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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Travel 18.18 Aug 31, 2012 Apr 18, 2018 159.5 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 18.18

Turo has partnered with Apple Pay to turbocharge your next adventure. Book with Apple Pay from April 5 – 18, 2018 to get $25 off your next Turo booking. Terms apply.


Turo is a peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace where you can book any car you want, wherever you want it, from local hosts across the US, Canada, the UK, and Germany. A vibrant community over five million strong, Turo guests can choose from over 850 unique makes and models, while hosts earn extra money to offset the costs of car ownership.

Whether it’s a truck to help on moving day, a Mercedes-Benz for a luxurious weekend away, or a classic VW bus for a picture-perfect road trip, with more than 200,000 vehicles listed worldwide, Turo lets you find the perfect vehicle for your next adventure.

Hitting the road?
• Choose from a totally unique selection of cars and drive the perfect one for your trip
• Book cars directly from local hosts, as much as 30% less than traditional car rental agencies
• Get the car delivered, and book trips on the go with a quick tap

Car collecting dust?
• Share your car and turn your depreciating asset into an earnings engine
• Rest assured with up to $1 million in liability insurance backing each trip

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Great experience, free from the corporate paperwork
mtkaswede on 4/21/2018
The app worked great and we found a car owner who has provided 5 Star Service for many many renters. I was so happy that my money went to a person, not a huge corporation. I will definitely use Turo for our summer vacation.
Love this app ❤️
aardvarknation on 4/20/2018
I actually do love the app. I've used it a number of times in Colorado, California and Hawaii and the people have never disappointed. It's nice to deal with a human being. The price is always right, you can get very short term loans (I have rented a car multiple times for a long layover) where the car is in shuttle parking already. Totally recommend-and do often.
la_yaknow39 on 4/19/2018
Great app
A screen shot not an app
Dark Man X(SM) on 4/19/2018
After you provide either your face book or email or other personal details it sends you to a screen shot that looks like an app that may be froze but I could tell it was a screen shot . Just think about it . Who is gonna trust some stranger on an app with their car
Jawn15 on 4/18/2018
I had a pretty straight forward and easy experience. Picked up the car, used it for the day, gassed it up, dropped it off. I do see how things can go wrong, but my Turo went as expected and I will definitely do it again!
guy560 on 4/18/2018
There support is horrible. isn't worth downloading
🚨200 Miles per day!👎🏻
Meowinski on 4/18/2018
On this app most vehicles give you 200 miles per day when Rent a Car locations give you unlimited miles. I rent cars on a very regular basis for business and 200 miles a day is useless. A trip from Palm Springs to Los angeles and back is over 200 miles and that is without even doing anything at all! 🤔. 😬Imagine if you get 200 miles a day for pleasure trips, is just not practical when Car Rental Places give you “UNLIMITED” miles for the same type of vehicles and about the same prices, definitely not very smart! 🚨Not to mention that I keep reading reviews about Car Owners canceling trips at the last minute, that is just very unprofessional and can cause people to lose money and time because of that, all in all not very customer friendly and not practical or smart at all!
3 days before you can rent
bdheeheusdhgevgejqhw on 4/18/2018
Turo Does not tell you this upfront, but it takes three days before you were actually verified in allowed to drive vehicles. This has ruined a date that I had planned. Terrible app terrible company
Cool app!
kevthabarber on 4/18/2018
Rented a luxury car very easy and had no issues. Would recommend!
Terrible customer service
Ehsan2235 on 4/17/2018
If you have any issues There is basically no customer service
Worked perfectly
chineset8kout on 4/17/2018
I had a great first experience on Turo!
TheBeak on 4/16/2018
I love the verity that Toro app offers. All kinds of transportation options. Can’t wait to use again on my next opportunity. Would love to see search engine have more filtering options but amazing just the same!
Bad company - AVOID AT ALL COSTS!
GeddyChi on 4/15/2018
Unbelievably bad customer experience.
J mugga on 4/15/2018
No way to find out if your eligible until your about to actually rent the car 🙁. Woulda been nice to know before I put all of my information in!
Jake Conroy on 4/15/2018
I booked a reservation for a 4Runner in Kahului Maui. Trip was confirmed, but when we got off the plane, the host completely ghosted us. Would not pick up his phone, respond to texts, messages, etc. We had no other options but to get back on the plane and head home as all other car rental agencies were fully booked. I will never use Turo again.
Great APP
Mbradley274 on 4/15/2018
I rented several times and it was easier than going to a standard car rental company.
Account closed by Turo
turts28 on 4/15/2018
I rented many vehicles from Turo in the past and have had many good reviews and left good reviews. Then out of the blue as soon as I booked my recent trip in LA. I was notified that my account was closed and I am denied access to Turo. They gave no reason and I did not close it on my own. And when I contacted support they still didn’t give a reason or know why it happened and have done nothing about it. It also said I would receive my refund of over $400 in 3-5 days. It has been 2 weeks. (10 business days) and still have not seen my money back yet. And customer service is too incompetent to even answer properly. Never using this app again and making sure my friends never use this service
Good app cool service.
Mr.RC1 on 4/15/2018
As always the reviews of the person you’re working with will ensure you have a great trip. My trips have been great!
Cancelled without telling me!
cancelled without notice. on 4/15/2018
They booked a trip and paid for it. I took an Uber to the pick up address on the day that I was supposed to at the exact time I’m supposed to. I show up and the lady tells me that my reservation was canceled last night. I look on my email and on the app and it says that my trip is starting. She tells me it’s between me and Turo. Apparently Turo decided to cancel my reservation without telling me so they could review my account without sending me an email or notification. Now I’m sitting in front of this lady‘s house like a homeless person beyond embarrassed waiting for an Uber to pick me up. Completely ruined my vacation. Had they let me know in advance I could’ve made other plans. I took off work for this!
App always crashes
Daddymclongcock on 4/15/2018
Fix your slow app it always crashes .
Kohlmanndean on 4/14/2018
Turo has been a wonderful way to rent a car hassle free and rent out my own cars for some extra cash. Only good if users and hosts are courteous and on time. Definitely a better solution than a rental car company.
Forget the other guys...
xelius on 4/14/2018
Turo has great cars and I have never had a bad experience renting a car with them for personal and work travel. I always get the car I reserve (there’s no such thing as “or similar” that the other companies have and then you get some other crappy car instead of the one you actually wanted) and the car is always as described. The app is very easy to use. I definitely recommend this to anyone who needs to rent a car. The only downside to Turo is you might not be able to find a car through their app if you’re flying to a smaller airport where nobody is renting cars out. Otherwise, it’s fantastic.
Great service !
andresleo242 on 4/14/2018
Great service , easy and convinient.
Decent Prices/ Decent People
Jonesy_sf on 4/14/2018
I've rented through Turo several times now. I like that they allow last minute rentals because I've needed to book last minute on 2 separate occasions. Each time I've rented, the owners of the vehicle has been easy to communicate with and access to drive has always been a simple process. Thanks for making it possible to rent so easily. I will always recommend Turo to my friends! 😉👍🏻
More accountability with owners
fesqawdt on 4/13/2018
I use Turo quite a bit. One thing I’d change about the app is to not charge the consumer until the owner confirms the trip. The way app is set up the consumer pays and waits for owner to respond. I’ve had a few times where the owner responded and I had to call Turo to alert the owner. Also I would hope that Turo would demand more accountability to owners to maintain the cleanliness of the car. A lot of the cars I have rented have engine lights on and rough idling. One car the owner had a tire pump in back seat and showed me how to pump the back tire should it get low. 3 times I’ve rented cars and the car reaks of marijuana. No judgement at owners personal practices but when renting your personal car the owner should not have the car smelling of marijuana. All in all Tuoro is great — just need to hold owners of the cars more accountable.
Be Careful with this App.
RSDTreker on 4/13/2018
I have used this App 4 times already and have had problems with every transaction. Just because you have booked a trip at a certain date or for certain times don’t assume that that is what you will get. On two trips I got calls from the owners telling that the transaction was not accurate and I had to cancel the trip. Both owners blamed the Turo app for the mistake. On a third transaction, I turned the vehicle in a day early and was charged for an additional day. In all cases Turo corrected the issues and refunded my money after several days of waiting. On many instances I see that cars are available for certain dates until I press the book now button and I get an error that the car is not available. The message gets stuck on the screen and prevents you from pressing the Ok button. The only to clear the error is to shutdown the App then restart it.
Swiss1851 on 4/13/2018
It would be great if I could message the owner prior to renting, like on Airbnb.
Turo will try to scam you if a renter crashes your car
bluudemize on 4/12/2018
I am writing this in frustration and as a forewarning to all those looking to rent your car out on Turo. Turo promises 100% coverage as long as you give them 25% if your earnings. That has been discovered to be a lie. They are slow with payment and will try to cheat the shop on labor costs, then tell you that some of the damage is not covered. I own a 2014 Porsche and these cheapskates will not even pay the minimum going rate for labor on a German vehicle. They force you into renting to anyone based on their non-discriminatory policy, yet will try to dance around coverage when you actually need it. If you have a fairly nice car, stay away from renting with Turo! They are horrible! Klarissa in the claims department is incompetent and works slow to resolve issues. I am in the process of trying to get someone else to handle my claim. Car owners be warned! Do not lease your car out with Turo!
Hosts be aware
luminous92 on 4/12/2018
I rented two vehicles out on the app over the span of a few years. I made sure to go above and beyond for those renting my vehicle and consistently received excellent reviews. Despite this, Turo provided me NO coverage or financial assistance when a reckless driver totaled my car (DUI). My advice to you is to read the fine print about coverage/policies! I regretfully did not and felt that Turo left me in the dust to figure my situation out because I did not follow their remote key hand-off policy to a T. Needless to say, I have lost all trust in this company, who did nothing for a loyal host who provided nothing but exceptional service to renters.
Fantastic app
Anonymous2224263 on 4/11/2018
Love Turo as a service and the app is beautifully designed! Some really impressive UX and UI for those who appreciate that kind of thing :)
I give it 1 star because
Buttable on 4/11/2018
It’s not supported on iPad Pro . You guys should make it full screen on iPads
A complete organizational mess that misses on details
Dtb sports on 4/11/2018
I have never written a review before but after this experience, I felt it was warranted. After booking a car for the first time, the process to change your email address took 3 days, 8+ calls and 20+ emails. During these three days, I had a rental pending that the company could not confirm or deny the standing of. After two days of trying to change my email, they misspelled it multiple times even though they continued to email me on with correct email-address. This company should be ashamed and start over from scratch making sure the little things are done before they continue to expand into other markets. Please advise this companies lacks attention to detail, I am very glad I was renting and not trusting Turo with my car.
Use at your own risk
Big_Burgas on 4/11/2018
Turo is a scam. They have good prices but it’s a scam believe me. Owners are allowed to just put charges on your bill and it’s no way around it. They’ll take pictures of the car before and you have to take pictures too. Then after the trip you’ll receive a charge for damages, even if you have pictures of the damage before. You can’t cancel a trip, doesn’t matter why you need cancel. You could’ve just gotten hit by a car, they don’t care. You’re only allowed an hour grace period after booking to cancel and anything after that, you’re only refunded the protection fees, doesn’t matter if you try to cancel in the same day. Try contacting customer service and you’ll be listening to elevator music for hours or try emailing them about an issue and wait days for a response. Terrible customer service.
Terrible customer support
Hassaan Abdeen on 4/11/2018
Wasted 24 hours back and forth emailing customer support but all in vain. I couldn’t get my phone number verified because of a problem at their system and I’m not receiving a confirmation SMS. I don’t wanna know what would happen if I needed Turo customer support for something serious. Be ware... you’re on your own.
RelayRides -> Turo
LoflrjGg24 on 4/11/2018
Been with them since RelayRides. Don’t see any problems with this app!
강바리스타 on 4/10/2018
Easy to use, but there is quite expensive deducted fee unlike other full covered insurrance official rental car.
Scam platform
Artem Kudymovsky on 4/10/2018
Beware of using this platform. I've rented a Jeep Wrangler for a family getaway. The listing advertised how that vehicle is "capable of taking you anywhere" (alobg those lines) - only to find out once I've actually booked the car that it's against the policy to use vehicles rented via Turo on unpaved roads. I had to cancel, because I don't need a wrangler with beefy mud tires to stroll on highways. They charged me a $24 cancelation fee. Never again, and all my friends and YouTube subscribers are going to know to stay away from this BS platform. I tried calling the customer support several times, and every time I'm trying to choose a billing option, my call gets disconnected.
Not cheap
Topgun213 on 4/10/2018
Maybe I’m just in the wrong area but renting for me on here is not any cheaper than a car rental agency. Sometime it’s more expensive to rent on here! This app serves no purpose for me
Wasted hours, still no car
McG_onSax on 4/10/2018
Two hours and 3 customer service calls and they still couldn’t get things straight on my account so I could rent my first car. Don’t waste your time or risk disasters. Read the reviews of the car owners and you’ll find lots and lots of last minute cancellations, late (many hours) deliveries, and other problems. And if an owner has a record of last minute cancellations how could they still let them rent? Apparently no quality controls or rules to protect the renters.
Real source of income
Sjhq2000 on 4/10/2018
For people is a good source of extra cash but the car will be occupied. Small businesses can generate real revenue and expand their clients by sharing company cars with other users. Is real and legit.
lilspeedstack on 4/10/2018
Turo has taken a while to take my account off hold but after a week of continuous calling everyday, and emailing several employees i have gotten it off hold. 4 stars for you Turo for solving my problem. I had given them 1 star in the previous review but they solved my problem so you get 4 stars now
Cool enough
Babandan on 4/9/2018
Hahaha wow
Highly recommend
831.Michael.831 on 4/9/2018
Used this for the first time last weekend. Everything went seamlessly. The guy I rented from was very professional. Saved a ton of money compared to traditional rental. There are probably renters who aren’t as good as the one I got, but if you read the reviews your experience should be as good as mine.
Great service with unique cars
ChrisBoulder on 4/9/2018
So many options to rent, especially electric cars I was considering buying. Great renters have been on time and surprisingly trusting with their cars! Great service!!
Whyareallthenames takenalready on 4/9/2018
This app is a blessing. Keep up the good work. Let's keep Turo going!!
Alize_la on 4/9/2018
I thought it was going to be a headache to list my car, but it was very easy! I listed and rented it in a matter of minutes!
So convenient
JWC Macbook on 4/9/2018
Great app that makes renting a car easy and convenient.
khal86 on 4/9/2018
Amazing app get it right away . Not fake also good prices
Great app for both sides for renters and for the host
Aws's TURO on 4/8/2018
I really enjoy this app
Use this if you want to lose money
ESJki on 4/8/2018
I booked a car, and the host (Beckie L.) canceled my trip last minute. Customer service offered to re-book my trip with another car, and I explained that I needed the car delivered. They notified me and said that the delivery will be free as I’m less than 20 miles from the pickup location, so I said cool, let’s get it booked. At the time of this booking, I had less than 24 hours until the trip started because I obviously had to book last minute, and the host informs me that I have to pay $120 to get the car delivered. Now mind you, the host’s location is the location for which I needed to drive the rental, that’s why I needed it delivered. Long story short, because I need to cancel before 24 hours for a full refund, I am losing money via no refundable fee. Customer service is useless and says it’s “policy.” Do not use this service.
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