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This app was last updated on: May 29, 2017
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New in version 5.1

◎ More optimization and some tweaks

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■ The Official 10K Trainer App
■ Featured on The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Men's Fitness, Forbes, Mashable, Glamour Magazine, Popsugar Fitness, CBS News, Fox News, Macworld and many more!
■ Doctor recommended on healthTap.com

■ Video Trailer - http://bit.ly/10Kvideo

10K Trainer is the easiest program to get beginners from couch potatoes to 10K distance runners in just 14 weeks. By the same experts who created the #1 C25K (Couch to 5K) training app!

Don’t worry, if you are already a 5K graduate, you can skip ahead in this app and pick up where C25K app leaves off!

See thousands of real success stories and race photos of your fellow runners using these running program at Facebook.com/c25kfree.

This proven 14 week plan will allow users to slowly build strength and stamina by alternating between walking and running. The blend of walking and running together reduces the overall impact and risk of injury, makes training more fun, keeps your body guessing, and prepares you to go the distance. By the end of the program, you will be fitter, stronger and healthier than you have ever been and will be able to run a full 10k!

Listen to your favorite music while you train and follow the program’s convenient audio alerts. Along with voice/audio alerts and music controls on your headset, just press “start”, put your device in your pocket, and you are ready to go. NEW smart alerts will tell you not only when to walk or run, but will also tell you for how long!

≈ Features ≈
◉ FULL featured program! Not a limited/lite version
◉ Proven 14 week program to get you running 10K
◉ Easiest 10k program at only 3 times/week
◉ Listen to your own favorite music and playlist while you train
◉ Easy and intuitive interface. Nothing to learn!
◉ Convenient audio coach and alerts
◉ Compatible with Nike+GPS
◉ Integrated with Facebook and Twitter communities. Meet other fellow marathoners and runners!
◉ The only 10k trainer app that works accurately while your device is locked!

Questions/comments regarding the app? Please email us at contactus@zenlabsfitness.com, or visit us at www.zenlabsfitness.com.

≈ Connect ≈
Forums: http://forums.zenlabsfitness.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/zenlabsfitness
Twitter: http://twitter.com/zenlabsfitness
Instagram: http://instagram.com/zenlabsfitness
Hashtag: #everymomentcounts

Zen Labs Fitness is a proud supporter of the National Breast Cancer Coalition. We are passionate about finding a cure for breast cancer and proudly donate to their cause. www.breastcancerdeadline2020.org

Legal Disclaimer

This app and any information given by it or by Zen Labs Fitness are for educational purposes only. They are not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. You should always consult your healthcare provider before beginning any fitness program.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Perfect pacer!
Morrisscienceteacher on 6/24/2017
This app is so important for someone who needs a "buddy" who knows what they're doing. I would try to push myself the whole time but I wouldn't be able to run very long. The intervals it gives are perfect and help me be outdoors for a longer period of time rather than only 15-20 minutes.
Awesome app
Spalit on 6/24/2017
I'm on week 5 and can already feel the difference in my endurance.
Great app so far.
Mother of the birds on 6/21/2017
I'm only a few weeks in and I love it. It's challenging and pushes you but it's doable even for me who's only been working out a couple months. I would recommend this app to anyone wanting to start running whether you love running or absolutely hate it.
Lilivenetampa on 6/19/2017
Today I used this App for first time and loved it.
Calories and distance inaccurate
Sparky the Fork on 6/18/2017
Disappointed I purchased this app! Ran a route that I have mapped before with MapMyRun and this app isn't even close to the correct distance or number of burned calories. Sad! Save your money!
Frodo117 on 6/18/2017
This is the first time I have used this, but I like it! I will have to use it a couple of times more, but what a first impression!
Why no My Fitness Pal connection?
Eph Honinwod on 6/17/2017
The 5k version talked to my UnderArmor MyFitnessPal app and that was really great. The 10k trainer either doesn't, or I'm too stupid to figure it out (I'm okay with stupid, I could President some day!)
10K trainer
Drupyd on 6/16/2017
Good app so far. Only 2nd day so we will see
A definite must have!
Could love it too on 6/16/2017
This app is absolutely fabulous! It will slowly get you ready for a 10K, no matter where your starting point it. I love that you can repeat any day that you don't feel you did so well on.
Excellent App!!!
jdwinc on 6/16/2017
I am building myself up without injuring myself. I'm preparing for a 10K and I'm feeling more and more confident!
Love this app!
Roblenh on 6/15/2017
I used this to get in shape for a 10K. My 5K time improved and I lost 20 lbs. This app will get you conditioned if you follow it.
Jkw11d on 6/15/2017
Let's you go at your own pace
Definitely helpful
Kit99 on 6/15/2017
A great way to increase your running distance over time. Due to an injury, I had to take a bit of a break from running. This helped me get back on track
Great way to ease back into running
Kzelehops on 6/15/2017
Have used this app several times to get back in shape. Keeps getting better
Great for running
ElliotMickey on 6/13/2017
This app has helped me stay on schedule and keep making progress as a runner. I'm in high school, and this app helped me prepare to race competitively in cross country, in addition to the training I did with my coach. It's not perfect, but especially for a free app, I definitely recommend it!
❤️first day
Emmi rose on 6/12/2017
Best Trainer there is
Matt Mulhern on 6/12/2017
I've tried so many and none held me at a higher esteem and pushed me harder than this. Worth it
Helping me reach a goal!
MGrundy on 6/12/2017
Been running for awhile, but I have always wanted to attempt a 10K. This is giving me the training I need to build up to just that.
Easy to use
Smitch1234 on 6/11/2017
Easy guide, good queues for intervalls.
cowhogs22 on 6/11/2017
Love this app. Used c25k version and it worked. It picks up where it stopped and it is working as well.
Greed killed this game!!!!! on 6/10/2017
Great Trainer
Manie28 on 6/9/2017
I use the free version and it's not too bad. You can easily do the free version, but the pay version is probably worth it. I might end up buying it...it's pretty cheap.
Mika H.
Drayh73 on 6/8/2017
This is a great program! I started running using the C25K app and moved up to the 10K. I love it and have encourage others to start using it.
Buckifan2 on 6/7/2017
Absolutely amazing
SydTheSoccerKid01 on 6/6/2017
I recently was called off intense workouts for medical reasons. After awhile I obviously started losing endurance and my confidence. This app helped me ease back into my workouts. And since it doesn't track my distance I use the Fitbit app!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Great coach!
FollyDad on 6/6/2017
Really helping to push me beyond what I do on my own. Flexible as well.
Horrendous static noise
Redeldog on 6/6/2017
Intermittently, this app will suddenly start making loud rhythmic static noises. Only fix is restarting the phone. Please resolve. Thanks. --Also interaction with MyFitnessPal would be an improvement.
Use the Free version
Mkeese on 6/6/2017
The free version is great, but don't spend money in this app. It doesn't accurately keep up with mileage or calories burnt as advertised. The customer support isn't a huge help either. They just repeatedly tell you to turn on your GPS (I have had it on for this app the whole time).
Just started today and it works great!
Innacurate App on 6/5/2017
I love the easy interface. :)
Great to get you back on track
Jriver23 on 6/3/2017
I started using this app after not having run for almost an entire year. now I'm back to running every day thanks to couch to 5k/10K.
Love it. :)
Dakota1011 on 6/1/2017
I love this app. It is the right amount of challenging yet not too hard. If you get away from the home screen while running it can be a chore to get back. It does have a nice screen lock option to help with this but other than that it's wonderful.
Afg52 on 5/31/2017
Training for my first 10K, it really eased me in and built up my confidence. So helpful that it times the intervals for you. I can listen to my own music and I use my Fitbit to track the distance. The cues are very helpful. And it was free! I'm already at 4.5 miles a few weeks left
Great way to get started
Speenbean on 5/30/2017
I really love this app. I've never been a runner, but this one starts you off easy and helps you build up endurance. I've run for greater lengths than I ever thought I would and have accomplished personal goals which feels pretty great.
Great to get you going
Ace5449 on 5/30/2017
This app definitely helps you slowly get going. I had previously done some intense trainers and ended up getting extremely bad shin splints. I'm finishing week 3 and so far no shin splints! Also my other app would do intervals, but I had to time it on my own. This app does all of that for you! The one thing I wish it would do is track the distance.
Yay for this app!
Stacey0671 on 5/30/2017
Been looking for an interval training app that trains me slow and also lets me listen to my own tunes. This one is awesome!
Best app ever
Bigqueen22 on 5/30/2017
If you need motivation. Look no further. This is the app. Started lazy and unmotivated, and once I started there was no stopping. This app keeps you on track. Good luck on your adventure!
Energy hog
Bluej777 on 5/29/2017
Kept running in background causing phone to run battery down in just 18 hrs.
Good motivation
Huskerlou on 5/25/2017
Keeps me going when I want to give up!
Ran a 5k last year
xdanirose on 5/20/2017
Working on a 10K maybe this fall!
Good app
Ankita Ritwik on 5/20/2017
Improved music functionality from last time
Good program
supercat2900 on 5/18/2017
I don't really like to run. I like this app, it gives me a reason to run.
Great app
Mongus65 on 5/18/2017
Ran a 10K in 58:43 with the help of this app. Highly recommended!
Couch25k & 10k helped me lose 40 pounds. (:
shychime on 5/18/2017
I started my weight loss journey with couch25k in October of 2016. I have recently moved up to the 10K program and both are wonderful. I couldn't have gotten as far as I have without these helpful apps. ❤️
Zestys on 5/17/2017
This is really well done & free.
Conditioning that creates good habits
Jdjsbxjiz on 5/16/2017
Love this app! Helped me train for the spartan 10 k. Felt great after every run! Thanks guys!
Super helpful
lilbrinababy on 5/10/2017
Love it
Love it
MajorBright on 5/10/2017
Great conditioning
Favourite running app until today
rmpecos on 5/10/2017
I've tried many of these running apps and this is my continued go-to when I stop running to gradually get back into it. Other apps have stopped running if I receive a call or go in or out of service areas, but this one seems to hold its own. The couch to 5k version was the hook to get me running in the first place. The app froze while I changed a podcast and in clicking what I thought would reset it, I somehow purchased the upgrade pro version! I don't buy apps, and now I am hoping they respond to my email immediately to cancel this purchase. Major let down as I don't even k ow what I bought or for how much!!
Battery killer
theoutsider09 on 5/9/2017
Background app location consistently killing my battery despite not having an active session.
Love this app
Mel from WPB on 5/8/2017
I wanted to start back running and this app guides you slow and easy over a 14 week period. No issues can hear music and voice over nice and clear.
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