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This app was last updated on: Jun 06, 2017
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New in version 4.6.3

With this release, we fixed crashes and improved overall app performance.

Also, you can order food and pay right from your phone! Save time at select park restaurants by ordering your meal on the app and picking it up when it’s ready.

If you’ve enabled them in the app, you’ll see push notifications when you receive your first PhotoPass photo of the day. Finally, you’ll be able to see select Resort hotel details—including reservation info like room type and location.


The official Walt Disney World® app! Now it’s easier than ever to plan and share your vacation details—at home and on the go.

* Quickly access real-time wait times, park hours, Character greetings, parade showtimes and more.

* Use the interactive, GPS-enabled map to explore Walt Disney World Resort and easily see the dining options, attractions and more nearest to you.

* Find your way around with step-by-step directions to locations across Walt Disney World Resort.

* Purchase your theme park tickets.†

* Browse restaurant menus, make dining reservations and modify existing ones.

* Select and modify your party’s FastPass+ experiences.

* Download, edit and share your Disney PhotoPass photos and videos throughout your vacation once you’ve purchased Memory Maker, a product that gets you unlimited photos taken by our complimentary photographers at select locations.

* Search and filter activities by height requirements, locations, interests and more to find exactly what you’re looking for.

* Keep reservations and activities organized in My Plans, located right on your iPhone home screen.

* Manage your Disney Resort reservations, tickets, MagicBands and cards.

* Share plans with others through Family & Friends.

* Discover official content for Walt Disney World Resort, including our 4 theme parks (Magic Kingdom® park, Epcot®, Disney’s Hollywood Studios® and Disney’s Animal Kingdom® park), 2 water parks (Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Disney’s Blizzard Beach), Disney Springs, select Walt Disney World Resort hotels and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

†Ticket sales are for residents of the U.S. and Canada only and may not be available in some countries. Ticket prices are in USD only.

Have questions, problems, comments or suggestions? Reach out to us at

Connecting to the Internet in the parks: Without a strong Internet signal, wait times, park hours and schedules may not update accurately. You can see if your device is connected properly by checking under Settings.

Note: Some features in this app will require your full name, country, birthdate and email address, as well as access to your location data. If Bluetooth is enabled on your device, this app will also collect your precise location information through beacon technology in order to improve your in-park experience, such as wait times. To facilitate the sign-in process, the app will also require access to your email address, stored within Account Manager.

This app will request access to your camera to scan credit cards for purchases, link tickets and passes to your account, and scan and link PhotoPass cards. The app will request access to your external storage to cache certain data for offline browsing.

Optional planning tools may also ask you to provide details about your travel party. Some features in this app include the ability to make purchases and will require a Wi-Fi or mobile carrier data connection. Guests must be 18 years or older to make purchases.

This app provides you with the option to receive push notifications for information relating to your visit to a Park or stay at a Disney Resort hotel.

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iPad Screenshots
Great with info horrible for fast passes
AjAxthewarrior on 7/21/2017
Horrible with trying to login in and then set up fast passes and won't do it. Been having issues all day.
Old version was better
eem#07 on 7/21/2017
MDE is very helpful, but the new version is not as nice as the old one. The "My Plan" section used to be so much neater and easier to view. You used to be able to see at least 6 activities in one shot vs. 2 now. You don't need to see how many people the reservation is for unless you click on it. Unnecessary. Hope they make it more streamlined and simple.
Many Features Do Not Work
spinfrog on 7/21/2017
This app used to be very helpful from start of planning, spanning all aspects of the trip. Many features no longer work. Bummer
What Happened???
SLMUFN1 on 7/19/2017
Used to be able to add plans such as QS dining options even though not making a reservation. Can only make reservations (tedious) or order food from a few places. We like bookmarking and saving ALL of our dining options in advance of the trip so we aren't overwhelmed on the day of the trip when we're hot, tired and hungry. What happened to this, as well as the menu screen? Almost useless now.
A must for any visit to Disney World
Mgrad92 on 7/19/2017
I've had to uninstall/reinstall it a time or two, and I wish it would remember the filter settings so I didn't have to keep telling to which park I was visiting — but I wouldn't recommend a trip to Disney World without it.
Great App.
.1994 on 7/17/2017
Great App. Sometimes a little slow, but much faster than waiting in the fastpass kiosk line at the parks. Easy to make dining reservations as well. For sure very helpful to have on your vacation.
Not helpful anymore
sewing611 on 7/16/2017
I downloaded this app last year for my trip to Disney and it was so easy to navigate and look things up, book fast passes, view your profile, etc. Now today, I just booked a trip for February and re-downloaded the app to come to disappointment. It's really difficult to understand and accomplish things on here and I absolutely hate whatever has happened in the last year that made this so easy. The font and print size is totally zoomed in and bizarre and there's no easy home tab to do what you want to do. I'm hoping there'll be a better upgrade soon.
I hate this app!
TwoBearsLive on 7/16/2017
It has never worked correctly. Now it will not let me schedule fast passes without linking my already existing account which it is will not recognize. Ugh!
A park companion.
AdamNaglich on 7/16/2017
Latest version makes my iPhone unbearably warm while in use. The many features of this app are wonderful. However, after spending some time with the new app design, I am greatly disappointed. The latest app update has crashed on me a few times now. I find the content harder to read, comprehend, and find than before. I think it has something to do with the white background and strange box shadows, or the typeface selections and font sizes. I wonder if users use the map more than they do to check their reservations or change fastpasses. I would prefer the map to be an overlay, and the park info and plans be the primary screen. On the map, I wish I could swipe between the park filters. It's hard to reach the different filters at the top of my screen. I think the app needs to be updated again soon or users will slowly stop using it in favor of the website. An Apple Watch app wouldn't hurt either.
Horrible app
Rickyryerye on 7/15/2017
The platform for this app is hard to follow. We had to go to customer relations because the app would not scan our passes. The app and camera never seems to link up. The platform the customer relations personnel use is so much more user friendly.
Extremely useful
Schmurple on 7/13/2017
As a Disney first-timer, this app was so helpful. I loved being able to check for / make / change reservations for our meals. Making Fast Pass reservations was also VERY easy. In the parks, it is really all that I used my phone for. We constantly checked attraction times to decide what ride to do next. We also used it to get new Fast Passes after using our initial 3 Fast Passes. It literally saved us SO MUCH time and we rarely had to wait in a line more than 10-15 minutes. My sons ask daily to check ride times even though we are home. We can't wait to return and this app will definitely be used again. THANK YOU!! I was so overwhelmed in the beginning of the Disney planning process. This app helped TONS and made it easy!
Always glitchy
Geminancy on 7/12/2017
Most glitchy app ever! I can't see my family and friend list and when I called tech support they had no solution for me. All the friends on my app can see my plans even though I set it to only view shared plans.
The Best Disney vacation planner on Earth
Once Upon a Time-Disney on 7/10/2017
This is the best Disney vacation planning app ever, the only thing it's missing is a video game category and a Kingdom Hearts attraction and store. There should be a video game store that sells Disney games and systems with the Disney logo. Also, the character part of the account should include Disney Channel, Once Upon A Time, Descendants and Kingdom Hearts characters.
It's just ok kind of.
molley dog on 7/7/2017
With the amount of technology that goes into operating a ride like Pandora you think Disney would get an app that was actually developed to work right. It works better on my iPhone than It did on android that the other family members had.
Needs a "Back" button
Acw189 on 7/5/2017
Main things this app needs are a "back" button for screens inside the app and an update to viewing the current transportation options to make it actually functional. As it is currently, the app is pretty much useless if you want to figure out the bus/water transportation schedule and current status or simply go back a screen.
When clicking on Dining section app crashes
Tide34639 on 7/2/2017
Every time. Can't use phone to make dinning reservations.
Worst app ever
Japc8904 on 7/2/2017
Spent 300 bucks to get in the park and the app doesn't even sync to my tickets. Don't waste your money
This app is horrible
CapsicleKatie on 7/1/2017
Everything about this app is awful. It eats your battery power like Pacman. It constantly freezes and takes several minutes to load the map with the wait times. Since the update, I can't sign in or create fast pass reservations on here.
Great app, just needs a quick update
shadeh22 on 7/1/2017
I absolutely love this app, but I am also an Apple iOS beta user. Unfortunately, with the latest iOS pre-release update, this app crashes every time I try to open it on my iPhone 7 plus. Luckily, I can use my iPad to access the app, but it is annoying not to be able to use it on the iPhone, since I don't take my iPad to the parks. Please fix! 😊
This app needs serious improvement
Cheaters, unite! on 6/30/2017
It crashes all the time, the photopass never loads, the app's new design is complicated, cluttered, and inconvenient, and it needs a lot of bug fixing. The wait times are accurate, which is great! But seriously fix this soon. I can't even retrieve my pictures from photopass without the app crashing.
iOS 11 Beta. App crashes
YoharrA on 6/29/2017
App crashes in iOS 11 beta
Barely functional - do not update!
makerofshoes! on 6/28/2017
More often than not, this update is non-responsive and crashes frequently. Maps default to being zoomed all the way out each time you try to find your location. It's almost impossible to get park and dining info or manage reservations and fast passes. Do not update!
Needs improvement
Jayy :D on 6/28/2017
It tends to crash and it's constantly logging me out for no reason
Needs an update
Ryancasper on 6/28/2017
Ever since the 6/6 update, the app has not been working very well. Most times when I try to reserve a fast pass it comes up with error that something went wrong. When I do manage to reserve fast passes, it often doesn't show them correctly. As of today, the app no longer allows me to sign in. Keeps telling me something went wrong. Love the app, just needs an update. Developers??
Gets the job done
mk659 on 6/28/2017
It's adequate as a planning tool. Please add a Apple Watch app. The Watch would be a nice convenient tool while walking around the park.
Shrews33 on 6/27/2017
Did not work at all. App did not link tickets so we could not do Fast Pass. Had to go through website instead. Will delete app for good.
Don't block the main thread
E, PharmD on 6/26/2017
Very good app and clever design. However, NEVER do your networking on the main thread. The app is strangely non-responsive and appears slow. Read up on your GCD and let me know if you need help sending your network requests asynchronously on a background thread.
Won't login
dalen52 on 6/26/2017
Won't login. Stinks. Not helpful.
Needs Help
Ted-S on 6/24/2017
1. Will not load on Verizon's network (iPhone 7) despite fiddling. I checked my data speeds and there were fantastic. My wife has ATT and it loads just fine on her iPhone 6s. (???) 2. Navigation is awkward 3. App won't zoom automatically on your location for wait times, etc... I'm sure there are more issues, but after 4 days of use with the current version, these are my standout concerns with the app.
App doesn't load at all
DellaJJ on 6/24/2017
Edited to add: the app doesn't load at all now. I'm not a fan of the browser version My Disney Experience (too many notifications and extra steps) but I can't say I'm happy with the MDE app either. At least three times per week the app claims it cannot load any or most of my plans. I also cannot make dining reservations on the app; I have to log into my laptop or tablet. I will say I love the FP+ options on the app as opposed to the website. It's easier and quicker. I have yet to use MDE in the parks.
Get a save password button
Jekjdjjdudjdd on 6/22/2017
Get a save password button
Mountain Mandy on 6/22/2017
The design on his app is very basic with a huge interface which I can only imagine is designed for people who can't read normal font. This app is no longer highly functional or innovative. At all. The process of scheduling dining is incredibly tedious and cumbersome. For instance, I want to search for restaurants available for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I can't do that. So unless I know which restaurants are open for breakfast- let's say in Epcot - I have to search through each restaurant to find out. ?!?! That requires a lot of clicks to get basic information (which equals out to a huge waste of time, not to mention the frustration). Same thing goes for searching for available restaurants by time. Can't do that either! Hopefully someone with common sense can come in a fix the mess in this app.
Some glitches
KristaRenea on 6/22/2017
Since the last update, I've had several reservations that I've tried to cancel, but I get a message saying I need to call to cancel. I call and they say it's been canceled, yet still shows up on my app as having the reservation. I'm worried I will get charged when the date comes since it's still showing a reservation. The app also crashes a lot, and I get refresher error messages when navigating different areas of the app.
Not good
The Kane Family on 6/22/2017
Can't link conformation # or magic band # to app. Cant make reservations for fast pass. App doesn't have a back button on iPhone
It's not linking up my tickets for fastpass+ HELP
Sebatronix 100 on 6/22/2017
I downloaded this about a year ago for a Disney trip and it was phenomenal. A year later and boy has it changed, I could still manage to find the fastpass+ page but when asked to link tickets to Family and Friends it didn't work, saying that it was "unable to get ticketing info right now" or something like that, please get that checked for I can't use Fastpass+
Good app but needs convenience
kingd18 on 6/21/2017
It's a good app but could be so convenient if you can make payments from the app for your packages and whatever else you have to pay for right from the app instead of having to go onto the website. But all in all it's a good and quick app
Good but
kbrown44 on 6/21/2017
Took out one star because my photos in photo pass viewing area always give an error message when I want to scroll down to see more photos. It seems to correct itself if I delete the app, then re-download, but that shouldn't have to happen. Seems like a glitch.
I've used it for years....
P00hbear1024 on 6/21/2017
And it just gets better and better! This is my go to APP while I'm planning and while I'm visiting Disney! It is so easy to use and has all of our plans in one easy to reach place! Plus, we can now see our photos almost immediately and plan dinners! Way to go! Can't wait for our next trip!
Can be better
Jengii123455 on 6/20/2017
I really appreciate this app and enjoy it to some extent, it can be A LOT better! Come on Disney you're better than this! Two words: ease and simplicity! Yes, the app is easy to navigate and you can view your plans easily but adding your plans should be with ease! -Under park info there should be a tab that allows you to search only dining option menus ! To view a menu of a dining location you have to go through a lot of steps with in the app! (And the filters with in searching for a dining location drive me crazy there is NO option to search all resorts or multiple locations. You're limited to one filter- or no filters- to search) IMPORTANT: there should be a weather forecast summary of the day within the app! That is a very important factor (at least for my family) in planing!
The happiest App for the happiest place on earth
Jeff Cost on 6/20/2017
This is the absolute do everything for your Walt Disney World trip. Definitely a must have for your Disney experience!!!!!
Poor programming
Karennadoll on 6/20/2017
Wow. I expected more from Disney. Worst experience ever 1). Some features don't have a back button on iphone. So if you accidentally venture in the section like add my ticket. You have to close the app. My dad got stuck in the FAQ section with no back button as well. 2). Fast pass section is poorly programmed. Once you select your first fastpass you have to back out and start again by selecting the family members and then the ride. Makes sense if you split up as a family, but Disney is a family experience where most families stay together. Apps are about convenience, so why not have the ability to keep going with the same group instead of re-entering everything 3) the best big brother is watching you feature is the linking family member feature. In order to get fast passes as a family all at once is to link everyone under one account. You can not just scan the pass or enter the pass ID number. Why does Disney need that info? Also. It is not clear you have to link all family members. My dad had the Disney ticket lady help him and she only added two of the kids, we wasted an hour trying to figure out why we could not do the last kid. We also had two other Disney employees try to help to no avail. So we made a trip to guest services. You always want to end on a happy comment, after complaining to the guest services person and trying to give feedback about training...he did not care. We said we are just trying to make the happiest place on earth happy. Keep in mind we are in Florida's Magic Kingdom...he responded "that would be Disneyland ". Please note Disneyland is in California All these problems occurred using to updated iPhones by two different users. So it is not user error
Good for use before, during and after a trip
Koalaannika on 6/20/2017
Fairly easy to use, and good for keeping track of your Disney trip details.
Couldn't go
Nana Beech on 6/20/2017
I couldn't go due to illness but was able to keep tabs on what everyone was doing and looking at all the pics. AWESOME POSSUM APPLESAUCIN'
I love the app but can be a lil better
Lil Dab-Steim on 6/19/2017
The app is awesome but can be a lil better at sometime she..
Great way to get information
KMiller 2525 on 6/19/2017
I like the new format. It presents all the information regarding the trip, all in one place.
Good App
JAKIII on 6/18/2017
There is a lot of content at Disney and it does a good job organizing and providing access to it.
What is the least magical thing at Disney?
RealMarkLit on 6/18/2017
This app. It would appear employee passes aren't able to use this app, because if employees used it they probably would fix it. It's slow. Photopass section is cumbersome and nearly unusable. Navigation is awful. ...and somehow each update seems to make things slower and worse.
Photopass isn't working
08558 on 6/18/2017
I've had a Photopass memory maker and the whole time I had it I wasn't able to view my photos to download them on my phone.
Cg1224 on 6/18/2017
That is all
👍🏾 great
Poop emoji 💩💩💩💩 on 6/17/2017
This is helpful to me and my family so we know what rides you have to wait long for 👍🏾👍🏾😍😍
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