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Free Travel 4.12 Aug 02, 2012 Jun 18, 2018 356.6 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 4.12

Check out our new and improved design! With this release, it’s easier than ever to navigate the app and find what you’re looking for. Plan park activities, see vacation info and much more—all from our handy new menu.

We also fixed bugs and improved overall app performance.


The official Walt Disney World® app! Now it’s easier than ever to plan and share your vacation details—at home and on the go.

- Quickly access real-time wait times, park hours, Character greetings, parade showtimes and more.

- Use the interactive, GPS-enabled map to explore Walt Disney World Resort and easily see the dining options, attractions and more nearest to you.

- Find your way around with step-by-step directions to locations across Walt Disney World Resort.

- Purchase your theme park tickets.†

- Browse restaurant menus, make dining reservations and modify existing ones and even order your meal right from your phone at select locations.

- Select and modify your party’s FastPass+ experiences.

- Download, edit and share your Disney PhotoPass photos and videos throughout your vacation once you’ve purchased Memory Maker, a product
that gets you unlimited photos taken by our complimentary photographers at select locations.

- Search and filter activities by height requirements, locations, interests and
more to find exactly what you’re looking for.

- Keep select Disney Resort hotel reservations, dining plans and activities organized—all in one spot with My Plans.

- Save time by starting your Disney Resort hotel check-in process right on the app.

- Visit My Account to manage your Disney Resort reservations, tickets, MagicBands and cards, share plans with others and sign out.

- Share plans with others through Family & Friends.

- Discover official content for Walt Disney World Resort, including our 4 theme parks (Magic Kingdom® park, Epcot®, Disney’s Hollywood Studios® and Disney’s Animal Kingdom® park), 2 water parks (Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Disney’s Blizzard Beach), Disney Springs, select Walt Disney World Resort hotels and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

†Ticket sales are for residents of the U.S. and Canada only and may not be available in some countries. Ticket prices are in USD only.

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Connecting to the Internet in the parks: Without a strong Internet signal, wait times, park hours and schedules may not update accurately. You can see if your device is connected properly by checking under Settings.

Note: Some features in this app will require your full name, country, birthdate
and email address, as well as access to your location data. If Bluetooth is enabled on your device, this app will also collect your precise location information through beacon technology in order to improve your in-park experience, such as wait times. To facilitate the sign-in process, the app will
also require access to your email address, stored within Account Manager.

This app will request access to your camera to scan credit cards for purchases, link tickets and passes to your account, and scan and link PhotoPass cards.
The app will request access to your external storage to cache certain data for offline browsing. The app will request access to your contacts to assign purchased PhotoPass images to your contacts.

Optional planning tools may also ask you to provide details about your travel party. Some features in this app include the ability to make purchases and will require a Wi-Fi or mobile carrier data connection. Guests must be 18 years or older to make purchases.

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains in-app purchases that cost real money.

This app provides you with the option to receive push notifications for
information relating to your visit to a Park or stay at a Disney Resort hotel.

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First day
Frasha12 on 6/22/2018
Spent 2 hrs on phone with representative planning, he made dinner reservations etc,mentioned fast pass i said do you think ill need he said no, guess what nothing available so disappointing, all rides were closed most of day and events claiming lightening but there was none, rides closed, etc Now i have ridden one ride and blew one park pass. I travel as platinum american express and Marriott black card member never spend this money for nothing...... Not happy, especially when i was told no pass needed.... Sincerely Michelle Sumner Room 4423
Family trip
coach howells on 6/22/2018
Lines were ridiculous. We spend a years savings to come here and for a day went on 4 rides. 2 hours + per ride to wait in line. Very disappointed
Not great so far.
Joyce-Stratton on 6/22/2018
Checked in from home to increase chances the room would be ready early. Didn’t happen, and still is not ready (it’s after 3) - they told us it could be as late at 5. The public bathrooms are gross, and we had to watch an employee berate another employee in public while we were waiting for lunch.
Crinkletoes2 on 6/22/2018
We were very excited to get to go to DisneyWorld. Traveling from Texas, with our grandchildren, it was very exciting. However, once in the park we soon became discouraged with long lines for every ride and how hot it was waiting in the lines! We brought hats, fans, shorts, etc. and yet we sweated and burned up! Why don’t you have water misting all over the park? Also, the steam train quit at 8:00 pm last night and the monorail broke down. The only reason I gave your park a four was the shows such as the Presidents showcase and the Haunted Mansion, and parade. We used our three fast passes and could not get anymore. I expected more out of Disney!
A Father2
A Father2 on 6/22/2018
While at guest services at animal kingdom, Someone took my autistic child’s wheelchair. Wheelchair rental said they didn’t have any more, then brought us one that would barely roll. Told us that was it or we could have our money back. My child is 270 lbs. and has hard time walking. Parks are not as accommodating as they used to be for persons with disabilities.
Waiting lines!
Lexmo22 on 6/22/2018
Fast pass is so much priority that the regular paying patrons can’t even enjoy the rides. Is Disney losing money because people say it’s not worth the wait?
Magic that mesmerized you unstoppable
mmawmjd on 6/22/2018
Magical plus Amazing plus unbelievable plus surprisingly beautiful. Must visit one time or more in life. For All ages. From zero to 1000.
App not working
what the .......... on 6/22/2018
The Disney app is not working so I can not book any restaurants or rides. Nobody can fix it so I have to stand on all the lines for 2-3 hrs.
jany1030 on 6/22/2018
I just want to go for a few hours not be there all day. So I should be able to get the fast passes around the same time.
Need to get back to main menu
Freezy McFreezerton on 6/22/2018
Once you select a category you have to kill app to get back to menu. Not use friendly
Bus Times
Here's To Having It All on 6/22/2018
Thank goodness bus times are now available on the app. It will lead to a much more exciting start to the day. Many times we would be pumped to start our day in the park only to realize we just missed the bus. Thank you Disney! 😄
Broken rides
hate this stupid place on 6/22/2018
Park opened at 9am and there were masses of people running to rides that were down but no cast members said they were down and the Disney app didn’t show they were down. There is no reason why they should queue people up and not announce that they have rides down in that section of the park! And for the price of the park ticket, having 2-3 major attraction rides down at one time is really unacceptable. We visited Universal and Busch Gardens and they are much better Parks for the money.
New Update is GLITCHY.
KSim9377 on 6/22/2018
Ever since I updated the app, I've struggled to do anything within it. I keep getting error messages. Poor update.
Taurean S. on 6/22/2018
The app is very slow and it freezes a lot.
Fantastic cast members, horrid fast pass system
Rapunzel0417 on 6/22/2018
This has been a great vacation overall. We are from California, and very accustomed to the ways of Disneyland. The cast members here in Florida are markedly different from those in Anaheim. They treat guests as VIPs and do their best to make wrongs right and truly care about your experience. They go above and beyond on a personal level too. These cast members, in particular, went out of their way. I’m hopeful whoever reads this will pat them on the back and let them know they made a difference: Hollywood and Dine Jean Joyce Kim Guest relations at Hollywood Studios Carolyn Backstage Tour Jenesse Anna Italy pavilion Morgane Norway pavilion Christel Tobias MK city hall: Suedney Emporium: Xuan Boardwalk concierge Mark Typhoon Lagoon: Jeremy and Evan Now, in regards to the Fastpass family considers themselves to be technologically savvy. But, your fast pass system is so confusing that I personally think that tweaks are necessary to the system. For example, we were provided three wild cards for our stay from DVC. Somehow, unbeknownst to my husband, one of his passes was inadvertently used when we should have had an extra fast pass plus planned for that day. When errors occur, there is very little the guest can do from their end. While I understand the value of the system, particularly given the large numbers of crowds in the parks, the system does not always work in favor of the guest. To be honest, there should be a guest relations kiosk in more than one or two places where guests can go to have errors corrected. Going to the main city hall or guest relations booth at the entrance of each park is problematic given the distance One has to travel to reach that location. Also, it would not hurt to have a phone number to call when errors do occur. Speaking of errors, the new update to the app does not correctly update the current reservations on the guest plan. In fact, when we tried to refresh our screens, both my husband and my app crashed. We were very grateful that our daughter did not upgrade to the newest version, because at least her plan correctly showed all of our reservations. If she had upgraded, we would not have had a clue of upcoming reservations. Definitely a bug that needs to be fixed. One other thing to note: the housekeeping situation at the DVC in the boardwalk is not as good as that of the grand Californian in Anaheim. I can’t expect things to be apples to apples, but after the fourth day, all Towels are supposed to be changed out, and that did not happen with us. We had to request extra towels to replace the old ones. Plus, they were not very quick at delivering items when requested. But, overall, like I said, this has been a wonderful trip. Thank U for some really great memories.
Magic Hours
Nurselisabeth on 6/22/2018
On our last day at Disney World we decided to take advantage of the early morning magic hours at the Magic Kingdom... what a cluster mess. We were stopped in a mob of people 3 times so they could check to make sure we were resort guests. Well when we finally got to our ride there was already a 65 min wait b/c the people who went around the other side of the castle didn’t have the same stops. That was a bunch of crap. The day prior at Animal Kingdom, we also came early for magic hours and we were only checked/scanned once. We made it to our ride with the rest of the mob and only had to wait 15min. That’s b/c we all moved together. It was fair. When u have a mob of HOT people who woke up extra early to spend a crap ton of time and money in your park you should accommodate.
Was a great app, no horrible
Nick Cobb on 6/22/2018
Since the recent update the app doesn’t even work. I can’t even get the app to stay open more than 1 minute. It’s so glitchy and when it does work it’s so slow.
Could be a bit easier to navigate
Bunny Illinois on 6/22/2018
Over all a good app. However it has been a bit difficult to navigate until several days of usage moving from Park to park and checking bus times, account charges and such. I have to wonder how easy this would be for an elderly user?
Just one thing
Chop1045 on 6/21/2018
Fantastic app! We are about to go for the first time with our family. The ONLY thing I would change is the hierarchy of the different parks. If it is Magic Kingdom on your Fast Pass it would be nice to say.... Magic Kingdom then a subset is TomorrowLand.
Great app
josefromvegas on 6/21/2018
I love how it can get you all the information you need and accessible from your phone
New update is awful
Angelast30 on 6/21/2018
I really do NOT like the new update. We are in the middle of our vacation and it is so glitchy and difficult to navigate. Awful! Change it back or make it better!
Can’t get it to work :(
Sgh03 on 6/21/2018
Not working ... spending too much time on this
kmiller372000 on 6/21/2018
Would you finally make it so you can just press the Park button and not have to press “done” afterward. Of course I’m done. IT’S THE PARK I WANT TO SEE THE WAIT TIMES! The new update is terrible. It’s even more confusing now. I can’t even find the wait times anymore.
jenromine on 6/21/2018
The lines are extremely long and there were no longer any fast passes when we tried to book them. It’s hard for the kids to wait.
Where am I really.
garysnot here on 6/21/2018
We were at the park the day of the update. The location was working great it always opened to where you were on the map. After the update it always opens to the magic kingdom and when I push the location ind finally find where the pointer is we were always in the parking lot or off somewhere outside the park. The other features are good but the location is worthless.
Not intuitive, crashes
Ears ringing on 6/21/2018
With all of Disney resources I have to believe this is intentionally bad and somehow fits into their calculations for making more money and providing less service in return.
Lisagruto on 6/21/2018
The app wouldn’t allow me to link my reservation and ticket to my account/band we had to wait until we arrived at the Park day of to get fast passes. I haven’t used the app or FastPass since paper issued. I think this idea really screws people like us that had a malfunction- I don’t have a chance at getting other fast passes and certain rides and blacked out now.
App now works
EricMA2018 on 6/21/2018
I originally had issues with the app on iOS 11.4, iPhone 7. When I updated the app it didn’t work. I ended up deleting the app completely and reinstalling it and that worked. App is working great now!
1st Family Vacation
Texan Totally Disappointed on 6/20/2018
My family and I wee so excited to visit Disney World Orlando but that happiness quickly faded. My nine year old was never addressed as “princess” and the biggest disappointment is she never saw a Disney Princess any where in the park. The lines were incredibly long and they only allow three fast pass per ticket holder per day per park. We will never come back to this over priced park again. My daughter was so upset because she never got to take pictures or get autographs from her Princesses. She said , “ Mommie I thought this was suppose to be the happiest place on Earth by it was the worst place for me!”
Not working again
bubbles 1971 on 6/20/2018
Not working again can’t see reservations that I made called Disney they fixed it but it’s happening again it all started after the update
Not sure
OCart on 6/20/2018
It runs really slow. I have multiple people in my party and doing the fast pass was not easy.
Not working right
...yea on 6/20/2018
The app doesn’t work right on my iphone. It doesn’t show me my plans. None of the dining/resort/fastpass reservations show up and it says I haven’t made any yet. I need to go on the computer every time to check to make sure all my reservations are still there. They just don’t show up on the app.
Really bad service
Shaidndjfbskd on 6/20/2018
Trying to add people could not able to do. Accessing fast pass is really hard and getting help is really troublesome,no one at the front desk/ kiosk helps.
reviewerforfood on 6/20/2018
Disney is a place filled with fun, magic, and great experiences. The rides are obviously 5 stars. The rides are fun, entertaining, and breath taking. However, when it comes to food, there is a problem. First of all, the food is very expensive. 10 dollars for one hot dog with a terrible pretzel around it! That’s first. Second, the food tastes terrible. Really horrible food for such a great place. The food is fast, but maybe that’s because its horrible. At “Sleepy Hollow Refreshments”, there were many things that I was concerned about. As I said earlier, I ordered a hot dog with a pretzel around it. The hot dog was very soggy. The pretzel had way to much salt and was soggy as well. The house made chips were as hard as a rock, and had no flavor. And I wanted to go to one of the restaurants (not fast food). I was told it would take only a few minutes to be seated for a table of 7. Well, whoever said that made a mistake. We waited an hour! Not okay. I am very disappointed with Disney’s food. This is a place for children, so they should care about their health.
The wait....
#nothappybob on 6/20/2018
No fast pass available. The river ride in Pandora we waited 3 hours. The fast pass lane was serving 55-70 people per every 5 people that was standing in the stand by lane. This seems to be a recurring theme throughout the park. Animal Kingdom.
jtmnaehw on 6/20/2018
Unless for anything besides wait times. So many scan codes is numbers and crap that I find it time consuming and frustrating.
Yak and Yeti restaurant
Still waiting at Yak and Yeti on 6/20/2018
We had a party of 5. We were told we would have a 15 min wait so we decided to wait. We saw many people come in that did not have reservations or “United Plans” that went back within 10 minutes. 40 minutes later we were told they were waiting on a table to be cleared. 50 minutes later we were told other people that come in had priority over us and it would be another 15 min. So now at 55 minutes we are still waiting!! Leach Party of 5
pk1763 on 6/20/2018
GPS is glitchy. Losses track of where you are.
Slow nearly unusable
Amcurtis1 on 6/20/2018
The app is slow to load on my iPhone 6. It takes a good 45 seconds to open and authenticate before using any features. It’s very hard to pull up plans or look at fast passes. This week it had me create security questions 3 times. The new resort bus eta feature just displayed that the busses come every 20 minutes. The app is near worthless.
Not showing my annual pass
mpl31 on 6/19/2018
Just updated and my Magic Bands and Annual Pass not showing up in app. What is going on?
System is very slow
lillian wang 2018 on 6/19/2018
System is very slow
HeatherMekie on 6/19/2018
It doesn’t work or save your plans. You can have a fast pass then it will not show up. It keeps logging me out as well. Fix this app!!!! This is ridiculous.
Emma Phan
emma phan on 6/19/2018
Disney always the best place to vacation at!!! Staff are always friendly and helpful!this was my first visit and I love it!!!!
Mama'Tine on 6/19/2018
Just arrived in Disney and the Flippin app won't work!
Great concept
tmbu12 on 6/19/2018
But it keeps crashing.... not working . Tried reloading, updating, cursing.... can’t get it to work
GPS Navigation seems to get stuck on invoke walls.
IBeMark on 6/19/2018
The GPS Navigation here is bad. At some point when I'm hundreds of feet away you have to wonder what logic is being used.
Fix this!
Mmnnn13 on 6/19/2018
When this app first came out it worked really well. All the new updates just drags it down and cannot load anything. Doesn’t load fast passes or any of the things we want to look at. Please fix!
Latest update fastpass didn’t work
Dunny 101 on 6/19/2018
Title says it all. New system of parent swap doesn’t work. Also we had to schedule all fastpasses on my wife’s phone because she had an old version
Fast passes need more an tell scooters an wheel chairs quit running over people
Walmartnut on 6/19/2018
Scooters an wheel chairs don’t own the place been run over twice today
Constant Crashes
Eklauka on 6/19/2018
Would give this app 5 if it didn’t crash on my all the time.
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