1988 on 7/18/2018
When one adds the boarding pass to the Apple wallet the gate is the original gate. Even after Jetblue has changed a gate the pass in the wallet said the original gate. I tried deleting the wallet copy and then adding it back and it still had the old gate. It seems updates do not make it to the Apple wallet.
Excellent app
superd7 on 7/18/2018
The only problem I’ve ever had is when I tried to rebook one leg of a flight returning to different airport. Otherwise I have found it to be one of my favorite and most effectively functional and pleasant to use apps
$25 for checked bag on international flight
heyaldc on 7/17/2018
Milandy on 7/17/2018
So far I have only been impressed by JetBlue.
prolibra on 7/17/2018
Doesn’t let you book another flight when plane is cancelled.
yourfavoritefana on 7/16/2018
Extremely impressed by the dedicated service the team at JetBlue have provided for me today . I experienced a death in the family and the members at JetBlue provided me with immediate assistance and accommodations within such a short notice. I will continue to be a loyal and supportive member of the JetBlue family for no matter the life circumstances , JetBlue is always there. I am and will always count on JetBlue, thank you for always assisting me.
Grace Adu
Guru of gardens on 7/16/2018
Parts of the app requested confirmation code which is unknown. Site requested same information repeatedly. Parts of the site did not work. When booking seat choices should be offered St that time.
Love it
newyorket on 7/16/2018
I love jet blue it’s the only one i fly thank you .
Desireé Román on 7/15/2018
No entiendo como una compañía tan conocida a nivel mundial todavía no han actualizado la app para poder cambiar de idiomas. Deberían de tener la app para todos los idiomas.
Great Airline
jeanneosterndorf on 7/14/2018
I have been flying this year more than I usually do. So I have used Spirt Airline and I would never use them again. JetBlue has 6 less seats than Spirt. The flight attendants were so happy and it made me feel like they love there job and always wanted to help me in anyway. It is the first airline that I look for when me or my family has to fly. Please keep up the wonderful service that you provide. Sincerely, Jeanne Osterndorf
jcm080 on 7/14/2018
The app is very easy to use.
Payment card scanner doesn’t work
NReilingh on 7/13/2018
Also the check-in process was confusing. My payment card has a number on the back only. Just enable Apple Pay!
Easy to use
obiWen on 7/13/2018
The app scans your credit card to make purchasing quick and easy
Mr. Sine
Objee76 on 7/13/2018
Check in name and confirmation entry blocks lack sufficient contrast and intuitive operation. Upgrade seats are only ones typically available. Passengers are forced into upgrade charges when seats are actually available. This is unfair
Needs improvement
DeniceWC on 7/13/2018
The app is still not user-friendly. The devil opera need to improve on the functions that enables you to purchase a ticket with points and cash combined
Can't finish a booking on my ipad... Bugs bugs bugs
elcaba on 7/12/2018
Looked for a support / feedback email or form. Didnt find anything on the app itself and the app store link "app support" is useless, so i guess this is the only place I can contact jetblue developers to let them know they need to do better debugging / testing. I have the latest iPad / ios / jetblue app. Got stuck before i could select the seats. Had to go and start all over from my iphone. On the phone once I hit submit on the last step, it refreshed and the submit button was green again, as if I still had to submit it again, it didn't give me a completed confirmation, even though I did receive a confirmation email. So both apps have bugs, they need more testing.
Glez Family on 7/12/2018
Extraordinary!, very simple.
i love jetblue
emmajetblue on 7/12/2018
the only company in the world i would write a review for. i love jetblue, this app is fantastic, they’re fantastic, first app i download when i get a new phone and i don’t even fly that often.
The Best!!!
MOZELLY on 7/12/2018
Jet Blue is my go to airline for travel from SMF to JFK. The SMF agents are the best!
Keep up the good work
Sara carbasian on 7/11/2018
You guys are amazing
Great seats!
jersey girl traveler on 7/11/2018
Awesome seating that is comfortable and roomy!
Excellent airline
jackct25 on 7/10/2018
Love Jetblue, their friendly staff, aircrafts and app.
JetBlue App
frustrated@airport on 7/10/2018
Clunky app... no indication when info is missing. Not intuitive!
Thank you for making flying so easy!
Mystique1224 on 7/10/2018
The app has never given me a problem. I love it and Jetblue has made is so easy to use points, and to book a ticket!
JetBlue is my happy place
Usaramivida on 7/10/2018
JetBlue always has helpful & fun happy stuff, so I always know however long I’m going to be on their plane, I’m going to feel good... whether it’s because I’m napping peacefully in my fav window seat, or because they are brewing fresh, yummy coffee to go with those tasty and healthy snacks! Thank you for giving me a happy place!
EZ Pezee
Mookie70 on 7/10/2018
Cool app & quick & easy to use
Truly the best
bri rals on 7/10/2018
Best airlines and best app
Never disappoints
AyQueGina on 7/8/2018
We are always satisfied when flying with JetBlue!!
Easy to use
Cs198u on 7/8/2018
Very great app! Easy to use.
Please update !!!!!
Wilmany on 7/7/2018
This app never works!!! Each time I need to book a trip, get info, it never works. It tells me that I am offline when I am not. So frustrating!!!! I like Jetblue but this app needs to work to get all the benefits.
Fast and easy
Soccer$$$ on 7/7/2018
Fast. Easy. Intuitive.
Personal view
Manny Kat on 7/7/2018
My personal perception is that this company conducts its business in a straight forward manner, it gets right down to business, the way it has to be. As a pax and as a pilot, I thank you.
kendog 394 on 7/6/2018
I am a loyal Jetblue customer. Thank you for an excellent experience. Ken Ross
This is why I fly southwest
Ivan 1224 on 7/6/2018
Tried to change my flight for the following day. $279 change fee and price difference. I’m ok with the price difference but not $150 change fee. This is why I always try to fly Southwest Airlines because as a business traveler it just makes sense. You lost a customer for $150. I have spent over $20k this year alone with Southwest and you had a chance but blew it. I case you wonder why I didn’t book SW was I had a early meeting and they were sold out, I wonder why!?!? I choose you and got stuck. At the end, it’s not about the price it’s the fact that you try to force this down my throat. See ya!!!!
Feels slow and unresponsive
johnnyfiveohyeah on 7/6/2018
I love flying JetBlue but this app feels slow and unresponsive. You have to keep re-selecting or entering your search info. It is much easier to view and use the webpage to search for flights. I deleted the app and used the webpage.
None better
PorscheMan59 on 7/6/2018
This is the gold standard.
heather35lee on 7/5/2018
Love JetBlue!!! Easiest airline to deal with bar-none!
Cas_big_fam7 on 7/5/2018
Only reason I’m giving them a 1 Star is because that’s the lowest choice!!! This is the 2nd ever I’ve flown JetBlue and never again! I was checked in an hour and a half before my flight left and finally got to the gate 20 minutes before the flight was going to leave and there was not attendant at the desk. Then after waiting 5-10 minutes the lady came back and she said sorry the gate closes 15 minutes before!! I said I’ve been waiting here and was clearly here before 15 minutes. They didn’t even do a last call or anything. It wasn’t like I was messing around in shop I went straight to security and the gate!!! The lady was so rude and clearly seemed like they were in a hurry to get gone even though there was still time. I’ve never had this problem kind of problem with my regular airline “Delta”!!! That’s what I get for governing them a second chance!!!! I’m so mad and now me and my 2 small children are stuck in an airport for 4 more hours and will have to reschedule our pick up at our arrival city!!! If I was a celebrity then I would be getting comp flight for the way this lady treated us. But not only did we miss it but there was another couple who arrived right after us and missed the flight and they’re bags were on our flight that hadn’t even taken off yet or disconnected from the gate.!!! I’m so so mad and aggravated!!!!
Impossible to book through the app
dallasapollo on 7/5/2018
I love JetBlue but it is literally impossible to book a flight through the app. There are two many amateurish bugs throughout. Like in one spot the "phone number" field (required) gets populated by a drop down list of countries, with no way to put in an actual number. In another phone number field, dashes are required but the keyboard that gets displayed doesn't have a dash button. Also, don't tap any of the "info" buttons to see the difference between the different plans - there's no Close button. The only way to close it is to shut down the entire reservation process and start over. All in all just a terrible terrible experience. I tried twice, wasted half an hour, and was never able to book my flight.
HiOverHere on 7/5/2018
When they offer $15 for extra leg room it’s cheaper than when you check in!
Bait and switch
pgamber88 on 7/5/2018
App showing mint seats available. Upgrade to mint seats and pay for it through the app. When I go to change seats... The mint seats are no longer available.
Easy check in!
Reeny Jean on 7/5/2018
Thanks to the jet blue app
Only fly jetBlue
Rene Banks on 7/4/2018
JetBlue offers value and consistently good service so they are my first choice in domestic air travel
Travelbarb on 7/4/2018
Sherri mom on 7/4/2018
Love it. It’s easy
Ced9999 on 7/3/2018
This app is as good as or better than other airline apps. One major issue I have is that I cannot check points from Family pooling. I cannot even check on the safari or chrome even when I request the desktop version as it keeps going back to mobile version.
Customer satisfaction
celibee7 on 7/3/2018
You guys are awesome price services staff maravilloso !! Excellent magnificent
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