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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 1.5.3 Feb 08, 2012 Dec 15, 2017 81.8 MB iOS 8.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.5.3

We're grateful to have such an awesome fanbase, thank you all!
- Bug fixes and improvements


Spider Solitaire by Brainium is the #1 classic Spider Solitaire you know and love for your iPhone and iPad.

We have stayed true to the spirit of Spider Solitaire, and carefully designed a fresh modern look, woven into the wonderful classic feel that everyone loves. In Spider Solitaire, your goal is to build stacks of cards of the same suit from King to Ace.

Experience the crisp, clear, and easy to read cards, simple and quick animations, and subtle sounds, in either landscape or portrait views.

You can move cards with a single tap or drag them to their destination. You can either play the easy 1-suit games, or if you feel up-to the challenge, try your luck with 2-suit, 4-suit, or even Spiderette game modes.

If you enjoy adding a personal touch to your game, customize the backdrop and card backs with photos from your own photo library for unlimited personalization possibilities.

Spider Solitaire by Brainium is the most fun, beautiful, and user-friendly Spider Solitaire you’ve ever played before.

• 1-Suit games (Easy)
• 2-Suit games (Medium)
• 4-Suit games (Hard)
• Spiderette (played with 1 deck instead of 2)
• Portrait or landscape
• Crisp, beautiful, and easy to read cards
• Efficient, fast, and sensible game interface
• Single tap to place a card or drag and drop
• Standard Spider Solitaire rules and scoring
• Left handed and right handed option
• Interruption friendly with auto-save and resume
• Smart hints show potentially useful moves
• Custom backdrops & cards from your photos
• Timer, moves, and statistics
• Unlimited undos
• Auto complete option to finish a solved game
• Global and friends leader boards
• Fun & challenging achievements
• Show/Hide the battery & time status bar
• Universal app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

We hope you enjoy Spider Solitaire by Brainium, and please contact our five star support if you have any questions :-)

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Thanks for playing!

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Freezing ads
Grit819 on 4/20/2018
I hate the ads that freeze the app and require the app to be deleted and downloaded over and over
Spider solitaire
pa patch on 4/20/2018
To small for a iphone but great for a Imac. Addictive and relaxing mind rest activity for the bran. Enjoyable to beat your time or friends time.
Spider solitaire is dope
1mz on 4/19/2018
I love this game. I find myself playing it for longer than originally planned. Also, play before bedtime to fall asleep.
Great game
Bububuttons on 4/17/2018
Very addictive
sooner '68 on 4/17/2018
Pure fun and challenging
Nisha25 on 4/16/2018
Love how I can personalize my fav card game from putting my own picture on the deck of cards as well as the game background.
5gram on 4/15/2018
Fun, addictive, challenging, fast.
Can’t turn off sounds
pjd1148 on 4/15/2018
It used to be a decent game but not since they made sounds mandatory. Now it’s irritating.
Spider Solitaire
preicou on 4/14/2018
I think I’m addicted to it. I wish I could master the 2 different suits. I’m just not coordinated enough. But I really love playing one suite
Love it
CoqBren on 4/13/2018
Love it!!!! Worth downloading!!
Good game
Cat all on 4/12/2018
Makes me think
At End of Advertising Limit
RDS46 on 4/12/2018
I love your format and customization choices (especially being able to use my own photos for cards and desktop). But, PLEASE don’t go beyond your current advertising volume/strategy as my patience are taxed to their limits.
77nromano on 4/12/2018
Set up is horrible and can’t do stuff in this one that you can in other spider games. They have their own rules which they can keep.
Time Killer
pumaroo on 4/12/2018
This is a great game to play when you’re bored and don’t want to do what you really should be. A lot of fun. Frustrating yet addictive.
Spider solitaire
ercoup on 4/10/2018
I would rate it 5 stars if there were not so many advertisements. The amount of advertising needs to be cut more than half!
Spider is the best
Tinktciliberti on 4/9/2018
I love having Spider Solitaire again on my phone. Could you please tell me how to STOP GETTING ADS BETWEEN EVERY SINGLE GAME 🤬
2Ali6 on 4/9/2018
Awesome game
A great game gone bad!
Jrandyl on 4/6/2018
This was never an easy game, but the challenge was fun and occasionally you could win. There were four suits and a single deck giving the player a chance. Now (and this is the second time this has occurred) the only option for four suits is with two decks! Try solving that one! I actually reported this to the the developers the first time around along with a screenshot to prove my point - to my surprise they weren’t aware of this. The original four suit came back worked for a while and disappeared again!
Political Adds Really!??!?!
Kaiyuh on 4/4/2018
The last thing I want to see is a friggen Political Add when I’m trying to escape n relax. Considering very strongly deleting this game!
Fun brain exercise
ammccart on 4/2/2018
Great brain activity.
Great game if you’ve never tried it.
Gumtex on 3/31/2018
It has ads but they are not as obnoxious as some. In fact, some are clever. They show an ad inverted. You can click it away right off but sometimes curiosity gets the better of you. But the ads are quick. No noisy sound effects or long stretches where you can’t move on.
Fun game
DanaDelSol on 3/30/2018
More interesting than Klondike
Irritating, inconvenient ads.
PSButterfly on 3/30/2018
Would have given 5 stars except for the noisy ads. Pretty inconvenient in many situations. Silence all of your ads please!!
Another Free Cell
cinswan on 3/27/2018
Challenging enough to keep you coming back for just one more game when it's time for lights out! Big (addictive) fan!
Ms Kitty
Cubncozy on 3/26/2018
Love this game, keeps you going and it will get you to think before you move.
Love Spider Solitaire
Helen from GA on 3/25/2018
I’ve been playing Spider Solitaire for years. I play the most difficult one and play it for mental stimulation and sometimes just to chill. Like right now for instance ...I’m playing to chill...it’s actually helping me fall asleep.
Love Jasiah on 3/24/2018
I love to play this game. So can have five stars please. By: Jasiah D Thank you 3/24/20,18//18
They’ve doubled the amount of ads..
STARRS32 on 3/23/2018
Use to enjoy...now the ads are irritating
Awesome game!
Glacier gal on 3/19/2018
Great for passing time while waiting!
Fun game, hate the ads!
auehuf on 3/19/2018
There must be a way to cancel the ads
PLEASE remove the add that plays sound
ApersonX10 on 3/19/2018
I am so tired of having my ads silenced (it evens has the emblem in the corner) yet THIS add plays exceedingly LOUD music. I shouldn't have to put my phone on silent in order to stop the sound. I play solitaire when I'm going to bed and the sound is abrupt and loud and disturbs my husband. It's the add with the older man waking up and his parents telling him they've sold the house. It's for a game where you design homes. I'm SICK of this add! Please, just allow it to be silenced for goodness sake. 😡 Update: the add is back but slightly new. It won't allow me to attach an image to this review for some reason. The option is not available. The sound is still ridiculous. It says "install now" at the top and then "pick your cabinets!" above a middle aged man's head. He's to the left in the picture. This add is super irritating.
For a game with ads, it’s great.
Hodandjames on 3/17/2018
My original review was not great because I made a mistake and thought I had the ad free version. I had paid for the app but still had the free version up. It’s very hard to tell which you are playing. The paid version has a pale yellow border around the Spider icon. I like the game very much but there are new, annoying ads you can’t just “X” out, you have to wait for a demo and now a video ad that plays music even though sound is turned off. When I complained the developer emailed me and asked me to send a screenshot of the worst ad so they could get rids of it. I thought that was good customer service. I changed my rating.
Spider solitaire
Jmcjp on 3/16/2018
The only problem is when I allow the game to pick between two choices, it does Not go to the BEST one.
Love it
Eslith on 3/15/2018
I really live this game
Obnoxiously Annoying Ads
J195387753 on 3/14/2018
I wish there was a paid ad-free version. The ads are so annoying that I deleted the game
Best Solitaire Game Ever!
hotshamala on 3/14/2018
I love Spider because it's very challenging. You can do it the easy way or the hard way...😁
This Game Cheats
Whymsical on 3/14/2018
Game used to be fun. Now I have to play against the game's manipulation of the cards. Real disappointed playing "solitaire" where the game rigs the cards. It's not a random shuffle and the game plays against you. If this is what they call Optimization of the game, I call it not fun anymore.
alvarani on 3/13/2018
I love it. Very challenging.
Just fun
Madtatter2 on 3/12/2018
Pass time
Great game
Rosanne felker on 3/9/2018
Great game..thanx
Great game
MawMaw of 8 on 3/9/2018
Been playing the spider for years. Love it. Best relaxing time waster ever.
Login’ Games
Gma4three on 3/8/2018
This is a fun game and gives a player something to do while waiting to see the doctor or waiting on any appt. Thanks for the games that beat reading old magazines.
Shuffle twice for better results
Semantix on 3/8/2018
This is a well-designed game and has some fun options. Quick and easy to pick up and play when you have a few minutes to spare. The biggest problem is with the shuffling. You’ll end up with a deal of 5s and kings, for instance, followed by a second deal of aces, 8s and a 3. The shuffling is horrible, but after a game of you start a new game, then start another one, the shuffling is usually much better. Only problem is you have to sit through another “build your ugly living room” interactive ad each time. And I just found the + version with no ads so I’ll be grabbing that now :)
Keeps crashing in the middle of the game!!
SactoLaurie on 3/7/2018
Loaded with ads, and something of them with sound!
Amorphosa on 3/5/2018
Imagine playing late at night, and all of a sudden your family is awoken with an obnoxious sound of a commercial. Not a happy situation. Some of the ads pretend to have a control to turn the sound off, but it doesn't work. Sloppy programming? I don't think so. Just greed.
Jasminthegirl on 3/2/2018
It’s the ONLY game I’ve had installed on my iPhone for a couple years
PattyH1956 on 3/2/2018
I love this game! It is so addictive!!! I have it on my phone so I can play it where Ever I go!
Games repeat
IslandMom3 on 3/1/2018
As you continue to play on this app you will realize that it is just repeating the same games over and over.
Odbdkxnaho on 2/26/2018
I have had this app for a really long time! Like probably almost as long as it’s been out. I have tried other spider solitaire apps, I this is one of for sure the best one.
So awesome
i love matthiass vids on 2/25/2018
I love this game it so easy and super very fun. Matthias if you see this I ❤️ your vids
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