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Credit Karma, Inc.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Finance 5.4.1 Jul 18, 2012 Jul 17, 2018 156.7 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 5.4.1

• Bug fixes and enhancements
Stay tuned for more updates, and be sure to share your feedback at


Make the most of your credit, it's totally free! Start by digging into your credit profile and finding out what goes into your credit scores. Then get important updates with credit monitoring, check out personalized recommendations, even file your taxes for free with Credit Karma Tax.

• Check your scores – Log in anytime to look, it will never hurt your scores.
• Credit Karma Tax – 100% free to file federal and state returns, no matter what your tax situation is. Including live chat, W-2 import making it easy to get your max refund.
• Spot potential ID theft – We’ll tell you when your info is in another company’s public data breach — and what you can do.
• Find $ that belongs to you – Search state databases for unclaimed money in your name. There’s over $40 billion waiting to be claimed!
• Get money-saving recommendations – Use your credit to qualify for lower interest rates and better credit card rewards.
• Monitor your report – Get alerted when there’s an important change to your reports and challenge errors right from your account.
• Review credit tips – Receive helpful recommendations matched to your profile.

Join more than 80 million members on the path to financial progress. Learn more and sign up at

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easy to use
snoozdog69 on 7/19/2018
easy to use
CK best
DZRD8 on 7/19/2018
So accurate and helpful! My credit has been improving since I got the app!
Good app
nannabrenda on 7/19/2018
Very happy with the app. Not excited about how they try to get you to take other credit cards. I just ignore them 😊
Easy to use
GD8a on 7/19/2018
They offer a great sophisticated application. The notification process right after your credit has ran was extremely fast and convenient. It updates on a weekly Basis. And it’s totally free! Thank you
wilmernel on 7/19/2018
JLB-F on 7/19/2018
Love credit karma! I am alerted everytime something changes on my credit report. It makes me feel more secure. They also give great tips and tricks to help you make better financial decisions. And improve your credit score.
Great App
Abe120205 on 7/19/2018
Very happy with this app.
Excellent app!
Deldar150 on 7/19/2018
Great resource to track and manage your credit!
somkor on 7/19/2018
Bear in Cheboygan on 7/19/2018
I love CK it keeps me on track and aware of what is going on with my accounts an how to fix if needed!
Great app.
pilotsel on 7/19/2018
Love help with credit. It’s hard to understand why but this app helps.
A-Bel80 on 7/19/2018
Awesome app!
Ease of Use
tiger_956 on 7/19/2018
When u just want to check ur score or u want a detailed picture of ur credit there is nothing easier or faster than Credit Karma
So far i love it
chifilynay on 7/19/2018
Only had it for a day but i think it’s an amazing app
Jetsetter151 on 7/19/2018
I was on the site for 2 minutes and I was notified that I had unclaimed money. This site is great!!!
I like this app
IceSamurai on 7/19/2018
I like this app
Good app
Pajacuaran on 7/19/2018
Exelebt App I lovet
Great score now
djra313 on 7/19/2018
Kredit Karma helps me get good credit and keep good track of my financial credit affairs!
Free Credit Checks
Bubbabue on 7/19/2018
Great service !
Great app!
Lourdy on 7/19/2018
Very specific in what you need to do to improve your credit scores. This app showed me all I need to know to have an excellent credit. Thank you Credit Karma!
Its perfect
wicman on 7/19/2018
The best
Difficult1 on 7/19/2018
I love this app. It has helped me keep track of my credit report for FREE!
Imaphotographer on 7/19/2018
Thank you
Review for app
Ayydiane on 7/19/2018
Very simple to use with helpful info .
Great app
Tiberias1215 on 7/19/2018
Very helpful in tracking spending
Great App
cabbage9876 on 7/19/2018
Like the updates and notifications. Very user friendly.
Keep on credit track
rwwilliams1965 on 7/19/2018
One of my favorite apps! Keeps me mindful of my credit rating as I work on getting my score higher
hungnguyennguyen on 7/19/2018
MZQUEEN101 on 7/19/2018
When you decide to stop sucking at life.
jdhgegegriufudhhehfufhfbdbd on 7/19/2018
When you grow up and decide you want to have something to show for all your hard work you will need credit. Credit Karma is a great tool to help you along the way. They have the information needed to make smart decisions and it’s one click away.
flyersfan0911 on 7/19/2018
Great app!
Very helpful
CCU Mom on 7/19/2018
This helps me feel productive and reminds me that my goals are attainable.
Helps out a fast CR views
nadiyahpowerhouse on 7/19/2018
A need!
Jessie___Montoya on 7/19/2018
With credit karma I don’t feel so in the dark about my credit & how to manage it. The app really breaks it down for you & it’s just super convenient.
The app
jjwdjgcdc on 7/19/2018
I love this app because it keeps me aware of my credit
Credit Karma
Credit Karma has helped me monitor my credit wisely and keep up with my debts and pay off what needs to be paid immediately and be able to see my credit score rise slowly. Simply put Credit Karma is a great tool to have for someone on the rebound to having better credit E. Lopez Round Rock, Texas
Jamie Kincaid
Jbkincaid on 7/19/2018
Credit Karma is very informative
Jhumejr1958 on 7/19/2018
This is a wonderful app.
Best thing if you want to be financially responsible!!
Reeefa on 7/19/2018
Tells you literally everything in DETAILS on where you stand financially and best suggestions to improve your credit scores. Easy and convenient! A must if you want to be successful!
Credit Karma has helped me IMMENSELY
Iydgiydgi on 7/19/2018
Everyone should use it and follow it’s suggestions. It will improve your credit score!
Glimmer Girl on 7/19/2018
User friendly and helpful information for trying to improve your credit score.
Percypuc on 7/19/2018
Very helpful..
Real CleaN on 7/18/2018
This app is super convenient and an awesome tool to help people like me who are building their credit! Thanks CK!
slick76 on 7/18/2018
I recently checked my credit scores with the actual credit reporting agencies and the scores are way off on credit karma it’s inaccurate at best. Credit karma keeps making excuses as to why it’s skewed.
Very good app to use
Helen1613 on 7/18/2018
Very good app to use
Very Useful
Ninjai74 on 7/18/2018
This app has been very useful to me despite what other people has been telling me, that it’s not reliable. Well in my opinion this app has been very reliable and accurate.
JTachilles on 7/18/2018
It’s free, it’s helpful and I use it all the time.
Love ❤️
sandiego808 on 7/18/2018
I love Credit Karma so much! It keeps me on track and up to date on what is going on weekly with my credit report! It has saved me so much time and hassle! TY 💕
Happy credit karma user
SAREPE1 on 7/18/2018
Very simple app to use and great service !
Great app !
Jmann357 on 7/18/2018
I love this app! Easy to use and doesn’t ding my credit score. Awesome 👍🏻
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