Charter Communications

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Productivity 6.7 Feb 15, 2012 Jan 16, 2018 80.3 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 6.7

• We’ve updated the app to support iPhone X displays.
• As always, we're working to improve your experience by fixing bugs.


Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks are now one company, and soon you’ll get to know us by the name Spectrum. This app is for customers in the former Time Warner Cable service area.

Use My TWC® mobile app to manage your account and services, including review and pay your bill, get detailed billing information, and troubleshoot equipment for service issues, manage your existing service appointments and access Phone voicemail.

- View your bill summary, payment history, recent activity and last 6-month statements
- Pay your bill using a credit card, debit card, checking account or savings account *
- Schedule a future payment without waiting for a due date
- Setup recurring payments using AutoPay and paperless billing preferences

- Activate your new set-top-box, modem & Digital Adapter
- Check equipment connection status and troubleshoot service issues by reauthorizing equipment

- Check your full list of existing services and equipment
- Add or upgrade TWC services from the app

- View/reschedule/cancel your existing service appointments
- Manage your appointment notification preferences for existing appointments

- Receive notifications for new phone voicemails
- Listen to and manage your phone voicemail
- Use Call Forwarding to forward your phone when you¹re on the go

Contact Us
- Use Virtual Assistant to get answers about your services.
- Schedule a call-back using Talk to TWC. You don¹t need to wait on hold, we¹ll connect you with an agent when you’re available.
- Chat lets you text chat with a live representative for help on all your service questions.

Other Features
- Find TWC WiFi® Hotspots near you
- Find TWC Stores near you
- Access the TWC Channel Guide
*Hawaii customers cannot make payments with checking and savings accounts

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Phone to go app
Baie Jammer on 4/21/2018
I am so very disappointed in Time Warner Spectrum - I have just had trouble will all their services. Avoid them as much as possible.
Awesome app love it
It's a alsome app on 4/21/2018
Awesome app love it
Not logging into hotspots
ZipNLA on 4/20/2018
I’m having a hard time using the app when logging into the hotspots :-/
Absolutely Love!!
MiLLie-SMiLeS:) on 4/18/2018
Makes everything SO EASY! Paying the bill, looking at your services. Connecting your cell phone to your house phone. If I’m out & someone calls the home phone I can answer it right from my cell & when I’m inside the house they both ring. I get to choose which I pick up. I get text alerts if a voicemail is left. I can even text people from my home number using my cell. So cool. Plus there’s so many other things. Highly recommend. If ya don’t already have it...well don’t be a fool. Download it & give it a try! :)
I hope the CEO dies of cancer, again.
kdevxi on 4/16/2018
You think it’s by accident this corrupt corporation sees its executives die of cancer often? Well it isn’t. It’s punishment from god for being the worst corporation on the planet.
Gino El Tonko on 4/16/2018
Yes that’s right! I thought that something will change with the new name but no. I’m still paying a lot of money every month for a cheap service that goes on and off all the time. An internet service that at certain hours of the day looks and feels that I’m sharing my connection with with half of the neighborhood. Slowdown, freezes and on and on. I’m pretty sure whoever reads this won’t care but remember this “it’s hard to make a kingdom, but is even harder to maintain” Just imagine what would happen if 1% of your costumers think like me. How much longer do you think you will last when that 1% becomes bigger and bigger
Very helpful.
SWhite7 on 4/16/2018
Very helpful.
Crashing apps useless now
GelicaG on 4/14/2018
Since you guys decided to merge with Spectrum I haven’t been able to speak with a rep via chat ..troubleshooting my box has been a total flop..just useless being TWC back
I can never make a payment
Bessie's Muzic on 4/13/2018
Every time I try to make a payment with a different card, I enter all of the new card info and I click continue and it pulls up previous card payment info. I’ve overdrawn my account once not realizing it did this. I have tried to change the card info several times and it does not work! I had to suffer through doing it online through the slow internet! Please fix this glitch! It’s a pain!
Always at hand and in hand!
Kmusic1 on 4/12/2018
Whenever I have a question, problem, or just want to satisfy my curiosity, the app is available with no wait time to talk to a service rep or customer service person. There are times that a real person just can’t be replaced, but if I can take care of my needs without taking up time that could be devoted to someone who may need the personal touch, then it’s the app for me. Seldom have I found an app so comprehensive, yet user friendly. When I can reboot my DVR from my bed - now we’re talking! Combine this with the Spectrum app that allows me to control my TV experience as easily or more so than using my bulky remote and all I need is someone to feed me grapes and fan me! (I’m not really that lazy, but Caesar may have had better luck on the Ides of March if only he would have had this combination!? But then, it wouldn’t have made much of a story for Shakespeare and he would have been destined to write reviews. Wise move, William! Everybody else - get and use the app(s.)
Facial recognition
bdosd13 on 4/12/2018
Works fine but would like it support facial recognition like the old Time Warner app.
You’re app is a joke !!!
Jean540i on 4/12/2018
I’ve changed my password and it still says incorrect credentials even though it was change several minutes ago . You easily take my money on auto pay but can’t fix my problem
SirWingnut212 on 4/11/2018
This app much like the service is overly useless. Online chat is hardly ever accessible, the tools often do not work, and the only feature that works well is the payment function - go figure. You can upgrade your service but zero ability to cancel or downgrade. Company and app are terrible.
Lost my deceased parents voice mails
59sk on 4/10/2018
Would rate zero if I could. Both my parents have passed away. But I still had several old voicemails that I could listen to when reflecting and feeling low. But several months ago the app started to show voicemail as unavailable. I worriedly that my parents voicemails were gone. I called customer support who told me while they were not available via the phone app they would be if I called to my phone directly and accessed voicemails. Well I did that and my deceased parents voicemails are gone. I am devastated and cannot believe they are gone forever. They were there under Time Warner. But not under spectrum. Shame on you Spectrum - your deletion is my loss FOREVER.
rob in sc on 4/9/2018
Now I realize I may come off to most reading this review as “ one unhappy guy among a crowd of many who haven’t shared my experience....”. I HATE TIME WARNER/SPECTRUM CABLE COMPANY MORE THEN WORDS CAN EXPRESS. For many years I have had basic cable, no dvr fancy add ons. Each year the price has been driven up with unexplained fees... $168.78 is my average bill for basic Internet and basic cable. Now 4/2018 I’ve been forced with the choice to disconnect all together or to pay $18 a month more for these digital boxes... there are no other options besides dish... I HATE SPECTRUM... their app... anything to do with the name and can’t wait for the day a competitor comes in this area!!!!
Costs to much
Cat fashion show on 4/9/2018
Bill went up $20 this month.
Needs an update
Basildad on 4/9/2018
Have an iPhone 7 Plus. When someone calls my home I receive a notification on the main screen of my iPhone. Your app needs to be able to store this information so I can go and look at the numbers of the people that have called. Other than that I find the app very helpful but would like a list in the app of calls received on my home phone.
Very helpful
Stinkyrotten356$ on 4/9/2018
It’s very convenient having needed information in one app.
Needs more...
chrisking58 on 4/9/2018
This app is a good way to see an overview of your account, but that’s about all. Each time I try to see something related, it tells me I have limited access and takes me to the web browser to link. If that’s all it’s going to do, I’ll just save space on my phone and use the browser in the first place.
Bad Connection All the Time
RedScythe on 4/8/2018
Nice app but connection problems recurring daily. Freezes and then it’s gone! Value for money? Naah! It’s like you are connecting on a cheap prepaid hotspot but at $60 a pop!
Excellent app
parkbench7 on 4/6/2018
The app has been extremely useful on numerous accessions. Especially with problems with equipment.
tiffany803 on 4/2/2018
I would like to be able to edit my payments method (delete old card).
AAweau on 3/31/2018
Every time I sign in to pay the bill, the same message pops up from 2017 about a payment that hasn't processed, that should be taken off already. And adding a new payment card is a HUGE hassle, if it's a one time payment the previous card used shouldn't show up as a default, that card payment area should be blank. You app is NOT user friendly it's irritating.
Voicemail doesn’t work
Ramius987 on 3/29/2018
Can’t get it to access my voicemail which is the only reason I installed this app for.
Nunya77 on 3/29/2018
The app was great for paying my bill until recently. For the past several days I have been unable to log in. There’s an alert claiming they’re updating it the 27th from midnight to 5am - it’s now the 29th! The new Spectrum app isn’t any better - it keeps closing unexpectedly.
Super Useful!
Kevychevy420 on 3/27/2018
This is a must have app for those who have the TWC (Spectrum) home services like tv, Internet, home phone. No more waiting on a phone line for someone to take your call and answer a question/concern you may have. I just got done with talking to someone about a concern I had about my billing statement, which was answered by the 'In App' contact support texting! Everything was takin care of with in 5 minutes of me tapping on the 'Contact Support' text service. Very friendly, quick response time, knowledgeable, and overall way easier than any other way I've done before, contacting customer service in the past. I see this being the future of contacting support. 5*s for sure. Plus, not to mention, all of your account info, services you have/had or upgrades can be made and changed right from the app, including troubleshooting with wifi signal (turn on/off), change passwords to the wifi, and so much more! You'll just have to see for yourself! Go on...give it a go! You will not be disappointed!
Excellent app!!
Elad1266 on 3/22/2018
I have had the app for 9 months now without any issues. Very user friendly and helpful!!
Need More Developing
Gixer kid 1000 on 3/21/2018
The app looks great and it looks like a great start for Time Warner cable on the app however the app developer team needs a lot of revisions and updating. Needs more work
Does what it needs too.
matt282j on 3/18/2018
It works well, it has has a lot of features on it that helps you.
You broke upgrade
Rick6981 on 3/17/2018
You broke the online service upgrade... FOX IT!!!
It just works....
SpiMaster on 3/16/2018
Does exactly what I need. I can remotely restart my cable modem, check my bill, etc.
New System Review
Dapbubba on 3/14/2018
TWC/Spectrum TV change is terrible. You will start losing customers to Direct if problems are not corrected quickly. Would appear that your internet system can not support all the new streaming. Very disappointing change for such a major impact on your customers. It would appear that planning and testing was very limited and insufficient.
Fast and easy
debster91 on 3/14/2018
Easy and convenient application Also I love the fingerprint on this application saves me time and I don’t always need to remember password
Can’t get an accurate bill amount due
Turbo dang on 3/13/2018
This app does not have real time billing. I made a payment and a week later it does not adjust total amount due. Revenue accounting would be more successful with bills if the had real time billing on their app. Verizon does!!! Why can’t Spectrum?
Consistently bad
GuyFlushing on 3/13/2018
As with everything else, this app is a piece of crap.
Could definitely be better
0010122 on 3/13/2018
This app isn’t really easy to navigate and doesn’t have all the features of the regular website. I’d really like to verify my account via the app but cannot.
DooshA Doucherton on 3/11/2018
There needs to be faster alerts for outages. Even when talking to a rep, no outage is detected but I talk to a local technician and there is an outage. Internal communication is as slow as your internet.
Extremely frustrating
Jilllybeans814 on 3/11/2018
Won’t let you add a form of payment. Just keeps reverting back to old one. Tried on website as well. I clicked the save card button but it did not and as others have stated once you pay the bill there’s no way to go in again anyway to add a card. Ridiculous. Get with the times please
Needs new app and website.
RKOViper on 3/11/2018
This app needs a new team to work on it. Or just replace the app completely. Tried to upgrade service with app and the website is even worse. Can’t even get pass the home screen. Once you enter your address it just goes back to the same screen. So I divided screw it and now I’m trying a streaming service and so far I like it a lot. All I wanted to do is possibly add cable but the website is junk. I don’t feel like talking to someone on the phone where customer service isn’t great. Oh well your loss.
Worst app ever
Ck12344567 on 3/8/2018
Never works at least once a day Several channels are not available this will happen for hours and sometimes for days calls chats and emails and no one knows the problem it seems the answer is unplug the router for 30 seconds and plug it back in how many times do you have to do that and still nothing is fixed we’ve only had this service for three months and I think it has not worked longer than it has worked and of course the bill has increased three times I’m paying more and getting a lot less sound familiar?
Arimatt88 on 3/7/2018
I think this app is awesome! I honestly don’t know why it’s rated so poorly, it works great, very useful, time saver, easy to navigate, and provides tons of self troubleshooting steps for all equipment! Love it! Don’t change anything!
Not happy
Amy6767676767 on 3/3/2018
Ive only had this app for a week. Its been down, unavailable more than not. When its up i like it very much. All my info in one spot. Ive tried to reinstall and shut down my ipad. Nothing helps. Fix it please!
Can’t log in
Vlrech on 3/3/2018
I’m not able to login, it’s been a couple days. What’s going on?
I like it
mrapplegate on 3/3/2018
I like this app. It’s simple to use but offers a lot of options. You can troubleshoot your cable modem yourself. See if the cable company can “see it”. You can setup a phone call to tech support and have them call you back when a rep is ready to help you.
Bad UX & Works sparingly
Momma&Oliver on 3/1/2018
I gave this app 2 stars because I do have the ability to pay my bill on this app. And paying my bill is the most important feature for me to use. However, I cannot view my statements without the app crashing. I cannot use the left-hand global navigation at all. When I tap on the left-hand side of the app and try to navigate to another page the same page continues to show up which is the page that has the PDFs of my statements which… Ha ha… I cannot view without getting an error message. Useless! At least, I can pay my bill. OK fine. I can’t see my statement but I can pay the bill and hope and pray that I’m not being overcharged.
diabry on 3/1/2018
Never works. Resetting your username and password still doesn’t work. Thanks again for making my payment late🤨
Caution Spectrum Use
Fastcare on 2/28/2018
Spectrum hopes with all the verbiage you will be lazy and just agree to the terms Don’t do it! Basically you open the door for them to monitor your use of any App you have contacts,emails,purchasing, anything you do on on your device! SHAME ON YOU !
Excell app
Pplwiz on 2/28/2018
Though I am unhappy with most changes from TW to Spectrum, I love the app. I am able to handle most things through it and not have to be on hold forever for customer or technical support.
Malflow on 2/27/2018
Doesn’t even work!
GRP373 on 2/26/2018
The one star is because the app allows you to setup touchID and skip remembering your username/password every time. Once you do that the app loads slower than a tortoise! Takes a full minute to load pages to the point they are usable...and to make matters even worse it WILL NOT process payments! And it gives you the “we could not process” message after it takes even longer than the already slow loading pages! The app seems to be loaded with a lot of other account functionality but if it can’t even help you pay your bill, WHAT IS THE POINT?!
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