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Fitbit Coach makes it easy to get and stay in shape with dynamic workouts that continually adjust to your feedback, goals, and capabilities -- just like a personal trainer!

Stick to your fitness goals with bodyweight, run, and walk workouts made just for you.

Whether you’re home, on the road, or can't make it to the gym, we ensure you get a great workout, in 7 to 60 minutes, that can be done right from your phone or computer.

Fitbit Coach will recommend exercises based on your daily activity tracked with a Fitbit device, providing personalized fitness guidance to better help you reach your goals.

Personalized video workouts show you the moves and provide step-by-step coaching, motivation, and tips.

Never do the same routine twice with hundreds of exercises dedicated to your core, butt, legs, arms, back, plus running and walking. New workouts are added constantly to keep things fun, fresh, and fit -- all you need to do is commit to working out.

Customize your fitness soundtrack with Fitbit Radio, which offers a variety of music stations from Pop to Hip Hop to motivate you while you exercise.

Upgrade to Premium for less than the cost of a single personal training session. Access an entire year of exclusive, customized programs to help you get lean and toned, lose weight, bulk-up, or gain strength.

Fitbit Coach is available in English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish!

Integrated with Health app to track your calories burned and workouts, contributing to your overall Health dashboard.

Please note, you must have an active Internet connection to use Fitbit Coach.

Fitbit Coach is free to download and use. Upgrading to Fitbit Coach Premium adds the above features and is available through an auto-renewing subscription. Subscription is for the Fitbit Coach app only.

Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period.

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Must Be Run By Civilians
Fred Medic on 1/21/2018
As a retired Army guy, my opinion is Fitstar needs to develop some longer and more intense workouts. If you really want to get in shape all the 30 minute workouts will not cut it.
7 minutes
Balls!! on 1/20/2018
For someone who is new and just getting their toes wet into the fitness world this is a great app. The 7 work out minute is just enough and pushes you the right amount. I love beginning able to grade the difficulty of the work out and it adjust accordingly. Not sure how it is for those who already work out on a regular basis but for those beginning your journey, good luck! This is great.
Not worth the price
Ellizs on 1/19/2018
I would not have purchased this app if I knew how much it cost. Although workouts seem Ok, I can find better ones from Utube. Also, my version of Apps did not show any price so I thought it was free considering I have a synced Fitbit. So frustrated when I got the receipt and it was almost $50.00. Is this charged every month? If, so totally not worth it.
TV casting?
balemane on 1/19/2018
I have Fitbit HR2 and I came across this app. This is just a great app. Thanks for this. Do you have TV cast option so that exercising will be way easy. Thanks
Not worth getting
Fnfhfjfnfbdhdhdhudfjbhg on 1/18/2018
I had this app for two days and it is already horrible. It makes you pay for so much stuff and it is so slow at uploading. FitStar is way better and I wish it was still FitStar.
All about the $$
MarineMom15 on 1/18/2018
Just removed the app from all my devices. Don’t like that you spend over $100 on a Fitbit and you now have to pay for the “coach”. I’ll stick with apps that have a lot more for the money or even free videos online or just go back to walking and running. When my Fitbit needs replacing I’ll just do without. It hasn’t been worth the money either. Very disappointing!!
Awesome workouts!!
Smiley-dubb88 on 1/17/2018
Get it asap!!
Rosmery Nunez on 1/17/2018
It is like having a personal trainer, better... you can have you own schedule.
Horrible integration
TJWalker513 on 1/16/2018
I purchased the premium coaching; however when I went to access a workout, the app indicated I needed to upgrade to premium...which I already had. I even tried to pay for the subscription again and it wouldn’t let me. So now I’m out the annual subscription, don’t have access to the workouts I wanted and can’t even purchase it again if I wanted to!
Great workouts and video. Doesn’t synch with Fitbit well
Michael Trice on 1/16/2018
The workouts are solid and cover a wide range which of fitness. Instruction and workout videos are easy to follow and use little battery. It’s a top notch workout tool. That said, it doesn’t communicate directly with Fitbit app and my Alta rarely detects the body weight workouts.
Easy to use
Startribune on 1/15/2018
This app has lots of videos personalized for you and your abilities. The variety of workout types (running, cardio, strengthening) is very beneficial. There is a range of times from 10 minutes to over an hour. It was very functional, easy to navigate, the videos have rest time and the moves are explained well.
shuibn on 1/14/2018
This app helped me get in shape and lose weight. Thanks. The one thing I have to say though is it would be nice if there were more free workouts
Fitbit coach
sabrinapayton on 1/13/2018
The Fitbit coach is good when the weather outside is bad so you can work out inside to less some wight that is not needed on yourself and to help get in good shape
3 years in...
J3551c4d on 1/13/2018
After moving back home from undergrad to begin graduate school, I realized that I was not in shape. I never looked it, but when I found myself being out of breath from walking up a flight of stairs I knew I needed to make a change. I began by running. I had a treadmill at home and I went from having asthma attacks at under 1 mile to running 14 miles - no inhaler needed. However, I realized that running wasn’t a complete workout and no matter how many miles I ran... I still could not do a single push up. Being from a rural community a 25 minute drive to a gym was going to require more motivation than I could muster, especially when I prefer to workout at 5:00 AM. So in 2015, I discovered what was previously FitStar. It was hard. The very first workout I did to determine my fitness level was incredibly difficult. My asthma I thought I had eliminated kicked in and I didn’t think I could possibly ever follow what Tony was doing. I was wrong. I stuck with it and I can now easily do push ups and even a few pull ups. I remember dreading star skaters, now I look forward to those while dreading tuck jumps. Even after FitBit took over I still enjoy the app, although I do miss Tony. I am looking forward to using the outdoor run workouts once the snow clears. Honestly though, this app took away all the excuses I had to not work out and I can’t wait to see my accomplishments after year four.
I’m in LOVE!
Shopgrl22 on 1/12/2018
This may be a little premature but I’m in love with this app! Today is the first time I used it after just getting my first Fitbit yesterday but it’s exactly what I was looking for to get me moving and on the road to a healthier lifestyle! I’m so excited to see what else this app can do for me!
JrQueenBee on 1/12/2018
It’s fine if you have the money to pay for premium every month but, if you don’t there’s basically nothing you can do.
Destroyer578 on 1/11/2018
Not much to do without premium
Download it! You won’t regret it!
Mandy4blue on 1/11/2018
I used this app when it was still Fitstar and liked it then, but now it’s even better! Having short workouts lets me squeeze in a pump sesh here and there throughout the day, and it keeps track for you of how many reps you’re doing, if it was hard or easy, etc. If you like working out at home or at your apartment’s gym, I highly recommend it. Two thumbs up!
Not worth downloading
Sudexy on 1/10/2018
Only two workouts seem to be free and no way to gain more with out paying monthly or annual amount.
Great if your too lazy to go to the gym
DOWJONES1001 on 1/10/2018
The title says it all. I’m just getting back and I’m just way too lazy to go to the gym. Completing the workouts will hopefully give me the energy to go back to the gym but for now this will do. Hey it’s way better then nothing.
fitbitpro on 1/9/2018
Great app
Can’t reset app
Former teacher too on 1/8/2018
I stopped using the app for several months and wanted to start again, but was informed that it isn’t possible to reset the app so the exercises are not too difficult. I was told to simply rate each exercise and that the app would quickly readjust. While I really liked the app, i saw no evidence of it quickly readjusting over the months I used it, and I’m not going to try to do workouts that are way beyond my capabilities right now. Talk about discouraging! I have cancelled my subscription.
Motivation and a Happy Mood
Really really love it on 1/6/2018
I just recently downloaded this app!❤️ I have been on Fitbit since December 25, 2016! I started with just the Fitbit app and jogging around the park every day, and I already started getting stronger!😝 Ever since I downloaded this app I have started to get stronger everyday! I love how they play music and have personal workout sessions from your phones screen! It is all free, unless you go ahead and purchase the premium version. I haven’t gotten the premium version yet, but I will definitely get it in the future! I love how at the end of each workout session they give you some motivation for your next session! Overall I would definitely recommend this app!
Not worth the money at all
InnerLift on 1/6/2018
I was very disappointed by this app and was surprised by that since it had such great reviews. I have three major problems with it: 1) There are not enough workouts, for this kind of money every month, I expect a lot more options. 2) I found the Workouts to be unusable. During the workout, you have to stop after every single exercise, walk over to your iPad or whatever you are using the app on, then click on the difficulty of that exercise before you can go onto the next exercise. This feature is so annoying, I just want to do the workout! I don’t want to take the time to customize every single thing, I know how to modify. 3) The other annoying issue is that some of the workouts, I don’t know if it’s all or not, show you a preview of how to do every single exercise before you do the exercise. You can click on the button to skip it but again, you have to do this every single time. I know how to do jumping jacks, I do not need a demo every time. I used the program every day for 2 weeks and found myself just going back to You Tube workouts, where there are endless options, it’s all free and you can just workout.
It became all about the money
Mz_Cee on 1/6/2018
I have had a Fitbit for almost 2 years (bought a 3 different ones over 2 yrs) and started using FitStar for over a year and half. Those who know will understand me when I say that there were more free workouts when it was FitStar. Now that is has become Fitbit Coach, it is literally about the money. There are several workouts that I used to do for free but now you have to have a premium subscription. We already paid for the Fitbit so if this is affiliated then why do we have to pay more? Don’t get me wrong, the workouts and real-time coaching is helpful and motivating. But I am deeply disappointed in what it has become. There are many apps out there that give free workouts in this same format so this shouldn’t be your first choice. I tried to give it the benefit of doubt but can’t anymore so I’m actually going to delete this app.
Latest uptake crashes!
Me in Philly 19103 on 1/5/2018
Love love love the app, but the last app update is causing the app to crash. Haven’t been able to workout since then! Please fix ASAP! :(
Need more for beginners
Jcordier on 1/5/2018
I bought this app when I saw they had treadmill workouts. I love the fact that it changes up my routine. My only complaint is there are not enough walking treadmill programs. I have only found two that don’t involve running or jogging,which I can’t do because of knee issues. Really wish you would add a few more and separate them out from the jogging running programs.
New user, so far so good
FartzLikeWindz on 1/4/2018
Like the auto tie-in with the Fitbit app, enough free workout variety to get started. Easy to use.
Ace20213 on 1/4/2018
Very good
Enjoy the app
toolstet on 1/2/2018
I often use beach body on demand workouts but when I travel this is the way to go. I like the variety and I really like the fact that it adjusts to you based on your feedback. Great app!
From an older couch potato
PK +Gma+ on 1/1/2018
Could you put something on here for some one that hasn’t exercised. Or even moved much. Like what could he done sitting for a start. Everything I looked up was much too active for someone as out of shape and old as I am
Rolltidetinaturnerwithgaye on 12/29/2017
I payed 7.99 for the monthly access and it won’t let me unlock anything that’s premium still, it says I need to purchase monthly or yearly and I paid for monthly so I canceled it all together. A wasted of $8 🙃
Love it!
teddiegraham on 12/29/2017
As a med student I can’t afford a personal trainer but I want to stay in shape. This app allows me to do so. I tried it out for free for a few months before deciding to go premium, I don’t regret it at all. Very affordable! Excellent workouts with great tips. I love that no equipment is required. Highly recommend it!
Diva2318 on 12/29/2017
The app is good, really enjoy connecting with others who share the same interest. The app does crash a lot when trying to interact with the community
Jazzy Grandma
Jazzy Grandma on 12/29/2017
Today I as much first day using the fit coach. I must say that that core workout was very challenging for me since I haven’t worked out in 5-6 years. The instructions and visuals were great. I love the music. Get it, use it
I love the app
cazmir on 12/27/2017
It has great exercises to keep you motivated. I find myself doing them on days I haven't gone to the gym.
Haven’t I Paid Enough?
xxomgitsmaddixxo on 12/27/2017
While I think the idea of the Fitbit coach is awesome, I think it is so silly to pay for the app when I already paid for wristband. While some of the workouts are free, the majority of them are locked until you decide to pay.
It fine,* I guess* on 12/26/2017
I love this app! It helps me so much and really, pretty fun! You should really download it!
Great app
SOLORAMON on 12/26/2017
Just got it for Christmas,love it!!!
Fast Useful and Fun
Tay Li on 12/25/2017
I am 16 years old volunteer at the local hospital take 3 A. P classes and have a job and thanks to the quick work outs I am able to stay in shape so I can keep my “summer bod” and I love how it helps you in the areas you need help in!!! When I first started using this app I was 125 had some fat rolls and I am 5’1 and now I am 110 and toned I actually feel like I can wear a bikini and not be nervous to show off my curves
deviousracoonus on 12/24/2017
I can’t log in, when I log in it says my email is already on another account, when I’m trying to log into my account.
SoccerRaccoon on 12/23/2017
I wish they had a biking video! But other than that I love this app! 😁
Just right
JoythruMercy on 12/22/2017
I can always find a workout just right for me and the day.
Lo ve it!!
65 and Fit on 12/21/2017
In the freedom of my living room. Super workout while the tv is on. Distracts me from eating and sitting still.
Won’t let me log in
Sam Crandall on 12/20/2017
Put in log in info and it says my email is connected to another account.. but it won’t let me log in. At all. I had no issue logging into Fitbit app.
Good App
MAri0879! on 12/19/2017
This word be a great resource but many of the workouts require you to upgrade to premium.However, there are free workouts that let you get your sweat on!
Great! Wish there was more without premium
hakdueub on 12/18/2017
I really enjoy these workouts, but wish there was more available without paying for premium. I bought my Fitbit with the idea that this app would be available to me, but only a fraction of workouts are accessible.
More free options and no download for premium
Aleenahhh on 12/16/2017
I bought premium because there were barely any free options. I like the app but i wish it had a download option so you can have access to workouts with out needing internet! I frequently work in places where there is NO internet access and it would be nice if i could download it onto my iPad and take with me so i could do these workouts offline. It’s kind of ridiculous that you pay 40 dollars a year and don’t receive this option
Great fitness app
Dr. Noo on 12/12/2017
Amazing fitness app. Thanks
I like it
Amberhummel on 12/12/2017
The work outs are fun. Kinda a tease for the free one. Might have to upgrade lol
Fact Sheet
  • Publisher: FitStar, Inc.
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  • Released: Jun 05, 2013
  • Current Version Released: Dec 22, 2017
  • Version: 4.0.4
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