Eat24 Food Delivery

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Food & Drink 7.12.1 May 24, 2012 Aug 15, 2018 154.9 MB iOS 9.0 or later 12+
New in version 7.12.1

We’ve fixed bugs and made some tweaks that make ordering even easier. Enjoy!


Order food for delivery or pickup from a huge selection of local restaurants, without even putting on pants. Whether you’re discovering new dishes or reordering favorites, Eat24 is the free and easy way to get great food. From breakfast to midnight snacks and everything in between, your favorite meal is just a tap away. Hungry? Download Eat24 to feed yourself now.

Eat24 is the best way to order delivery for takeout in the U.S., with exclusive deals from nearby restaurants and zero hidden fees.

Top 5 reasons to download Eat24:
1. Get more restaurant options and explore the local food scene
2. Discover exclusive promos you'll only find on the Eat24 app
3. Reorder favorite meals faster with Express Reorder
4. Track your order with real-time delivery updates
5. Preorder your next meal up to four days in advance

Never go without your favorite food again. Want that burrito that never lets you down? Tap "Express Reorder" to quickly bring a previous order straight to checkout. Looking for something specific like potstickers? Just search for it to see a list of great spots near you. Then all you need to do is pick the restaurant, choose your food, and order. We call that a three-tap meal—it doesn’t get easier.

New to the neighborhood? Read ratings and reviews of Eat24 restaurants from our diner community for suggestions from real people. Because who has time for mediocre food?

Eat24 offers many ways to pay, including Apple Pay, Amex Express Checkout, PayPal, or good old-fashioned credit cards. Whatever works best for you.

Hungry for familiar favorites? Our restaurant partners include Arby’s, Chuy’s, Denny’s, Just Salad, On The Border, P.F. Chang’s, Papa John’s, Qdoba, Red Robin, TGI Fridays, Zoes Kitchen, and more.

Download Eat24, the online ordering service that delivers the food you want anytime, anywhere.

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New Haven
Lesiabiochem87 on 8/18/2018
More healthier options for New Haven, CT please.
Good & Fast
doof E on 8/17/2018
Great home style food, fast delivery hot & fresh.
BadReveiws on 8/17/2018
Almost, I’d say that it’s 99% complete in the sense that I should be able to use cash across the board
3rd times a charm
Actinoutmydream on 8/16/2018
We have used this app 3 times now and find it easier each time. This app also gives me the opportunity to try restaurants I might not have gone to otherwise. Ordering is quick and painless. The only part that is annoying has to do with the search filters. Even though I set them I still get restaurants outside of a sensible delivery range so you must pay attention to the distance.
Promotion Code not valid
pol_cgh on 8/15/2018
I received a Promo Code as compensation to a poor experience and when I was to used it it says expired despite it is still valid. Coupon says expiration Sept3 and today is August... second consecutive poor experience. I used to be a good customer once upon a time...
Epj1004 on 8/15/2018
Worst food ordering service
Missyallan on 8/14/2018
They literally mess my order up every time and the customer service takes hours to address the situation.
Um12457 on 8/13/2018
Long gone good days when we got decent codes. I only use the app out of necessity no longer using it as often as before because since the merge with grubhub this became awful. No more good promo codes that attracted me before and no other initiatives
Pretty good so far
dancing2myowndrum on 8/12/2018
Great app good food
pattisa on 8/12/2018
App is easy to use. Delivery is fast and efficient. Drivers are friendly.
Favorite Food App
btggg on 8/12/2018
I’ve been using Eat24 since college and I haven't run into many problems. The coupons always come in handy and I get to check out new local restaurants all the time. Love it!
Love it but needs more variety
Dmw danielle on 8/11/2018
Love the app but I’d like more variety of different cuisines!
Add 1 hour to delivery
Cabudz on 8/10/2018
I decided to go back to eat24 after a long hiatus (very bad experience 6 months ago) the last 3 deliveries this month have all be an atrocious experience. Every single delivery was late with zero communication. Use Uber eats, they update you live time, and don’t stop to deliver/pickup 5 orders on the way.
DaniPink90 on 8/10/2018
Twice I have been charged more because a “promotion” not being properly applied and takes forever to get the money back
Customer Service is a JOKE!
SBE3190 on 8/10/2018
Do NOT use Grubhub to order from here. Driver stole order!!! Grubhub manager put me on hold for 25 minutes and then again for 15.. just to hang up on me both times!! Then hours later I got an email advising my order was canceled 2 HOURS LATER!!!!! Then 3 hours later I get a $5 discount for my next order... I will NEVER use this horrible service and I will be reporting them to the BBB!
Red Robin
Hungry for Burgers on 8/10/2018
Some items that call for making 2 or more selections only let you make one. Some descriptions on the app are longer than available space so it might be cut off mid-sentence.
Love this!
Vol4life71 on 8/10/2018
Love this service makes my life easier!
Little or more
kka bed on 8/9/2018
Am in Moreland and just have little restaurant to choose wat I wanna eat from That’s unfair
Stuck at Home
Philafn on 8/9/2018
Post surgery, I have been stuck at home for 30+ days. Having this food delivery service available is a godsend. Thank you!!!
Frequent user of Eat24
KelleyDqaf on 8/7/2018
I love it. So helpful when u don't have a car. Very nice and friendly people.
The old app was so much better!
alicetheleo on 8/7/2018
I understand grubhub merged with eat24 but when it came time to make it one product who would have selected the Grubhub app yelps was sooo much better? These are the important things that are missing that yelps app had, hope this feedback gets to someone in their product management team so we can bring back these features! 1. Rating individual dishes at a restaurant, it’s hard to remember what you liked at each restaurant (sometimes dishes tastes funky to you and you don’t remember, doesn’t mean the whole restaurants bad) helps you try new things too! 2. Adding condiments at the end to your order. I barely get any type of silverware plates and forks so I put in very long messages for delivery, but was great to see what restaurants were offering ie: Indian restaurant was giving the red and green sauce away didn’t have to order it. Or sometimes you need ketchup. 3. Allowing to select (instead of having to use sort, because the sort function is only available for one option) by things like delivery fee and price etc 4. Allowing to use coupons you guys send out in your emails when you pay in cash? (Side note the emails they sent were the only ones I ever read when it came to ad emails, the writers were hilarious)
Over it
debs702 on 8/6/2018
It seems like every time I order from Eat24 I have some sort of problem. It should not take over an hour to get food that’s a few streets away! Customer service does nothing to help. A $5 dollar credit is what I was offered after spending $50 on food. Food that was cold and gross when I received it. Eat24 just lost a customer. It’s unacceptable. They seemed to be better before they were bought out by grub hub. Just over their crap entirely.
Easy app
Mamaleigh24 on 8/5/2018
I love this app! It’s so easy to order & add on items, make special requests etc! Great selection of restaurants no delivery fees & I can use Apple Pay!!!
Needs improvement
Man review on 8/4/2018
Since being purchased from Grubhub, many of my favorite features of Eat24 (before and after Yelp!) have gone missing. For instance, I no longer can add extra toppings or meats for additional money. That makes the whole process much easier to handle over the phone (so I can pay restaurants what they deserve for additional product I want) or go without extras that I’d like and gladly pay for because the app doesn’t facilitate it anymore.
Our go-to!
Clergyflea on 8/3/2018
Love the app! Love the ease! Love the clever weekend campaigns and coupon. Order food every weekend!
Anton Sevarius on 8/2/2018
The app was better before grub hub acquired it. They need to fix the filter options, or at least put it back to the prior version
Becoming worse
rexxer105 on 8/1/2018
Bad restaurant selection and delivery. Virtually everything can be improved. Caviar is sooo much better.
Harassed by driver
MiszJean on 8/1/2018
I’m not even sure over what. He was lingering outside of my door even though I put in the note saying just leave the food on the porch. I went outside and thanked him but he was clearly aggravated and He pointed at his phone and said something I didn’t understand (he had a thick Asian accent) I was polite and shrugged and reached for bag but he backed away with it and said he was going to wait?? I went to reach for it again and he backed away again and at this point I’m irritated cause I’m afraid and then I reached for it again but went all the way and snatched it out of his hand and he flips me off and storms off while yelling obscenities at me. My friend made the order on my phone and I asked her if she paid for everything and she said yes so I have no idea what all that was about. I’m still afraid cause he knows my address and what if he comes back? The app has no way to report this and I can’t find a way to get info on my driver to call and report! I’ve already deleted the app but wanted to share the story for others to be careful.
Pizza Cuccina, Great Food!
Donncaid O'Fataigh on 8/1/2018
Pizza Cuccina, Great Food!
Never fails
Jaciboi on 7/29/2018
Steady as rain
More RestaurantChoices Please
Richmong/Manassas/Centreville on 7/29/2018
Excellent service. Keep adding more restaurants. Thank you
Thanks a lot
klh12998 on 7/29/2018
First order was almost late but I let it slide since I got it warm and edible. As of today for my second order I ended up canceling it. Why you might ask? Well I ordered it almost two hours ago and was promised it was it’s way when I called the first time about an hour in. When that never came I called again least it was easy to cancel since it never said it was on its way. Going to sleep hungry 👍 thanks a ton I’ll stick ubereats or DoorDash
Love the app!
accountingpoet on 7/29/2018
I like it better than Seamless and others because they usually send a coupon every weekend, occasionally holidays and weekdays, too. The choices are the rough equivalent of Seamless.
Making ordering food easy!
Jen6783 on 7/27/2018
Eat24 app makes ordering food, finding food, and judging food easy! Can’t go wrong with $2 off almost every weekend as well!
Great app, delivery time needs improvement
Ureallywannaknow? on 7/27/2018
Love the app, but some of the food delivery times are too long (it shouldn’t take 1hr for a pizza that’s coming from 3 blocks away)
kukuwaka on 7/27/2018
I tried ordering from Buffalo Wild Wings as it gave me the option; but at check out the app said,”Sorry, it looks like this restaurant dies not deliver.”
Lesser App
npa on 7/27/2018
Once the acquisition of Eat24 by GrubHub completed, the app and service have fallen to lower standards of the parent company.
Lost a costumer.
Halfpast6 on 7/26/2018
I had planned to order dinner from Eat24 from a local pizza place. I was offered $10 off my first order of $15 or more, so I was excited to try out the service. I signed up, planned my order, and went to check out with the promo code. However, I was greeted with “That code won’t work in your area” What?? Nowhere does it say anything about certain areas that the code is valid. I feel like it was bait and switch. Now my first impression with this app is soured and I won’t be using it again because of this. Bad business.
2nd time ordering
Lady Ward on 7/26/2018
The man was very polite and on time . I am visiting and the application made it very easy to order . A lot to choose from from the menu. Enjoyed egg rolls , shrimp rolls and shrimp fried rice.
Customer Care Team
happy camper24 on 7/26/2018
Their assistance was A1. Quality and very efficient. I appreciated their work and effort. Help with a payment problem, and they didn’t make me feel rushed
Just bad
$Brent74$ on 7/25/2018
You are trusting a delivery driver with no accountability. I gave up. I never got my refund.Food expected time just kept getting longer and longer. Had to call the restaurant to cancel the order. Waiting the 3 to 5 days for my refund. Customer service is more concerned with the driver than the paying customer. Try something else. Just received an email with a phone number to contact them. Call one hang up. Call two o hold for 15 minutes. Call three at least they offered to stop sending me nonsense emails. They never refunded my account. Roll the dice or order a pizza.
Where is the option for pickup?
big mistake sweaty on 7/25/2018
The app is only allowing me to select delivery but I’d rather not wait 1 hour for delivery when I can pick the food up in more than half that time
Love grub hub at sfo.
ted aries 61 on 7/25/2018
Best us location for eat 24
Like service but.. Tip Calculator factors off of tax and delivery fee.
dbdallas on 7/25/2018
I do like this service. It’s very convenient and I use it quite often. The part that I hate that needs to be fixed is when you check out and it comes to leaving a tip, the automatic Tip factoring doesn’t just calculate from the food, it also factors the amount of the tip from the tax and delivery fee (is any). I’m all about leaving a good tip as I have worked in the food industry sometime ago but you don’t calculate the tip from the tax or delivery fee. You tip on the food.
Update Issues
Sacto Diner on 7/25/2018
Wipes out login, past orders and visited restaurants. Pain in the rear, but pretty.
Good service
Nicksonlubin on 7/25/2018
Good app however it needs to provide more options.
Used to be good, now terrible
staceyandgavin on 7/23/2018
Ever since this app was taken over by GrubHub, it’s been horrible. The last time I TRIED to use it I placed an order right before the restaurant started accepting them. The app then told me the order wouldn’t be delivered until the next morning, so I called and the girl on the phone called the restaurant for me and found out it was already prepared and said I would get it in about 20 min. 5 min later I got a call from the restaurant saying that Eat24’s own delivery drivers would not accept the delivery and it could be up to an hour, and said they could not do anything for me and I should call Eat24 again. I did and the guy on the phone said there was nothing he could do about it until it hit the maximum estimated delivery time. I said the restaurant was already closed and would not wait for a driver, to which he said he would have to confirm (in other words, he didn’t believe me), and then called the restaurant and proceeded to cancel my order. So 40 min later, no food, all other restaurants had closed, and no apology or coupon, or anything from Eat24. They also raised all delivery fees, and you can usually get orders cheaper straight from the restaurant if they deliver themselves. Just deleted the app since it’s nothing but a waste of time. Update: I just got a call from the delivery driver telling me he was at the restaurant and it was closed, so apparently they treat their drivers as badly as their customers, no one let him know I already cancelled the order!
G_Alvarenga on 7/23/2018
Great app to get what you want! 😁
I loves precious
Qwertycyp on 7/22/2018
It loves us
Good but not great
Cliff User on 7/21/2018
App works but is kind of sluggish and doesn’t show my active order after I placed my order.
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