The World Ends with You: Solo Remix


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
$17.99 Games 1.2.4 Aug 27, 2012 Dec 13, 2015 2664.6 MB iOS 5.1.1 or later 9+
New in version 1.2.4

"VERSION 1.2.4
- iOS9 support added."


iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone6 plus and 5th generation iPod touch (excluding 16 GB models).
iOS 5.1.1 or later is required.

Square Enix's fresh-faced hit The New York Times called “one of the best role playing games ever designed for anything” has busted onto iOS in a big way, with a slick and addictive new combat system, eye-popping HD art, and (of course) plenty of zetta awesome reasons for longtime fans to double dip.

Arm yourself with psychic superpowers and battle your way through a 7-day gauntlet of action: the Reaper’s Game.

Welcome to Shibuya, a mishmash of attitudes and styles in the heart of Tokyo.

A boy named Neku wakes up in a crowded intersection, alone and unaware of how he got there. Then, he receives a weird text: “Clear this mission...or face erasure.” With that, Neku is thrust into a life-or-death Game that sends him scrambling down streets paved with one riddle after another...

What is the Reaper’s Game? Why is Neku a Player, and what is he playing for? Will the Game really end if he survives all 7 days? Another mystery is always around the corner.

- Intuitive, addictive combat with a twist
Activate your combat abilities, or “psychs,” with simple touch commands like tapping, slashing, and dragging. Comfy with that? Control Neku and his Game partner on the same screen and take the combat up a notch. Like loot? Boost your item drops in battle with the revamped Fusion system.

- Deep replay value
Finish the main story to unlock a hilarious bonus chapter, more quests and items to find, new combat challenges, and secret reports that flesh out the story even more.

- Explore a living, breathing city
Neku’s sprawling world is based on the real-life Shibuya in Tokyo. Visit real locations and absorb some real Japanese culture through a hip fantasy lens.

- Redrawn art and Retina display support
Enjoy the game in full HD on your Retina-enabled iPhone 4 or later device. Art and animation across the game has been redrawn just for this release, making combat a beautiful experience. This is how all 2D classics should look.

- The ultimate soundtrack: 60 songs
Composer Takeharu Ishimoto’s complete, sonically sublime soundtrack is included right in the game with high-quality audio and full vocals, including remixes and new songs.

Praise for the original The World Ends with You:

“Compelling and immaculately presented...from start to finish” – Gamespot

“Nails just about everything it tries – and it tries quite a lot” – IGN AU

“Full of mysteries and surprises, interesting characters” – The New York Times

“A compelling risk/reward system that...amply blesses the daring” – 1UP

“Ice-cool artwork...impossibly catchy soundtrack” – Eurogamer

“Games rarely have things this interesting to say” – G4TV

DS Best RPG/Best Story/Best New IP and DS Game of the Year – IGN

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No music.. What is going on?
Guru of Time on 5/4/2018
Playing on the iPhone 7+ running IOS 11.3.1... Also this mobile game along with Chrono Trigger is no loner playing the soundtrack. Can this please be looked into? I would greatly appreciate it.
Masterpiece, but not perfect
Mooshroom11 on 4/1/2018
My homies, this is a good heckin' game. Definitely easier than the original ds version, but who owns those anymore? Anyways, the controls are tight (except scratch commands, never figured those out). Pictures look kinda grainy sometimes, probably because it was ported. Gotta say though, the story is really good, and the ending made me cry my eyes out
Great game if you havent played the OG DS version
Just a tip on 3/9/2018
Other than that anyone having problems with ios11 not downloading the game. I keep getting an “we’re unable to download at this time.”
Need to implement a Progress Save system for iCloud or Game Center.
LittleAsianBoy123 on 2/19/2018
Really don’t want to start over when I just switched phones.
I have been waiting ten years...
rosecontra on 2/10/2018
I lost my DS or my cousin stole it... anyways I’ve been waiting a very very long time to finish this game. I used to think about it all the time and contemplated buying a DS just to finish it up. I had reached the final boss, and I never got the chance to see the end because... well I just said it! Anyways, super happy I purchased this. Super happy that I stayed up until 5 am to finish the game. It took me around two-three days to get through the whole thing. I really wish this would have been made into a manga or an anime, definitely would have rocked my world. But I guess from what I read it didn’t do too well in Japan. As for the game play, I loved how everything was so nice and simple for the most part. My only issue is all the different movements you have to do on the screen with your finger tips because of the different pins, sometimes they just don’t work or you have to do it over and over and so that stopped me from using certain pins just so I could battle faster and not worry about annoying pins. Also, working with Shiki was GREAT, working with Joshua was also simple, but the controls for Beat really need some work... like REALLY badly. Summoning him into battle and even pressing down during the final boss, it DOES NOT work. Other than that... IM SO HAPPY!!!! Definitely one of my favorite games of all time.
Great, but sadly the original is better.
Varlinn on 2/3/2018
The game feels right at home on the IOS, and the changes to the combat are great, but they make the game a very different beast than the DS version, which emphasized multitasking. The game’s graphics are crisp and clean, at times perhaps too much so, that the game feels slightly “off” in some way. The remastered tracks are great, and the new music is just as good, but the placement of said music is absolutely horrible at times, with the game often playing tunes that just don’t fit. A solid game, but not as good as the original, which is sad because it could have been great with a bit more polish.
Completely Worth It
Łeviathan on 1/18/2018
If you are looking for a game that has great gameplay, an amazing plot, and tons of replay value, then this is the game for you. I have already put 40+ hours into this game and still haven't gotten everything. Only thing I could wish for is a sequel, but even without one, there is nearly endless gameplay with over 100 different pins to use. Only negative is that the restore IAP button doesn’t restore IAP purchases. Will rate 5 stars if fixed.
animuknight on 1/14/2018
Needs iOS 11 update user pkmnpal on 12/20/2017
Great game so far, but I noticed the sound cuts off a lot. Needs a iOS 11 update and a iPhone X support.
Nostalgic but Imperfect
BatmanxCatwoman on 11/23/2017
I bought this game when it first came out for the DS years ago and was ecstatic when I found out this was released for mobile. The story elements are all the same and they revamped the fighting to be better suited for one screen. The graphics are slightly improved from 8-bit to a smoother appearance. HOWEVER. This mobile port is not without its annoyances: when I first started the game, none of the extra sound effects (voice exclamations during scenes and fighting, the little “tick” noise after text bubbles) disappeared. I’d close out the app and open it up again and 1 of 3 things could happen at any given restart: the voice acting and extra sound effects were restored, or they were not, or the voice acting was there and the background music was not. If the music and characters weren’t such an integral part of this gameplay experience, this wouldn’t bother me, but alas, they are. Sometimes push notifications from my other apps will pop up and I accidentally leave this game, resulting in the same glitches when I come back. Pile this on with the autosave feature and sometimes there are whole cutscenes I’ll have to repeat again. Additional gameplay bug: Neku is supposed to have a dodge feature when you swipe over him during a fight, but this often registers as a pin attack and I often get attacked instead of dodging like I wanted. This last complaint isn’t that bad considering this was somewhat of a problem in the DS version too, however. All in all, I’d say this revamp of one of my all time favorite games is still worth it and fun to play. But you’ll need some serious patience when the music and sound effects can’t keep up.
Big fix...
Ifhihceiifbhifhid on 11/21/2017
Great game, love the gameplay and the soundtrack. I just wish I could hear it, due to the voices being sped up and glitchy. Please fix it.
Amazing game and all
Neku57 on 11/15/2017
Heya, can you guys update the app for IOS 11 please? TWEWY is one of the reasons I'm not updating to IOS 11. One of the best games ever
iPhone X update?
Aeondragon on 11/5/2017
I love this game a lot, and I’d like to play it on my new iPhone X. When do you think you’ll be updating it for the new screen?
Ds vs solo
Khfan1109 on 11/3/2017
I will always like the ds version, but the mobile is better in the fact the you don't control 2 characters at once. I could never get around that, so I always had the CPU takeover at the start of battle. I'm glad they changed that in this version.
One of the best mobile games I've played
ccook01 on 9/30/2017
Great game, combat, story. Super unique setting, memorable characters. Great replay value!
Wish I can give more stars
Hak0oo on 9/24/2017
Great job porting a double screen game (Nin DS) to a single screen. It works well with iphone. -Story is great -Cast is great -Voice acting isn't bad at all -Unique abilities and equipment. -Great Japanese punk and hip hop style. -Music is catchy -Expensive but worth every penny. I don't write reviews ever and this is my first, this game is that fun and likable.
No music/volume
Be Wong on 9/16/2017
Love this game! Had it on the DS and was looking forward to reliving this storyline only to be ultimately disappointed with no music or volume! That's what really makes this game great! Please fix so I can get back to playing this game the right way. iOS: 10.3.3 Game: 1.2.4
Microtransactions - why?
Mike Farcasin on 8/22/2017
I just started playing this for the first time, and my enthusiasm died when I met Coco the microtransaction reaper for the first time. I payed your already-too-high asking price for your game - don't ask me for more!
A decent game ruined by buggy controls
DarthVitrial on 6/22/2017
I've lost count of how many fights I've lost purely because the game could not tell the different between the move command and the "slash hopelessly at empty air because the enemy is on the other end of the screen" command. And the music, while catchy, loops on and on and on until all you have is a splitting headache.
Ja8919ufcg on 6/21/2017
I've plated this game about 4 times now and it never disappoints or gets old. Great combat, grinding for levels is up to the player as random encounters are nonexistent. These updated visuals and enhanced sound amazing! An amazing port of an already amazing game! #twewysequel
WW077 on 5/11/2017
Favorite game on the App Store
Torg123 on 4/20/2017
This is one of the best games I've ever played on any platform, period. I just finished the main story yesterday and the end credits almost brought tears. The characters, the music, the story, everything is beyond what I expected. The early bits may be a bit slow, but the payoff is well worth it.
Doesn't restore in game purchases.
Zayn135 on 3/24/2017
I just tested it by starting a new game and none of the consumables, items, or in game currency was restored.
Amazing port!
Forever 10 / Forever756 on 3/9/2017
This game is amazing. I remember playing this on my DS when I was like 10, and now I can play it all over again with a ton of new stuff packed inside including a new combat system and little extras sprinkled in. Keep up the good work and for the love of God, make a sequel.
Thank you, Square! :D
Indiana Goof on 1/21/2017
Great game, but anxiously awaiting the update for iOS 10... please, Square Enid, update ASAP! ;)
Easily best RPG on iOS
Devo1706 on 11/11/2016
The best!
One of my favorites
TeenageMe on 10/11/2016
I played this on my DS back then and loved it so much. When I saw it on sale on the Apple Store, it was calling me to buy it again. One of my favorite games. Storyline is very interesting.
So much dialog
IstvanH on 10/8/2016
There's serious SO MUCH DIALOG, I'm up to chapter 4 and I feel like I haven't done anything except read a comic book. It also doesn't auto save when the dialogs going, so you have to scroll through 10min of pointless inner monologue bubbles just to save. I love Square games, but this one is pretty lame.
mlzhang7 on 9/17/2016
It feels like a game on a console because it IS a game on a console
The Molo on 7/10/2016
Great story, good controls and wholly original setting and all that stuff with the pins. I wish they made a sequel! This is definitely worth your money.
Goodatud on 7/10/2016
A fun, engaging, and stylish JRPG. Great story and intuitive gameplay. Worth every penny.
Dragonrooster on 7/9/2016
Played many phone games and honestly I thought most of them were complete trash but when I picked this game up I was pleasantly surprised that this played like an actual game I would buy on a console. It's a fantastic game and I would recommend it to anyone
Saelyn on 5/7/2016
It's like a whole different game on this platform, I love all the upgrades. Good memories come back and new ones are made with this version. Sound is crisper and the tracks are at their full length. Graphics are polished and look great. Knocked off a star because of a bug I ALREADY encountered not more than 10 minutes into the game. The SFX completely muted and only the music was playing when I switched apps and came back to the game. I'm at the latest iOS and have an iPhone 6S.
Such a lie good game tho
Please remove report on 3/9/2016
It said it was 18 dollar but it was like 20 dollar I spent like 25 on iPod and the result is 3-4 games for me 2 game of mine were one dollar and one of them were 3 dollar so it was really a lie that it cost 18 but still a good game
Wonderful game
Only madness on 2/29/2016
Terrific plot, fun gameplay, nice music. I can't expect anything better in the same type of games.
One of the best ports on the iPhone!!
Mepsipax12 on 2/14/2016
This is a seriously fun and amazing port of a DS game. It looks and sounds better, and as fun as the original DS game was it was hard controlling two people fighting at once. The touch controls in this version are very responsive and fun. I couldn't recommend it enough, I just re-downloaded it for the third time on my newest phone and I'm excited to play through again
Great Interpretation
The Cool Nobody on 1/2/2016
This is a nice interpretation of TWEWY that's pretty faithful to the original. The updated tracks and graphics are nice, but I prefer the original game on the Nintendo DS. If you're a newcomer to TWEWY however, this is a good game to start with.
Universal app please!!
noBody Quinn on 1/2/2016
Don't make me have to buy the game twice just to play it on my iPad. It's bad enough I had to wait this long for y'all to get this app working again.
Great game!
DeviousFeline on 12/23/2015
I really missed this game on the DS... Bought it a year ago but wouldn't work. Then there's finally an update for iOS 9~ My only problem now is evolving pins...
ajcasanas on 12/17/2015
Can't beat the classics. This game will forever remain a 5 star game in my book.
Kagami-sama on 12/17/2015
UPDATE: Okay, glad I read the review before updating! And why is there still no iCloud save support? I might have to buy a new phone again soon and would hate to start all over AGAIN! It's been 3 years since my original review below. Add iCloud!!! Why?! Why the freak?! How hard would it be to make it iCloud compatible? I'm about to sell my iPhone and move back to the states and get a new one. Spent so much time collecting things and now I have to rush to finish the extra chapter before I sell my iPhone! And I'll have to start ALL over if I want to get the secret reports! Screw you and your imcompetence and gouging! No, the price for this game is sound; it's a real game. But you screw everyone over on your IAP business with Theatrhythm! Even though everyone rated it so horribly? 3 months going and you still don't update or change anything. Why am I even hoping you'll add iCloud?
minior issue on IOS 9 support:
Xantron191 on 12/14/2015
Since the IOS 9 support-the audio of voices has been sped up for some reason. when your in a battle or a cutscene the voices are too fast and they sound high pitched. fix please Square
Controls are just plain terrible
r0bbyboy on 11/27/2015
This is a very interesting and stylish game but the adapted touch controls are beyond bad. Harder battles really push the limits of the controls and make for a horribly frustrating experience. Be warned before paying so much for this one.
This is one of my favorite games, but...
🍩🐬👍🏻😁😍 on 11/22/2015
I love this game and have played through it each time I upgraded my iPhone, but when I got the 6 the game started having problems. I beat the game in about a week, but it crashed around 15 times and made me worry all the time if it was going to crash or not. Also after getting hollow let it doesn't even work. I love this game and really want it to be fixed.
Crashing problem
Justmeharry on 10/14/2015
The game crashes a bit more than one would like, however besides that set back the game is a rather splendid port.
It's not anything like the Final Fantasies I've played
Davidmcm on 10/4/2015
If you never played any of the original versions it may be a great game for you. I honestly wanted more players and a bigger world. The most important part is I wanted the epic storylines that I've been used to since the first FF. Not for me 😔
Finally the iOS8 Bug is fixed
Headhuntr on 9/25/2015
And we can enjoy one of the best RPG on iOS. Great story, awesome combat! Highly recommended!
Beautiful Game
salokin85 on 9/25/2015
I was new to this game, but it game heavily recommended from the Nintendo DS from several friends. Not wanting to a buy a 3DS just for this game the updated art and reimagined controls for the iOS version was a great trade-off. A beautiful game with a great message and plenty of replay value. One request. Please please make this app universal (as are other Square Enix iOS games). It seems ridiculous to have to pay twice for the same vector art for essentially the exact same game on a larger screen. I went, "BWAAAAAAAAAAH!!” when I saw that the app is not universal.
Fix this game
mike.melusky on 8/20/2015
Took forever for this game to be fixed for iOS 8, but removing my 1 star review since this game now works great. It's a must-purchase app.
Disappointed how long the fix took
Levmeister on 8/17/2015
But this is still a 6 star game on a five star rating scale. Now that it works again, play it!
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