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American Girl

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Entertainment 4.0.9 Dec 02, 2011 Apr 09, 2018 68 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 4.0.9

The app you turn to for everything American Girl is getting even better—check out the latest additions and enhancements:
New augmented reality for Luciana’s Space Suit
Updates to the selfie experience girls adore
Code fixes to keep crashes at bay
Delivery of fresh experiences without an app update


Keep up with the latest from American Girl! Our app enables you to do all this and more:
- Browse an e-catalogue highlighting our historical and contemporary characters and their expansive worlds, plus books, outfits, and accessories that inspire imagination and play
- Scan special pages for unique experiences you can’t enjoy anywhere else
- Visit our website to see everything we offer for girls and grown-ups alike
- Find a store so you can plan a visit you’ll never forget

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Love it
Mrc543 on 7/31/2018
I love it so much but I think they should give away a free doll of any choice for first time people including me
It’s not so good I don’t really like it
malayahmarie07 on 7/12/2018
So I was trying to buy something and it just said you can’t buy anything we blocked you I hate this app I think I am going to delete and also that was my first time buying something
App needs work
BbBugg1 on 7/9/2018
Needs improvement . Deletes designs before you can save them
Needs Work
SisterCray05 on 5/29/2018
It asks you your birthday each time you click the shop button. If you want to order any American Girl accessory or doll order from the website.
5 stars, but I have a suggestion..
LaliandDawi on 5/6/2018
I love this, but I think you should be able to play AG games that are on the website. Still a good app, though.
Not working
M Lynd on 4/17/2018
I am unsure if it’s because I just got it, but I was really excited to use it. It won’t let me in!
I love American girl
american hirl fan so big on 3/27/2018
I love American girl because I have two American girl dolls and one Willie wisher and. I play a lot of things with them. One of them is that in the ocean deep sea diving. Another one is that I am on it Carmody reality TV show.i play so many things with them I can forget to do my homework and I do it but I love American girl so much I come every year for my birthday and I eat there and I go shopping.this year I want the doll of the year and I will now have three and I’m so excited.thanks for being so awesome and keep up the good work love you bye
Horrible App. Mattel must not need the money
inwaryzero on 3/10/2018
I use an iPhone 7 with the latest ios. Every time I navigate it asks for my age when I click on Shop. When I click on Shop it sometimes takes me to games and videos section instead. If I dare to login I first have to tell it my age again. And when viewing your shopping cart or looking at saved items for later, it takes forever to update to the most current items you saved or placed in the shopping cart. It should have a touch i.d. function to login or to buy (like Amazon so only grown ups can buy but the kids can window shop and place things in the cart. I only can bare using the app to shop so I don’t have to drive all the way into the city and be punished that way. Move into 2018, AG. Even Toys ‘R Us won’t be selling your brand anymore because they’re going bankrupt. If you’re gonna rely on your clunky app your toy line will end up just like Toys ‘R Us—out of business.
Pop ups
ADS!!!!!! 😖 on 2/28/2018
Every time I open the app and I tap the shop button or the catalogue button little screen pops up asking for my birthdate. I fill it out and it takes me to play games on the app. I reload and I press on another different button and the same thing happens. I can’t exit out of that little pop up. Please fix! I love American Girl but I can’t even go on the app without putting my birth date and going straight to the mini games.
Save my login info and no birthdays!
gncurrier on 2/24/2018
I’m an adult Collector. I like having the app to see new releases and check order Stuart’s, but one thing really annoys me- can we PLEASE not have to do birthday every dang time we open the shop, and please save my Login info. I get that no one wants their kids buying dolls on their phone, but make it an option for those who don’t have kids or let them on their device and want easier access!
Kay_Dimand120706 on 2/22/2018
This app does not work! I tried the scanner on all the pages and the picture was clear. And it didn’t scan it! I hate this app it needs to be fixed ! 😡😡😡😡😡
The scan feature does NOT work
Cook3456 on 2/12/2018
My 8-year-old just got Luciana and was super excited about this app, but it simply doesn’t work.
Well kinda good
Dyst😈 on 1/31/2018
The Scanner must be broken cause when I used it toke a long time for it to do it
App Needs Work
Vanvalk on 1/30/2018
The app could be great, but needs some key functionality added. 1. This enter your age when you want to shop is fine, ONE time. It should remember your age, or allow you to use your thumb print to sign in. If you accidentally go back too far every single time you have to enter your age. Ridiculous!!! Also could you please just add a button that allows you to add an item to your cart without clicking into it? Every thing on this app takes twice as long as it needs to. You need to do some actual user testing on how people shop. It’s hard to believe you are leaving money on the table with the highway robbery prices, but you are. I have abandoned my cart on numerous occasions out of sheer user frustration.
Hope you say yes.....and I love this app
doggy girl 26 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶 on 1/7/2018
So since you created a mini Isabelle can you create a mini Luciana. Also since mini Ag dolls only have on outfit you should create all the clothes and items from be forever and girl of the year. Plz do this I love American girl. Don’t get app on phone get it on an iPad hello bigger screen!!! P.S can you plz send me the the Mats Habitat like you did for my froggy stuff plz plz that will mean the world to me!!! From, Natalie This is the best app since we rarely go to the stores I can’t gat a magazine. Now I can look here to see what is new instead. Thx so much Ag!!!!!
I ❤️ it so much
jester963 on 1/5/2018
I love this app because I have an America girl and I got this app because it is cool to have the magazines and it is fun to have that stuff and there is games to play on
Do not get this app!!!!!!
Jenf22 on 1/2/2018
nothing works!!!!
Leegfdgjjg on 12/30/2017
I’m not reentering my birthdate every time I want to look around for gift ideas for my daughter. I’ll stick to the website.
Only if you want to shop
Cool face emoji on 12/28/2017
If your not shopping, it does nothing else.
Janae Playz on 12/23/2017
Hey, AG! I love your books, dolls, etc. But there's some cons in this app: 1. One time when I tried to scan a magizene it took an hour long! 2. The games and quizzes aren't that fun.. 3. There's not a lot to do on this app.
Hard to shop from
Nonickname625 on 12/11/2017
Love the idea of the app but wish it was easier to shop from. I really dislike having to put in my birthday every time I want to browse the site to shop.
App is terrible
StvEvans on 12/8/2017
Not compatible with iPhone X yet. And it’s just running the web in the app, it’s not even a real app. Also it lags when I click a link or button because it’s loading the site. 🙄 terrible.
Rebecca☆★Rubin on 11/14/2017
Wow it's sooo cool love it!!!!!SQEEE!!!!!!!!!
Good and bad
Christine1357924680 on 11/10/2017
I love how you can look through catalogs, but it’s only letting me do everything on only one catalog. And I have two catalogs and this means I can’t download new ones.
Error Retrieving Data
Cathy9612 on 11/9/2017
I just updated the app and got the error code Error Retrieving Data multiple times. Deleted app and reinstalled and it still gives me the same error code. Loved this app before and was excited to see the updated e-catalogue, unfortunately I just can’t get in to enjoy it:(
Love it
JumBowJewels on 10/23/2017
I like it
I love W
puppy gaming on 10/14/2017
This is were I found my favorite doll I love see befor I get the calalog
American Girl
AgLover❤️ on 8/24/2017
This is a magazine that can show you what American Girl store has and every month they change the magazine like from July To August And from August to September
The Best App Ever!!!
My brother love this game on 3/22/2017
I love this app because then my baby brother doesn't have to rip it up and you can buy things ❤️
M puppy 4 21 9 on 12/17/2016
I am an American Girl fan so I decided to download the catalog it took 2 weeks to download but finally it downloaded And the catalog was like 10 pages long and it didn't show all the American Girls either very disappointed if American Girl fan don't download this app!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😩😩😩
Cute and Amazing 😉
Sammylol🤑 on 11/6/2016
This tells you about all the items you can get and I need some of them for my ag doll Rachel😍😜😇
How p07 on 10/30/2016
This game tells us what's going on in American girl
Ok app👍
Sami glitter on 10/1/2016
This app was ok, but it was taking forever to upload a catologue, but it makes since, because I have my moms old iphone 4. I would recommend this app to iPhones 5 and up, because clearly this apps catologues take too long to upload. forever to
Awesome App🎀
Boo and the other on 9/5/2016
I love this app so much I am on it all the time it's great❤️
Struggle with decisions. on 9/2/2016
Best app ever
Mista Protato Lovez Veggies on 3/20/2016
it's awesome I can look at stuff whenever I want yay! 😬
This is awsome!!!!😀😀😀😄
76Emily on 3/7/2016
I love this app i can look at the catolag whenever I want this is totally Awsome THANKYOU!!!😉
FashionistaK on 1/10/2016
I love it and it's so fun
Funj7 on 1/7/2016
I reelly like it
Wish it was better.
surftides on 1/3/2016
Not a great app. I'd like an app that is easier for shopping and tracking items already in possession.
It was ok❌
Sami.Winker on 1/1/2016
I had this before and it was fine but then when I got a new device I redownloaded it and it was off date they need to upgrade
Gone from good to bad!
FinsUp2172 on 12/30/2015
This used to be a good app when it first came out. Now it deletes all the older catalogues when a new one comes out. It also does not update with the newest catalog as soon as it comes out. It still only shows October and never even updated to the Holiday catalog.
GlitterKitten6304 on 11/28/2015
This is not the greatest app ever if is hard to look at on a phone screen and the whole page isn't shown if you turn your device sideways. It is very annoying which made me sad because I love looking at ag catalogs and so does my cousin and this app makes it hard.
Golden girl 455 on 11/1/2015
This is a good app!!
Agnightfalls on 10/4/2015
Stuck on July
Random leeks 726 on 8/30/2015
The app won't go to August. All I get is the July catalog. Anyone know how to help with the problem. Thanks
I love the app
Aricadolson on 8/8/2015
I love the app but it deleted all of my old ones and sometimes I like to look at them alot and I order them and I save them every time
😑alright but a big problem
Teribble😟 on 7/22/2015
It's really annoying when they delete older catalogs because I don't get to order often so I'm a little late and so when I feel like ordering it disappears if that didn't happen I would've givin it a 5 star
Fun, but a month past and deleting catalogs! 🙍🏽👸🏽👸🏻👧🏼
John Truglio on 7/12/2015
Love AG, but I think a new catalog should come out every month. And catalogs automatically delete!! But I 💗 🇺🇸 👧🏽❗️❗️Fix this and it'll be very great! Princess 👑
Racheyrae03 on 7/8/2015
I really like this app but it takes DAYS to download a catalogue.
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