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Amazon Music

We’re changing the way you find and play the music you love

• Listen to tens of millions of songs with weekly new releases
• Take Alexa with you wherever you go - simply by using the push-to-talk function within the app to access Alexa’s voice controls. No searching or browsing required – just ask Alexa, wherever you are.
• Explore curated playlists and stations, always ad-free and with unlimited skips
• Access your favorites with offline listening
• Listen free with a Prime membership or get more with Amazon Music Unlimited

More ways to listen:

Amazon Music Unlimited
• Choose from tens of millions of songs, thousands of curated playlists and stations, and get personalized recommendations
• Stream weekly new releases from today’s most popular artists
• Download your favorite albums, songs, and playlists to your mobile device for offline listening. Your music is available anytime, anywhere
• Exclusive Prime member pricing

Music Included with Prime
• Enjoy a curated catalog of two million songs, playlists, and stations
• Always ad-free and included with your Prime membership

My Music
• Listen to music you’ve purchased from Amazon – MP3 or AutoRip CDs/Vinyl. Your Amazon purchases are stored for free in the Amazon cloud
• Play music already stored on your iOS device – you can mix with Amazon Music Unlimited, or Prime Music songs to make your perfect playlist.

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Annoying to have to sign in offline
Forester68 on 11/18/2017
When there is no internet signal it won't let me even use offline mode because I can't sign in without a signal. This app used to be simple and good. Now it tries to do too much, is complicated and annoying
Having Amazon Prime and Amazon music is great!
RhymesWithFish on 11/18/2017
I am really happy with the Amazon music app and web versions, and esp when you have Prime there is so much great music available to you!
Long time user
Stevemr2 on 11/18/2017
I subscribe to the music service vs just having the prime. I love this, it was awesome before the membership when I just had prime and now it's even better with the additional music. Best music service out there. Period.
HehirS on 11/18/2017
I dont know why it took me so long to switch from Pandora to Amazon Music. Ridiculously awesome app!
Much better than iTunes!
SonicFir on 11/18/2017
Really difficult in iTunes to transfer music out of the app, especially in bulk. Love the ease of importing and exporting with Amazon Music.
Great app. ✌🏻
Michael C. Knightly on 11/18/2017
What I love most is the original iPod interface, it brings the most out of the album art. But would it be possible to create a light theme though? The app is so dark all around and it makes it kinda bleak after a while. Just an Idea🤗
All my music doesn’t show up in library
ess kay on 11/18/2017
I’ve bought a ton of music from Amazon over the years and I can’t access all of it. Also, Alexis often plays the same music in the same order. Not much of a shuffle. If these two things were fixed, it would be a great app.
Watch app
ddale74 on 11/18/2017
Love this app. Will there be a Watch app to stream from?
Integrate with Last FM and I’ll sign up
ick1999 on 11/18/2017
Love the interface, both on iOS and Mac. The only thing missing is integration with LastFM, where music geeks like me track the music we listen to. All the other music streaming services offer it. Tap into LastFM and I’ll sign up.
Bad update
Shyluke2 on 11/18/2017
Ever since the latest update, I cannot skip songs on the stations or give an unliked song a thumbs down. When I do those actions it shuts the app down. Bad fix guys, you need to fix this now! FIX THE APP!!!!!!!!!
Suddenly won't open on iPad mini 2 with 9.5.3 - can't "update library"
Merk Man on 11/18/2017
So I've got Amazon Music and use it on several devices. My iPhone 6, the first iPad mini with Retina Display, and this iPad mini without the retina. The app normally works pretty well, though albums disappearing or not showing up in the app when I've added them elsewhere is annoying. Today, trying to open the app on this mini, it won't get me to the library. It opens to a "make sure you are on a strong internet connection, we need to update your library" message. 10 seconds later I get "Library update failed", and while there is a refresh button to try again, it's worthless. I've tried closing and reopening the app, switching wifi networks, and switching back... No dice. I'm do a and have no music. For $75/year it's cheaper than Apple Music, but the lower quality is noticeable if not a deal breaker, and now it won't work at all. I ink I'm done with is.
Great music app!
Rkk9876 on 11/18/2017
Love Amazon Music!! With Prime & Amazon Video - it's a great trio for the price.
Great app but selection not as good
Bugsizzy on 11/18/2017
I think this app is vastly superior to Spotify and it’s layout and functionality. However and unfortunately, it’s song selection is not as extensive as other apps such as Spotify. As a result I am forced to use the inferior app Spotify because it has songs that I could not find on this app. If you guys could get your song selection on par with Spotify I would come back to this app in a second.
Love this app!
guillyhm on 11/18/2017
I use this app all the time at home now. Fun to search by artist, station or play list.
Add more Metallica
blowuptoaster on 11/18/2017
I love amazon music but it does not have my favorite band...Metallica. I have been wanting an update for all Metallica music can you plz add them.P. Especially add The Ride The Lightning playlist.PLZ
This app hates me
sjursa3 on 11/18/2017
Ok so how about when I’m on WiFi I’m good to go. But when I try to use my LTE data, it says I have an internet connection error. I deleted the app, Re downloaded it, signed in, and got the same error. Fix this
Great music streaming service
atomic.kitten on 11/18/2017
I purchased an annual subscription during a promotion for Prime members. I was happily surprised by the breadth and depth of the music selection. I have created my ultimate playlists and play them all the time. Unlimited is easily one of the best music services with its high quality streaming and ability to save music for offline listening.
I hate the UI
Joooki on 11/18/2017
Update 11/18/17 - This app is officially garbage!!!! Songs don’t load/won’t play after updating to iOS 11.1.2. Useless app. I will be cancelling subscription and switching back to Spotify premium. Amazon’s Music app has the most useless user interface. There is no way to save albums, the search option is extremely unfriendly, there is no easy way to create a playlist, and it doesn’t have all music like Spotify does. Amazon Music is complete crap compared to Spotify. I would NEVER use Amazon Music if it wasn’t free for me.
Add a way to download all of my songs in one step
Yabuddy24 on 11/17/2017
That is my only negative, every year when I get a new phone I have to select each song individually and hit download, it would be awesome if I could hit my music then songs then hit a download all, please add this feature, I know I’m not the only one with this issue, adding it would only make your app better
Random playlists
Goon-Platoon on 11/17/2017
Random playlists that are Amazon created keep playing the same songs in the same order. The shuffle is horrible. I like their playlist options, but I don't like that you either thumbs up or down. Lame. Sorry, but even Pandora uses a shuffle on a genre based playlist..
Tired of seeing alexa
halilban on 11/17/2017
They updated Amazon music, I open the app, first thing I see Alexa. They can’t force people to use Alexa. I am about to get Rid off Amazon stuff. Because of Alexa. Other than they are great.
Car Mode
Nuwizard on 11/17/2017
Love the app but would love it even more if it had a car mode with larger buttons for common commands (next, play, pause, Alexa).
Great music app
psmisic on 11/17/2017
I love the variety the app has...
Amazon Music
Dev. R.G. on 11/17/2017
Great product from a good organization!
Good... But updated 11/2017
Psyttachotic on 11/17/2017
This is a great app. It works well and is intuitive and frequently allows me to listen to songs I like. Lots of songs are missing though. I hope they keep expanding their library. 11/17/17 No streaming even after update. Now a useless app. I heart radio here I come, I guess.
Love music
Samie and bo-bo on 11/17/2017
Thanks this is great
Very happy, well I was anyway
Fbksdan on 11/17/2017
Very pleased with Amazon Music, especially after dealing with Apple Music for 6 grueling months. My one complaint about this app is that it has no EQ. Amazon Execs or Quality Control or whoever approves these decisions, please take note: PLEASE PUT AN EQ INTO THIS APP! Almost every user wants one, so please listen to your subscribers. That is all, thank you. Update: After writing this review several months ago and having just the one complaint of no EQ, and reading that a majority of other users also want an EQ, I'm very disappointed and frustrated that there has been no change or even a response to the countless requests. I expected more from Amazon, but I guess that’s the day and age we live in. I’d be happy if there was even a separate EQ app that supported the Amazon music program, but none are available. At least for iPhones anyway. Oh well, I’ll keep using this program until I find an equal music service that does have an EQ.
There's no gapless play. That's completely unacceptable
Silver_Phantom on 11/16/2017
Listening to live albums or concept albums like Pink Floyd is atrocious. There's a gap between songs that disrupts the music. This is completely unacceptable. It's 2017. This kind of gap means to me that Amazon doesn't take the listener experience seriously.
Good service
TheAhmed97 on 11/16/2017
App UI looks very pleasing. Need a good amount of work on the app icon tho. Its also good not to be paying for music service while you have prime👍
App is good but service is limited
jcdaa on 11/16/2017
The App faithfully retains the functionality of the web version of Prime Music. However, the service is not supported on non-Amazon devices used in the home. Disappointing.
Retro1016 on 11/16/2017
Great app
Don't buy this app get apple music
Bob the builder 124357 on 11/16/2017
this has no songs and is expensive for the cheap version and it's out dated
Better than Apple's native player
rdalv on 11/16/2017
Probably not saying much, since improving on what AAPL bundles with its iOS is like hopping the curb, but I like the interface of the AMZN player much better, not to mention all the tunes Prime members can stream without additional charges.
Ms. S grooming on 11/16/2017
I love the updated versions with all the genres of music categories! Makes my groom dogs and I boogie down at My Groom Parlor!! 🐾💕💃🕺🏻ps. For real!! 👍😉😊
Loved it now just like it
Sashimiforever on 11/16/2017
The previously unlimited amazon prime account now has become limited and you have to pay extra
Easy app
Ghandhi93 on 11/16/2017
I have had no issues working with this app. Easy to navigate and great music
Love it!!! Still AMAZ-ing!!!
Boritalia on 11/16/2017
Still learning my way around but love all I discover! Also like that any cds bought on Amazon are instantly available, even those bought a few years back😻
Dw1027 on 11/16/2017
No commercials, as many skips and repeats as you want ... I don't have the prime unlimited so that does prevent some songs from being downloaded or played. Just amazing... I hadn't even known about this awesome perk of Amazon Prime membership ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love it 💖love the option of offline downloading.
Was ok until they forced in Alexa
bobbi632 on 11/16/2017
and put the icon in the search spot, apparently to ensure it gets inadvertently clicked as often and as annoyingly as possible. No longer impressed.
Amazon is a complete part of my life!
Another Old Fart on 11/15/2017
Shopping, music and a big part of saving me time every, single day! This music app helps me sleep every single night 🤗
gummycat😺🐱 on 11/15/2017
Love this thing
Very good could use more stations
hot-ham-and-cheese on 11/15/2017
It could use more stations but other than that perfect!!!
Was exceptional
Guy who rocks mc on 11/15/2017
Was my absolute favorite music app then you guys had to take away a lot of songs from amazon prime😫
Please put the search button back.
tuesdayXXIII on 11/15/2017
I don’t use alexa. I don’t want to use alexa. I just want to be able to search from anywhere. Why not have an option to switch the search and the alexa buttons? If this doesn’t change i’m going to apple music. Update: after using apple music for a bit i was a bit harsh on the ui... but just because apple can’t make apps— that’s not an excuse. Do better. Song selection was the lowest of the three but it wasn’t really that bad.
Great app
fun 😀 on 11/15/2017
The app is great there is a lot of different songs but if you have to many songs a thing pops up and tell you that you must start streaming on your device. Otherwise it’s great.
Really Annoying
Birthday Mabb on 11/15/2017
When I'm in the middle of a song, the app shuts down and restarts the song. It happened after this update.
Korbinio on 11/15/2017
It’s sooooo nice and easy to use and navigate!!😎👍
Strngman on 11/15/2017
Great app great music
The real Coco here on 11/15/2017
I love to be able to listen to all my favorite anytime I want anywhere
Love it
Shaniltv on 11/15/2017
But would love it even more if two people could use at the same time. When my husband and I go to the gym we fight over who gets to use it and it doesn't make sense to buy another prime membership just for that.
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  • Released: Jun 11, 2012
  • Current Version Released: Nov 17, 2017
  • Version: 7.2.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Game Center Certified: No
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