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This app was last updated on: Aug 07, 2017
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New in version 4.43.3

Thanks for choosing Lyft! To make your rides even better, we update the app regularly. It’s like housekeeping: squashing bugs, cleaning up code, and other small-but-mighty improvements.


Need a lift? Try Lyft for a friendly, affordable ride whenever you need one. Request a ride with the tap of a button, and get picked up by a nearby community driver who’ll take you to your destination within minutes. Yep, it's that easy.

• Split the cost of a ride with friends. It’s easy, fast, and secure.
• All Lyft drivers pass comprehensive background and DMV checks.
• Drivers are rated by passengers and only the highest-rated drivers are allowed on the road.
• Lyft provides a first-of-its-kind $1M liability insurance for total peace of mind.

Join the millions who’ve taken 5-star rides. Download and take a ride today!

What people are saying:

"Ride-sharing programs like Lyft are providing commuters with less expensive and more social ways to get around. Users log into the app, specify where they’re heading, and a background-checked driver picks them up for less than a typical cab ride." - TODAY Show

“Lyft is a real community — with both the drivers and riders being inherently social — making real friendships and saving money.” - Time

"In a city where taxis can be scarce and… black town cars are rampant but expensive, Lyft has quickly gained visibility due to low prices and quirky branding." - Ad Age

"Lyft's focus on the everyman has recently extended to the wildly successful Lyft Line carpool service aimed at commuters, which offers discounts of 30% to 60% for sharing a Lyft ride with others." - Fast Company

For Lyft drivers, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Prices vary based on market condition.

Great Service at a awesome price!
Jimmy G NY on 8/16/2017
I find Lyft to be a bit cheaper than Uber. Great service.
Do NOT do a shared Lyft
K&MinWa on 8/16/2017
A Lyft driver told me they pair you up with people going to similar locations but that's not what happened. Someone else at my pick up location was also picked up but they were headed to S Lake Union when I was headed to downtown Bellevue. So we had to drive from SODO, past the stadiums where a Mariners game was scheduled, thru downtown to drop the other person off then across 520 and back through Bellevue to my location. What usually takes me 20 mins in a ride share took 1+hours! NEVER will I select share again.
Better than uber!!!
Sosamayne on 8/16/2017
Better than uber even though I never had it lol I'm loyal to lyft forever
Fast, easy, affordable
Munoz_22 on 8/16/2017
I used this app in NYC and it was truly a life saver. It's fast and efficient
Took out notification for surcharge
Amaryel on 8/16/2017
I go to the same places regularly and I can tell wen it's surged. The app now doesn't show if it's surging or not so you end up paying a surcharged amount masked as "normal" charge. Say the regular route I use is normally $7. Depending on the surge that can go up to 50%. So $7 + 50%= $10.5. It will show on the app the route is $10.50 (minus the previous notification of "50% surge". Bring that notification back and I'll change my review.
Unnecessary 5 dollar cancellation Fee
Alex224442 on 8/16/2017
Lyft will give you a 5 dollar cancellation fee after they sent your driver to the opposite side of the street or when your driver doesn't show up. After they give you a 5 dollar cancellation fee and tell you to check your receipts to contest it , you actually can't because that option doesn't really exist and Lyft just took 5 dollars from you to be stuck in the same spot you started off in. 👍🏾
As helpful as it is
ArisuAmiChan on 8/16/2017
Lyft is a pain to use, especially if I have to be in work by six am and MY DRIVER HAS NO CLUE WHERE THEY HAVE TO BE SINCE THE GPS IS TAKING THEM HALF WAY ACROSS THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY! Guys, seriously! You need to update your GPS because this is getting very old very quickly! It's embarrassing to watch my hired car go to the nearest mall instead of to my house so I can get to work!
best ride share app
mynameisjessev on 8/16/2017
Always feel safe, prices are good, have never had a bad experience
Major improvement needed
Iqra7 on 8/15/2017
Great service, great prices. The only downfall is Lyft doesn't provide an ETA before or during the ride. This would greatly improve the app.
Love Lyft, but your mapping to pickup is terrible
colobo on 8/15/2017
I don't exactly understand how you manage to do it, but you app consistently sends drivers to the incorrect location. Even when an address is entered you drop the pin in the wrong place. The. You take your drivers near where they are supposed to be but never quite get it right. I think the issue is with the post-pickup optimization. This leads to confusion at the pickup point.
An Essential
Lilac42 on 8/15/2017
I use Lyft constantly and it's great! I switched away from Uber because of their poor ethics a couple of months ago and Lyft seems to treat their drivers and passengers well.
Don't use if your schedule is tight.
JaysonT on 8/15/2017
I can't give less than 1 star. I used Lyft for the first and last time this past weekend. I had a meeting for work. I wasn't running late and had time to make it easily until the Lyft driver canceled my ride less than a block from where I was standing. I had to have the concierge call a taxi for me. So, I was late for my meeting. Now, had I canceled the ride I would still had to pay some fees. The driver canceled with impunity. So, I will NEVER use this service again. I suggest Curb app. Which allows you to summon professional taxi drivers.
Best ridr
diegreenpigs on 8/15/2017
Nothing but good experiences with them.
Drivers dumping rides
517G on 8/15/2017
I was using lyft a lot and liked it. Lately though I keep getting drivers dumping me on routes they decide they don't want to take, sometimes more than once, which adds a lot of time to my wait and makes the service unreliable for me to commute with. Switching back to Uber as my primary.
Back to Uber
ShhRano on 8/15/2017
I've had more issues with Lyft in one month than I've had with Uber in the past 6 months. Driver lost, nut case driver, and 2 scamming over charging drivers. I'll take my chances with Uber again. And what makes it worst is you can't contact anyone on the spot when you have an issue, you have to pay for crappy service, give a bad review then someone contacts you with some generic response. Hopefully someone will eventually get this alternative to taxi cabs right.
Prompt service at right price
Anothsei on 8/15/2017
Arrived on time every time and coordinated well at both pick up and drop off.
Stop with the interruptions
The-hattar on 8/15/2017
I don't give a crap about your stupid discounts or updates or whatever. The app should never alert me unless the car has arrived or I need to pay.
Just like uber
Yaboydg on 8/15/2017
Except about twice the price. Boooooo
First ride free
Laney7810274 on 8/15/2017
This is my 3rd time writing this! I feel like they do it on purpose but the first free ride coupon code was not easily accessible I was confused on how to redeem it. I feel it should have populated automatically when you first set up your account. Needless to say I didn't get to use it. I had a better first experience with Uber! I'll stick with what I know
smarttrader77 on 8/15/2017
AH Driver (Mervin) calls & confirms and the doesn't shows up at all, and you can't do anything about it.
Love it in SF
monkscattle on 8/15/2017
Works better than Uber, and a company with a soul.
This app is splendid
OGfatass on 8/14/2017
Because it gets me to where I need to be
Sexual-harassment runs rampant
Daisy_1988 on 8/14/2017
I've been using Lyft for years and I've been sexually abused verbally three times by Lyft drivers. I've complained to Lyft numerous times and they don't seem to care. They are no better than uber!! they allow drivers who sexually harass people to continue to drive. Women beware!!
Works well
vu.mark1 on 8/14/2017
I've used both Lyft and Uber and both work well.
Honestly just use Uber
Giannagiiaaannnaaaagianna on 8/14/2017
Lyft will charge your card when you didn't even get in the car and it'll be "processing" for a week. Not even worth all the free credits they give me. My last driver drove as if it was their first time ever operating a vehicle. User beware.
Best transportation app
Awesome525 on 8/14/2017
Lyft's map is always accurate and I haven't had issues with locating the driver, which I've experienced using Uber. It's the better ride sharing app in my opinion.
Kansas City
Trusted one on 8/14/2017
Keep this service here!!
Hate to B Late on 8/14/2017
Driver and Technical issues. Lyft charges the customer $6.00 when their driver doesn't show up and then has other drivers contact you 30 minutes later and say that you requested them , even when the app is closed ??? Uber is way better.
Love it!
Zev from Potomac Maryland on 8/14/2017
Keep paying and treating drivers well and I'll keep coming back.
Vajahzz on 8/14/2017
Best cheaper and amazing service
Lyft rocks!
Vans.Kate on 8/13/2017
Way better than uber all day any day!!
Very impressed
bd.welsh on 8/13/2017
I tend to be a late adopter of technology but I needed a ride and flipped a coin and chose Lyft over Uber and I have to say I've been very impressed. All rides have arrived in less than 5 minutes and we're quite present. The app is also quite easy to use.
Chepe123456789 on 8/13/2017
Nice service
I love it!!!
Mommy Nikita on 8/13/2017
I really do love this app. After all the controversy with uber I just couldn't support them. I find Lyft to be a nice simple app.
Uber who?
Stayce75 on 8/13/2017
Lyft is the best! Driver was friendly, personable and was in my driveway minutes after I set pick up time. Uber app said it wasn't available in my area. Don't quite understand that one....Lyft swooped in and saved the day!!! 😄
Nak8pistol on 8/13/2017
Very convenient and pleasant
Great app
DKHARI24 on 8/13/2017
Great app to use and is really useful for when your downtown Chicago , it is way cheaper than taxis .
Better than Uber
UptownPhlGirl on 8/13/2017
I've been using shared ride apps for a couple of years. I like the convenience and cooperative economics I associate with shared ride companies. I also like knowing what route drivers are taking to get me where I need to go expeditiously. I've experienced a lot is shared rude drivers with Uber. I like Lyft.
Lyft is way over priced
dontplayerhatE2 on 8/13/2017
Austin got Uber back. More people to drive for them, they better we are. Lyft is a joke
Lyft >>>uber
cgad16 on 8/13/2017
Always the best customer service and best rates. I love Lyft!
Worst service
Fancy278 on 8/12/2017
Bibidottie on 8/12/2017
Every time I launch the Lyft app it crashes and does not load!! Needs to be fixed asap!!!!!! Plus I just updated it!!!!!
Useless Carpool Algorithm
kbiuser on 8/12/2017
Every time I've been using lyft line, I am routed on the most inconvenient and nonsensical route. Multiple times now we have been a minute or less away from our destination only to be turned around and travel in the complete opposite direction to pick someone up and then get straight back to where we were and then drop us off. This is inaccurate and simply a waste of time and gas.
Much better than expected
oso766 on 8/12/2017
Very user friendly
Terrible algorithm
Yuki0817zzz on 8/12/2017
Terrible algorithm for lyft line. It should've been a 15-min ride but turned into a 50-min ride. Couldn't even say how frustrated I am - it was simply freaking terrible and I can't imagine how bad it could get. Basically we are already half-way to my destination, and then we turned all the way back to somewhere near my pick-up point to pick up a second person. Then we pick up a third person. Then the app still says more passengers may be added - I don't even know how the car could handle all these passengers. Anyways, this was the uber algorithm - terrible routed and inefficient for both drivers and riders. Please take the feedback and respond.
Danicoupet on 8/12/2017
Love Lyft. Dependable most of the time. Prefer Lyft to Uber. Love honest companies and Lyft seems to be one.
I love Lyft but estimated times are never correct
Nck5297 on 8/12/2017
I really like Lyft but it is soooo annoying when the app tells you that the driver is 3min away when really it's another 15 min before the driver gets to you. Just give us realistic arrival times!
Nee 5142 on 8/12/2017
Great for getting around town!!!
Terrible service
ed_h12 on 8/12/2017
$15 authorization charges for no reason.
Great service
Gabs18395927 on 8/11/2017
Love all of the promotions they have and always better drivers than Uber. Easy to use app as well.
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