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Updates and new features to provide better earnings insights for Turo hosts.


Turo is a car rental marketplace where travelers can rent any car they want, wherever they want it, from a community of local car owners throughout the US, Canada & UK.

Across the country or across town, travelers choose from a unique selection of nearby cars, while car owners earn extra money and help fuel the adventures of travelers they meet along the way. Whether it’s an F-150 truck to help out on moving day, a Tesla for a luxurious weekend away, or a classic VW bus for a picture-perfect road trip, travelers rent the car, and own the adventure.

Hitting the road?
  •  Choose from a totally unique selection and find the perfect car for your trip
  •  Rent directly from local car owners, as much as 30% less than traditional rental agencies
  •  Get your rental delivered, and book trips on the go with a quick tap

Car collecting dust?
  •  Rent it out and turn your depreciating asset into an earning engine
  •  Rest assured with $1 million (CA$2 million for Canadian vehicles) in liability insurance backing each trip
  •  Welcome travelers to your city and help inspire their adventures

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Great rental experience
Justemtme on 11/18/2017
It was so simple, no lines and the vehicle was waiting for us at the airport. Drop off was curbside at the airport. So much nicer than standard rental processes.
Taxi taker 92612 on 11/18/2017
Rented a car in Seattle. Not only was the car a mess inside, a headlight didn’t work. Owner didn’t care gave lip service. When I tried to re rent after 3 days had Non stop problems. Better off with a real company and the rates are better. First time I totally felt disgusted with a travel app.
No way to filter age requirement
iPhone7KO on 11/17/2017
Age discrimination is built right into the app and there is no way to filter around it. Customers and Turo are both losing out on money.
Customer Service
hansla6 on 11/16/2017
I’m not a person that review something but this time they deserve it. I was trying for first time to rent a car and everything looks nice, but i didn’t sign up under the link of a friend to get the deal, so i call them and every single action was an answer machine telling me to go online to see the general questions, ok I repeat it with another email. This time i was stock with the eligibility because you need to years, but i have two other driver licenses outside the states and wasn’t able to change it. This time i use the text way to get help. I explain them about the license bu guess what, they just told me the same that i already know. Not a single help. Doesn’t seem an app for people traveling to the states (in my case) I hope they solve this because they fail in one of the most important things in a business.
Worst Customer Service Imagineable
BillMaddock on 11/16/2017
Turo has twice let their hosts bait and switch me with cars which were not anything close to what was described. The first, a Lexus in Houston which had been in an accident and was unsafe to drive. The second, a Jeep in Denver which smelled unbearably of marijuana. Both incidents, the owner had notified Turo of the problems but they were still able to and unscrupulous enough to accept reservations while their vehicles were undriveable. Turo responds by a long and belabored customer service experience, in which they never fully resolve your problem and do not fully compensate you for your time and money.
Needs more filters
Texas FFE on 11/16/2017
I'm currently a new host and have not yet rented. Because I am a host, I have done a lot of exploring on the Turo app and website. I am only hosting one car but some people are definitely trying to create a business through Turo and have as many as thirty cars listed. Overall I think Turo is a fantastic, exciting service, but I would like to see more filters on Turo. My listing is a Battery Electric Vehicle but Turo only has a hybrid/electric filter that doesn't distinguish between Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV), Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and Battery Electric Vehicles(BEV). I don't like travelers having to sift through HEVs and PHEVs to find my all electric BEV and I'm sure many host and travelers would like better filters for screening electrified vehicles. I have had trouble lately with travelers booking my car on price, not realizing that my BEV doesn't have a gasoline engine. Once the travelers realize they are renting an electric vehicle and that they can't just pull into any gas station to fill it up, they cancel their booking and get charged a cancellation fee from Turo. I have tried to strengthen my listing so that people better understand my listing is for a BEV but better filters would help keep people from renting vehicles they don't really want. One important vehicle option that has no filter on Turo is towing package. I often have a need for a vehicle that can tow but it's difficult to locate vehicles that can tow on Turo. Also filters for advanced important options that are becoming more popular, like Adaptive Cruise Control and Emergency Braking, are also needed on Turo.
Great app!
Joeyeyze on 11/15/2017
Excellent alternative to tradition rental cars. The choices are great and you can find just about any type of vehicle you might need. In many cases the prices are much lower than renting from a rental agency and much more convenient!
Great alternative for car rental
Yay Aaron on 11/14/2017
I’ve had nothing but positive experiences and great rates with this app.
Simple, fast, cheaper and easier than standard rentals
Ellieka on 11/14/2017
The under 25 fee is much more reasonable, and there aren't as many hidden fees as with some standard rentals. More flexible and customizable in terms of service as you can discuss with the renter what you may need. Highly recommend.
App uses deceptive advertising practices
Jbenson25 on 11/13/2017
Turo uses deceptive advertising practices and has dishonest renters. Please avoid.
Turo is AMAZING!!
Kmpriceless on 11/13/2017
I just did my first trip through Turo and now I’m headed to my second trip again through Turo and it was so cost efficient, so easy to book without the hassle of a typical rental company! I will definitely spread the word about Turo!!
Buggy app
Fmslcndjxm on 11/13/2017
I think Turo has a great concept going. This is a great opportunity for people to earn a little extra cash, and for others to be able to browse and rent the car they want. However, their app needs A LOT of work. I can barely navigate through it without the app crashing or sending me somewhere I don’t want to be. Error messages pop up constantly saying “please enter a destination” when I already did, and don’t even get me started on their filtering system. I’m not sure how this app passed through Apple, let alone their testing team (if they even have one). I don’t know how you can release an app with so many obvious bugs.
Terrible service
Deathoflove on 11/13/2017
Was hoping for a game changer in the rental car space but instead got terrible service. My ride was canceled by the owner and they still took 50% of my fee and have not responded to requests for a refund. Bad customer service, do not recommend. I ended up using Getaround and had a better experience. 0 stars! Do not download!!!
Great app!
TexasForChrist on 11/12/2017
Exactly what it says and cheaper than using the mainstream rental agencies.
Safe and affordable
Chinzito on 11/12/2017
Turo makes a safe connection between clients and drivers. It made it so easy to find the car I wanted to rent. So much more convenient than any commercial business
Turo Rental Car
Miranda Jolly on 11/11/2017
The app is was very easy to use. Had no issues with renting a vehicle the same day I downloaded the app. The app emails you confirmations along with instructions and great info of what you will need to know. Love it!
Turo does not support car owners
Tiffy the un-techster on 11/10/2017
Ive been renting almost a year now in Portland, Or. turo does not and support usmaking them profits. Three different times, the customer service did not support me and my needs protecting me from abusive and bogus renters. Im not renting anymore, not worth it.
Most unreliable car rental service
Premlikeframe on 11/9/2017
I’m a small business owner and have used turo 3 times. The last 2 times the trip was cancelled after my arrival or within 12 hours. In these situations Turo support was not helpful and I had to use a traditional rental car service at the airport.
Houston, Tx
jgpwatt on 11/8/2017
I rented from Chris White while in Houston in October. The Prius was a car that I never thought I would like driving but glad that I was open minded about driving while on this visit. I loved the car and my experience. Chris was very easy to work with. I left my favorite coffee mug in his car and he mailed it to me. I really never thought I would see it again but he is awesome!
111mb on 11/7/2017
Just had a person with terrifying reviews auto book my car and I was charged for the cancellation. Support is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!
Renter got into an Accident while renting my car
Jean hachem on 11/6/2017
Involved parties: Other driver personal insurance My renter personal insurance Turo commercial liability insurance by liberty mutual Turo claims representative Littleton group hired by Turo to solve physical damage My insurance for no reason Adc appraisal company hired by Littleton So far 9 parties :)))) Adc appraisal estimates the damages way less than all state appraisal that was done by the other driver insurance Of course to the benefit of Turo It’s a huge mess It’s so complicated that it looks like it will take at least two month to solve Go figure A veteran Turo fleet owner :) 800+ trips so you want to do it? Good luck
Turo is now my go to
Tc1299 on 11/6/2017
Anywhere from exotics to daily drivers, the choices are endless. I rented a Jaguar F-Type V8S during my trip to the bay area this past weekend and i drove this thing up to napa and down us costal highway. Man, what a car and the best part about Turo is that pick up and drop off is cake! So fast and you’re up n running in no time. On top of that, car selection is always top notch. Cmon you have to admit have the choice btw a red mustang or a white mustang will get boring eventually. Turo is my go to when available forget about all the other big name players!
So easy and convenient
underpaidnurse on 11/5/2017
Was in a jam and this solved the transit portion of a last minute work trip without any hassles or hidden fees. I had actually tried the other app I think it was called let’s go because it said instant approval verification so I filled everything out and was told 24 hours for verification. That wasn’t going to work and then I thought about zipcar and that requires you to receive an access card so not going to work and then I found Turo. Within ten minutes of signing I was approved and on my way to pick up the car and made it in time for the last minute meeting. I’ve rented three times now and it’s ended up being much cheaper and way easier than using a traditional rental agency with their hidden extra costs.
Love Turo!
Jenkster Dukes on 11/5/2017
The app is so intuitive and handy. Love having hundreds of cars all around to choose from
Easy way to rent.
Whatintheworldlinlin on 11/4/2017
We wanted a car to explore Denver and this app made it super simple and economical for us.
LOVE this app.
Flowerchild19894567tr on 11/4/2017
I now use Turo whenever I can. It’s super easy to use. Great customer service. Great selection of inexpensive cars that are closer than most rental car places. Day or hourly rental. My only complaint is the low daily mileage restrictions. Often I need to use more miles and than allowed, so I am forced to rent from a traditional rental car company. I wish I could use Turo for all my rentals. It really is great. So convenient!!!
Mobs player on 11/4/2017
Amazing app. Community is amazing especially the communications with the car holder
Why didn’t I think of this app?!
NLDeepHouse on 11/4/2017
TURO has allowed us to rent some amazing cars that the established companies just don’t offer. We love it!
So convenient!
Aster Nuu on 11/3/2017
Loved this service! App is really easy to use and self explanatory! Great customer service and great experience! I would highly recommend Turo!
Great concept, high fees
ikraze on 11/3/2017
The app is a great concept but the fees are way too high. I booked a car for a total of $117 for a day trip but due to unexpected circumstances couldn’t go on the trip. I was charged $85 for cancelling.
Horrible experience
Cocowitafatass on 11/3/2017
I have had people stalk my spouse in my own car, I have had renters leave heavy drugs in my car, I have had renters wreck my car. Turo took 35% of my pay each trip and when a renter wrecked my car they didn’t cover it! I will never ever use this service and I warn everyone to stay away from this app completely!
BEWARE You will not believe what happened to us
12354rfedc on 11/3/2017
We are taking legal action against Turo. Turo is an absolute disgrace and should not be in business and I doubt they will be for much longer. My husband and I rented out our car, we received the car back from the first driver and there was a large scratch on the side of the back door, someone side swiped the car. When we reported the damage to Turo they said they would not cover it because we did not report it within 24 hours. Seeing as though we had no choice we decided we would get it fixed ourselves. The car was due to be rented out that weekend, not having time to fix it we contacted the new renter letting them know that the car had a large scrape down the side from a previous driver but it was still drivable and asked if they wanted to cancel. The driver said they didn’t mind the scratch and would still like to rent the car. As luck would have it, in no less than 5 hours after this new person picked up the car she called my husband and said she had got into an “accident” ( if you can call it that) in a gas station parking lot. My husband was near by so he went to the scene to see the new damage to the car. The car happened to be hit on the same side where there was a scratch before the women picked it up except this was far more extensive and the damage was on both doors now creating a gigantic scratch underneath the previous one except this one stretched from one door to the next. There was also some damage on the back end-but it was still drivable nothing too serious all cosmetic. There was a police report and everyone went on their way. We reported the damage to Turo who thought it was suspicious that we had a new claim on this car so soon after we had been denied for the first. They claimed that what happened was preexisting damage and said we were lying!! Which is false - clearly this happened from a new accident from a different renter entirely! We were not stepping down without a fight what Turo was doing was wrong. There is only one direct support line for Turo and we couldn’t even get anyone to transfer us to a manager. Support was condescending and told us someone would contact us within the week. We had ANOTHER renter due to rent out the car that weekend, we contacted that driver and told them the car had been in not 1 but 2 accidents and there was 2 large scrapes down the side of the car and damage at the back. The woman said that the scratch wasn’t an issue and that she was really depending on the car to get her to a conference she was speaking at. Considering the damage was cosmetic and Turo charges both parties if they cancel, we moved forward as planed and rented the car out to her. In the meantime we planned to still pursue Turo to try get them to pay the damage from the previous accident, as they should have. As luck would have it- no I’m not kidding- This woman was in a 10 car pile up on the high way later that day!! The car was smashed and not drivable. Turo charged her $500 and left her STRANDED in the middle of no where. Unbelievable. So now we have 3 claims -2 open claims on this car. Turo has done nothing but make our lives miserable we have been without a car for a month and they still won’t help us. They say it’s “preexisting” damage. In what delusional world is Turo living in?? I am appalled at how we’ve been treated and we have been nothing but cooperative. We just want our car back and fixed we aren’t trying to get any money out of this and we are being treated as criminals. So much for the “one million dollar accident coverage” AND To make matters worse the person driving the car that the renter hit in the 2nd claim in the gas station parking lot is claiming bodily injury. Since Turo is refusing to help they are saying we are liable. We are liable for injury of a person when we were not even driving the car!? We don’t know what going to happen now. Perfect example of how bad things happen to good people. I cannot believe someone from the board of directors has not contacted us. We’ve never been treated so horrible. I am disgusted. We are pursuing Turo legally.
Amazing Service
Vcc20586 on 11/2/2017
The creator of this app/company is a genius! With scamming at an all time high, car rental companies basically ask for your first born child to rent. Turo takes all of the hassle away from renting. Love this app!!!
Ken Brokaw on 11/2/2017
This company is a joke. I rented out my vehicle and already had 3 claims submitted and they will not help you. I have over $9k in damages to my car that I am battling them for and pursuing legal actions. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!!
Great Idea, beware of giving them your number.
Dr.Rive on 11/2/2017
I use my phone for work, and I know most people use their phones for work. However I literally use my phone for work, as in I’m setting up remote services and applications for customers on my phone. For that reason, and out of personal preferences, I never give my number to websites or apps. I assumed (my own fault because I didn’t read the privacy policy) that they were a reputable company to give my number to, because they would need it for the owner of the car I wanted to rent to be able to reach out to me for whatever reason. Very wrong, the day after and every day since I’ve received at least 5 sometimes 10 calls a day, and some of them literally back to back to back. On top of that the car I tried to rent was cancelled by the owner. Not worth all of the headache just call enterprise.
Great experience
Chi-beleza-rap on 11/2/2017
Love the app
Ditch the Old-School Rental Companies: Go TURO!
iSween on 10/31/2017
I curiously downloaded this app for an upcoming trip to Vegas. I got lucky. The vast selection of vehicles from the many different renters makes this a service for the people, by the people. Not to mention, you can end up saving literal hundreds of dollars. Just download it.
New User
LLC Inc on 10/31/2017
I rented a car for the first time with Turo. App was easy to manage, and my first rental went very smooth!!!!
Zero Customer service
Locdog! on 10/31/2017
I had high hopes for this app so I could get away from traditional car rental companies but I have been severely disappointed. Turo’s customer service is atrocious, your booming can be cancelled at anytime leaving you scrambling to make last minute plans with a REAL rental company. Turo May also prohibit you from renting due to an “insurance score” which is actually based off a credit score and make you ineligible to rent a car and then never allow you to dispute this decision. Turo is a pain in the butt and I’m so so disappointed about it. It has so much potential but is clearly run by a bunch of money hungry clowns that don’t care about the customer.
Nice app - easy to use
s_EnderW on 10/30/2017
First experience was great. Got to drive a really cool car in Hawaii! Better value for price than many places.
Unprofessional and terrible company
Ken boogie on 10/30/2017
I finally decided to use the app when I tried to rent a car everything was denied. I received an email that I needed to send a picture of my credit card, driver license and insurance policy an hour later I got an email saying I was denied with no reasoning. The company and services is terrible and I would advise no one to use it. Where ever they are located that have my pictures and info. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Amazing just used it in Seattle
Auamatt on 10/29/2017
Way better the. The chain airport crap cheaper and way better. Will always use this for now on.
awesome app
WillG1989 on 10/29/2017
easiest car rental i have ever had in my life. will never use erac or any other chain - rip offs
Tone deaf and foreign customer support
YRYmt3 on 10/29/2017
The customer support system in Turo is left wanting. They hired a bunch of foreigners who have no idea about the American consumer and stick to the terrible script they adopted from the stale corporate world= (insert apology), (insert empathy), (repeat what the customer says). On top of that there texting hotline is more like a terrible email, they texting you once then they don't answer for another hour. It was like pulling teeth. They need to redo this part of the business or they will lose more customers like me.
Jaycidd on 10/28/2017
Easy to use app. Great system to use to grow your rental business or if you just want to lend your cars out for extra income. You control your settings—availability, pricing and conditions. You are your own boss here!
Great App
U. Hall on 10/28/2017
Awesome place to rent a car, get the exact car you want. Authentic friendly customer service, simple to use and great value!!!
Favorite App
ZumbaLife24 on 10/28/2017
Loove Turo it’s sooo much easier to get an rental then it is with these big companies. Definitely will be using this app often.
Never close your account
Yuri453 on 10/27/2017
Or they can get offended and block you forever. Long story short: I decided to apply friend’s redeem code and start over my Turo experience, so I closed old account to open new. Guess what? They just block me everywhere since my credit story doesn’t match their requirements of trustworthy (near 730 points). Okay, they said to be unblocked I gotta provide Customer Report from Transunion, so I spent weeks and near $50 to figure out that and sent them this. Guess what was next? They said I still don’t match their security requirements because my story is 6 months old. By asking How many months it should be - they are saying “we don’t provide info how we make such decisions”, besides everything their supposed me to get my own auto insurance and get back to them. Lesson - don’t try to quit the system either the system punch you back. Thanks Turo for ‘an amazing’ example of extra bureaucratic company.
30+ is a mistake
PalazzoRS on 10/27/2017
Great idea, but because of the 30+ option which almost everyone requires for a nice rental, I’m confined to mostly lower quality cars than the ones I already own. Requiring an age over the usual 25 is ridiculous, the whole reason this app was appealing was to be able to drive exciting cars which I can’t. I’ve driven some very expensive cars, but in this app I can’t even rent ones that cost far less. Change it to the normal 25 age limit and I’d give it a 5 Star.
Only great experiences!
Future Wave on 10/27/2017
I've rented from Turo a handful of times, and every person and car has been just fantastic. This is a great alternative to having to rent a car for an entire trip.
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