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You bring the pictures and videos, we’ll bring the music and filters! Download the best video app to share your favorite moments.

Everyone has a story to tell, be it grand adventures or the little moments that make up each day. At Flipagram, we celebrate them all. Become the director of your life’s best moments with just a few taps of your smartphone. With Flipagram’s easy to use editing tools, awesome filters and effects, and access to today’s best music, you can be creating and sharing videos in no time.

Add your favorite music to your movies and slideshows for free - with millions of tracks from top artists to choose from!
■ Our massive music library is updated daily so all your favorite songs are easy to add to your video
■ Our community of independent artists and creatives openly share their behind the scene stories
■ View custom playlists to get inspired to add amazing songs to your creations
■ Turn all your selfies and snaps into one video with your favorite music

Check out our music filters and effects, where music beats can affect how the filters interact with the video or slideshow.
■ Easy-to-use filters and editing tools to easily trim, cut, merge, duplicate photos and videos
■ Stitch together multiple memories (as many as you want!) to make awesome holiday slideshows and movies - bring them to life with text and drawing tools
■ We constantly update our filters so you can be creative with every creation!
■ Use our in-app camera to make cool lipsync and dubs

Discover fun videos to keep you entertained
■ View a personalized feed of videos created by others on the network
■ Find great content ranging from comedy, cooking, makeup, pets and more from our network of talented makers!

Be part of a social community
■ Share your videos and slideshows to our members to become a star!
■ Share your creations to your favorite apps: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Email, Text, Pinterest, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, KIK, or LINE
■ Celebrate friendships, relationships, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and all your memories with the people you love

Join the best video and slideshow maker and show off your creativity & talent!

Feedback? Email support@flipagram.com or tweet @FlipagramHelp.

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Luispeluk on 2/21/2018
add new songs pls on 2/20/2018
Add new songs
It won’t give me my acc back!
SO AMIZING on 2/20/2018
Okay I tried everything but it won’t give it to me and I’m sick of it I like the app but it just gets me mad I tired it for at least a hour or two ugh I’m just so mad! Please fix this and to all the others who can’t get their acc back!
🤞one-and-only 🤞 on 2/20/2018
Flipagram is sooooooooooo great I can’t do everything is like musically and Instagram but better
to the degenerate owner of flipagram
minalovespickles on 2/20/2018
gods plan by drake is not on here frick all of you i will not be using your app till the song in on there
Update bad
Okaynoice on 2/19/2018
I don’t like the new update. And I wish the songs were longer, like the full song. But yea. I don’t like the new update. I can’t put the pictures in order the way I selected them. They’re just all over the place now. And I don’t want to find the pictures or videos and put them in the correct place.
I used to love this app
Jsjendkc on 2/19/2018
Now people can’t see what I post. I always use it for special occasions and post them on Facebook. But now when I do. People can’t see the video. All they see is click on more videos to watch. So there is no purpose now to keep this app. Too bad cause it used to be so good.
Danica825 on 2/19/2018
Pretty dope love all the song selections
Love it
😍❤️✌🏼️😍❤️ on 2/19/2018
I can make perfect post and slideshows
Fun app!
Mokujen99 on 2/19/2018
Another successful social media outlet. Have fun guys!
Fine, I have suggestions
rabexa on 2/18/2018
A great suggestion for your spectacular app is that you should have transitions like cool,transitions so people don’t have to buy cute cut pro That’s a waste of money
Sophie_Wang@8608 on 2/18/2018
I love this app! I have been looking for this for a long time! To those of you who are thinking about getting this, it is totally a win win! Get this app and you will know what I mean. Though there is lots of bullying in this app like mean comments. Which is hey I don’t give this five stars.
Kaykay:-):-)!!! on 2/18/2018
i use flipagram for literally everything and it’s my most used (YET MOST STORAGE CONSUMING) app. i use it for making slideshows and editing my youtube videos. but omg this app needs so much work. it crashes literally all of the time. please fix this dear god
Othe on 2/18/2018
I wish I can give ZERO star. Create an account uploaded 3 videos, and got kicked out. The next thing I know, I can’t log in. Tried password reset and still won’t let me log in. I search for answer, without me knowing it and without warning they deactivated my account. WHAT A JOKE L.
Love it! Just missing dms
babyyanaa on 2/18/2018
I really mess with this app only thing is there’s no dm 😩😂
MCTC8642 on 2/18/2018
I'd say it's better than music.ly because on music.ly it won't even let me make an account!
squishy_ava on 2/18/2018
This App is awesome!!!Please download IT IT COOL AND CRAZY!!!!Thank you for making it
Tsedayday on 2/17/2018
Love the app! I love the updates and how the effects are. Can’t see when it was made, but other than that, it’s the best!
Unicornmagic🦄 on 2/17/2018
So fun highly recommend it 😂😁😂
prvelm on 2/17/2018
Personally I really like this app. But sometimes I can’t get it to work like I want to work,but maybe that’s just me it’s OK it’s a really good app and you should get it.
Ryan Fish message
RyanFish55 on 2/17/2018
This is my favorite app to play
Good and Bad
reePha on 2/17/2018
I like this app, I use music for every photo I post. There are two issues I do have. First, I would really like the date of when I created my pic. Secondly, most music sounds distorted, need a crisp clear sound, not static.
It's a scam
🦄Bubbles the Unicorn Cutie on 2/16/2018
I hate this app. Everyone is a stranger. Remember stranger danger
Give my account back😡😡🤬🤬🤬
EMILY. THER EYOU HAPPY😡😡😡😡 on 2/16/2018
Me and my cousin we love the app one day I went on and I got log out of the app and lost all of my progress 😡😡😡😡. Know my cousin will not even talk to me!!!!!! FIX THISSSSSSS,!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😭😡😭😭😡😭🤬😭😡😭😡😭😡😭😡😭😡🤬🤬🤬
fix !!
hogss🦋 on 2/15/2018
if i try to review a flip or edit it, the music is still playing in the back ground. fix this pleaseeeee
A100Savage on 2/15/2018
For one, the reason why I don’t like flipagram as much, is because when my page started to catch attention flipagram deleted my page with no warning or no reason A100Savage page had 12 mil views and 10k followers I started to outdo the competition which was the app developers favorites and therefore they deleted my page. I think they’re horrible and they should reassess how to run a app. I’m still upset because there was no reason given for their actions so that way I could learn from the experience and not repeat my actions. All of their new challenges have been the same challenges since the end of December, it is now February, they obviously are in over their heads.
Fix it
Babyjayyyyyyyy on 2/15/2018
Everytime I try to look at a new video it freezes. I have to refresh the whole app everytime I want to watch a new video
Can’t use email for more accounts
Queenlacey8 on 2/15/2018
Tbh I like this app but it’s kinda confusing I know how to use it but if you use your email for one account you can’t use it for the other just like triller I don’t like stuff like that I know it’s for safety but you can send a confirmation code
Needs More
Isabella😘‼️ on 2/15/2018
I like the aspects of this app, however it the music is so limited. Every time I think a song would be perfect for a flip, it isn’t available and I find that very annoying. Other then that, it’s a good download.
Migo naeff on 2/15/2018
This the best application
Loved in beginning. Now hating it
LuckyCharm84 on 2/15/2018
For some reason I can’t shuffle the pictures now. AND adding music is getting more and more complicated. Every time I try it only shows songs in 1:30 long. Even when I own the song or through my Spotify. Please change some features back to how it was!
All Photos not available
Shelbysm94 on 2/14/2018
Only a portion of my images are accessible to add to my flips... fix the issue and I’ll add more stars to my review. Can’t even make the flip I wanted because half of the photos aren’t there. Downloaded- deleted- re-added- updated- the whole nine yards and nothing worked to fix it.
alleay and forever on 2/14/2018
I'm telling all my friends about it
Fetching assets
______YOUNGG23 on 2/14/2018
I hate having to start over it keep saying FETCHING ASSETS what does that mean?!
I paid to remove watermark and it doesen't dissapear
Goloseevangie on 2/13/2018
Guys! Can u solve my problem??? I paid once to remove forever the watermark. Then i deleted the app. Now i downloaded it again but the watermark its coming again! When i try to remove it they ask me to pay again!!!
IPod_Touch_is_amazing on 2/13/2018
I usually love this app but it always CRASHES!!! I will spend a really long time perfecting a flipagram and it will CRASH and NOT SAVE MY WORK!!! It’s happened to me 3 times. Really mad. Fix it.
Jaymiles16 on 2/13/2018
Ever since I downloaded it again to my new phone it crashes when I want to make a video ):
Great For My Youtube Channel!
Sunshine Gandy on 2/13/2018
This app has saved my life and possibly my channel (LaShera Michelle) lol. I hope they add more effects! Love this. It’s much better than 3 years ago when I actually used the app. Glad I decided to install it again. Thanks Flipagram ❤️
I’m having issues?
Devvvv694 on 2/13/2018
I absolutely love this app! But last week I made a video, and I’m trying to edit it today....and it won’t let me? I select edit and it turns my screen black and just plays the music. Help!
I’m lost
Julie.P97 on 2/13/2018
idk how to make a purchase on a song so the music is longer on time
ari101cdiaz on 2/12/2018
It’s awesome I love it very much ❤️
IdonthsveNickname...... on 2/12/2018
Love it
samann83 on 2/12/2018
Ty for creating such a wonderful app.
Lina689876433224 on 2/11/2018
Great app
Tbh I really don’t like this
Cutiepie.31 on 2/11/2018
I don’t like this because of the inappropriate things I find on here and it is a waste trying to watch them. Plz do something about the horrible community
What it need helps on.
Vv💄💄👑👑🙏🙏😎😎💞💞 on 2/11/2018
This app is amazing the only thing that messes this app is the song you need to let YouTube music in this app we need better music but other then that this app is great. 💜
RoseanneJ24 on 2/11/2018
It is a really fun app but, it is really confusing and hard to control
Enough with the push notifications
PriceShopper on 2/11/2018
Constant, annoying push notifications for video I don't care about. Uninstalled the app for good.
music & skipping
fineasst on 2/11/2018
my videos never used to skip while i make a video & now it dose, sometimes it would exit me out the app & i go back & my video would be go. flipagram needs to be up to par with more songs because ya never have good songs, thank u
BellaBuckeye on 2/11/2018
Love all the music
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  • Released: Jun 14, 2012
  • Current Version Released: Feb 14, 2018
  • Version: 8.40.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Recommended Age: 12+
  • Game Center Certified: No
  • Supported Languages: Arabic; Catalan; Valencian; Croatian; Czech; Danish; Dutch; Flemish; English; Finnish; French; German; Greek; Hebrew; Hindi; Hungarian; Indonesian; Italian; Japanese; Korean; Lithuanian; Malay; Bokmål, Norwegian; Norwegian Bokmål; Persian; Polish; Portuguese; Romanian; Moldavian; Russian; Chinese; Slovak; Slovenian; Spanish; Castilian; Swedish; Thai; Chinese; Turkish; Ukrainian; Vietnamese;
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