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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Shopping 3.10.2 Jul 06, 2012 May 15, 2018 130.3 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 3.10.2

- Bug fixes and performance enhancements

We hope you like the new features and designs! If you love using the Costco app, please take a minute to leave a nice review.


It's easy to save time and money while on the go, with the Costco Mobile App! We've improved our mobile app, to make it easier for members to access the incredible values found only at Costco.

SHOP: Browse’s unique and expanded selection, which offers thousands of items not found at your local warehouse. Enjoy having items delivered straight to your door!

SAVINGS: Conveniently receive the latest Warehouse Savings right on your own device.

PHOTOS: Upload and print photos anywhere, anytime. Prints start at 17¢, Photo Books start at $19.99 and Canvas Prints start at $28.99.

TRAVEL: Shop Costco Travel for great deals on vacation packages, hotels, cruises, rental cars, theme parks and more!

BUSINESS CENTER: Stock up on everything from Restaurant Supplies to Office Essentials, and keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

SHOPPING LIST: Keep track of the items you want to pick up on your next trip to Costco.

WAREHOUSE INFO: See details about your nearest Costco warehouse, including regular and holiday hours, services provided, and driving directions.

FEEDBACK: Visit our Opinion Lab page and help provide important feedback for Costco, because your opinion matters!

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Smith_Jones on 6/21/2018
Convenient I guess, but it is not user friendly and I can not get face ID to work on it which is frustrating.
Sam’s Club app light years ahead of Costco app
New_Energy 2018 on 6/19/2018
I love shopping at Costco, but it’s pretty embarrassing that the Sam’s Club app is much more functional than this app. Honestly, what’s the point of this app. Search function is useless, only searches some items yet at my warehouse I have many more items shown. Sam’s Club app shows you your reward progress. Why can Sam's club do it and not Costco app. With the Sam’s app you can show your membership card which is useful if you don’t want to carry your card on you. In my honest opinion I wouldn’t even offer an app until its at the same level as Sam’s Club. It’s pretty embarrassing for Costco. Please update this app to make it more useful and user friendly.
Sams Club App much better
judismith on 6/19/2018
I love Costco stores. But seriously the app is no better than the web. Costco should add the membership card in Apple wallet and the ability to scan and buy things in the store like Sams. I would not have believed that Costco lags so far behind Sams in adopting tech to serve their customers.
V productions on 6/18/2018
Update ASAP
Scan n go feature
SheraP on 6/12/2018
Hi make a scan n go, feature in app. Just like Sams Club has. Use your phone to scan items in your shopping cart, pay and walk to door. That simple.
Bad update
winterchill88 on 6/9/2018
This app has been adequate for a while but now it will only ever show me the price of items as if I was going to get them delivered! I do not want to see that, while I may use that feature one day, for the most part I just want to see the prices normally and if I need to go for delivery have a separate interface. As is I don’t even want to lol at the app
No Apple Wallet Membership Card
iCJ on 6/8/2018
Sams now has their membership card on their app and Costco should have had it first. It’s crazy in 2018 that Costco can’t get with the times and that they are so ridiculously tied too antiquated membership cards. Physical membership cards are not secure, they are not convenient, they wear out, the picture is ridiculously pixelated and easily spoofed. There’s really no good reason to not have a digital card with a higher quality photo that pops up on your phone or Apple Watch as soon as you get close to a Costco so that it’s easy to present at the door and even easier at the checkout. And while we are on that subject, quit holding out and except Apple Pay already. I’m a Costco stockholder, it’s good for business, get it done.
Ahdhfbfj174626 on 6/8/2018
The app is atrocious and it doesn’t allow you to add the card to wallet or access the card from the app. Sams club and most other stores have Apple wallet integration but apparently not Costco. Get with the times!
Decent enough
OppeyWright on 6/4/2018
App works decent enough. Would be nice to have the app keep you logged in. And the search feature can be better.
Costco membership
Id101ex on 6/3/2018
Costco needs to give access to membership on the app like Sams Club does. Especially when I forget my membership card.
So frustrating
jlb103180 on 6/3/2018
How is it that a company that does almost everything else perfect has such a terrible app? The idea that you still don’t have thumbprint login is bad. The idea that the app never remembers login information is insanity. The rest of the app is more or less fine but why in the world do you make your app hard to get into if you’re going to hide prices?
Frustrated experience
JaaiQ on 6/1/2018
Crash often and cant check out efficiently. Very frustrated experience. Being one of the premier wholesalers, i wish you guys can invest more in mobile app.
Wish you could do more
Rynaminski on 6/1/2018
Take a note from Sam’s Club and give us access to a digital membership card and a scan and go system. As it is now, this is nothing more than a shopping app.
The Wetstone on 6/1/2018
Not user friendly at all. Doesn't remember your prescriptions to refill. Doesn't list prices for prescriptions as it says it should.
LAX20531 on 5/30/2018
Costco has the ability to benchmark their app to that of other retailers and it appears they are satisfied with this mediocre product, which is essentially an attempt at creating a portal to their website. I say attempt because the message: “You have attempted to execute a transaction our server has flagged as malicious” appears often. Logins time out quickly, thus products that require login to view pricing frequently encounter errors. Retailer’s develop these apps to streamline and drive commerce to their storefronts. Costco actually goes out of its way to make shopping more difficult.
Dawoj on 5/30/2018
Costco, you’d better up your app game if you want to compete w Amazon. Repeating internal errors. Doesn’t save shopping cart items. Doesn’t save search history. Doesn’t save finger print login. And (although here I may have missed this) it doesn’t seem to offer the option to pick up the order at a local store rather than work or home delivery.
Horrible Photo App
jennisir on 5/30/2018
ZERO stars. I have tried multiple times to order a couple of prints with zero luck. First it tells me my email address is invalid when I hit “Forget Password” and then it tells me that my email is already registered when I tried to create an account. I went to Costco and the woman at the photo center said it happens all the time with that app. Thanks for nothing! I am not wasting anymore time on this useless app.
Have to log in every time I open!
set4to on 5/28/2018
Overall app good but extremely frustrating to have to log in every time.
Great Store, Terrible App
Lv2111 on 5/27/2018
Deals are great. App is pretty bad. App does not keep you logged in and it doesn’t remember you.
Train * on 5/25/2018
Needs to be more straightforward and not so cumbersome.
Car wash hours
Mel cruz on 5/25/2018
Thanks for adding the hours of operation However adding generic hours that are truly not correct is totally ridiculous Please remove this feature until the real hours of operation are correct
Ok app, needs work
costcowalmartpublix on 5/24/2018
This app is cool to find deals but does not have some of the products found in stores. Costco needs to take some notes on the quality of Walmart’s app and improve the quality of their app.
Costco the app
! Yup 45 ! on 5/22/2018
Like having the booklet with the touch of a finger
App hasn’t worked for a long time.
Tbumbalough on 5/20/2018
I can’t remember the last time the app actually worked. I can’t order anything at all with it. I sign in with my account and if I want to order an item, I get a message to add my account number. When I add my account number I get a message to add a valid account number and can’t go any further. If I go to my account information, I see this message... “We are experiencing system issues and some functionality may not be available. For assistance, contact 1-800-774-2678 from 6am-6pm PT (M-F) and 8am-5pm PT (Sat-Sun). Thank you for your patience.” I’ve seen this message for over a month now and when I call Costco customer service, all they say is that they are aware of the issue and if I want to order something, I should call the 800 number. Amazon is a better option.
Scan-n-Go Please!!!
SleepyMike on 5/20/2018
App is so-so. I agree with the other users-what we really want is Apple wallet for membership card, Apple Pay, and above all a scan-n-go feature to enhance the customer experience when we’re in the warehouse.
Awesome32489 on 5/18/2018
I absolutely love Costco and I love the app. It’s easy to use and easy to access what u want. I just wish it had a canning feature u can use in store. Would make it even better. Love Love Costco!!!!
Amt408 on 5/18/2018
The app does not allowed you to scroll down to your orders. Once you hit show more orders it takes you back to the top. Please fix. !!!!!
Love the new log on
Cfcmhh on 5/16/2018
So much easier to log on. Still have some issues with using the app but over all it keeps improving.
SilentSam on 5/16/2018
I can’t believe you still can’t have your membership card in this app. It’s obvious that this app is an afterthought. It doesn’t do anything. It’s the least useful app I’ve ever downloaded.
No Apple Wallet?
Chadzilla3 on 5/15/2018
Sam’s Club has this option, why not Costco? :(
Apple Pay at registers
مهندالشعبان on 5/15/2018
This app is really amazing but we would like to have Apple Pay integrated within the app. It would make the checkout process much more faster at the cashiers.
Another useless update
Scient5000 on 5/15/2018
Another useless so-called app update.. the developers cannot be this insensitive to the reviews posted here... — In a nutshell: Useless app updates... no Apple Wallet support for membership Card, no support for Wallet payments and no scan and go feature... the competitors offer these already and are making steady incremental updates to keep the customers intact.. Costco is still in its own world, far behind the line... pathetic.. Needed improvements: - Need Apple Wallet support at warehouses for payments - Need Scan and Go feature in the warehouse for fast and effective checkout, similar to what Sam's club is offering - Need to be able to use the digital membership card at warehouse (right now, you require members to carry the physical membership card...but that's outdated)... - Need a receipt scanning feature to view the purchase history and for easy returns similar to the Walmart the app. Why is this so difficult to implement? Overall, need serious upgrades in this age of mobile wallet and payments...
Unfortunate lack of functionality
Gaustin70 on 5/15/2018
It's really unfortunate that this app does not include my membership card and is not integrated with my Apple wallet.
Photo Center
kk.fischer on 5/14/2018
I spent over an hour uploading hundreds of photos onto the app in order to print, only to have the app “time out” over and over as I tried to place the order. After multiple attempts my photos disappeared and I had to start over. Deleting this app & just using the website from now on.
It thinks it's smarter than you :(
JustMeInAK on 5/14/2018
I tried to search for a term, it said it was going to search for something else that was unrelated. It wouldn't let me search for the term I wanted to search for. Then, I started browsing for the product and it decided to put popups in the way that wouldn't let me continue. Back to Amazon or Sam's where there apps actually work.
Sign in over & over
startopgirl on 5/13/2018
I sign in. There is a box that says “remember me”. I check it. I close the app. I go back later. It asks me to sign in. I check box that says “remember me”. When I come back later, it asks me to sign in. Lather, rinse, repeat.
No complaints
Ruzzle fam on 5/13/2018
Helps with shopping in the store with the coupons, nice to order pictures as well as online shopping!
So close
PaGaN209 on 5/8/2018
Pretty good app but could be sooooo much better. Add a membership card. If I were using it for my id, I’d be accessing it every time I went into a store. Lost opportunity to market. And, the added plus is I’d never have to stand in line again for a stupid temporary membership card.
Cant find any products
Roozbeh55 on 5/6/2018
R u kidding me ?! Why your just waste out time by this .... ok be clear of what you guys wanna do Instacart or Costco I cant download your app and then redirected to Instacart bcz you guys cant deliver it or you don’t have or I don’t really understand!!! What’s that means !?
Learn from target red card app
Dongarr1 on 5/6/2018
Target has made buying easy with pay app and no hassle carrying cards with you
No membership card
TKIMAGE on 5/3/2018
Costco is way behind! I shouldn’t have to still carry around a plastic membership card anymore. Until you have digital membership cards, I will not re-downlowd your app.
Okay app, if you’re not easily frustrated
Niiiicolaaaaa on 5/1/2018
Often, sold-out featured items will appear on the home page of the app, and you don’t know they’re sold-out until you tap on them. Searching for an item that doesn’t exist on the site results in the app auto-correcting to a term that does exist: “showing results for *item you don’t want but has similar spelling* search instead for *item you want*”. Tapping the “back” button doesn’t always produce the desired action. You must log in every time you use the app, if you want to save items to your cart. There is no “save for later” button.
Keep logging you out
kb4mvp24 on 4/30/2018
After the update, it keeps logging you out. There's no setting to keep you log in. Please fix it so we don't have to log in every time
No local inventory
BologneseTastesBAD on 4/29/2018
Downloaded the app thinking it would be possible to browse items from my local Costco. Doesn’t support that apparently. Not sure what the point of this app is then. I might as well browse Amazon.
Best store, worst app
Xanthumer on 4/29/2018
Just search "cheese crisps" and you'll know enough. I bought cheese crisps at Costco and simply wanted more. Unlike virtually every other app, this one has no barcode reader, so you have to type in the name. Apparently, the app has no logic either because it no comprehendo the word cheese.
App is garbage, just like the costco website
ITitar on 4/26/2018
I dont know what Costco has been doing to their website, but it shows just 1 photo for any item, it wont show different angles and colors, just 1 photo, 1 angle. If an item comes in 4 colors you used to be able to see photos of all colors, now any item you look at, just 1 photo. Thought maybe this app would work and show more product pictures, nope, same garbage as the website.
Please fix this app already
Chris kkjkk on 4/23/2018
Come on costco employees! It’s been too long that app won’t function properly and randomly shut down.
No in-store pickup option
Timbo907 on 4/23/2018
App does not offer an option for in-store pickup or ship to store. Furthermore, I constantly have to re-sign into my account each time the app is launched.
Membership card
Chloe=awesome on 4/22/2018
This app is ok, I wish it would store my membership card like a competitors app does.
So buggy
Dustin_UT on 4/21/2018
This app needs a serious rewrite... it doesn’t stay logged in, it takes forever to load pages, and overall doesn’t feel like something Costco should have its name on. Please just make an entirely new, native iOS app... no need to have a glorified web page as your app.
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