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Get fashion, shoes, electronics, kitchen gadgets & more at 50-90% off!


Wanna save big? Over 300 million smart & thrifty shoppers have discovered Wish! Our mobile mall app connects you to thousands of merchants, making it easy to shop fashion, shoes, electronics, kitchen gadgets & more directly from the makers! You pay 60-90% less what you’d pay for in a store!

Wish also uses cool, new AI technology to find products just for you and to filter out the bad stuff. The more you use Wish, the better we get at showing you things you’ll love! Discover incredible new items and deals on Wish!

Browse Through Millions of
Classic men’s clothes
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Wish items are 60-90% off from retail prices! We’re not into markups.
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Read trusted reviews & see customer photos to discover our best items!
Pay securely with a credit card, Google Wallet, Apple Pay or PayPal.
Not perfect? Easily return items and you’ll get a full refund.

Shop around the World
Wish ships worldwide!
We offer customer support in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Thai, Vietnamese, Turkish, Russian, Danish, Indonesian, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Belarusian, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian, Arabic, and Croatian.

Your mobile mall is waiting for you! Download Wish to start shopping today!

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Paige285 on 1/23/2018
I am never buying from this app ever again!
Misleading but good
Thunder Jar on 1/23/2018
Some products are misleading but most products are for a good price. Haven't bought anything yet but my cart is filling up.
Boy Alex 1226 on 1/23/2018
This app has everything I can get from stores for cheap this is a good app
Ima Nrs on 1/23/2018
Many stores at one site, very inexpensive items, I have not been disappointed.
BUG FIXES PLEASE!!!! on 1/23/2018
I really do love this app and I have been using it for a while and usually when I get a crappy product, I am able to return it and have my money refunded usually without shipping. However, out of no where it is trying to make me ship all of my stuff back to get a refund and that costs more money doing so rather than just getting the refund so my money isn’t really being refunded. Idk why this all of the sudden changed. Maybe they only let you return things so many times. In my opinion, if the product is going to cost more the send it back than just giving a refund, then the money should just be refunded. Especially if it was only a $2 product. I have been a loyal customer for a couple of years and I never ask for a refund unless I absolutely believe the product is faulty (which btw happens a lot on this app because a lot of the stuff is shipped from China). Speaking of which, sometimes I’ll order something and it’s completely different than what the description says. There needs to be a closer eye on that. Please fix some of this wish. I have almost come to the decision to just stop buying from this app because I can’t return things anymore without it costing me more money to send it back rather than just the refund. I love this app, but it needs some improvement if you want to keep your customers.
kray0511 on 1/23/2018
Love everything.
Poor customer service
Patjeff90 on 1/23/2018
I had an issue with one product. When I contacted customer service they responded rather quickly and asked for a photo. I sent them a photo and their response was too send them another photo. I ended up sending them 4 photos and eventually gave up. Not sure I will buy from them again
Quankeishia on 1/23/2018
Good app 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Expect slow delivery
Cute808 on 1/23/2018
Expect slow delivery but this app is good. Very hooked on buying things.
Gaby E. on 1/23/2018
Everything seems to be good for now! Not ordering clothes but seems great for accessories if you don’t mind waiting a month for them!
Great app
❤️gymnast_icz❤️ on 1/23/2018
It’s great and the prices are low but you have to wait a while to get your purchase
Bff wonderland on 1/23/2018
Bib727382828/ on 1/23/2018
Works good
Good deal if you pay attention
Hutch 78 on 1/23/2018
This is a nice place to shop you just have to realize you are getting what you pay for. Most times I order items without expecting much due to the price and often I am overly impressed.
Best app
pookie858 on 1/23/2018
I love this app everything that I get it comes in super fast
One Problem
@singingcharlize on 1/23/2018
I wish you could filter your search so you find exactly what you want, item wise.
Alex723#smiles on 1/23/2018
Good so far
Wish Items
Seekhimrelentlessly on 1/23/2018
Hard to beat the prices, and Tracking is also included. Love the fact PayPal can b used to pay for orders. However.. I’ve just received my first item that will not fit w/out some modifications. No biggy, just b selective when ordering!
Good but dicey
Serena Urbana on 1/23/2018
The app is super easy and I love that other people can put things on wish lists. There should be a privacy button so they can’t see everything you purchased. 🎁!! Items are pretty much what you pay for. It can be a real crap shoot. OTOH some of its great so often worth the gamble. Pricing various bonuses, deals and reposts gets annoying. Watch shipping costs which can vary from company to company. Have fun.
Great App
Rick0325 on 1/23/2018
Great app as long as you know what your ordering and not in a rush. Many quality items and some not so
kinikini9 on 1/22/2018
All lies. Used to be good. It’s not good now.
U guys are rotten eggs
Peachtiger on 1/22/2018
Y’all deleted my account outta nowhere and now I have no idea where packages are and I wasted money. I hope you step on a lego
Very disappointed
Katie45382 on 1/22/2018
A few years back I ordered my daughter & I an outfit, mine came; here never did. I tried relentlessly to talk to someone about getting a refund or what could have possibly happened to my order, I never got to speak to anyone.. I decided to give it another try & order a set of a pjs that the pants came ripped and I had to see them up, they were cute but not what was in the picture & I’ve currently been waiting on a bra for over a 2 months. I know they take a while but I didn’t know they took this long. Just overall not super happy with Wish.
Piss Poor
mimolan1981 on 1/22/2018
I’m still waiting for my order that I put in on 11/24/2017. I always order items from Asia that takes less time for delivery. I even ordered a Japanese PS2 once from a company on standard EMS shipping that took three or four weeks to reach me. I’m going on two months already. As soon as I hopefully get my product, I’m deleting this “WISH” app.
Megan nf 32 on 1/22/2018
All the information is at the ready. The app is super easy to use and has great prices.
It’s not the best but not the word I guess
Nuttzer on 1/22/2018
I like wish; when I get what I buy. I think half of the things I have ordered never came. I got refunds on most of them. The prices are very low so know that you are most likely getting the quality you pay for. Which isn’t much. I have gotten some really nice things. Make sure your read the descriptions carefully and read reviews for sizing accuracy
Wish App review
mamarened on 1/22/2018
This is a pretty nice app. My only problem is that I don't use millimeters for anything. I have always used inches and feet. Sometimes it needs to give better sizing. Other than this, the app is fine.
App works but sellers dont send what they charge
Renato Duarte on 1/22/2018
App works...the problem is that the sellers charge you for the item and shipping but you never get the product you bought Seems like they sell cheap like usd 1,.. plus usd 3 shipping but never ship.. If they do that with 50 thound people, its a good deal for them
Affordable fun
Lalaloopylou on 1/22/2018
I really enjoy this website and app, so many products to choose from and name brand options as well. Stuff may not always arrive or be on time, but customer support is always there for you to refund a purchase or give any other help. I can find something for myself, significant other, child, dog, cat, name it!
Great App
ChibiLuffy on 1/22/2018
App itself functions well, prices are great with many wonderful items that are all really cool
I Wish, I wish for this app to have a lot of cheaper items and in the land of shops!
Shawn John Dude on 1/22/2018
I absolutely love Wish with the items that has good values, it can be delivered early instead of the same date as always. You can purchase before you level up to use a coupon before going shopping.
Missing items
Queenlatejah on 1/22/2018
So I have ordered a lot from wish and haven’t had any problems until the holiday season rolled around. I’m still missing a pop socket ring from my phone and a necklace. It’s been 3 months so far and at this point I don’t think I’ll receive it. Wish keeps telling me to wait and I have been but it’s been a month past it’s due date and I’m now irritated. I won’t be ordering anything else until it arrives. If this continues I’m going to ask for my money back. 😒
Great app
Lions_mane505 on 1/22/2018
It is such a great app, some things may take some time but it sometimes are worth it. Definitely buying things on here in the future!
Seems pretty good to me so far
Meandben16 on 1/22/2018
Just downloaded this app. Interesting to find out how I like it
Methner on 1/22/2018
I’ve enjoyed a lot of the items I’ve ordered. I just have to watch closely on the details of the items
Don’t waste your time and money
streechy on 1/22/2018
I ordered several items off Wish around the same time. Of the 10 articles of clothing I ordered, 1 was the correct size. I ordered magnetic eyelashes and received a box of several false lashes with no magnets. I have been trying for weeks to get a refund and Wish gave me the run-around at first and now won’t return my messages. My neighbor introduced me to the Wish app but she has also received several pieces of jewelry that were the incorrect item or misrepresented in the photo. I received a squishy animal for my daughter and the eyes fell off the same day. This company is bunk. They are not worth the trouble! UPDATE: After receiving a reply from Wish, I am more convinced than ever they do not deserve anyone’s business. Instead of addressing the problem with me, they thanked me for my feedback and said have a good day!!! No attempt whatsoever to make things right!!! I ordered magnetic eyelashes for $1 and I do not understand why those eyelashes are worth more to Wish than my and all my acquaintances’ business.
Good value.
MontiTiki on 1/22/2018
The clothing is way too small, far too often, but much of their merchandise is of good quality and arrives when projected.
NikandDozzermom on 1/22/2018
Wish is cool. It does tale a long time to get items though.
These reviews have to be fake
Maya Hanna on 1/22/2018
It seems like all of the reviews that are positive are fake. Items never arrive on time, let alone early. I’ve made a few orders from wish and it’s always 2-4weeks late if it comes at all. Still waiting on a pore cleaner i ordered months ago. The materials used are very cheap and half the time not the size, shape, or color you ask for. Reviews have said that you get the quality you pay for but you pay the high costs in shipping. It’s a complete waste of money... My response to your apology: I just want my stuff. I want what i paid for. An apology means nothing to me but a sad excuse to cover unprofessionalism.
Customer service is a joke!!
Mariah Paij on 1/22/2018
Every time I have purchased something my account has been suspended. They of course have no problem taking my money though. READ THE POLICY AND TERMS OF USE CAREFULLY!!!!! They state they have the right to refuse service for any reason, anytime, without notice! When I tried to ask which part of the policy my account was blocked for I got no answers. I am deleting this app. Not worth it. They have the same deals on apps like SHEIN, ROMWE, AMAZON, eBay.
Love it
Kara Park on 1/22/2018
Everything is fair and it is a great place to shop for sure, items never disappoint
Mustluvvintage on 1/22/2018
I’m only doing the for the points
Wish is excellent
Tinybabyone on 1/22/2018
So many savings
Me encanta
Ema 4S7k on 1/22/2018
En esta aplicación encontraras muchas a buen precio y de calidad para mejorar el app solo envía tus fotos y videos para que así otros se beneficien asegurándose de lo que están comprando, gracias Wish eres el mejor
Can’t stop shopping
Yapah11 on 1/22/2018
I love this app, some items are not the price it says initially but it’s still extremely affordable. Would recommend this app to any and everyone
Really bad
EXO-2012 on 1/22/2018
Some things are cheaper on AliExpress
JKJules on 1/22/2018
Great app! Super fun!
Ordering was a breeze
Jlevon81 on 1/22/2018
Haven’t received my items yet but I just ordered them . Will update with delivery time and quality of items .
Frustrating sometimes
SpokaneSunDevil on 1/22/2018
If you don't care about your items taking almost two months to get to you then it's great.
»Damien« on 1/22/2018
i've used this over a year and i love it and the deals are amazing, i've only had two bad experiences where packages never arrived but the sellers were very kind about it! love the app always recommend to friends!
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