Paperless Post

Paperless Post

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Lifestyle 6.3 Feb 22, 2012 Aug 07, 2018 149.5 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 6.3

Thank you for using Paperless Post! We are working to improve and provide features that make your event planning and card sending experience easier. Here's what's new with this update:

- We added the ability to zoom & rotate images when you are creating a Flyer
- We've also fixed some bugs and added in some improvements under the hood


Paperless Post is an events platform that has beautiful invitations for every occasion and smart online planning tools to help make gathering easier.

Designs worth celebrating.

Choose from our curated collection of free and premium invitations -- including exclusive partner designs from Rifle Paper Co., kate spade new york, Oscar de la Renta, Jonathan Adler, Kelly Wearstler, and more.

Make it your own.

Add photos directly from your Camera Roll, choose new fonts, and customize information on your invitation and event details page.

Smart tools for planning.

Plan and manage your event with online tools like RSVP tracking and guest list management. Communicate with your guests through private and group messaging.

iPad Screenshots
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Buggy app - so buggy, it’s not worth using
oscarzmbd on 8/18/2018
I use Paperless Post for cards and invitations - and on my desktop, I’m largely happy with the experience. I am dismayed at how poorly the app works. For example, one cannon easily select text to update the size, font, etc. My Bitmoji keyboard popped up and completely crashed the app.
Love paperless post but hate this app
emilyinaustin on 8/16/2018
This app is completely non functional in trying to manage events and guests. It doesn’t sync invitations you’ve sent or show guest lists, you can’t even see who has RSVPed to your event. It’s totally useless.
Mixed Experience
TheFoxMan2 on 8/15/2018
Loved the experience creating the card. Excellent card designs and easy to use design tools. Poor experience trying to manage my invitations after they were sent. Missing and clunky functionality in the iPad app and broken functionality in the web version. After such a good experience designing my card I was surprised how mediocre my experience has been managing my event.
Not as good as the website
Maloriemaloriemalorie on 8/12/2018
I really don’t like how I can’t look at comments or use saved contact lists on the app like you can on the website. I like to use my phone but usually have to use both the app and the website so I can complete the invite, plus check the site to monitor comments since I don’t receive email updates with new comments. Needs some work and they told me a long time ago these were being fixed. Get working!!
Great app but the coin system is bogus
kidbirthday on 8/12/2018
I ended up buying $25 worth of coins in 2 attempts because it wasn’t really clear how many I needed. Seems quite steep and a sneaky way to make money 🤔
doesn’t work
Johnny 5 is alive!! on 8/11/2018
There’s an option to upload photos but it can’t upload my photo.
Very hard to navigate
dawntiz on 8/6/2018
Very hard to navigate- no text feature to send out invite, very glitchy- it kept flashing and would not work properly
Great app for travelers
e-step-to-my-lou on 8/5/2018
Don’t want to wonder when your message will arrive? This app helps your message get there when you need it to. It would be nice to have a filter for type of event (couldn’t find that on phone app), and after looking at a card I’d like to return to where I was, rather than at the top of the page.
Need ability to edit addresses in app
mlkarp on 8/5/2018
Need ability to edit addresses in app after you have typed them. Also, when you go back to double check invite, email addresses were duplicated.
New Update has major issues
cjrlee on 8/5/2018
I love PaperlessPost but the newest update has made it impossible to use. When trying to add guests on the app, I somehow reset the invite and it defaulted back to the template. I had to re-do it several times on my laptop. Every time I try to do something on the app the right top corner starts blinking rapidly and the screen freezes.
Nsp2341 on 8/3/2018
Inefficient app. Constantly crashes or freezes. Doesn’t save as it should so I’m always starting over. Editing is a pain. So frustrating. You’ve been around long enough to work out the kinks. Works best in desktop. But it’s 2018. You should be able to use it easily from any device - phone, tablet... Especially since we pay for the service. Figure it out.
Frustrating, especially when you pay for it
CR8417 on 8/1/2018
I have been TRYING to use the iPad app and it’s garbage. Looks pretty but useless. Crashes. Buttons don’t work. It’s garbage. So dumb since I paid for it.
Great design, but...
CandidlyCan! on 7/31/2018
Great card and invite app but would love it if I had the option of also sending cards via text message. Faster and more direct!
What a failure
Sebastiano on 7/29/2018
This app is so buggy and dysfunctional it’s shameful. It has a fraction of the features of the site, but even the few it has do not work. Want to add a guest? You can only add the email address, but no name. Want to delete a guest? You can’t! The only thing you can do is send them an invitation if you want to delete them (?). Want to manage your address book? No luck, it’s not there. But boy do they try to trick you into getting access to your iPhone’s address book. Bottom line, useless. One star because you can’t give negative stars.
Constant glitches
Prochrock111 on 7/28/2018
I really love the invite formats of this site but unfortunately the phone app is constant glitching and making me shut it down, I’m in constant fear of loosing my drafts or starting over.
Email addresses
theewilkes on 7/25/2018
Every time I would leave the app to check an email address, it would duplicate the addresses and I would need to start over. I couldn’t individually delete, needed to start from the end!
Freezes constantly
Kandrews424 on 7/25/2018
I can’t do anything at all to personalize a card without it freezing and losing everything I’ve done. Please fix this!
Use another App
Hkm846 on 7/23/2018
I tried to use this app, but it kept freezing and crashing on me. I will NEVER recommend this app to anyone else.
Great app but can’t make photo cards
fzw on 7/17/2018
They need to fix the photo card option on the app!
Just Love this app!
FranGemma on 7/17/2018
Very convenient, and less expensive! I love the personalized touches, I truly don’t miss the physical paper greeting cards. Great and awesome idea. Thank you!
Extremely buggy
anne_berit on 7/16/2018
Almost impossible to manage guest list via the app. Adds multiple entries for each person (and multiple charges), can delete them only to find them undeleted when I go back to the draft. Sometimes get error message “this person already added to guest list” but then adds them anyway! Impossible to delete all the duplicate entries - they just keep coming back!
Love these!!!
Best prints! on 7/14/2018
Best service
A Musical Wizard on 7/13/2018
Sending them via text would work better.. but all in all I like that app ez to use will recommend..
Not there yet
VanessaH9876 on 7/12/2018
The design still needs work- it freezes and crashes often. Some functions are not working.
Glitchy, too many bugs, unusable
whydoesappstoreneedanewnicknam on 7/7/2018
The app often doesn’t respond to gestures and taps, doesn’t display invitations correctly, and is generally unusable.
Pretty Pistol on 7/5/2018
Can’t get any of my photos to load.
App invitations
tribecamom on 7/2/2018
I have been a HUGE fan of your app and Store since you started. BUT how can I not have a public list when on the app. I now do everything from my phone? I hate to have parties with public emails that are very private. Just my biggest complaint. ❤️❤️❤️
Like this app
Magicmom22 on 7/2/2018
I use this for all of my ecards. My only complaint is that it’s a little glitchy when entering text.
Upload-able Customization would be great
Ashleahb on 6/30/2018
The app works well, but it would be even better if you could add a photograph and your own background and cover.
Shdjfkirbdinxldlsjbdk on 6/28/2018
Requires full site and app log-in. Too much to work with on one invite because errors could occur. Overall great product.
I had problems...
Dale Stein on 6/25/2018
Overall, the experience was good. I did, however, have problems with it crashing a few times, then also could not erase added contacts, so I had to start all over again.
Paying for invitation?!!?!
anynamehabibi on 6/24/2018
I spent 30-45 minutes prepping an invite and couldn’t send it unless I paid. The energy spent creating the invite was frustrating so spending money or starting over on a free app were my options. You win because I paid, but advertising that you’re not a free service is needed. I think it’s callous. I feel cheated. Not cool.
Irritating to edit
Mdw1241319 on 6/21/2018
Overall, the app is great if you have everything perfectly entered the first time. If you need to edit anything at all (email addresses, event details, etc) forget about using the app! You have to log in on a computer (not even using the full site on your phone!!!!) to do this. SO inconvenient and kinda defeats the purpose of the convenience of the app 🙄🙄. Fix it, paperless post!!!!
Too many glitches
Dewdrop7 on 6/19/2018
I cannot do anything with this app. Every time I open it, I barely start navigating through my invite or guest list and it freezes. I’ve tried closing it and restarting it over a dozen times with the same result every time.
Very buggy, but the cards are nice
JRoon09 on 6/17/2018
I love this app for the convenience of sending nice looking cards. I hate actually making the cards, however, because the process is bug-ridden. Selecting and editing text is close to impossible, and the card to my mother on Mother's Day was missing half the text!
sbsnanbs on 6/17/2018
I like paperless post by why is it so spendy?
App Crashed
Hummingrk on 6/17/2018
This app no longer works with iPhone. It kept freezing so I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. That was worse. The settings on my iPhone no longer include toggles to turn on or off access to my photos or contacts. Even when I tried to set up a card and email it with a typed-in address of the sender, it crashed and wouldn’t save the card. I deleted it. If the developer updates to go with the newest IOS it would be great. The app was fun and handy.
Can’t live without this app, 1 request
Gobikerider on 6/16/2018
This app is awesome and easy to use allowing you to send designer cards every holiday. Please add support for the 12.9 iPad Pro tough as everything is simply blown up on the screen looking well low res.
Difficult text
Brinonners on 6/16/2018
I love the designs and class I was of paperless post, but it has a lot of bugs... even when using the app. It won’t let you copy and paste text, or even use voice memo to write text. This makes it very difficult when trying to write multiple thank you notes or cards.
Lisa P Howard on 6/14/2018
Easy , love it and i am not at all “ techy”
Purchasing items.
Gemini C on 6/11/2018
The site is great. The purchasing of coins not so much. Coons are expensive
Love paperless but unstable app
cbentzen on 6/11/2018
It wouldn’t save so had to restart and screen flickered on and off where I needed to enter the details of the invitation
Doesn’t seem to have some key functionality of the website
Trippin out in DC on 6/10/2018
Trying to fix a bounced email, couldn’t get it to work. Clunky when trying to add a new recipient to the invite.
Very buggy
Jahyh17475 on 6/9/2018
Can’t add new contacts, fix email addresses or send invitations easily in the app due to bugs
Content & Designs Great, App Not
J1207$@/;) on 6/8/2018
The content on the website and the designs and control you have are wonderful. Paperless post has created a really great product. However, the app has been virtually unusable for me. When I try to manage my event and guests on the app, I can't. On my "event" page, I cannot scroll down. I try to scroll down to manage guests and IF the page moves down it all, it will immediately pop straight back to the top of the page. It's very frustrating and continues to happen after several tries and several updates. So, I would say, use paperless post. But don't expect to use the app for much. Maybe only for notifications.
I love Paperless Post
Jill Tab on 6/7/2018
Paperless Post has the classiest designs and every time I send Evites with the app I am amazed at how many more people RSVP and show up to my events (versus using snail mail or a text). I love how they remind the guests to RSVP and to come to the event!
Desktop site much better
alroserocks on 6/5/2018
The app isn’t very finger friendly and the customization and options on the app aren’t as good or as available as on the desktop version. I don’t look forward to using the app.
Would LOVE to see a text option!!!
ambeebaby20 on 6/5/2018
I Love this app!!! Such beautiful cards, so thank you for that. However I would LOVE to see a TEXT option to send cards!!! I don’t do a lot of emailing and I feel this would be a great option for the younger generation as well. Please consider this 💗. Thank you for a beautiful app!
Too many coins. Rip off
Atslsu on 6/3/2018
You require entirely too many coins I could’ve mailed 15 invitations for cheaper than sending them on your app
jhhammond on 6/2/2018
So disappointing, I used to love using this app. It’s practically impossible to use without complete frustration and incomplete projects. I’ve abandoned 3 invitations I have started. Horrible.
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