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This app was last updated on: Jul 19, 2017
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New in version 17.30

This update lets you upload your Trip Photos faster and more easily. Now you can upload multiple photos at once, and the photos will upload in the background, so you don’t have to sit and wait around for them to finish.


Turo is a car rental marketplace where travelers can rent any car they want, wherever they want it, from a community of local car owners throughout the US, Canada & UK.

Across the country or across town, travelers choose from a unique selection of nearby cars, while car owners earn extra money and help fuel the adventures of travelers they meet along the way. Whether it’s an F-150 truck to help out on moving day, a Tesla for a luxurious weekend away, or a classic VW bus for a picture-perfect road trip, travelers rent the car, and own the adventure.

Hitting the road?
  •  Choose from a totally unique selection and find the perfect car for your trip
  •  Rent directly from local car owners, as much as 30% less than traditional rental agencies
  •  Get your rental delivered, and book trips on the go with a quick tap

Car collecting dust?
  •  Rent it out and turn your depreciating asset into an earning engine
  •  Rest assured with $1 million (CA$2 million for Canadian vehicles) in liability insurance backing each trip
  •  Welcome travelers to your city and help inspire their adventures

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Worked like a charm
William Bryner on 7/24/2017
First-time user. All went great, from sign-up on the app to communications with the car owner. Will definitely consider using Turo in the future.
Amazing and easy
Vanskii on 7/24/2017
Turo is the best way to rent a car! Everything is clear and they make it so easy. I highly recommend using this to rent a car.
Great experience, will use again
ajsavant on 7/24/2017
I had a great experience using Turo in Chicago. It's intuitive and it's features like in-app photos and messaging make you feel secure and safe. Will use again.
Don't wait in line! Get a cooler car delivered to you!
Shgshshshssjajakakajababbddhs on 7/24/2017
Turo app is awesome, easy to use. I highly reccomend paying a little more; if it's available, and have the car dropped right to you. Great app and service from the owner directly! Nice! I booked my car from my bedroom late at night and had it ready by noon the next day in SF!
Great Opportunity to earn some extra cash
freedomseeker25 on 7/24/2017
Great app
Jerome 2841 on 7/23/2017
Highly recommended
Skwlgrl on 7/23/2017
Add a feature that allows one to add trips to calendar. I've rented my car once and I am quite pleased so far. Add the calendar feature for owners and renters!
Sign up Failure
srlandreneau on 7/23/2017
Log in through Facebook isn't working. There's nothing wrong with my Facebook app. I tried multiple times and this app fails. I deleted soon after. Using IPhone 6 Att
Good app
Bsoulet on 7/23/2017
Used turo for the first time and had a great experience renting.
Wolf of Main Street on 7/22/2017
Super easy to use, great experience, will never use Avis or Hertz or whatever, as long as a Turo car is available.
Rentone on 7/22/2017
Love Turo! Customer service is awesome. I rented an awesome Mercedes convertible in Rhode Island, during peak rental time, for half price! Owner was great to deal with, no hassles, easy pickup, easy dropoff. Would use everytime I rent!
Great experience
Tucker pizza lovers on 7/22/2017
We came to CO for a week and I wanted a jeep. The service received from the reservations to the pick up and drop off valets was superior. Will totally use Turo again!
Great App!
Lover of Cakes on 7/22/2017
Very easy to use. Quick to rent a car on short notice for less than market price. Also great for renting out your car as a source for some secondary income. Highly recommend.
Easy to use app
Yanetmft on 7/22/2017
I used the app to rent a vehicle. I bought the premium insurance, but after reading it I thought it wasn't really worth it with the $500 deductible. Even the roadside assistance you "may be responsible for fees" so, what's the point? It's easier to use your AAA for those people with options. After you sign up for a vehicle, it's really between you and the owner. Turo just facilitates the connection. I didn't have to talk to customer service, so I can't comment on that. Overall, I would use the app again.
No help from customer service
I.Like.Metal... on 7/22/2017
My fiancé and I rented a Volkswagen Sedan. The owner was great, kind and responsive. During the trip, however, we were rear ended on the freeway by another motorist. The ordeal sent my fiancé to the hospital and I have lost out on work due to back pain. Turo is still trying to charge me for the damages because the claims specialist has been unable to do anything with the information I have provided them with. I have now responded to 3 emails asking for the at fault party's insurance information, and each time I received no response except another email asking for the same information that I have already provided. Turo's claim staff is irresponsible and unreliable. They have done nothing with information that I have already provided numerous times. DO NOT RENT THROUH TURO.
Charged for a cancelled service
AcunaMatataBoling on 7/22/2017
Owner of the car and I did not get along with the service and now I was being charged $80+ for not even having used the car. Turo will want the owner to charge because they get a percentage off of that. What a rip off! Do not use this service.
Waaaay more convenient.
LazlDazl on 7/22/2017
Used Turo for the very first time after the traditional car rental companies could not provide what I needed. What an excellent service to use and you are in control. Love this service.
Don't waste your time
CanaanBallZ on 7/21/2017
Don't use this app !!!!!!!!!!!!!Shouldn't be able to go through the whole process of picking the car and putting your payment info in just to to have to send other documents then to be declined with no reason or reply of why very disappointing waste of time then there is only text support
The WORST customer service
leah_mariaa on 7/21/2017
Wanted to rent a jeep. The owner didn't specify that it was a stick shift and we go to pick it up and we said, "didn't know it was a stick shift and would feel more comfortable driving an automatic car but we will still drive it" the owner then didn't feel comfortable letting us drive the car so he wouldn't let us take it. We asked for our money back since he didn't provide us with the service. He wouldn't give us even one days worth of money back. The turo customer service is completely helpless and wouldn't even help us out. Never use this app! Terrible customer service.
Hawk818 on 7/21/2017
Turo is a great option for someone who needs a vehicle very easy to work very convenient I will have no problem referring it to friends family and using it again thank you Turo
My favorite app!
aeroDynamic10 on 7/21/2017
I travel ALL THE TIME and it's way more exciting and way less expensive than renting from a traditional rental car company. The selection of vehicles is awesome, but the convenience is what makes Turo absolutely priceless.
Mediocre app; terrible support
Money Badger on 7/20/2017
My renter hotboxed in my Suburban. I got it professionally cleaned per Turo policy. I submitted my receipt per Turo policy. Turo has ignored me for four days. And when I finally got a response, Turo only agree to reimburse me pending photographic evidence of a SMELL! If your gut tells you not to list your vehicle in the"sharing economy", listen to your gut! When a company gets described as the "Uber of" or the "AirBnB of" something, it means that the entrepreneur and customer worker are fetishized while the worker gets marginalized. But the app is halfway decent.
Love Turo
Adam4444125 on 7/20/2017
I recently took a trip to Denver and used Turo for our transportation. Convenient, fun, and loved that I could choose whatever vehicle I wanted. Saved over $150 on a car rental.
Great first time experience! Great price
Poo's on 7/20/2017
Great price! Great options
Easy to Use
Pandemon1um on 7/20/2017
I've been a Turo user for over a year now and I've had great experiences with all the cars I've rented. The app could use some tweaking but overall it's user friendly and convenient for someone like me who does not own a car.
Counter Offers Needed
Gas Expert 11 on 7/20/2017
There should be an option to counter offer or message the owner prior to committing to the price.
Great experience!
Gage2008 on 7/20/2017
A friend in Hawaii recommended this service, & we had a great experience this last week! Everything worked out well, from initial communication, to pickup, dropoff & the entire process. Definitely recommend using this service as an affordable way to find a good car while traveling (especially in expensive areas)!
The air bnb for cars
Fluffiest of them all on 7/19/2017
Life saver for traveling on a budget
App won't let me do anything
MollDolled on 7/19/2017
(Trying to rent out my car) Facebook sign up would not work. Google plus logged me into the app. Got to the point where I put in my license # and it gave me an error message then logged me out and I am unable to log back in. I would really love to use this app - hopefully just something that needs to be updated.
Great app and quick
Andy91183 on 7/19/2017
easy to use and convenient. great prices and opportunities.
Great Experience
TripleVIICEO on 7/18/2017
First time user...found a great value on a Land Rover in San Diego. Car was immaculate! Highly recommend trying Turo! They will be disrupting the rental car industry, in a good way. Lastly, app worked flawless in all aspects of renting a vehicle.
Convenient & Affordable Rate
Thaopham26 on 7/18/2017
I have been using Turo a lot lately, very convenient & I find it's better than Getaround. Great selection of cars as well.
Overall excellent experience
Mama bear Lawson on 7/18/2017
Overall, find this to be a great experience for renting cars without the credit/debit and deposit drama. Have used 3 times now and when there was a glitch with extending, fast and prompt help from Turo.
No issue, been on both sides
Velvet-say on 7/18/2017
I've been listing my car on turo (used to be relayrides) using the app to manage all the activities and have rented others cars for leisure many times. So far so good. One thing I'm struggling is that the app doesn't have notifications/unread messages on the icon if though I have enabled all notifications. They only show when you have unread rental requests. Found this difficult for me to reply quickly when renters try to reach in short frames.
Dont listen to them!!!
ChickMagnet00 on 7/18/2017
I have had turo for a while and it's been a great experience for me!!! The best car for rent in the world dude!!! You guys just have to read the rules of the car because each car is a different owner, so yeah before you rent make sure you read all the owners rules. This is the best app for car renting better than enterprise and all the renting company out there very convenient as well. Thanks Turo!!!! ☺️ very satisfied with this app.
siggo on 7/18/2017
Way cheaper and more options than rental cars offer. Also you can have them meet you at passenger pickup or wherever you want. That saves an hour at rental car lot.
Great Service as an Owner
RenaissanceKid on 7/18/2017
I'm new to this app and so far my experience has been pleasant. Easy to use and easy renters have been easy to communicate with. It's a great way to earn extra income.
Aaron LA on 7/17/2017
I rented a Mazda in KC and it was super easy. Great first experience and I'll definitely do this again. Thanks.
IAMSIRWILL on 7/17/2017
Great app. Only used for one trip. And the one trip was just as advertised. Will use more often. It was great.
Truly Innovative and Game Changing Service
Big B Rod on 7/17/2017
I have been renting two of my vehicles out for a few months now and have nothing but rave reviews about the Turo service. All of my renters have taking great care of my cars...customer service is knowledgeable, friendly and thorough...and I am making the easiest money I've ever made in my life. Only regrets so far is not renting through Turo sooner!
Revolutionary Service
hutchisonpodcasting on 7/17/2017
Using this service actually was a highlight of my trip.
Great Service
jagAnanya on 7/17/2017
Just finished trip with my first customer. I enjoyed using this service. Was very easy to understand the process. Great experience with my first customer.
User friendly
Meri_meri on 7/17/2017
I downloaded the app after finding out about turo thanks to google. I had a great experience. App was very easy to use, no problems. The person I rented from was easy to work with and overall I preferred this service over going to a rental car place.
Turo is awesome.
Proxidelight on 7/17/2017
It's similar to Airbnb but with cars. I've been using it for 3 years now. It's great in the summer when rental prices are high in Seattle. Very convenient.
Forget rent a car places
Ohdini on 7/17/2017
This peer to peer network is all you need to rent the best cars for the best prices available.
Easy to use
StuffleBunny on 7/17/2017
It's very easy rent rent cars. No hefty deposits like with major car rental companies.
Great way to get around!
TheSweetezGurl on 7/17/2017
Great idea to commute and meet new people.
Awesome service
Dromon on 7/17/2017
Just finished my second rental. Worked great both times. First rental was a Tesla Model X to ferry me and some visiting family around for the weekend. Car was delivered to my driveway and picked up at the end of the rental. Whole process was smooth. Second rental was on a last-minute trip to visit a sick relative. Booked the car in the morning, was met at baggage claim that night and was on my way 5 minutes later. Dropoff was similarly easy. Oh, and The car was a BMW 5-Series for about the same price as Hertz wanted for a Camry!
BryantG on 7/17/2017
Loved the simplicity!
Good easy to use
1503racing on 7/17/2017
Sick app
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