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App last updated Nov 29, 2017
New in version 3.10

• Re-designed home view
o Enhanced travel mode displays all the important information in an easy to read format
o Instant access to your TrueBlue number when signed in
• New tab bar interface
• iPhone X support
• Various bug fixes
• Legally, we can’t say that this is the most important app on your phone, but we also can’t say that it’s not the most important app on your phone


Take JetBlue everywhere you go! Download our app and get instant access to your itineraries, flight status information, mobile boarding passes, our inflight entertainment and more.

Book travel – Search and book flights to your favorite destinations.

Check-in – Get your check-in reminder 24 hours before your flight and check in instantly right from the app.

Mobile boarding passes – Easily get your boarding pass for your flight on your smartphone – one less thing to carry on!

TrueBlue – Sign in with your TrueBlue account for a more personalized mobile experience.

Instant updates – Receive real-time flight updates within the app and via push notifications.

Smart home screen – Based on where you are in your travel window, see relevant details about your upcoming flight on the app's home screen.

My trips – View your upcoming trips with ease.

Inflight experience – View and set reminders for the DIRECTV® schedule for your flight, and review a listing of all our SiriusXM Satellite Radio® channels. Plus, tease your appetite by checking out the tasty snacks and drinks served onboard.

Connect – Share travel plans with people in your life though text, email and social.

Travel Tools – Link your Lyft and TrueBlue accounts, book a Lyft to and from the airport, rent a car for your trip from Avis/Budget, or schedule a shuttle to your hotel. Plus, timetables and new terminal navigation.

Fun on-the-go – Learn about the hotspots at your destination with the City Guide by simply tapping on your destination's airport code in My trips.

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The iOS app is almost as buggy as the website
rinarama on 12/12/2017
This app doesn’t even open (“...try again in a few minutes...”) 90% of the time. And freezes another 5%, and closes out another 3%. It’s infuriating when you are traveling. Seriously, hire more devs to have a working app, this is embarrassing for such a large company and one that is otherwise known for putting customers first.
Fast and simple
Caguana_98 on 12/11/2017
Easy to go through. I like it very much.
abechy on 12/10/2017
Great service ,well accommodating customer always
Great app
Leozebra816 on 12/10/2017
Very easy to use.
Red1577 on 12/10/2017
There should be more options of direct flight from FLL to SDQ. That flight being at 5:50 am is way too early!! There should be a flight at 10 am at least!! Also, it would be great if there was a flight from PBI to SDQ, there are so many Dominicans that have to drive down to FLL in order to be able to catch that flight. If someone lives in Port St. Lucie and needs to be 3 hours before their flight to the Dominican Republic ( 3am ) they would have to start driving between 1:00 am - 1:30 am so they can catch that 5:50 am flight. But PBI would be great for all of us that live in Palm Beach and St. Lucie Counties!!
Awful!!!!!!!!!! Zero star!!!!!!
Jgs2323 on 12/10/2017
The only way to fly
S4den on 12/10/2017
The people are friendly the process is easy great snack choices & everyone gets there own TV screen. Great airline.
Scammed for $30
Jimminey Cricket on 12/9/2017
I had a confirmed seat when booked. When checking in, the App told me the only remaining seats were “Even More Space”
Some kind of bug...?
kensingtinch on 12/9/2017
I haven’t been able to log into this app for weeks, as I keep getting an error message when I try to get into my account. Hoping there’s an update to fix it ASAP!
Loved the scanning of payment
domedame on 12/9/2017
Easies check-in. Thank You!
Corb00 on 12/9/2017
Best airline ever! Still gives you comfort and great service.
My JB card
Y.perez on 12/8/2017
Excellent application.
Really like the design and gen use but....
REFNY on 12/8/2017
....I can’t book tickets on the app. After selecting the time, dates, and confirming everything, the app returns to the home screen. And that’s after inputting name and address, etc. Big letdown! 4 stars, but really 3.5, until they correct that glitch.
XtianLand0 on 12/8/2017
Jetblue has and always will be my favorite airline. Whenever I do fly to FLfor Miami or to Vegas or LA jetblue is my airline of choice. I’ve never had a problem with them when it comes to flying and I do appreciate how fast I get from A to B flying with them.
Professor Pop on 12/8/2017
What's not to like? Makes JetBlue booking and travel easy. A must-have on my phone!
Bugs R Us
Blukiwi on 12/8/2017
Quirky. Poor navigation. Error messages. It is amazing the ground and air product and service are exceptional and this app is so archaic and chronically unreliable.
Best app
TooSucio4U on 12/8/2017
Easy and reliable. Check in and payed for my bags 5 minutes before getting to the airport
I love JetBlue
Malcolm Brooks on 12/7/2017
By far my favorite airline!
Credit card
Green Lust on 12/6/2017
Scan credit card was totally inaccurate. I paid for more space seating accommodation but was not able to select it before completing check in online.
happyfeethappyheart on 12/6/2017
Thank you Jet Blue for making it all easy! Especially during this time of the year and including a family difficulty. I am so grateful! Thank you Thank You.
I only fly with JetBlue
Sajahhhhhhh on 12/6/2017
I never have problems with JetBlue ! This app is amazing and super helpful! I love the new template on this updated version.
HCCC+ on 12/5/2017
A subjection when we are booking a flight it be easy to have both option in from of you miles point and cash price instead of selecting one and going back and forward. Over all easy app to navigate Thank you
jhon que on 12/5/2017
JetBlue They have good prices, but my flight was canceled and they were careless to find a solution and take me to my destination, my flight was delayed for the first time 6 hours and then it was canceled, then they reprogrammed me 6 times, finally a trip that usually lasts 7 hours It took 34 hours to get to the destination, and even after having such an uncomfortable experience that they wanted to charge me for my luggage overweight , I only got this answer, "this is all we can do", an email of apology and a bonus of $ 100 credit in an airline that I never plan to use again
Wish this were better - updated
buenospot on 12/5/2017
I try to fly JetBlue exclusively. By far my favorite domestic airline thanks to amazing customer service, comfort, and value. This app though gives me the most problems on my phone. Still puzzled by this. Updated: App works a lot better but having time loading a same day turn around boarding pass.
Easy check-in
nightskipper on 12/5/2017
Jet Blue's App is user friendly. This airline in general treats their customers like humans and not like heads of cattle or a mere seat number.
Can’t paste a confirmation code
Frogadellic on 12/4/2017
It is good, but the field would allow paste a confirmation code, so you need to write it down or remember. ...
Love to travel with Jet Blue
Oscar0321 on 12/4/2017
I Love to travel with Jet Blue,the cuatomer service is great and flight attendants are amazing
Jet Blur
Fishing1050 on 12/4/2017
Spent all day getting an Opps, Try Latter message; then figured out I was using the wrong password. Not a great experience.
Very user friendly
Meh47664; on 12/4/2017
Great app. Very simple so use.
Great experience
LeMottola on 12/4/2017
I love Jet Blue’s app. It’s easy to use, has all the information I need and notifies me when to check in. It’s very useful.
So many basic work flow / UI mistakes
iTunesStevens on 12/3/2017
For a use case that has a very constrained set of work flows, it’s shocking how bad this native (well - pretending to be native...) App is. Screens present in wrong sizes for mobile (even in large screen iPhone 7+), key check boxes and acknowledgments are hidden / tiny, and the general responsiveness is consistently bad over last 4-5 trips over last 6 weeks. C’mon JB - get it together!!! Are you trying to be United or American or something??? Keep this up and your suckiness may actually catch them...
Doesn’t work
RRzbb on 12/3/2017
I can’t get into my account using the app on my iPhone. Hasn’t worked for a couple months. Get error msg to try again in a few minutes.
Good Dependable Service
Sammiasophiaaj on 12/3/2017
JB simply offers good dependable service from its online portal through in flight services....use it many time and always happy with it
Put all the extras on one screen
BillyTman on 12/3/2017
App works great but hate having to scroll scroll through five screens of extra things they're trying to sell me. Put on them one and let's get it over with
Lacks frequent flier practicality
neville burrows on 12/3/2017
I only recently started flying JetBlue consistently in the last year and while the flying experience is palatable - their mobile app is near useless. I started to write this review prior to the latest update and even after the update previously it had extremely limited functionality for a major airline. The latest update was comparable to putting lipstick on a pig. Cosmetic not functional. The biggest issue is the inability to change seats through the app, view a real-time seat map and view standby/upgrade list. To me, those are the 3 most important features of any airline app. Also it does not show TrueBlue activity only your point balance. The update seems to have improved the freezing and crashing but the app lacks frequent flier practicality of which would be expected for one of the top 4 US airlines. A ways to go.
Mobile App
Mosaic Regular on 12/3/2017
The mobile app is good and getting better. My only wish is to be able to check/change seat assignments prior to check in. Currently the regular site “manage flights” is the only way to make those changes prior to check in.
Where’s my flight?
MikeCPowellSBMike on 12/2/2017
When I go to your website on my desktop my flight shows up. I look on your app and it says it’s not added to my itinerary yet it says it already is from my desktop. Fix your app.
Best app
Frederick514 on 12/2/2017
Hands down easiest and most convenient way to check into your flight! I reccomend this to anyone who is traveling!
What’s Better than Blue?!
JRyanNYC on 12/1/2017
I can say that I haven’t flown with JetBlue in over a decade and since I stopped working for them when they stopped flights to ONT, so returning to the airline I was part of after so long had truly shown how much JetBlue has evolved in service, equipment and culture! The service has gotten better, the free extra perks are still free (minus the checked bag allowances), they evolved their A321 cabin and introduced a premium product called Mint and broke from the core cabin layout that they were known for having, and they tacked on some extra fees for priority seating, priority boarding and the premium snacks and beverages. Some of the old JetBlue is in there, just under a new shiny cabin and all still while keeping to the shades of Blue that first flew on the first flight! The App is always updated to be functional and still hip and trendy. Having all the features you do want and none of the features that clutter up an App. Any issues they’re just a tweet or phone call away and always are helpful and quick in addressing any issues or concerns!
Poor functionality, Subpar User experience, horrible transaction processing design
Azim Fahmi on 12/1/2017
1. Horrible user interface with the mislabeled “Done” button on the top right when you are booking a flight! It should be labeled “Cancel”! Result of sophomoric functional/technical spec and poor user experience! Bells and whistle over horse poop can get someone initially excited, but at the end it is an utterly irresponsible act! 2. Setting doesn’t allow for family members to be added to a user. 3. Synchronization between TrueBlue member and the app login is utterly dysfunctional. Although I felt that it’s non existent. In either case it was frustrating! A 2nd grader can integrate the camera to take profile pictures! But again that is direct example of authentic horse manure being wrapped with fancy bells and whistles without signifying the main purpose of the apps in the first place! A Shakespearean tragedy of an IT implementation! 3. Transaction processing in this App is horrible with inefficient implementation as a result user experience again suffers and May piss off a consumer wanting to efficiently assign multiple seats while booking a family trip! The careers of these sophomoric developers deserve impalement, IMHO!
Great new design!
shelleyp1001 on 12/1/2017
Great work, JetBlue! Love that it provides so much more than the other airline apps out there! Absolutely love saving a tree thanks to your mobile boarding pass! Love the TV schedule, too! Keep the fun stuff coming!
Check in options
JskaFL on 12/1/2017
The update looks great, but the check in button requires more information than simply checking in once the reservation is selected
Useless App
Scott & Tabby on 12/1/2017
I am on a trip in Ireland and wanted to download the app to do auto checkin which would have been really helpful. I couldn’t even enroll in the true blue program from the app due to all the errors and defects in the enrollment form. I wasted a lot of time trying to get past all the bugs and finally just deleted it.
Lliro on 11/30/2017
Great and Effective
Nice app
NeoRamos on 11/30/2017
From aesthetics to functionality, the works flawlessly. It is simple. Yet, it provides all the information needed. One thing I like is that I get a notification to check in a day before the flight. Thank you JetBlue (my favorite airline)
The most important app on my phone
I'm Ryan's Friend on 11/29/2017
My favorite airline to fly and love using the app to book flights/check in/browse my in-flight entertainment options, etc. Also, can we all just take a moment to enjoy the last bullet point in the “What’s New” blurbs of every update they’ve had for the app? I appreciate the laughs and the quality company that you guys are, Jet Blue. Keep up the great work! 😎
Redesign is utter trash.
rebel_warrior& on 11/29/2017
I used this application as a demonstration of one of the best designs I’d ever seen. Now utter trash. They took all the parts that worked and made them not work. Particularly on a small screen.
Too many things fail
#stupidnickname rules on 11/29/2017
Try to book flights via iPad app, gets hung up in traveler info. Customer Service advice? Use a laptop and use Chrome. Not exactly stellar promotion of their app.
Annie Gonz
Anniegonz on 11/29/2017
So far I have had very nice experience on Jet Blue, I hope writing a review won’t jinx my experience.
Cannot sign in to App
Pick up the slack Facebook on 11/28/2017
I’ve been trying to sign into the App for the past few weeks and keep getting an “Oops, there was an error signing in. Please try again in a few minutes” message. I’ve tried to sign in numerous times and get the same error message. I’ve also uninstalled and reinstalled the App a number of times...still get the same message. I can log in to the website fine, but not the app.
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