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The CW is constantly striving to refine the app and make the experience better for you, so we update often. Get the latest version for optimal performance and the most recent improvements. Thank you for streaming with The CW app!


The CW App is the only way to watch FREE EPISODES of your favorite shows whenever you want, no subscription or password needed. Just install the app and stream the hit series Riverdale, Black Lightning, The Flash, Jane The Virgin, Supergirl, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, iZombie, Supernatural, The 100, Arrow, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Originals and more. Missed last night’s episode? Watch it now for FREE. Behind more than one? Catch up on the last five episodes aired anytime.

Features Include:

* FULL EPISODES: Watch the latest episodes of every primetime show the day after broadcast. Free.
* NO LOGINS: No cable subscription, no credit cards, no passwords. Ever.
* PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: Get reminded when your favorite shows air and when they’re available to watch in the app.
* EXTRAS: See previews for upcoming episodes, behind-the-scenes extras, cast interviews, and more.
* EASY ACCESS TO CW SEED: Binge on new classics like The Secret Circle, Everwood, The Game, Girlfriends, Everybody Hates Chris, and Constantine, digital series like DC’s Vixen, and every episode of Whose Line.

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Y͓̽o͓̽ p͓̽r͓̽o͓̽ on 2/19/2018
This app won’t let me see season 4 episode 1 of the flash but I can only see the 9the at the latest
Is working for iPhone 7?
Juliate36 on 2/19/2018
I downloaded the app, but it doesn’t work 😔.......
Won’t even open after latest update
marvin a on 2/19/2018
App was amazing until latest update completely bricked it. Make it work again!
No videos available
Garrett Paynegelt on 2/18/2018
Whenever I open this app it shows ‘no videos are available’. And when I try to give feedback, that page is also not available. Developers please look to it.
Almost perfect
ALIEN353 on 2/18/2018
This app is almost perfect but the ONLY thing that is stoping me form giving it five starts is that sometime the episodes of shows don’t upload the next day and it takes days Maybe even weeks for it to catch-up.
Lisalote on 2/18/2018
I love the app but I tried getting into it again there is no shows on the app I deleted it and re-downloaded it but it still come up nothing. Please help
Uhm what?
DavoniaSmall on 2/18/2018
App is great even the quick commercials aren’t that bad. But if you aren’t going t have All the episodes then why even have the show on here??
This app rocks
CaliSwag-323 on 2/17/2018
I have been using this app for years and it has never spent a lot of time buffering when used on WiFi plus all episodes are free and play in great quality. The one and only downside is the ads that play in between the shows, there’s way to many and once they get rid of the ads I don’t think I’d be able to put my phone down. The CW and their app has done nothing but an outstanding job on their shows production from cast to directors, also the ease to navigate the app I love it
Thisgameoml on 2/17/2018
The app is great for watching shows but there are way too many ads/commercials. I use it to watch the second season of Riverdale, but i can’t get through 10 minutes without ads. 😶
Episode is Missing
Shanebow Dash on 2/17/2018
The app is great and all, except I can’t find the latest episode of The Flash, “Subject 9.” Where is it?
Apple TV 4 app issues
dprpunk on 2/17/2018
Currently there is an issue in the shows section where it only shows roughly 5-7 shows to choose from. This just started about 2 weeks ago. Prior to that app CW shows would appear there.
FirdausBN on 2/17/2018
Every time went to schedule it crash.I search Riverdale ‘it does not match’.......What is this?
Great app... but..
DaltonAmes on 2/16/2018
I am enjoying this programming, but there are these glitches called "ads" that keep popping up at regular intervals and detract from my enjoyment of the shows. I would be willing to pay $9.99 right now to make the ads go away, but I have not been offered that option. Seems kind of short-sighted.
The app is great but.......
Xfritx on 2/16/2018
I love the app watching all the shows but if I miss some I can’t watch them CW should include all the episodes not just the last 7 or something
So far as good
narekloryan on 2/16/2018
Just add live tv support
Why ı cant watch anything??Pls answerrr!!
why i cant watch anything on 2/16/2018
Why i cant watch anything
Sunshine7424 on 2/16/2018
The app is no longer working and I’m upset.
Show page has been truncated and there no ..
GimmeDatThang on 2/14/2018
On Apple TV the SHOWS page is missing every last one of my favorite shows. I have to rely on the HOME page and swipe through many shows to find which episode is the one is the latest I’ve watched. And which is the next one I need to watch. I was wondering when are you ever going to implement a feature that indicates what episodes of a show I’ve previously watched and where I’ve left off?
Too many apps
Bonami0 on 2/14/2018
Way too many ads per episodes. Cut down the ads to two commercial breaks per episodes. Too many ads. When are new episodes of The flash, Arrow Supergirl, Riverdale, and Vipor on? It seem that they are not on on the same day that the show appear on tv
Change The dates of shows 😤
Hayneskidd on 2/14/2018
The Flash comes out on Tuesdays at 7/8c but it doesn’t go up until Wednesday why is that ?? Just say it comes out on Wednesday jeez other than that great app
OxyMoronBR on 2/14/2018
You have parts one, two and FOUR? Who does that?
Crap app
fuckcw on 2/14/2018
This app is a burning pile of 💩 I stopped following several cw shows when this launched because the interface is terrible. Trying to catch up on my shows but the app freezes, crashes, opens the wrong show, basically every way it can be bad it is. Go back to Hulu. Launching this app was the dumbest thing for your brand since changing the name from WB
Game warden 96 on 2/14/2018
The app will not play episodes. Even when connected to the best internet money can buy, the app will just be infinitely loading. I just want to watch my show!
Crashing bug
Agent_Plug on 2/13/2018
Everytime I launch the app it loads then goes to the home screen and keeps repeating that cycle,until it's fixed it will stay at 1 star
BoyOn_Ice❄️ on 2/13/2018
pojdjr on 2/13/2018
It doesn’t have live streaming
The CW
Mr. Doctor Proffesor Sir on 2/13/2018
I love this app, but my only complain is how their episodes expire over time. Definitely recommend it.
I’ve hated this app since the beginning
Kittyscousin2 on 2/13/2018
It buffers and glitches every few seconds when you are mirroring to the Apple TV and the show errors out completely if you try to choose Apple TV (without mirroring) from the iPad. It really stinks that this is the only way to watch CW shows online. They should be back on Hulu.
Apple TV app missing current shows
sulli3jw on 2/13/2018
The latest update has removed many of the shows from the “shows” section now only a few show up. I have to go through the featured episode section to get the episode selection page for shows like supergirl, flash, and arrow. Please bring back the full shows page to the Apple TV
Knut/L on 2/13/2018
I love being able to watch my CW shows on the app, but something happened recently where Supergirl, Arrow, Flash, and Legends are no longer listed under shows on Apple TV. They show on my mobile device though. It makes it difficult to find the next episode. Hope it gets fixed soon.
555#I'msohappy on 2/13/2018
I love the quality of the app. The ads do annoy me a little but I get why you have to do it. The thing that bothers me the most are the expirations so if you miss a show and a few weeks later you come back that show was already expired and you can’t watch it again which is really annoying because then you are confused on the rest of the episodes why some things are happening because you didn’t get to see the episodes before.
Expires when
richuroo43 on 2/12/2018
Would be so much better if you could please add dates to when each episode expires.
CW app is trash on 2/12/2018
La aplicación no hace nada, no me deja ver nada
Did not work
Bmcleppy on 2/12/2018
I downloaded the app, couldn't watch anything, deleted within a day, what a waste of time and data.
Very basic app
Brent K. on 2/12/2018
This app works but needs true iPhone X support. Lose the swipe bar on the video! Get true dock connector support as well. Let me turn off the screen while I’m using the HDMI/Lightning adapter.
Was good
Vermilion-raeyn on 2/12/2018
App was good then it stopped working. Spinning ball of death. Everything works but the videos. The last 2 updates have created this mess and fail to dress or correct it. I tried uninstalling didn't help. I have to close and open almost a dozen times to get the stupid thing to work. Now I see why pirating tv is popular. Tv that should b free is not and apps don't work so there is no option but the pay for cable.
chickenwoowhoo on 2/11/2018
I wish that it would save the episodes and that they would let me see all the episodes bc I wanna watch ep 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and so. I don’t like how some of the episodes expire too :/
It’s pretty good
Mloddjygbddbhdvht on 2/10/2018
The app is ok. I use it to watch the second season of Riverdale. But it has a lot of ads which is annoying but I kinda get it cause it’s pretty much free but there is way too many ads. There is also not chapter 15 or 16 etc and then it goes to I believe 20 something of I remember correctly which is also annoying. I wish this app had every episode and not as much amount of ads.
DogLover000 on 2/10/2018
I hate this app because I finished Riverdale on Netflix and now CW doesn’t have the episode because they like to delete the episodes, I won’t give you a good review until you fix this, WHY! and also too many ads. your getting enough money. Also I rather wait until season 2 comes out on Netflix, babye! and does anyone know when it will come out?✌🏼😭
Could you make this chromecast compatible?
I don't want to. 1224455 on 2/10/2018
Pretty please?
I’m I missing something? HELP
Dolliekiss on 2/10/2018
I downloaded this app because I wanted to see the all the new episodes of season 2 of Riverdale but for some reason there’s only like 5 videos and they skip episodes in between, am I missing something or do I need to put something on the app that would allow me to watch all episodes? Someone please help?
iiToyChic on 2/9/2018
Constantly crashes when trying to open it
Great in Concept
JDubHere on 2/9/2018
This app would be excellent, but navigation is next to impossible when using it on Amazon’s firestick. You can NEVER get to the show you want to watch, so it’s kind of a waste.
Isaacbadazz on 2/8/2018
I use this app whenever I miss an episode or something like that. And I really like the app and think it’s cool and whatnot. But what irritates me is that I can’t control whether my captions are on or off. I don’t use the captions unless necessary. But this app doesn’t let me decide. And it’s the same on the CW Seed. Please fix this problem and we’ll be fine please and thank you
Catebae08 on 2/8/2018
I love this app! But it has so many ads it gets annoying I would rather watch a bunch of ads at the beginning or end! But otherwise love this app
Bawse#53 on 2/7/2018
GREAT APP I get to watch so many great shows with ease although I hate ads there are no problems with the app itself.
Sjebxhehxjjedbhxebsnjrh on 2/7/2018
You should be able to buy off ads
Amazing but...
Pichimaru on 2/7/2018
I love this app, I can watch any Tv show from CW without having to pay like other apps. Although I am trying to get notifications from new shows like “Black Lightning “, it seems that it’s not possible yet. Please fix! 😖
Needs new platform
bumikyatenzin on 2/6/2018
I love the app but I’d like to watch it on my PlayStation so can we please get the app on PS4???
Unhappy camper!
Jen from Long Island, N Y on 2/6/2018
I really like the app! But how come it doesn’t have live tv! I’m getting to a point these days were I would like to get rid of my cable box but I don’t know where to go watch the CW live if I want to!
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  • Category: Entertainment
  • Released: Mar 14, 2012
  • Current Version Released: Feb 15, 2018
  • Version: 2.15.0
  • Size: 42 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Recommended Age: 12+
  • Game Center Certified: No
  • Supported Languages: Basque; Dutch; Flemish; English; French; German; Japanese; Korean; Chinese; Vietnamese;
  • Parental Advisory: Fear Themes; Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence; Suggestive Themes; Mild Realistic Violence; Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References;