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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Productivity 5.8.3 May 11, 2012 Apr 16, 2018 43.8 MB iOS 9.3 or later 4+
New in version 5.8.3

AnyList v5.8.3 fixes a few minor bugs and glitches.

AnyList v5.8 added support for SiriKit, which allows items to be added directly to AnyList via Siri.

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AnyList is the best way to create grocery shopping lists and collect and organize your recipes. Easily share a list with your spouse or roommates, for free. Changes show up instantly on everyone’s iPhone or iPad.

AnyList has been featured in the App Store as “New and Noteworthy”, a “Great Free App”, and one of “10 Essential” productivity apps.

“AnyList makes shared grocery lists simple and intuitive.” —Lifehacker

“AnyList sets the standard for grocery shopping list apps.” —AppStorm

“I don’t recommend going to the grocery store without it.” —Today’s iPhone

==== FEATURES ====

== LISTS ==

• Quickly add and cross off items. Autocomplete suggests common items as you type.
• Add items by voice with Siri and our Reminders Import feature.
• Add notes to list items to indicate quantity, brand, coupons, etc.
• Create multiple lists to organize items by store or occasion.
• Grocery items are automatically separated into categories.
• Create your own custom categories.
• Reorder categories to match the layout of your local store.
• Save items as favorites, then browse your favorites and add them to your current shopping list.
• View recent items from your past shopping trips, then add them back to your current list.
• Easily share lists. Just enter the email address of your spouse or roommate and your list is shared. List changes instantly show up on everyone’s iOS device.
• Lists can be shared with as many people as you'd like.
• Everyone creates their own AnyList account, so you can share some lists, while keeping others private.
• Optional push notifications let you know when a shared list has been modified.
• Optionally badge the app icon with the number of items remaining on your lists.
• Choose a color for each list to help distinguish lists.
• Move or copy items between lists.
• Print lists, or send via email or SMS.


• Enter your own recipes, or copy & paste them from another source.
• Add ingredients from your recipes to your shopping lists with a single tap.
• Organize recipes into collections by type or occasion.
• Search your recipes by name or ingredients.
• Print recipes, or send via email.
• Share your recipe collection with a trusted partner. Any changes to recipes will be instantly visible to both of you.


• Sync all of your lists and recipes across all of your devices. Sign in to your AnyList account on your iPhone and iPad, and any change made on one will instantly sync to the other.
• All of your lists and recipes are securely backed up in the cloud as part of your AnyList account. If you get a new device, just sign in to your AnyList account to retrieve your data.


All of the features above are available for free. We also offer an optional in-app purchase called AnyList Complete that unlocks the full power of the app with these great features:

• AnyList for Mac & AnyList for the Web. Use AnyList on your Mac or PC.

• AnyList for Apple Watch. Quickly access your lists on your wrist.

• Recipe Web Import. Save recipes you find on the web to AnyList

• Meal Planning Calendar. Plan your meals and shopping for the coming week.

• List Item Photos. Add a photo to list items. For shared lists, photos can be viewed by everyone sharing the list.

• Recipe Photos. Add a photo to your recipes, instead of being limited to icons.

• Recipe Scaling. Quickly scale ingredient quantities up or down.

• Item Prices. Stick to your budget by adding prices to items.

• Stores & Filters. Assign items to stores and quickly filter your list by store.

• List Themes. Apply themes to your lists, with custom fonts, textures, and color.

• List Folders. Create folders to organize lists and reduce clutter.

• Location-Based Reminders. Get reminders when near a store or other location.

• List Passcode Lock. Protect your lists from casual snooping.

==== CONTACT US ====

We'd love to hear from you:

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OMG!! This app is on POINT!!
soullocs on 5/21/2018
I recently downloaded this app and I love it. It’s so easy to use. No ads and you get a lot of “FREE” to use within the app. I will definitely upgrade soon cause it’s worth it. This app gives more free stuff than any other apps I have used. It’s user friendly and the features are great. I was in awe when I opened the app to use it, I couldn’t believe all the things you could do “FREE” without those annoying ads and without upgrading. Thank you to the developers. You all did your thing. Your app is the best on the market. Keep up the fantastic job. I will definitely upgrade cause it’s truly worth it and I want to support the developers for their time, patience, effort, and skills that they put into making this app the BEST!!! Peace!!!
Overall excellent app
ia_ramos on 5/21/2018
Terrific app that operates well with my Apple Watch. This is especially nice for checking off items as I shop. I really love the recipe incorporation because forgetting I’m out of a particular item was a constant irritation. Few things preventing perfect rating: 1) Rather slow to synch between devices. 2) Can’t import photos of cookbook steps.
Best shopping app online
Dopplergreen on 5/21/2018
Totally great little shopping app when comparing notes with another shopper in the family! Very user friendly and no glitches it works to perfection!
Just add barcode
Reedfamilyindy on 5/20/2018
As the title says, adding barcode scan/lookup to this app would make it go from sweet to perfect!
Absolutely love it and can’t live without Anylist!!
dahill2 on 5/20/2018
I have been using Anylist for more than 2 years and can honestly say it has made my life so much easier! The recipe import feature right from the web is awesome. Being able to pick a recipe, save it and create a shopping list for it is so great. It is a daily part of my routine as I use it for things to do as well :) Thank you so much Anylist Team for such a wonderful app!
Great app
Jc Wallyworld on 5/20/2018
AnyList easy to use and very flexible. It is a great way to communicate with people who have a need to be I the loop on projects.
Love it
demographicBuster on 5/18/2018
I’ve tried several list apps. This is the most intuitive and feature rich without going overboard. That it is an Alexa skill too seals the deal.
Best shopping list and Lists for anything!
Dale in TX on 5/18/2018
My wife and I have been using any List shopping list for the last year and five months and it is hands-down the best one we’ve ever used. We tried Our Groceries App but that one doesn’t hold a candle to this one! We also used Out of Milk and they rewrote code and it scrambled all the lists together, will never touch that one again!I Any List is very useful, we use it for our home shopping list, separate trip shopping list, a medication list for each of us and our allergies list for each of us of course there are many more uses that you could use this for just make up your own headers!
lovemymacbookair on 5/16/2018
I don’t usually write reviews but this app is amazing!! Kudos to the developers. They didn’t miss a thing! By far the most useful app on my phone.
Convoluted and complicated
Lev Ramder on 5/14/2018
Put your recipes in a 3x5 card holder and UNCOMPLICATE your life. It’s hard to imagine a more complicated app or process for using a simple recipe. They want your money/email/time and all that you receive is wasted time and complications. I do not recommend this app.
We love AnyList!
Hozefeen on 5/13/2018
It is a great app.
Absolutely Awesome!
Nathan Hipps on 5/12/2018
I am thoroughly surprised at the number of features, ease of use and recipe integration with third party sites. I was looking for a simple list app that my family could share and I got a ton more. Great app and well worth the premium version price. Thanks for your hard work on this app.
Klotzfive on 5/12/2018
I love this app. I use it regularly. I love that you can share it with family and they can add or cross things off the list that they know we need or already have. I just upgraded and am looking forward to sorting my lists, noting which stores have which thing, importing recipes and more. It is one of my favorite and most-used apps.
Data collector
stopfalseadvertising on 5/12/2018
You have to create an account in order to share, print, and use the app as it’s advertised. Then the person you share the list with has to create an account also. They also make it very difficult to cancel your account and prevent your private information from being collected and shared.
PBG1968 on 5/10/2018
This app is awesome and would recommend to anyone who wants to keep up with their grocery list and share with anyone they choose.
Love it!!!
rsmartin4 on 5/10/2018
It’s so easy to use. I absolutely Iove it!! I just wish it would work with android phones so I could send to my family.
Yomama123432 on 5/8/2018
Lists done perfectly...
Drill Thrawl on 5/8/2018
Shared lists do not update in a timely manner. Too much space taken up by each item. Pain to use.
Love this app, use it for everything....
colo2dfw on 5/8/2018
Meal planning grocery and other lists , to do, pantry inventory........ would be lost without it.
Best list app out there
Emarch21888 on 5/8/2018
This app is such a great tool for more than just your shopping list. You can use it for ANY list like Christmas, travel and reminder lists too. I have had this list app for several years and it’s hands down the most used app on my phone along with my calendar. Excellent customer support too, they respond quickly and take customer suggestions into consideration for their updates. Really, cant say enough good things about AnyList!
Downloaded 3 apps in one day. Only kept this one.
Carbmonster on 5/7/2018
I wanted a way to move the recipes in “notes” on my iphone to an app and categorize my recipes. This app actually allows you to create your own categories and you can easily copy and paste your recipes, list web links, nutrition information, make notes, and create a grocery list (or other list). It’s the only app I downloaded that did what it said it could.
My Favorite Organizing Tool
spassrd on 5/5/2018
I use AnyList for just about everything! Not only meal planning, recipes, and multiple shopping lists, but I also use it for To Do Lists, Things to Remember, Gift Lists, Want and Need Lists, etc. if you are a compulsive list keeper like I am, you’ll love AnyList!
No Support
Steve & Leslie on 5/4/2018
I have tech support issues and have had for a few weeks. I tried to get someone to help and get NO ANSWER. I highly recommend that if you purchase this app, you do so at your own risk!
Well done missing important input
terkw on 5/4/2018
Love the app but it needs bar code scanning. It is easy to scan with phone or iPad the items you need. Also to do pantry list, it would be simpler to add items. Everything else is very good.
Great list app
E74321 on 5/3/2018
Really like this app, easy to use - and even better now that it’s paired with Alexa. I use this app everyday.
SomeYahoo2674477432226646 on 5/2/2018
Works flawlessly. Shared family lists are awesome. I have used this app for everything
10 star app
Uniq1 on 5/2/2018
I’ve been using the premium app since it came out and I Love the easy to use list maker for groceries or really anything I have lists for everything not just groceries I have my different stores inside I put prices inside and tally up what I’m buying as I check it off. It has themes which I like and I can make my own themes of course it saves all the stuff I buy regularly it syncs to all my devices. I pull in recipes from any website with the share sheet with pics and just a tap adds it to my grocery list or I can tap just what I need it will auto double or triple your recipe size I can plan a wkly or monthly menu quickly and add what I need to my grocery list it does it all and with ease quickly which is what I love it takes no thought or time and sync to my reminders. The developers listen and answer any questions or suggestions and keep updating the app constantly. Thank-You for a great app
Best shopping list app, period.
Amerist on 4/30/2018
Siri and Alexa integration made this app twice as useful for my family. Now the wife and kids can ask Alexa to “add milk to my Walmart list” and milk gets added to our shared list named “Walmart”. We have one list for each of the major stores we shop at.
Makes you upgrade
HB Meyer on 4/30/2018
This app is good but I was frustrated that they advertised the perk of importing websites but after you import a few, it gives you a message that you have to update to the paid version in order to import more recipes. Otherwise I would have given a higher rating.
Love it!
xword fan on 4/29/2018
Use it for many kind of lists. My only downfall is I wish my husband could make a list on it and then I could just add to that list.
Great app for family meal planning and shopping
Gonzo123 on 4/29/2018
Love this app. I actually got my wife to get it because sharing shopping lists couldn’t be easier. Keeps us organized. Save time money and there’s no longer the” what are we having for dinner?” argument. It useful as a reminder or list app too! Get this app!!
SweSwirl on 4/28/2018
I spent two weeks trying out EVERY single grocery shopping app in the AppStore. Most really sucked. A handful were ok. None were really good, EXCEPT this one. This is the ONLY one that has all the features that I believe are necessary for a great grocery app: • Beautiful design (I can’t stand ugly design) • Great user interface and user experience • The ability to filter your grocery items by store • The ability to add price to the items • The ability to add notes and take a picture of the items. To the developers: This app is amazingly well done. Much kudos to you guys. I bought the family version right away after I saw that it had what I wanted. Keep it up! And please, don’t break it with silly “upgrades”. Upgrades are only acceptable if/when they improve the Ux. If it breaks the app or the Ux, then you messed up big time. Don’t rush to go live. It works great right now! Thanks for your hard work!
If you love lists…
harmsdesign on 4/28/2018
AnyList is the best. It’s our list of lists. Beyond grocery lists, we use it to plan projects, to make ever-evolving packing lists for different events, to prepare for trips. Being able to share and collaborate so easily is awesome.
Dwren101 on 4/27/2018
Love this app!
Love AnyList
Suzib1125 on 4/26/2018
Use it for everything. Errands. Groceries. Hubby to do list. Bill list. Just about everything. .
Love this app!!!
nikpie79 on 4/26/2018
I have had this app for over a year now and I find easy to use and want to be used. I am a list maker so when I found this app I had to try not having high hopes that it would do all that I like. Well, I was wrong. I always have my cellphone with me so now when I make last second stops at any store I have my lists at the ready for what I need. I like the ability to create new lists for different occasions, change or create categories to fit the list needs and also the look is amazing! Having the ability to have a favorites list to pull repeat items is nice, shopping by which stores the items are at and placing the cost are just some of the features I use all the time. This app is amazing and I am glad I have it! Thank you!!
Love this app use it for all kinds of lists and to dos !
Ldgutz on 4/24/2018
Love this app. Keeps me organized at the store. I love the category sort. Use it and you'll never use paper lists again!! Highly recommend it!!!
One awesome piece of software!
sunlitlaz on 4/24/2018
I’ve been using other various To-Do list apps and Shopping list apps for quite some time now, and I didn’t realize what I was missing until I tried AnyList. This app is amazing, not to mention very helpful!! I suggest trying it out today!
Awesome list app
xunilhr on 4/24/2018
If you are anything like me, you have to make lists for everything. I use them for packing, grocery shopping, setting up and tearing down for camping, you name it. This is by far the easiest and most versatile list app on the market and, believe me, I’ve tried them all. The price for premium is better than most, as well.
AnyList App saved my life!
rickajesse on 4/24/2018
I have a story about using your App that saved my life! From the past 10 years I have been getting sicker and sicker. It started with arthritis at an early age that progressed into untreatable neuropathy in my feet moving slowly all the way up my thighs. I was a former triathlete that could no longer walk around the block or even drive to get groceries. A single mom raising 2 teenagers solely by myself. I developed chronic pancreatitis and lost my job (fyi I have an advanced engineering degree and was an executive). We lost our home and I continued to get sicker. I was then told I had an incurable bile duct disease and would someday need a liver transplant. I saw doctor after doctor, they removed organs, gave medications that made me feel worse and I became completely bedridden. The I did 2 things that changed my life forever (yes there’s a happy ending). First I bought an I-phone and the I downloaded Apps and tinkered on them endlessly sine I was bedridden. The App that helped changed my life was “AnyList”. I used it for groceries, shared lists with my kids so they could shop for me and loved how it tied in with Alexa making entering lists easier by using voice commands since my progressive arthritis made typing difficult. I read endlessly on possible diseases that had my symptoms. Typically I didn’t understand the articles on the web because they were advanced state of the art medical journals. What changed my life was using AnyList to create a document listing my symptom and a potential associated disease. Each time I went to see a specialist, and there were a lot of specialists I was seeing, I would pull out my I-phone and open AnyList and review my list of rare diseases with the doctor. Some doctors were more receptive than others but most found it very helpful. I had a sudden serious health setback (hard to believe there were any setbacks left because I seemed to have everything wrong with me)! I was rushed to surgery to have my spleen removed, most of my pancreas and an operation on my stomach. Just prior to the surgery I sent notes to a few of the specialists I’d seen, reviewed my rare diseases on AnyList with them and asked for them to request any tissue tests that could only be obtained during my surgery; one doctor responded and asked for a path analysis from my pancreas for an extremely rare disease IgG4. I awoke in post op to find they hadn’t run the test. The doctors said they didn’t know about the test and not to worry etc. I didn’t give up! Even in my post operative painful confusion I advocated for my AnyList disease IgG4 which I had no idea what it was but I knew that less than 2% of chronic pancreatitis patients had it and even fewer women of which I was one. Pleading with the doctors to run the test before my pancreas tissue was destroyed and never could be used again. Finally a resident doctor fought for me to have this rare test. My understanding later was he spent many hours on my behalf convincing doctors higher up to spend the money and time for this, admittedly determined almost to the point of insanity, women testing for a disease so rare it was statistically unlikely I would have it. I’ll always be indebt to that doctor who put his reputation on the line for me and I’ll never forget the look on his face when he brought up the test results the next morning with the doctors making rounds. The IgG4 test results and they were positive, I had completely curable Autoimmune Pancreatitis! Completely curable with inexpensive prescription steroids taken for a course of 3 months! I had lost ten years of my life, my job, my house, all of my savings, several organs and time I would never retrieve with my children growing up treating a variety of diseases I didn’t have and that would be 100% cured with simple steroids. I was released from the hospital today, in pain, a few organs Lee but alive. I’m alive and will be around to perhaps see my children get married, have children and even rebuild my career. I am so elated I can’t sleep. I am lying in bed writing to say thank you AnyList for helping keep track of my research on rare diseases. Thank you Apple for my iPhone. Special thanks to the specialist who listened and requested the test and to the “fellow” doctor who went to bat for me and also to myself for being so determined that I never gave up! Best Regards, Stacey Schultz
Great app. Works with Alexa.
TAMApttl on 4/22/2018
Great app. Works with Alexa. We use it all the time.
Quite good, Keep updating as vendor responses come in.
Jamaica Blue on 4/22/2018
This is handy as a grocery list manager. Auto categorizes items & you can add a stores parameter (context?) Sort by store. You can add other list types, those are roll-yer-own for details. Some of this becomes outdated, as vendor responds... I've created grocery lists in OmniOutliner, Outliner & even OmniFocus in the past, but is simpler & thus cleaner in Anylist. AnyList does it well. Reminder List? Not sure if this is covered as well as it might. Could use a few more icon choices: Yardwork (mower?), House Exterior (ladder?), Camera, & a couple which escape me at the moment. Recipe section is a good idea, will be more usable if it can successfully integrate recipes as well as other standalone apps do. If it can resort & fold recipe ingredients into the buy list effectively. Needs to allow for crosschecking recipe ingredients against the buy list. Also, right now entering recipes here feels too cumbersome (to me). Has a flag for recent items, last minute additions flag might be nice. Nesting, collapse for categories. There is a capability for starter lists. Vendor appears to be very responsive. Its worth your time. I grumbled a little at first, but its useful esp. if other household members use it too.
Use this almost every day
Beetlekeeper on 4/21/2018
It’s always helped, i love it.
Awesome App!
Nanner123 on 4/21/2018
I have downloaded several recipe/list apps and this one is by far the best app I have found. My only wish is that you would make nice decorative prints for recipes and menu calendars. I want to print out some of the menu’s I make but there is no nice decorative templates.
Bad pricing model
DrozSmash on 4/21/2018
Good app but I’m shocked this is a subscription. There isn’t any substantial ongoing service but they are charging a yearly subscription fee. The last thing I need is more ongoing fees. I’d gladly pay for the app but not yearly fee. Lots of good review so I guess I’m alone here.
I love love love this app
Puzzlemoma on 4/20/2018
The best ever!
Great customer service
Cindykay54 on 4/19/2018
Love the app so far. They are very quick to help with any question and patient too!
Can’t get in
Mtlcwbp on 4/18/2018
Have to do 1 Star. Can’t get in. Try to sign up and they say already have account. Try to sign in and won’t recognize pw so go to forgot password and they have sent me 5 emails and when I tap the button, it’s a blank page. No way to contact company so no way to use app. Too bad. Looks like it would be usable. Developer contacted me so kudos to them and have upgraded to 2 stars for that. But I have already deleted program and unsure I want to go through the hassle of reloading program and trying to get in again.
humbleplayer on 4/18/2018
I am a hard core paper person. I just have the need to write. And I don’t like technology for organizing my life bc it’s unpredictable and not always accessible should my phone or iPad loose its charge completely (which it tends to do bc I don’t always remember to charge them over night.) I’ve tried countless apps for this and never found one I could stick with. Until this app. I LOVE that the family can share a list (we share a grocery list) and whenever one person adds something to it it syncs IMMEDIATELY. You can even set reminders for when you’re close to stores you shop at!! My daughter and I also share a to do list I made for her. I can see what all she has and has not done. I have a to do list for every day of the week. This is what I love most about this app. I don’t have to rewrite my scheduled to do list every day/week. I can just mark it off and the next week just uncross everything for the new week. I can categorize things in my daily list as well. It has a place for uploading and storing recipes and allows you to meal plan for the day, week and month with these recipes. You can also go through a recipe and add things you need for it onto your grocery list by simply clicking on the ingredient. I’ve contacted them with questions and they have ALWAYS responded within 24 hours. I haven’t used the ‘Siri add’ bc Siri doesn’t understand my southern accent as of yet. But I’m sure it’s fabulous for those who talk normal and don’t add extra syllables to words. The only thing I’m waiting for is a calendar sync so I can have everything in one app. I’ve contacted them about this and they are currently working on it. Another thing I think might be beneficial is time sensitive reminders for to do lists. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this app. It’s the only app I’ve been able to stick with. And THAT says A LOT!!
Best App Out There
Riveroma on 4/17/2018
I don't know how people exist without this app! There are so many ways to use it it is mind-boggling. I really can't say enough good things about it--if you don't have it, get it. You won't be sorry!
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