Taco Bell

Taco Bell

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Food & Drink 5.0.2 Jan 25, 2012 Jun 21, 2018 195.3 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 5.0.2

Minor enhancements and bug fixes.


You said it and we listened. The new and improved Taco Bell app is here!

App Features:
- Customize your favorite item
- Schedule a pick up time
- Favorite & share your go to items
- Quickly reorder your go to meal with “Fast Favorite”
- Track your order

Additional Features:
- Browse locations
- Opt in to notifications and receive status updates about your order in real time
- Add and use Taco Bell Gift Cards

Download and stay a while. Welcome to the new Taco Bell App!

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Doesn’t work
69aces on 6/24/2018
I just tried to place an order after the most recent update and it won’t process my payment. I tried multiple credit cards and it will not accept them, I’m deleting the app.
Doesn’t work anymore
Jakrzzzzzzzzz on 6/24/2018
Please log in. Please reset your password. Uhoh, what you asked for doesn’t work. Please reset your password. Your payment method doesn’t work. Please reset your password. What the hell.
Gadoink on 6/24/2018
Within the last few days it’s become unusable. Whenever I try to put anything in my cart it says I need to change my password. Doing so won’t fix it. Thus, impossible to order anything.
Won’t even let me order
John Dave Canon on 6/24/2018
Keeps saying “cart not found” and telling me to reset my password even after I made an account. Pointless app.
Needs work
Millenium1971 on 6/23/2018
Logs you out a lot and then locks up when trying to log back in. Sometimes takes 30min to get it to work properly
Losing options is not an upgrade
MAXCHAOS on 6/23/2018
This version still lacks the option to grill the burritos even though it used to be there. There is not a way to add a comment or special instructions for the order. Looks prettier but loses functionality.
Don’t waste ur time
Dsteiger61 on 6/23/2018
Place an order with them , show up at the store , did not have my order, try to talk to someone the (manager) and was told there was nothing they could do about my order, then waited around for another 15 minutes and then my order showed up on their screen. It took an hour to get my order will never use this app again
I did NOT submit the order
Unhappy@this APP on 6/23/2018
I was looking at different payment options and seeing if I had Visa checkout. Signed in and it automatically submitted my order!!! I was not easy to place it.
Works great everywhere but where I live
Contratude on 6/23/2018
This application is great! I use it almost every where I go. I would love to give this application a higher rating but unfortunately the Taco Bell where I live shows unavailable or out of service on the app for months at a time before it ever gets fixed. I used to use it constantly, for five times a week but no longer. Several friends of mine have already deleted the app because it doesn't work here where we live very often. I travel a lot and use it elsewhere but would really prefer to be able to use it at home. I've written to Taco Bell several times but never heard a word back and the problem still exists, very sad.
Great service
Joeann76 on 6/23/2018
I have been using the online ordering for over a year. Always get great service.
Leslee25 on 6/23/2018
This app used to be amazing and super helpful. But ever since they redesigned it, there’s been nothing but problems. It refuses to take my credit card and freezes up every time I use Apple Pay. Please fix this! I miss being able to order from the app and pick up.
What’s up tho
Luwie V on 6/23/2018
It was good for like 3 times that I used but then it kept deny any form of payment
Love the app!
CBTacos on 6/23/2018
It can be a little tricky to select a pickup location, as sometimes the app won’t respond to a tap to select, but otherwise it is fantastic! I love that I can customize my order and save my favorites for quick ordering next time!
Super Easy - No Rewards
Meganeff on 6/23/2018
This is so easy & convenient. I place an order & pay for it on the app while my husband is driving to the store. It’s ready by the time he gets there. If you don’t know when you’ll arrive you can place the order, pay for it, & select pick up later. Then all you have to do is check in when you’re there. I usually check in when I’m a few minutes away. They make the food fresh so I arrive just as they finish. I hope they have a better loyalty rewards system soon though. I don’t think they currently have one at all because I haven’t gotten any rewards, and I’m always using the app! I’ll keep using it because I love Taco Bell, but I’m sure others could be incentivized with a loyalty rewards program.
The old one was way better
Ruby Vita on 6/23/2018
This app is so frustrating. It lags like crazy, and for some reason I can never sign in to my account. Even when I try to reset my password, it tells me access is denied.
Don’t waste your time
kochanaanusia on 6/23/2018
There is no point in ordering ahead of time, they never make it ahead of time or push your order through. If there’s a long line in the drive through you’re still waiting forever and if you pick up in store, you still have to wait for everyone else’s order to be made. There is just no point in using it. I don’t like McDonald’s by at least they have coupons, incentives, and they push your order through if you pick up in store and they will bring it to your car too. I will never use the app again because I could of had my food 10 min. Sooner if I used the drive through and never went on the app. Waste of time.
Love the new app!
maritimeseven on 6/23/2018
Two comments: - iPhone X layout tweaking is still needed. The app isn’t taking full advantage of safe zones - Overall speed updates would be appreciated. I’m sure this will come over time, just needed to mention it anyway Great new app! You’ve done an amazing job updating the experience for all of us.
I can’t even log in.
CoriAmazon on 6/23/2018
So with the most recent update I was logged out of the app. When I tried to log back in with Facebook it gives me a pop up window for about a second and then it disappears. I can’t order without being able to log in. Along with that, other than maybe the first couple months of use, there has been absolutely no deals/coupons available on the app. Don’t even have the section if there are going to be none available. If I could get logged in and not be teased by the deals but actually no deals this app would be fine. When I’m able, the app provides you with the ability to take you time making a choice and still hit the drive-thru, no feeling rushed.
Sissanmisha on 6/23/2018
I downloaded this app not just to order ahead, but for the special offers, of which there never seem to be any. It’s been at least a year since there was anything listed under “offers.”
It’s an ok app
Sheila Jones on 6/23/2018
Pretty easy to use. Only used it once but found it simple to navigate and customize my items.
Great service
harrythescary64 on 6/23/2018
Nicest employees ever. I’m definitely coming back to this one.
Better before update
bimmernfs335 on 6/22/2018
Horrible, the app will not even let me sign in.
Haven’t been able to order through mobile
Polar_Alex_bear on 6/22/2018
It’s been quite some time now that I cannot order through the app for the store near me. 2455 Monarch Ste-5, Laredo Tx - 78045. It tells me to order from another store. It’s a huge let down when I have to go to the store and order there. I would order frequently when I was able to choose the store near me and when there was offers. Please bring back the offers and help me be able to order from the store near me please.
Hy.pp on 6/22/2018
Trash. I can’t sign in at all. It wants me to keep changing my password every time I try to sign and it keeps crashing right after I pay for my food. I just ordered the same thing 3x and it’s not even going through but I’m getting charged.
Fewer options...
little wing on 6/22/2018
We like our burritos grilled, and were able to specify this in previous versions. Unfortunately, it’s no longer an option.
Good but not great
Ladymcknight84 on 6/22/2018
I would’ve given this a 5 star rating if I could choose the option for my burritos to be grilled
App is laggy, slow and is missing options
cleopie12 on 6/22/2018
You should be able to substitute sauces. Ex. Chipotle for creamy jalapeño but it doesn’t give that option. Sauce can be removed and then be added on for a charge which is unreasonable when compared to other fast food apps which let you substitute for no charge. Missing the option to get an item grilled. Also taco bell needs to step up its game with coupons and offers. McDonald’s has great coupons every day.
Cannot place order?!
cookiefan88 on 6/22/2018
I updated my app today (June 22nd) and got ALL the way to the very end, put in my credit card, and was unable to press the “submit order” button, no matter what I did. I completely closed the app and reordered everything, hoping it was just a glitch, but I’m still unable to place my order. It worked fine yesterday; I can only assume it was the update? Really disappointed, I’ve been using this app for over a year now and haven’t had issues until now!
Pretty good, but needs work
TacoFan1971 on 6/22/2018
The app is pretty easy to use, but it isn’t intuitive what the next step after choosing a pick up location (scrolling down is the next step, but it isn’t obvious).
X Died
SpaceySkiddo on 6/22/2018
Blocked for suspicious activity.
J$C3 on 6/21/2018
Favorite default error
Smileyleg on 6/21/2018
Update: I was now charged twice using my GC and debit for the full amount. Since the new update, I can’t login the app using Facebook. I logged in fine on the computer. Come on guys!!!! Get this together!!! The app has work decent until today! I have 3 location favorites saved. I selected the second to place my order. After paying for it, the order was sent to my first favorite location. Thinking I made an error, I cancelled the order and reordered at my second favorite location. Again, the order was sent to my first favorite location. In the past, I had no problem and could select a different location and get my order at the location I selected. Something has happened to the app in the past 2 weeks for my locations to not register. Please fix this ASAP!!! Until then, I’m giving one star. I had to repurchase my order and later go to the other location to get a refund after showing proof I had to order at the 2nd location.
New incarnation of app is awful
Edit Dude on 6/21/2018
Sure, the old app was visually a bit wonky, but it worked perfectly every time. New app is a nightmare for usability. It is horribly sluggish at each stage of an ordering process and there are UI gaffes when using an iPhone X. It’s developers didn’t account for the taller screen, ergo important navigation elements appear beneath the home indicator and under the notch and little tabs on each side of the notch—particularly the left tab, making dismissal X icons and go-back < icons VERY difficult to tap. Worst of all, tonight I endured the sluggishness to set up an order and reached the stage where I select a store. I very specifically slid the choices to the store I was near and tapped its button to select the store. I saw it’s address selected. But after I completed the order and selected in-store pickup, the app reported it was being prepared at a different store (the store I had selected the previous time I used the app, located probably 7-8 miles from the store I was trying to use). Hoping the Tbell Twitter team can set up a refund to my debit card.
Needs work
Calvinek99 on 6/21/2018
Very glitchy erased my order twice and would lock up on customize and payment
Used to love it but not working out for me now
The original Sanmiguelito on 6/21/2018
NO STARS To use the app again a couple of months ago I had to to take an update and it was a new interface. All of my history, favorites and ordering history was gone. I made one successful order after that. Since I have not been able to login with my original account info. I tried to recover my password, no valid account info with my email. I tried to sign up again and every time with three different emails I received an error message telling me to use a “valid” email address. Not working out for me. I haven’t paid Taco Bell in any fashion since other than with my personal information for there monetary gains. I am sure YUM won’t read this and if they did they wouldn’t take any action. But you can read this and decide for yourself. If this happens to use use your FACEBOOK account? I’m sure that is secure and will work perfectly. Thanks YUM, PepsiCO, Taco Bell and probably FACEBOOK.
The more they change this app, the worse it gets.
SchuMoney on 6/21/2018
Please stop messing with the app. With each update, you make it worse
kathleenx33 on 6/21/2018
This app used to function really well. It was simple, easy to use, and actually WORKED. Since they redesigned it, it’s been glitchy, slow, and incredibly frustrating to use. I used to recommend this app to everyone. Now I wouldn’t force it on my worst enemy.
Valid email
Sweethavoc on 6/21/2018
Trying to sign up and it won’t accept my email address. Keeps telling me to use a valid email ID. Oh well.
Customize options
Asulz on 6/21/2018
Please add a “grilled” option to the customize menu.
Love it
Dee_wren on 6/21/2018
Super easy to use, customizable options for foods (I’m an extra this, light that kinda person) gives you options for restaurants within the area, and placing order as well as pickup, is quick.
So far so good
Energy boy94 on 6/21/2018
I’ve been able to easily customize and place my order and pay before I get to the store. I’ve had a little trouble picking it up but I think that’s more on the store than it is the app. Surprised at How simple it is. And they let you pay with Apple Pay! All in all, good app so far.
New version is terrible
Frederick Von Rickenbacher on 6/21/2018
Ever since the major update happened, this app is borderline unusable. It seems like every time I try to use it, it crashes when I try to pay then I have to input all of my items again which can be a real pain when there is customization. I also don’t love how the drink ordering is changed in that when you order a combo you have to select and swap the drink if you want to specify your drink before you get there which is needed when I order for a group. The old menu organization was friendlier, the app was faster and didn’t have recurring crash issues which leads me to my rating of this version. I still appreciate the customization which is very convenient (when it works), but the lack of reliability leaves me with a 2/5.
Crappy Deals
Trader1991 on 6/20/2018
The app is okay. I prefer to order via app than explaining your customization to employees, who barely speak English (in the Bay Area). No deals for small items like McDonald’s. Drinks are always wxp naive so I pick one up from McDonald’s on my way to Taco Bell. Why can’t I have Nachos chips as a side?
Used to be great, now it’s useless
medmoney on 6/20/2018
This app was way more functional before the redesign. Now it constantly crashes, isn’t optimized for my screen so closing stuff is almost impossible, and it’s lost some of the customization options like getting a burrito grilled. The last app made ordering exactly what we wanted so easy we started going to Taco Bell way more often. Now it’s at the bottom of the list and Chick-Fil-a has taken over with their awesome new app.
New version terrible
zgolf82 on 6/20/2018
Bring back the old version that actually worked. New version is super slow and buggy.
Please un-update this app!
JJ Mattison on 6/20/2018
How did you manage to take a nice mobile ordering app, and manage to make the loading so terrible it would be quicker to WALK to the store and order there?
App changes are bad.
Abryant1980 on 6/20/2018
I don’t like the app updates. It’s much too slow and didn’t save my orders.
Bad and slow
Renthp6 on 6/20/2018
Bad and slow
You still have to wait in line!
LaForcePhone on 6/20/2018
I have used the app to order well before I show up and they don’t even start making your order until you wait in line and then tell them you’re here for your food. Defeats the purpose of mobile ordering. Qdoba’s got this right, but not Taco Bell, unfortunately. Guess Taco Bell isn’t my convenience pick any longer.
Taco Bell
Cocobear Tonykins on 6/20/2018
Taco Bell is great
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