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App last updated Feb 02, 2018
New in version 4.0.16

Bug fixes & performance improvements.


The largest Wi-Fi community in the World!

Hotspots, passwords & comments from Wifi Map users!

*** Featured by Apple in 95 countries
*** Top 1 in 25 countries
*** Top 1 in Travel category in 40 countries
*** The most popular WiFi app on the App Store
*** 1st Connectivity App for Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2017

Features of WiFi Map:
- Access Internet for Free
- Millions of WiFi hotspots worldwide
- WiFi passwords and tips
- Smart search
- Map navigation
- Search by the nearest spot
- Share hotspots on facebook, instagram, twitter for your friends

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Mason murphy on 2/17/2018
Ggdgjhsxvnjg on 2/11/2018
The only reason I wanted this app is because it can connect to any wifi hotspot but I search my wifi it only shows me the name it doesn’t show me the password dissapointed for now
shmaizr on 2/7/2018
Me encanta!!!
mparraud on 2/6/2018
Súper practico y me permite tener Wifi por todos lados!! Gracias
How do you use the app
fallout man101 on 2/4/2018
It's kinda confusing how work the app
Divel berd on 2/3/2018
Good job
Bee Savage on 1/28/2018
You get a list of all of these passwords and supposed useable wifi networks, but it's almost like they don't exist because you can't find them to use them!!!
Pretty good...
Lovestarwars123 on 1/22/2018
This app is useful but, sometimes doesn’t work :(
Wow amezing app
cheru Degu on 1/21/2018
Great App!!!
Excitive Stan on 1/20/2018
Thanks to this App,I have no Cellular Data in my iPad but with this app,I can get free WiFi just by this app.I can join in free by password and also it is very great I have free wi-fi.Thanks!!!Now,I can use just like free cellular data.
TrueCloud on 1/19/2018
This is outstanding. I always have my phone with me, and I’m really annoyed when I can’t use some of my apps because of NO FREAKING WIFI!!! But now, I don’t need to worry about that at all. If you always want WiFi, download this app for free!
jedi2chef on 1/17/2018
Could not belive how accurate the info was for hot spots around me!!!
fajory1234 on 1/16/2018
It's tho wonderfull
lOaoqoaoao on 1/13/2018
I fixing hacked into my bosses internet it wasted 120
Nekgorb on 1/12/2018
Program auto closes on its own for no reason. iPhone X .
App Self Closes
Creator4785 on 1/11/2018
Would love to use app but since the update, this app closes seconds after I open it. Only app on my phone that closes on its own. Frustrating...
Keeps Crashing
No ugh on 1/10/2018
The App was really good when I first used it yesterday then now IT KEEPS CRASHING that’s why I have 4 stars, fix this 😭 please
New update bugs
Chris.Rod on 1/8/2018
New update isn't working
Ching chong Ching Chong
TrapHokage on 1/7/2018
They told me to write a review.
june 😡 on 1/2/2018
Try it
works for me
bluemeanieface on 12/30/2017
I think I just opened it and it automatically logged me in! Nice to not ALWAYS have to ask what the wi-fi password is. Community-based so don’t forget to add passwords that aren’t in the system yet.
I don’t know.
Abel Evans on 12/30/2017
I don’t know if this is real, but it looks legit. Soo. Ima go with it.
Thedot. on 12/29/2017
At first i didn't believe it but then I used it and i could install apps and use youtube.I love this app!
Only public WiFi
djzah on 12/19/2017
Again, kinda misleading. This app is to find public hotspots. Don’t come to this app for any WiFi analysis at home. It can’t do anything with your home WiFi. It’s purpose is to help u find public WiFi hotspots.
sumturd on 12/15/2017
This app is just Amazing I just got it today
kingkonfident on 12/13/2017
It seams to be the best for now,thanx
Vikk123💎💎💯 on 12/9/2017
It's pretty good
Great database useless when you don't have wifi
PlatinumMedallion on 12/9/2017
You need wifi or connectivity to use to app to find a wifi hot spot nearby. I travelled to an international airport. Wanted to connect to wifi to get access. I open and app and it still shows me in the us. I try to search for the airport. It says I need to be "connected" to search for wifi hotspots. Really? I need wifi to search for wifi hotspots? Great idea poorly implemented. Have an offline database and allow one to search it while NOT connected.
Título en español
Thyller on 12/5/2017
Necesitamos versión en español
Ads, ads, ads
suzysgal on 12/5/2017
Not very useful because there is mo tutorial on how to use it. Lots of updates and passwords in numeric form but how do you access them? Tons of ads blocking the screens that cannot be closed and if you do manage to close one it brings you to a game screen aimed for 4 year olds. Really think this is a waste of time.
Now that I am doing this I hope they quite asking!
bfocust on 12/2/2017
Kind of works...
Good app
sittipan on 12/1/2017
I like this app
Best App EVER!!!
Darius Orviss on 11/27/2017
I can't use wifi whenever I want to!!
Very very amazing game on 11/26/2017
It's pretty neat.
Wifi boss
Gmydb on 11/25/2017
It's a wifi boss my teacher never lemme get our middle school password well guess wat this is my favorite wifi hack to get everyone's password keep on with the gud work😄💚💚
Q@d1T4n1 on 11/20/2017
Gtadeadpool💜 on 11/16/2017
Now I can get wifi anywhere and not have to use my data YAY hehe
Feridk on 11/16/2017
Love it
LiquidBoxer on 11/14/2017
This app helps ecpeccailly since I forgot my wifi password
Fred Cainoy Magdalera on 11/12/2017
Have not used it so can't comment now.
Not for me
Harold Vince on 11/11/2017
I’m sure it works but none of the networks that are near me come up..... so it does not help me
Don't down load
tj$mike on 11/11/2017
It doesn't work...$
This is great
Pammygn on 11/10/2017
I am only 9 and I don't have a phone with data yet but now when I go to school I'm like the 6th graders☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😜😜😜 Now I just need to download Snapchat 😁
Cq1-567 on 11/7/2017
It doesn’t pick up WiFi that my phone does and the passwords don’t work
Hacking ?10/25/17
Trnyii on 11/6/2017
I read while using this app hacking can occur. Nope not using! No hacking involved I just got an email from developer IT SEEMS LIKE AN OK APP GIVE ME TIME TO TEST AT GATEWAY CENTER 11239 where WiFi is not found from my internet provider. Crazy that optimum WiFi have no dam HOTSPOTS NO WHERE FOR THAT AREA FOR SHOPPING! FOR DEVELOPERS EMAIL I GIVE ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for curtesy.
Interferes with public networks
yeetfacket on 11/6/2017
If you're connecting to a public network that does t have a password but does ha e a security page this app will interfere with the security page showing and you'll never connect. I think a work around is turn of the location services but then you lose the automatic password entry function. Also has numerous redundant entries that clutter the lists Reply to dev reply: You need to do more field work with this app because that's simply not true. I have an iPad 4 and an iPhone 5s both running 10.3.1 and they both never show the security page with your app enabled. As soon as I delete it I have zero problems.
Nice utility to have while traveling
305soldier on 11/2/2017
We have had a lot of hotels with terrible wifi this app is great for when you need internet and don't have cell data left or to save your cell data. WiFi map is a community if people don’t share current passwords then there will be no current password.
Great app
OvO.daboy on 11/2/2017
Great app for its use and more and I jus downloaded it and I already love it I really recommend it as long as it keeps running like this it’s perfect
Useful but not that much
Qweryyioojjffjhgfkhf on 11/1/2017
This app lists nearby wifi connections and their passwords, but eighty percent of the listed connections are outdated and therefore useless. I have been using this app for a few months now and was able to actually connect to some wifi for the first time ever. On top of everything it tends to show ads at the most annoying times (ads with full sound volume).
very good
soheil fathi on 10/30/2017
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  • Publisher: WIFI MAP LLC
  • Category: Travel
  • Released: Sep 20, 2012
  • Current Version Released: Feb 02, 2018
  • Version: 4.0.16
  • Size: 105.6 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Game Center Certified: No
  • Supported Languages: English; Russian;