Draw A Stickman Pro

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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
$0.99 Games 1.4.0 Mar 21, 2012 May 18, 2017 40 MB iOS 7.0 or later 9+
New in version 1.4.0

Squashed a few bugs so you can keep being creative!


Dive into the original game that started it all! Draw your very own Stickman, then guide him through the challenges presented in this adventure where creativity is your greatest weapon! Draw a key to unlock prizes, arm your Stickman with a sword to fight off a dragon, and think on your feet against a pack of hungry sharks!

Don’t forget to share your Stickman with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and email!

***Awards and Recognition for the Draw a Stickman Series***

-2011 Webby Award for Best use of Motion Graphics!
-2011 Webby Award for Best use of Motion Graphics (People’s Voice)!
-2011 Webby Award for Viral Marketing (People’s Voice)!
-2011 Gold Davey Award!
-2011 Pixel Award Nominee!
-2012 Gold Communicator Award!
-2012 Horizon Interactive Award!
-Best in Class – Interactive Media Awards!
-Featured in Wired Magazine (UK Edition)!
-Featured on the Huffington Post!
-Featured on Yahoo News (UK)!

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Good but very slow
awise111 on 8/1/2017
This version is slower than the free version ?
Major ripoff
magicclaw on 5/5/2017
Bought the "bundle" based on my enjoyment of the stick man epic free, without looking at these reviews. Big mistake. This app is garbage, finished in two minutes. Extremely disappointed.
Not worth 0.99
Guy27492 on 3/11/2017
I payed 0.99 for this and I literally finished the game in 2 minutes. I ser need a refund
Not worth it AT ALL
Meow meow meow 😺 on 1/8/2016
This wasn't worth my money at all! It should have been free! It took me 5 minutes to do the whole app! Terrible!!!
Don't buy!
Vballgilry27 on 12/21/2015
Jip for what you pay for!!!!!
Awesome apps 123 on 12/3/2014
This is the most terrible game ever.It lasts about 3 minutes, and it's THE EXACT SAME THING IN THE FREE VERSION. Seriously, I tried it. I was dumb enough to purchase this game without reading comments, and I regret it. DONT WASTE YOUR DOLLAR. SAVE IT FOR SOMETHING THATS WORTH IT. Ps, this game is the exact same copy as the free one, so just buy that if you really want it.
The stupidest game ever
Jordanspop on 3/22/2014
This game is so short and it makes you draw something like, draw a balloon in my hand. Stupid stuff like that, don't get fooled this will totally scam you. I hate this game.
I hate it
Willyboy9 on 12/28/2013
It wasn't worth paying a dollar because this game is soooo short I beat the game in 3 minutes.save your dollar or delete this game
S1D2 on 10/2/2013
....or refund triple my money!
Don't bother
Clashofthetitians on 3/22/2013
It's a fun game but I bout the 99 cent version and its the same as the free one
StephGreenBay on 10/10/2012
Fun, fun, fun!
Love it.
Goofballs2345 on 9/25/2012
Create a movie
Critterbea on 8/30/2012
They should create a movie
Bluegirl6 on 8/25/2012
So much fun! I love this app!!!!!
Love it!!!
cuatitos on 8/20/2012
Please more episodes! Can't wait....
The same one
Wazzup.51 on 8/20/2012
This game is the same at least they should put up to a 5th episode
Are you kidding me?
Ashesmommy on 8/11/2012
This game is cute and a great concept, okay, but it took about a minute and a half to finish... (not exaggerating). I've never actually felt cheated by an app before now!
Draw a stickman is awesome
Kittycat3250 on 8/10/2012
Draw a stickman is awesome but it's to short.
Stick Man Fun
Time watcher. on 8/1/2012
A lot of fun. Be as creative as you want. Need more Stickman episodes. Two is not enough!
Oklahomagirl1996 on 7/11/2012
Great game
Good app
Davidcruger on 6/16/2012
Good but it's to short of a game and laggy and I can't draw a good stick figure in the small space u give me
Hours of fun
Lance S on 6/10/2012
At times I have to pry the iPad from my son's hands when he is playing this!
Great for kids
Jchro on 5/6/2012
Keeps my daughter occupied in the car
Celtibo7 on 5/5/2012
Grandkids love this game. 👍
Carrie Onn on 4/26/2012
More, please. Many more. Five-star concept.
Kafkapr on 4/20/2012
Easy to use. Keep's my grandchildren entertained.
Great fun
Zib zap bor on 4/13/2012
I loved it i hope a new episode comes out soon.
Fun game!
Calleeber on 4/6/2012
My kids love this app! Can't wait for the next installment.
Don't buy!
robyn miller on 3/24/2012
This is the exact same version as the free game. Waste of money!
Not what I expected.
Ben174 on 3/23/2012
Poorly developed. Not what I expected. Everything is pre-planned. It tells you what to draw.
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