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It's easy to save time and money while on the go, with the Costco Mobile App! We've improved our mobile app, to make it easier for members to access the incredible values found only at Costco.

SHOP: Browse’s unique and expanded selection, which offers thousands of items not found at your local warehouse. Enjoy having items delivered straight to your door!

SAVINGS: Conveniently receive the latest Warehouse Savings right on your own device.

PHOTOS: Upload and print photos anywhere, anytime. Prints start at 17¢, Photo Books start at $19.99 and Canvas Prints start at $28.99.

TRAVEL: Shop Costco Travel for great deals on vacation packages, hotels, cruises, rental cars, theme parks and more!

BUSINESS CENTER: Stock up on everything from Restaurant Supplies to Office Essentials, and keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

SHOPPING LIST: Keep track of the items you want to pick up on your next trip to Costco.

WAREHOUSE INFO: See details about your nearest Costco warehouse, including regular and holiday hours, services provided, and driving directions.

FEEDBACK: Visit our Opinion Lab page and help provide important feedback for Costco, because your opinion matters!

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Not up to par - electronic membership card PLEASE
Migs2010 on 1/21/2018
I have other rewards cards on my iPhone, I can buy a coffee, and I can even board a plane all electronically. Yet with Costco I still have to carry that plastic membership card around. I like Costco, but the app is terrible. Frustrating.
Update capabilities
K!NN3RS on 1/21/2018
Please update capability of app would like to be able to pay and check out with my phone while in Costco. Even if separate app. Sams and Walmart and many other stores have this and support Apple Pay and android pay which I use when I go to sams. Thank you! Main reason why I go is I can skip everything and get in and out.
Keeps asking to sing in each time opening it
smarcin on 1/21/2018
I am glad costco app is already updated to support iPhone X, but it would be very nice if the warehouses and gas stations supported ApplePay and the Apple wallet for the costco membership! Please add these!!! Also why i cant stay logged into this app/account like i do for instance in amazon app. Each time I open it I need to sing in first - very annoying!!!!
Love Costco but hate the app
SatyaTX on 1/20/2018
There is no bigger fan of Costco than me. But man they screw up the app so often. Every time I think they can make it worse, they find a way to do just that. Recent update makes it forget me every time I close the app. I have to log in again. Millennials will shop only online. If you guys don’t fix your E-commerce business, you will go out of business in 10 years. Common, get your act together.
Digital membership card wanted
Gwendianya on 1/20/2018
Would like to see membership card that is scannable in app like Sams or Ikea or Kroger. Hate carrying physical pile of store cards.
Not so user friendly
Gamesmom on 1/19/2018
The app isn’t any more convenient than looking on line at or looking at the emails. It is really inconvenient to have to sign in almost every time you want to look at prices. And it flips you back to the main menu if you look at it cross eyed not convenient
More features needed.
MemphisFeedback on 1/19/2018
We need more functionality in this app. Membership car should be mobile. Scan & Go option to speed up check-out at the store and skip those long waiting lines.
Useless for me
Chinonkane on 1/18/2018
I keep trying to use this to compare prices with Sams Club, but a majority of the time the App doesn’t have what Costco has in the store. Very frustrating! I’d be nice if they had an in-stock category for the local store. This App has always been disappointing for this reason.
So bad
Firebirds8 on 1/18/2018
Absoutley terrible. Need a lot of work.
Digital Costco membership card
aufschneider on 1/18/2018
I have not found a digit sized version of the Costco card in this app. Can the Costco card be added to Apple Wallet? For me this is actually the only feature I need.
Love the store, don’t like the app
tjatsd on 1/17/2018
I love to run into Costco on my lunch break to grab a few things. As someone who does not carry a purse, a good app is a must. With the Kroger and (hanging head, Sams) apps I don’t need to carry a card. It is built into the app. I simply scan my bar code from the app. How is this so difficult to incorporate for those of us who travel light? The app shows my account number, but the folks at the register will not use it. Between the drive and waiting in line to get a temporary card, I barely have time to grab my bag of dog food before rushing out. Make our lives and the app more functional, please!
Costco card in Apple Wallet
Todbookless on 1/16/2018
If there is a way to put the Costco card in the Apple Wallet, I can’t find it.
Another useless update
Scient5000 on 1/16/2018
Another useless so-called app update.. the developers cannot be this insensitive to the reviews posted here...
MohammadKar on 1/16/2018
Perfect warehouse, perfect app
Left Behind
Raider67 on 1/14/2018
I like CostCo. I think the stores have a great selection at a great price but convenience is also important. When I go to these large bulk stores I’m usually buying only a few things at a time. Easy to do at SamsCIub with their self checkout. Made significantly easier and faster with Scan & Go. CostCo is still in the early 2000’s with their app technology. You can’t even add your CostCo card to Apple wallet. I hope they catch up but until then, SamsCIub has my business.
Not so great app
t4l0r on 1/14/2018
I like shopping at Costco way better than Sams Club but the app is poorly designed. You can’t see which products are in stock at your local warehouse just they might be. Adding items to a list takes at least 3 clicks. Add tried to add bed sheets to list to remind me to look at them and I can either add to cart or registry not the list. If item is only in warehouse you can’t add to list or cart. Sometimes you can add an item directly to cart from top screen other times you have to view item to add to cart. And item did not have multiple choices like Dixie paper plates.
The Wetstone on 1/13/2018
Not user friendly at all. Doesn't remember your prescriptions to refill. Doesn't list prices for prescriptions as it says it should.
Needs to follow Sam’s club lead
bobcat042947 on 1/12/2018
Wish Costco app would let you scan/checkout on the app In the store
I’d switch if you’re app was like Sam’s Club’s
GaryFreije on 1/9/2018
Sam’s Club really has the upperhand when it comes to apps. If you’re app was even close to theirs I’d stop buying from them. I stood next to an item at a store and tried to buy it from the app to test for accuracy and it wasn’t even close. You can’t buy items on the app that are in store! Improve the app so I don’t have to fork over any more money to the Walton family. PLEASE!
Update Deleted My Shopping List
leesterskl on 1/9/2018
The app update deleted my long shopping list. Very frustrating.
Needs Apple Watch app + Apple Pay & integrated membership ID
Libertyforall on 1/7/2018
Needs Apple Watch app + Apple Pay for the cash registers and gas pumps with integrated membership ID, so I don’t have to pull my card anymore! How about an Apple TV app so I can browse products? What is with the stupid practice of requiring your card to scan at the check out and then separately inserting it into the card reader? Today Costco gas pumps hav you scan it once and it knows you’re a member, why is this same time saving practice not done at the inside cash registers?!
Lacks basic functionality
N8dog_in_CO on 1/6/2018
This would be a great app If Costco would fix a few basic things. Navigation is terrible, if you hit back you’re likely to go all the way back to the category Home and not to where you were in browsing. Also, I have to manually login EVERY TIME I use the app....clicking “remember me” apparently doesn’t work.
One of the worst apps
XtremevieW on 1/3/2018
For such a large part of the shopping economy they should really stay on top of things. It can never remember your I’d or keep you logged in making it one miserable app when it has weird password combinations needed already. I have been frustrated with this app at least for the first 5 minutes trying to use it every time I need to buy something.
Keeps logging me out!
TheNameIsWaffles on 1/3/2018
Would be great if I could use this app without it asking me to login every single time! Touch ID pops up but the apps clears out my username and password every time I try to use it so I have to manually enter them.
Ordered pictures
Palm tx user on 1/3/2018
Super easy to order. Will up to five stars probably once I get the pictures and see how they turn out.
Won't even open any more.
Rdobb on 1/1/2018
Won't even open any more. What else is there to say.
sec314 on 12/30/2017
There is another warehouse club that has scan-n-go app which has made all the difference in my choice to shop there. Costco truly should get one because while I prefer Costco, that other warehouse club has trumped Costco with the speed, convenience and easiness factors. Please consider adding one.
Should be better
Jon o' on 12/29/2017
Feels like an ios1 app. Should be far less clunky looking and feeling. Also needs to support easier sign in like Face ID.
I know you can do better than this
Aafnoo on 12/28/2017
2 Stars only because it let’s you search items you can buy at Costco, but I am very disappointed that they don’t want to invest in a decent app for such a large business. Learn from Walmart, they try. My prime dissatisfaction here is how the app has “Remember me” option but it doesn’t and I have to login every time as they would not see me see the price, as it’s a member only item.
Dips119 on 12/28/2017
It’s taking up useless space in your phone where it just have same experience as browsing via Safari website. Beside that’s it’s painful every time u open app even after few min it keeps asking you to log back in to view members only price. Least with safari you can save your log in info which is easier to log in without typing it all over again every couple min in app. Please make app more native and make it remember my log in info. Painful!!
The Photo Center in the App is a Piece Of Crap
BL on iPhone on 12/27/2017
Costco makes huge profit over the years. Can’t believe it doesn’t want a spend a little money, comparing its revenue, to improve the software. If you ever tried to order photo printing through this app, you would know how painful it is. The whole design is awkward. After uploading many photos, resized and edited them, selected and placed them in the cart, the nightmare started when trying to process. Stupid errors occurred then you lost some of the photos. It happens almost every time I tried.
No app access in the warehouse?
Mmmmmhhhharrr on 12/27/2017
I have given feedback many times about this issue, no resolution to date. Warehouse wifi is not accessible while in the store and app does not work. Even my shopping list is not accessible so i gave to make a separate lust. Come on already, please fix this so shopping is more convenient!
Mbjenkins on 12/26/2017
The app worked before but now you have to put in username and password in each time. It will not keep your password info or cannot use your fingerprint even if you select it in options.
The App 👎
Peyan on 12/20/2017
Love Costco but the app is just Horrible and Junk Compared to other Retail Stores apps! No FaceID!!
Separate account needed info for app
Hodido on 12/16/2017
You need to have a separate account to log into the app. The account information I use to enter the web site does not work with the app. I had to create different account information for the app. Poor implementation of an app.
Worst app ever! Zero stars!
Microbrewy on 12/13/2017
I do my Christmas card yearly at Costco, but this year, using the iPad app, which is a joke of an app, it just keeps looping me to download pics. It won't access my photos on the device no matter which door I try (through photo center, direct through main page with Christmas Cards, etc) Pure Junk! So now I will have to transfer the pics to the Mac and try it that way! Fix it Costco before you lose all of your photo customers!
Costco Is Excellent
F&@$ All of You on 12/13/2017
My wife got me an HP desktop all in one computer for my birthday and we ordered through the app. There was a Black Friday price reduction after we placed our order that we successfully applied for using the app. Unfortunately when the computer arrived there was a defect and we worked out an exchange very quickly and with no hassle. The new computer is on it’s way and the defective one will be picked up tomorrow. This was a big ticket purchase and the defect was no fault of Costco but the exchange could not have been any easier. If it weren’t for the Black Friday discount we wanted to lock in we could have done the entire return and reorder on the app. We are very happy with Costco.
Sailor Sam 221 on 12/12/2017
Most worthless app on the planet. It doesn’t work. A two year old could do better.
Sack4828 on 12/11/2017
It will not keep you logged in which is downright dumb! So virtually every time I ever got onto the app i had to remember that the password to see pricing, again dumb. And it has a checkbox for remember me...but it doesn’t work at all after you haven’t used the app for more a few hours. Apps are to make it easier to shop and spend money to make it harder and more difficult. Deleted the app as it has no benefits over just going into the website.
Shipping charges are not applied equally to destinations.
Timbo907 on 12/11/2017
Why charge for shipping more to one state and not another if you’re not going to allow shipping to store for free?
Jennster18 on 12/8/2017
Latest update still hasn’t fixed what I consider to be an annoying problem. Every time I use the app I must manually log in. I’ve checked the “remember me” box each time I log in. Not once, ever has the app remembered my log in. It seems like such an easy fix! Please address! Otherwise, love you!
Good but behind the times
i_Scott on 12/7/2017
This app needs to catch up with the times. Club and membership cards are crowding my wallet...why not modernize and put Costco IDs on my iPhones? Make it passbook compatible.
Terrible app from Costco!!!
洗马拉鸭 on 12/5/2017
Costco, please hire professionals to write your app not amateurs!!! Why do I have to log in every time? Why cannot I see my order history? Why cannot I track my order? No innovation needed, just simply learn from Amazon app!!!
Unoriginal at its worst...
Xmvargha on 12/5/2017
Exact copy of their website which is an absolute joke. If I'm going to use your app over your website why would I want your app to be an exact copy of the running interface of your website? Let me make it easy for you, I wouldn't. Lazy app designing because they clearly didn't care about enough to offer their customers something that functions at a high level. Plus just like the website, even if you click remember me, it will never leave you logged in. This app is worthless.
Been trying to create Christmas cards
hooverp on 12/4/2017
For over a week! The app is terrible. Come on Costco, your app doesn’t work. Period.
No Update on orders placed
Mama Paparazzi on 12/4/2017
Place an order on Thanksgiving. The app has said “order received” for two weeks now. Tried calling Costco but the wait time is 70 minutes! No available chat and they haven’t returned either of my two emails. I’ve had mother but problems with online orders from Costco. Still love the brick and mortar store and shop there weekly.
Rodger19 on 12/4/2017
It is just a shame on Costco’s brand name.
K7iou on 12/2/2017
Can’t check prices in your selected warehouse! You are told to call or visit your warehouse!
Not worked with Face ID in iPhone X
Ninh Be on 12/1/2017
Face ID is not working in iPhone X.
No virtual card
djinatnix on 11/30/2017
Zero stars wasn’t an option. How is it possible to be a retailer that requires membership and not allow virtual cards? This is dumb enough to make me cancel my membership entirely! Walmart won this round.
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