Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Entertainment 1.36.1 Feb 22, 2012 Jul 02, 2018 208.9 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.36.1

Bug Fixes:
-Stability and performance improvements.


The Ticketmaster app is the best way to discover, buy, transfer and sell tickets to thousands of live music, sporting, arts, theater, and family events.

Our exclusive partnerships with thousands of venues, artists, sports leagues, and arts and theater tours, allows Ticketmaster to deliver YOU unparalleled access to the most iconic live events worldwide. And as the only Official Ticketing Partner of the NFL, NBA, NHL and USTA our Verified Tickets are always 100% guaranteed.

- The biggest selection of live events in the world including concerts, sports, arts & entertainment and so much more at your fingertips. Take us with you and find events you love on the go.

- Verified Tickets are 100% guaranteed.
- Buy tickets from the venue, or buy resale tickets from fans & other sellers on our interactive seat map or list view.
- The only official ticketing partner of the NFL, NBA, NHL, USTA and more.
- The safest & most secure way to buy tickets.

- Buying tickets for friends or family? Transfer them for free.
- Can’t go to the show? List your tickets for sale on our trusted resale marketplace.
- Get real-time status updates on transfers and ticket listings for sale.

- All you need is the app to get into your event (mobile-entry events only).
- Add your tickets to Apple Wallet before you head to your event.
- Everything you need to know for your event in one convenient place.

- Get notifications about your favorite events, artists, and venues.
- Scan your Apple Music and get the latest event news on your favorites.
- Share your favorite events with your extended network on Twitter and Facebook.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

iPad Screenshots
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Too fast
Lydnet on 7/20/2018
Navigating the app is great however, the timer is too fast! I have to rush to put all my info and it really doesn’t give me too much time to double check I have that correct info. Please slow down the timer. I’m not as fast as I used to be :)
Tammybyu on 7/20/2018
Always ready to RocK!!😎
Curlyhead_zaiah on 7/20/2018
Buy your tickets no hastle
Company vice President
kaiserdc LLC on 7/20/2018
Very impressed with the process awesome site
Jim012100 on 7/20/2018
I’ve done multiple transactions and they’ve all failed. They charge me for the tickets but I don’t get them, as usual, I end up calling customer service and all what I get is “We can’t find your transaction” BS! I just had to deal with my bank in order to get my money back. Don’t waste your money with TicketMaster, there’s better apps like “StubHub”
Wish it had competition..
Appleisstupid2999 on 7/20/2018
It unfortunately seems like ticketmaster is the only way to buy original concert tickets online so they can do whatever they want. Yea you can buy tickets through the app (if it works) so it serves its purpose but its definitely not here for the fans. The app always locks up whenever anything important is going on like ticket releases and the fan ticket opportunity is a huge bust. I got told I was on the waiting list for a presale but an hour after it goes on presale theres already hundreds of tickets for resale for outrageous prices. I try to do the regular sale but of course it either locks up or only shows the resale tickets trying to mislead people. Anyways I probably wont get my tickets since tickemaster has a monopoly on original tickets and it allows so many resellers to scam the fans.
Rip off!
🏃 Shuffling on 7/20/2018
This app screwed me and my father over at The twenty one pilots Banditø Tour presale. Tickets go on public sale today at 10:00 am local time. Anyone...don’t use the app! It will be stuck on the loading screen for hours on end and you will miss the tickets! To get tickets right away you need to be on the website before they go on sale AND need to be on a computer. I hope any other tøp fans get to get the tickets to our boys’ show!! ||-// Edit: I got tickets but through a resell source that costed me 300 bucks a piece! They use a stupid line system that puts you in a random place in “line” no matter how long you were waiting. Don’t waste your time...go to a third party like stubhub or live nation! It will cost you more but I got 5 pit tickets for 300 bucks each...when if I bought them at Ticketmaster I would’ve gotten crappy balcony seats!
Was bumped off app several times
Michael "Panama" Thomas on 7/20/2018
While I was searching for tickets on the app, I was bumped off the side while waiting for my selection process. The third time I was bummed, I cannot remember my password and requested a change of password. While I was receiving error messages and a locked out message via email, I did not receive the change of password info. I called The Help line, which becoming lady was able to help me change my password. But this was two hours and 45 minutes after the tickets went on sale. Losing the tickets that I had earlier selected, several times. Great experience! LOL
Can’t print tickets from app
uskyossi on 7/20/2018
Very annoying. Many events requires printed tickets.
Significant Issues
Jcrew6012 on 7/20/2018
App and website wouldn’t let me login, even after changing password. Received pre-sale invite/code, but couldn’t purchase because couldn’t login. Telephonic ordering not equipped for pre-sale order taking. Highly dissatisfied with Ticketmaster
What happened to E-ticket?
angryticketholder on 7/20/2018
I think it’s bad business to charge for delivery fees when e-ticket was available before
Fees are ridiculous!
Banks Holcombe on 7/20/2018
I use Ticketmaster only out of pure necessity! Their fees are indefensible!
Mari Rave on 7/20/2018
It’s always so easy to get your tickets here, costumer services it’s always great! If you run into problems they will fix it! Right away confirmation!!!😅
Shacococo on 7/20/2018
I bought tickets from this app and when we got to the event they didn’t work. Ticketmaster had apparently cancelled the tickets, so I had to buy crappy tickets from the vendor. It’s been almost a week and still no refund, even after contacting their customer support.
Fees are a ripoff
Tomdckharry on 7/20/2018
Build the fees into the cost. It’s so misleading to show a $38 ticket cost and then add 30.3% in fees for a total of $49.51!!
Your charges are outrageous!!!! My $15 tickets cost me additional $9
Was77 on 7/19/2018
So sad that $15 tickets cost additional $9 for your monopoly. I can’t buy them directly from monster jam I almost did not take my family because of your outrageous fees!!!
Buggy, crashes, horrible experience
annoyed465 on 7/19/2018
Having a buggy crash filled horrible experience. Due to connectivity issues, got wrong date, when tried to return tickets to get the right date, was told I had no right to return tickets even though I had bought insurance. Was told only option was to resell tickets less than 48 hours before event. Horrible service, took 5 tries and 22hours to get to someone that would talk to me instead of just transferring my calls or ignoring email
No way to edit purchase
Peppercayman on 7/19/2018
Bought family pack - 4 seats by mistake. Needed one more - could not edit/cancel and complete a new purchase for 5 tickets.
Service fees
lunacabeza on 7/19/2018
The service fees are unacceptable. $2 fine, $6 meh, $14 is just crazy for the price page of buying a ticket to an open air event
Lov 2 Que on 7/19/2018
While it is easy to purchase tickets the ADD ON FEES ARE RIDICULOUS!! Tickets are high enough but to add on nearly $10 more per ticket that you don’t see until you select the tickets is WAY TOO MUCH! Is it really necessary to gouge Concert and Event goers? Be reasonable!!
All good - Easy peasy
Mel Mocha on 7/19/2018
All good - Easy peasy
Times out every time.
C-Biscuit on 7/18/2018
I have actually never been successful at purchasing tickets through this app. Lets you get through the entire process and times out on the last step. Terrible app.
Service fees
k80rowdies on 7/18/2018
Service fees are as much as the tickets. Disappointed
Universal soul circus purchase
NDenise on 7/18/2018
While finalizing my purchase the screen cycled until my time ran out to make the purchase. I was forced to complete this step three times. I hope this glitch can be fixed for the future usage of this site.
The real thing!
Noel#1 on 7/18/2018
Use this site!
No refunding
lauren.west on 7/18/2018
I had bought tickets ( with the $7.99 INSURANCE in case of refunding ). A couple days ago and a family member passed away. I go to ask for a refund and ticket master tells me “we can not give you a refund. Sorry”. So I go on to explain that I bought the insurance. Well they tell me that they can not give me a refund, and I have to call the insurance. THEN I am hung up on. So I call the insurance and they tell me that because the $7.99 isn’t included in the first purchase, that I don’t get a refund. However I will still be billed the $7.99 next week and still have to pay it. I have tried calling everyone. I spent my money on an insurance plan that doesn’t even cover you. I will never be using ticket master again. Trust me on that.
Required Address even though logged in
eaglesssss on 7/18/2018
Krhksjd on 7/18/2018
I print at home for free and you still charge a ludicrous fee. I hate you and if I could buy these tickets anywhere else I would.
TOP 1000
Pamela USA on 7/17/2018
Nunca pensei que seria fácil assim!! Adorei
Frustrating app
VikeMental on 7/17/2018
I can’t believe how difficult this site is to use. I had to log in on three consecutive pages to place an order. Why? I selected the show, date, and site from the TM site, logged in and then the next page asked me where I want to go. Simple stuff like that. For the fees that they have always charged, they should be better by now. Also, if you are going to force customers to use American Express then say so from the start. If there was anywhere else to go for these tickets, I would go there. But this is what you get when monopolies are allowed. Ticketmaster continues to disappoint
I like this app
NamNegro on 7/17/2018
I bought Got7 2018 World tour from here and I didn’t have none problem.
Wasted over an hour for simple task
Brutal 1 on 7/17/2018
Simple enough task, but 4 tickets to Mariners on July 31st with promo code VOTE and I’ll enjoy a nice evening with my family. The app kept hanging up and crashing...tried the website and same thing. Problems with the code and viewing seats up close mostly but other things caused it. Called Mariners and they told me to call Ticketmaster and I have to use the code online. Kept trying by not looking at seats, using 3 computers/mobile devices and only allowing the code to be entered by email to safari to Ticketmaster app connection. Now I’m giving feedback so not sure if my purchase is complete.
Will never use app again!
I tried purchasing tickets for the TOP Bandito Tour. I had everything set up. My card was set in my account before purchasing, and I was all ready to get my tickets. The second tickets went on sale, I clicked on my concert and a loading screen popped up. “Searching for tickets. This page will refresh once ready”, I sit there. Ten minutes have gone by, I think “this has happened before I’ll just wait” next thing I know IM STILL WAITING TWO HOURS LATER! I went online to see what was up, and everyone had bought their tickets already and tickets are gone! TICKETMASTER YOU SCREWED ME OVER! I waited two years for this concert and you played games! Fix this app right now!
Amazing App
KMonee' on 7/17/2018
App is fast & convenient I had no issues .
Horrible App!!!
Zoogangler on 7/17/2018
I can’t believe Ticketmaster would create an app that wouldn’t connect me to buying a ticket during presale. I was buying tickets to go see Twenty One Pilots with my daughter. She’s an obsessed fan. 40 minutes later my daughter told me her friends all used a computer to get the tickets. I now had to login to a computer and get upper deck seats. I’m beyond angry and disappointed. I wish I had known this app wouldnt work. Now my daughter has to pay for it with a broken heart. I feel like I failed her. Thank you so much!!
saver1972 on 7/17/2018
Waited two hours to buy presale tickets through the app, closed it, and purchased through the browser and had extremely crappy seats in 5 minutes (because the others were already purchased). Would love to be able to purchase through another company.
Use A Computer
sighsighsighsighsigh on 7/17/2018
I went to get tickets and the app would never stop loading. While it was loading all the tickets were getting bought and I was missing out. I had everything ready and I woke up early to get them and I even registered for pre sale. I had everything in line to get really good tickets but then the app never loaded. I’m really bummed about it. I don’t want anyone to have the same fate. Just use a computer.
NIKOLICOUS on 7/17/2018
Ticket master is awesome and made my purchase fast easy and safe. Thank you TM!! Happy Mariners Fan!!!
Do not use this app
Ute6Pack on 7/17/2018
I used Ticketmaster in order to buy some tickets to a concert I was very excited for and had been waiting years to see. I was all set and ready to go, but the app was so slow that I was never able to buy the tickets through the app. I went on to their website on my laptop and was able to order tickets, but by then it was too late and all of the good tickets were taken up. I don’t think Ticketmaster as a service is bad, but because of their super slow app I didn’t get to go to the concert.
Review / Refund Experience (July 2018)
Bodh1sattva on 7/17/2018
1. Don’t bother with ticket protection, extra fee doesn’t guarantee refund. It make exist, but with my individual experience it wasn’t possible (see posted email discourse with customer service below). 2. Let the buyer beware, If you do use this particular service, make sure you can make the event. 3. Online support guidance doesn’t match app or online for refunds, my individual experience trying to get a refund prior to event simply put, wasn’t even remotely possible. There isn’t a ‘refund’ button next to your event, as posted or suggested on their online support guidance. 4. Eventually, ticketmaster did reach out to me, but it was only to say a refund wasn’t possible. This discourse is posted below, with names removed to protect personal privacy. I’ve worked for numerous years with customer support and it’s a tough job, I admit. Be certain beforehand before you buy your ticket, though. I can’t stress this enough. 5. Ticketmaster Helpline isn’t available 24/7, offhours or days off. Even if it’s during the weekday, you probably get a message saying support lines with agents are full, try again later. An automated option is provided for ticketmaster express (please press 1) though, but this doesn’t provide you contact with an agent. Even just prior to the event, I’d say the odds of getting a refund, are basically slim to none. You might be better off trying to sell it, if possible, rather than going through the maze of tech support, online help, or the 1 (800) 745-3000‬ support line, that will probably be unavailable for any live agents. 6. I hope my posted individual experience helps someone out there, please be careful with buying tickets online and online insurance. If you must buy a ticket, buy it in person. Otherwise, just know ticket protection doesn’t really guarantee purchases, there’s always a loophole in the fine print that people never read. The service provided isn’t, indeed, and this is very unfortunate. Here is the discourse provided below. Discourse recently in July 2018 with Ticketmaster Fan Support: Hi /////, Thank you for reaching out to us about a refund for your order. My name is /// and i would be happy to assist you today. When I got your email, I immediately checked to see if I could honor your request for a refund. I wish I had better news, but unfortunately your order is not eligible for an exception to our Refund Policy. We sincerely apologize, but we can not honor your request for a full refund. The promoters of the event have set restrictions that we must abide by. Although we would like to assist you with your refund, we can not as we do not own the tickets. Refunds are available if contacted prior to the event and if the client allows refunds. It has been a pleasure assisting you, we always try to be the very best and try and strive for excellent customer service. I hope you have a great day. Questions? Please reply to this email, or get answers right now. Kind regards, /// Ticketmaster Fan Support ——————————————— ///, So, basically the extra policy protection purchased with ticket order #40-59352/LA2 on July 11th, #EUSP3081619286 wasn’t really ticket protection? I’m confused. Nevertheless, I did everything possible to get refund through app and online ‘prior to actual event’ and it wasn’t possible. FYI your online help, didn’t match anything on the app or online. This is unfortunate. Cordially, /////
Terrible user experience
Big-Jon-Stud on 7/17/2018
Application and service is painfully slow regardless of connection. UI is less than optimal and makes using it a frustrating experience. How do things like this get through user acceptance testing? Really, it is sad.
Actually not good.
Rfettig6 on 7/17/2018
It’s not a good working app and Ticketmaster is a joke of a company and there’s a reason there’s still lawsuits against them.
JCanf!31D on 7/17/2018
Lulu198923 on 7/16/2018
Processed my tickets quickly and efficiently
Landris Rey on 7/16/2018
I bought two tickets totaling $44. With all the fees it came out to $72.50. That’s almost double the price.
Communist propaganda
baba booey zing on 7/16/2018
Outrageous service fees... where do they go!?!?
Down $60
mk92071 on 7/16/2018
Bought a ticket. Found out I couldn’t go. Ticketmaster decides I’m not allowed to resell it. Now I’m down $60 for a concert I couldn’t go to. Thanks, Ticketmaster. I’m sure this same garbage scenario happens to a ton of people.
Fees are way too high
dmcknc on 7/16/2018
App is easy to navigate, but 40% added in fees?!? Why is your service valued at almost $40 for one on-line transaction?
Upsell alerts
Musskeytaw on 7/16/2018
If I already bought the ticket to a concert, stop alerting me that tickets to the said will be gone soon!
Can’t even use the app
Cookie013 on 7/16/2018
Every time I try to open the app, it says it needs to be updated even though it already is. 🙄
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