Candy Crush Saga


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 1.129.0 Nov 14, 2012 Jul 05, 2018 206.4 MB iOS 8 or later 4+
New in version 1.129.0

We hope you’re having fun playing Candy Crush Saga! We update the game every week so don't forget to download the latest version to get all the sweet new features and levels!

New to the game? Don’t be shy, join the fun!

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Let’s play!


Start playing Candy Crush Saga today - loved by millions of players around the world.

With over a trillion levels played, this match 3 puzzle game is one of the most popular mobile games of all time!

Switch and match Candies in this divine puzzle adventure to progress to the next level.

Get that sweet feeling when your quick thinking and smart moves are rewarded with delicious rainbow-coloured cascades and tasty candy combos!

Take on this deliciously sweet Saga alone or play with friends to see who can get the top score! 

Candy Crush Saga is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment.

You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Candy Crush Saga features:
● Tasty ways to play: Target Score, Timed Levels, Drop Down Mode and Order Mode
● Collect sugar drops to progress along the Sugar Track for super sweet surprises!
● Spin the Daily Booster Wheel for a delicious prize
● Unwrap delicious environments and meet the sweetest characters
● Tasty Candies, wrapped and striped Special Candies, Color Bombs and various other magical boosters to help with challenging levels
● Thousands of the best levels in the Candy Kingdom with more added every 2 weeks for your entertainment
● Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!
● It's easy to sync the game between devices and unlock full game features when connected to the Internet

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Twitter @CandyCrushSaga

Have fun playing Candy Crush Saga!

iPad Screenshots
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Fun game
fhknvcddh on 7/20/2018
Candy crush
August75 on 7/20/2018
Love this game 💋
ohanonymous on 7/20/2018
Super fun and challenging!
It’s gotten faster
jpisciotti on 7/20/2018
Love this game. Great graphics. Keeps me entertained.
kittypretty12 on 7/20/2018
Awesome game! Super addicting.
It’s going good
cillviaaa on 7/20/2018
I like that there are more incentives to play now
Paris1103101 on 7/20/2018
Love candy crush my fav game it’s a good thinking game
Less worry
mlw29045 on 7/20/2018
Greatbwaybtonforfetbabout the stress of the day.
Candy Crush
DixieBusterIke3 on 7/20/2018
I find it challenging,not a fan of the fruit and nuts though!
happyfeet11234😘 on 7/20/2018
This app is amazing and addicting
This game
Thefriendyouhate on 7/20/2018
Frustrating yet relaxing depends on the level.
margymol on 7/20/2018
I like it
Levis Mejia on 7/20/2018
Excelente 💪
ShaPoodlez21 on 7/20/2018
Great game!
mari kennedy on 7/20/2018
i love this game so much. it’s taken over my free time.
Love it!
mrsteve1121 on 7/20/2018
I really enjoy this game!
Candy crush
Garcher28 on 7/20/2018
I’m hooked get aggravated when it takes me a long time to complete a level! Lol
Purchase error
Shaygymnast1130 on 7/20/2018
I purchased the 99.99 package which includes not only 1000 coins but other things and only the 1000 coins were received
CrusherBetty on 7/20/2018
Awesome game!
Khalifa_Qtr90 on 7/20/2018
Great game
DT 356 on 7/20/2018
Love this game
Double Charged
ConnieMPhillips on 7/20/2018
It’s heartbreaking to love a game and get ripped off! I’ve been trying to get in touch with someone regarding app purchases with no luck! I was charged triple the amount for an app purchase yesterday. Not cool!
ebrodz1998 on 7/20/2018
So Addictive 🔥🔥🔥👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼💥💥💥🎉🎉😍😍😍
rosapelo on 7/20/2018
This is really fun and addicting
Addictive Game
Kit cat 074 on 7/20/2018
Very addictive game! Many hours of enjoyment for me , I get upset when I use all my lives for the day.
its friday!! on 7/20/2018
I like candy crush I play it everyday it needs to be updated and you never can get jackpot on the spin. 😝
Love/ hate
ohheykiki on 7/20/2018
Really addictive game!! But they play you too
Candy crush
lisareneefax on 7/20/2018
Love it
best game ever
krys47493 on 7/20/2018
it’s so fun to play
ysysystsyshwkfkxyqvab on 7/20/2018
سکسیه مث‌ خودمه
Ekrazit on 7/20/2018
NasirAmare on 7/20/2018
Literally All Day With This Game
I love this game!🤩
Kenna N on 7/20/2018
It’s so addicting and I love playing it! I’ve been playing it for about 6 years and it’s never let me down (unless I lose a level😂) but other than that, awesome game! :)
Good! But not so good!!!👎
j_mark_v on 7/20/2018
I agree with the other review. You absolutely neverrrrrrrr land on the jackpot it is so annoying! But overall I like the game anyway!!😜
8263859;7285$3$/) on 7/20/2018
Love the game but some levels are ridiculous
Another easy King game
Dirty_Nurse_Halo on 7/20/2018
3575 levels completed, $0.00 spent on boosters/extra moves. I don't see how King makes any money off of these games, there are so many ways to earn boosters that nobody needs to purchase any. Anyone with even half a brain can figure out how to utilize the “helmet” and “spaceship” features to easily overcome the new levels while using very few stored boosters of their own(which are quickly replenished by the daily spin/reward/candy drops). I was shocked to have actually landed on Jackpot on my daily spin, it's the first time in the three years I've been spinning it to have actually gotten it. I landed on it again recently and now that makes twice, and I’ve only gotten the checkmark booster 4 times total with - on average - almost 2 spins daily since the feature was introduced about 3 years ago. I still wish they'd replace it with a gold bar and have all spaces receive the same probability of being landed upon. I love all the reviews complaining about the suggested move feature...for me this is a thing that rarely occurs as I mostly have my next move planned as soon as the pieces fall. The rare times it does suggest a move I ignore it and survey the board myself. I’m not sure why people complain about this feature as it’s not like the game is forcing you to make the move, it’s just trying to speed up gameplay to a normal pace.
One to shoot first on 7/20/2018
Nice and relaxing. Until you play same level over trying to be it. Then you do and it’s big reward.
Fun game
Twit-smurfett on 7/20/2018
Candy crush us fun , but sometimes gets really hard .
Kburd9000 on 7/20/2018
But v good
Good game
Cindel01 on 7/20/2018
Please I can’t stop playing this game! Love it😍
Love it
Allicat434 on 7/20/2018
Love this Game.. such a great stress reliever
Candy Crush
Kahkonens on 7/20/2018
Candy Crush!!! I am addicted to this game and I love it!!
1 Beachbum on 7/20/2018
Love the challenge
jg gcg on 7/20/2018
I love this game
hj7474 on 7/20/2018
I enjoy this game so much
chyooooooooooo on 7/20/2018
It's my go to when I'm bored or killing time
Candy crusher
Becca232 on 7/19/2018
Love love this game every time I say I m done I quit Zi come back for more ...
Ebdaaa3 on 7/19/2018
Very Good
Flashing candies
Carol41557 on 7/19/2018
Can you stop flashing the candies immediately after every move? I’d like to be able to think for a few seconds on my next move. It’s very distracting.
Valentinnnnnnnnnnna on 7/19/2018
Addictive to play this ;)
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