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• Small UI and bug fixes

The “ice cream” you see in ice cream ads is often mashed potatoes because they will not melt during production

Thanks for using Munchery, please reach out with any feedback or suggestions to or tweet @munchery.


Munchery answers “What’s for dinner?” with nourishing, affordable, chef-cooked meals delivered right to your door.

Our local chefs use fresh, seasonal ingredients to create dishes in their own style, which brings tons of variety to our daily menus.

Choose from main dishes, sides, salads, and treats. Drinks and healthy kids’ meals, too. Menus change every day, so there’s always something new to try. Meals arrive on-demand or you can schedule delivery for a guaranteed 1-hour window up to a week in advance.

Meals arrive chilled so everything stays fresh. Simple directions for the final touch, be it a drizzle of dressing or a few minutes in your oven or microwave, means dinner’s ready—fresh and piping hot—when you’re ready to eat.

For every one of our fresh, chef-made meals you order, we feed someone in need through local food banks. We believe absolutely everyone deserves a good dinner.

Thanks for using Munchery! We’re at or @munchery if you have any issues or suggestions.

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Munchery is great
dgp1 on 10/15/2017
My family enjoys the meal kits especially. They’re much easier (faster) than a blue apron type of kit, and taste great.
Horrible First Impression
RobbieBobbieBoo on 10/3/2017
I edited this based on the developer response. I took out cold food. The rest is absolutely what happens when given a gift card. You MUST enter a credit card and become a member. Don’t fall for it. I was excited to have been given a $250 gift card for this service. I created my first order and was asked for a credit card. Not good as this was a gift but I overlooked that. Then I had to sign up for a monthly membership with a fee. Full stop. That’s like Amazon forcing people to sign up for Prime when they use a gift card. Customer service said they’re working with their engineering team to make the first order with a gift card free. So if I want to use my gift card again it will cost me. Unacceptable. And guess what! My first ever order was almost an hour late. So with my gift I have to pay a fee to get cold food much later than my window of time. At this point I just want the $190 in cash.
Delicious and easy
San Jose diner on 10/1/2017
For about the same cost as prepared foods dinner from a high end grocery store, I get great choices with healthy options all delivered to my door.
Mtlmegapixel on 9/26/2017
Great food but bad customer service
TravisEdward on 9/11/2017
I love munchery's food. I haven't had a single bad meal. But when my meal hasn't been delivered by the time they specified and they haven't texted or notified me why, it's a little frustrating. Their support center on the app doesn't give you any options to contact them. Only FAQ.
Mzbhvyn on 9/3/2017
The portion was not what I was expecting; looked nothing like the photo. The strawberry lemonade and coconut water was amazing 😃. I was not impressed with service; however, I will give it one more try in hopes of a better outcome.
Horrible App
CreativelyCritic on 8/22/2017
I've unsubscribed from Munchery about 5-6 months ago but I still come across monthly charges deducted from my bank account. I have contacted Munchery via email/customer service an after going through this process I am continuously being charged for a subscription fee that I do not want. If you see this I hope you understand what I went and currently am going through from Munchery. With that being said if I don't get a email or call back from a Munchery representative regarding charges to account. I will have no other choice but to keep writing reviews informing others about my horrible experience(s) about this app and their lack of assistance. Thank you to those who are reading and no thanks to Munchery.
Love this app
Klein Lieu on 8/7/2017
Started eating a lot healthier after I signed up for Munchery!
Terrible app and service
rash67 on 8/2/2017
1. I had an account I had not used in a while (months). The app would get stuck on a blank screen whenever I added any item. I had to remove and re-download. 2. I decided to create a new acct under my name (precious was my wife's). The app showed prices for members and non-members. I was ok with the higher non-member prices as I don't order often. However, when I went to check out, I was FORCED to enroll in a "free" trial" (which we all know is because we'll forget to cancel). Why the heck do they show member and non-member prices if membership is REQUIRED? I contacted support and they confirmed I have to be a member. I'm canceling immediately--DECEPTIVE! 3. When ordering and adding my address, the keyboard at he bottom kept covering up the "save address" button. I still have no idea how I got it to go away and finally save (I entered the address 8 times) This was once a good service and app. Now? Not so much
App easy to use
Emannnnnnnn on 8/1/2017
Oh and by the way the meals are very tasty. I would highly recommend Munchery!!!!
Mein Teil
Toyo Panzoff on 7/26/2017
Soooo, did anyone else think of Rammstein's Mein Teil when they saw the icon for this app? Denn du bist, was du isst Und ihr wisst, was es ist
Why is my food late?
band80 on 7/25/2017
Lobster rolls are good - just need a little pkg help
AppNeedsHelp on 7/19/2017
The lobster is always fresh and flavorful, along with the watercress. I just wish they would wrap the roll in foil so it didn't dry out before delivery. Customer service has been responsive, but the actual vendor is not. Can't really fault Munchery, but they could use the leverage to do something about it!
Formerly great service until they raised prices
Dmrs dan on 7/16/2017
Used to use this as a daily dinner app because it was cheaper than ordering in and better quality. Then they majorly raised prices with no announcement and no warning. The quality was the same (worse in some cases) and they also eliminated our favorite dishes--salmon and tuna bowls. We now order in and use this only in a pinch.
Overall good
Althea J. Yeats on 7/15/2017
Have used for months. Love their selection of food, its portion is perfect for one person. They have special food combo for holiday like thanksgiving, which is really thoughtful. I can see they were trying to control the price of food to ensure good quality at the same time, but it seems least to me. Now the food selection on menu is less interesting or attractive, I could find better in nearby restaurants at similar price. Overall it's good. Worth a try for all those who don't have time to cook and want to have healthy prepared food.
Refuses to issue refund.
GuiG1234 on 7/10/2017
First of all the portion sizes are tiny. They also refuse to issue refunds if you dislike your food. Bad company!
Horrible food
Eiji C on 7/8/2017
Very small portion of food. Theres really nothing special about it.
Tried to see menu..
avacado and animal lover on 7/6/2017
I tried to see the menu and had to sign up first. Not at all impressed with the selections.
Not so great app...
Cvhgsr on 7/1/2017
Hard to navigate! when I input/edit my account information it doesn't save! Signed up online but does not sync with app! What gives?
Sura xx on 6/27/2017
My Facebook profile ?!?!
Love! Love! Love Munchery!
Girldogs on 6/26/2017
Their food is delicious and the choices are fabulous. Has changed our life having dinner delivered. We all eat better and healthier. So happy!!
jakush on 6/21/2017
New menu has insanely high amounts of sodium in most dishes and options are sometimes strange or all similar (ie all salmon/fish on one njgjt). Also, red meat is rarely cooked properly and usually arrives extremely rare. As someone who normally orders steak medium rare, I always find I have to cook Munchery's beef entrees more before I feel comfortable eating them. I miss sprig :( Ordering from San Francisco.
TSWbplays on 6/20/2017
Best food delivery device out there and I've tried many.
Doesn't have the functionality I need
RH2001 on 6/7/2017
I love this food service but the app needs some work. It is not entirely clear how to place recurring orders on this app. I'm not even sure you can access recurring meals on here, which is primarily how I use this service.
The Munchery
'CasaCourt on 6/7/2017
Absolutely fabulous!!! Love the food!!!
Small portions, large prices
aoinbaew on 5/27/2017
The food is overpriced and under portioned... and it doesn't even taste that good. Don't waste your time or money on them.
MCF55 on 5/26/2017
I heard about this from a friend and wanted to try. My husband was doubtful but he has been won over as well! We will be using this service more often. (We have two young kids and both work - so this will allow us to have high quality and healthy meals with little to no effort.)
Augustbay on 5/24/2017
The food is delicious and delivered on time. I order at least 4x a week!
Najanna on 5/23/2017
Every meal I have tried so far has been delicious. Reasonable prices and good quality food.
Better than other food deliveries
Jasabrokadd on 5/17/2017
I had my doubts. I was wrong. Signed back up and can't edit my weekly deliveries!
The Little Things on 5/15/2017
If they mess up your order Don't expect customer service to help or refund you, they do not care at all about their customers - avoid this service at all costs
App won't let me order
Good Account on 5/12/2017
The app just crashes when ever I select something to order. A white screen comes up and that's it.
Tri tip
Special meal on 5/11/2017
Very pleased with the dinner. There was enough for my hubby and me. The steak was perfect, and we enjoyed the mushrooms and potatoes. The blue cheese sauce was great.
Crashes right when I open it now... guess you don't want my business
Djdanny1217 on 5/11/2017
Asked me to update when I opened the app and now it just crashes
Great food and easy app to use
Harllr on 5/6/2017
Only good stuff to say! 😋
Awful interface
NYbaron on 5/3/2017
Food is good but this new interface with these enormous pictures is terrible. It's a pain to scroll through everything and I miss the "menu" look. No longer can I take a quick glance at the app and easily decide what I want. Bring back the gallery view or at least allow an option for it.
GaryinOrinda on 4/11/2017
4-star for culinary. 1-2 star for customer service / service recovery. Website doesn't support iPad / Safari (WHO doesn't support Apple products today?). Application doesn't allow for changes to be made to existing orders. Several emails back and forth to c/svc. No resolution. Apology. Service recovery.
Great food; great app
Kbodal on 4/9/2017
I only wish you could read the reviews others have made on the dishes, rather than only the average rating.
Very nice service
Bramble12 on 4/5/2017
Good offerings, delivered on time and reasonably priced. I love the descriptions of ingredients and preparations. Thanks very much!
Easy, healthier, and less expensive alternative to take-out
Munchery fan on 4/4/2017
Intuitive app and I am a frequent user of the service. If I didn't use this app I'm sure I'd be ordering take out all the time instead since I simply don't have time to cook for myself on the weekdays. Plenty of options and you can read the nutrition info before you order. It would be awesome if they had more options in the ~400 calorie range.
Food freshness
T Hiller on 3/23/2017
The food is fresh, perfectly cooked and a joy to eat . Tove Hiller
Love Munchery, but app has problems
RachelF2 on 3/18/2017
There is no way to remove an item to your cart once you've added it. This is before checkout, not after.
"Signup failed"
Duuuyasaaa on 3/13/2017
Can't even get into the menu. Programming fail?
Toby S on 2/27/2017
App works fine. Food is hit and miss. Mostly miss. I expected healthy meals for a reasonable price. Prices kept going up and it's a minefield of unhealthy choices. Plus a lot of weird things that I would never eat so I had to discontinue. I miss the convenience but not the struggle. I can't endorse this service at present.
Great service
Gkturner on 2/25/2017
Fresh items, easy to prepare
App doesn't work
seench on 2/24/2017
App stopped working a few months back--menus don't pull up, only a blank screen. So lame.
Very satisfied
Cidjé on 2/16/2017
Fresh products, really good recipes. Timely delivery
Never On Time Anymore
dnc701 on 2/6/2017
Munchery used to be punctual but now they don't delivery within their time window. I've had it happen the last 3x and normally I like to have the food delivered to the office since someone always there between 3-5PM. Now they are regularly 30m late and miss shipment. Furthermore, their drivers will state they dropped shipment although they did not. Very poor service. I would not recommend using them anymore.
Not worth my time.
Card dull on 2/1/2017
Their gluten-free foods are limited, the meat generally limited to salmon. Also they changed the rules so you have to sign up to even browse. So I'll be discarding the app, it just takes up space.
jmlaal on 1/30/2017
The food is fresh, tastes great and is there when it is supposed to be!
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