The Costco Connection

Costco Wholesale Corporation

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Lifestyle 46 Sep 28, 2012 Dec 18, 2017 8.7 MB iOS 7.0 or later 4+
New in version 46

Performance ehancement


The Costco Connection is the monthly magazine published for the members of Costco Wholesale and for others curious about the world of Costco. It is the largest-circulation monthly magazine in the United States, with more than 8.6 million recipients. The Connection features timely articles on food, health, books, technology, travel, personal finance and small business. Columnists include Suze Orman, Wally “Famous” Amos and small business expert Rhonda Abrams. A typical reader comment: “I regularly receive a number of ‘magazines’ from entities that I receive services from. Among others, this includes Costco, AARP, my homeowners association, my college alumnae office, my car manufacturer and my HMO. The only one I read in any depth is The Costco Connection.”

Subscribe for free and have the magazine delivered straight to your tablet for each of the next 12 months.

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Norcalpaw on 1/8/2018
Constantly tries to shove videos down you throat when all i want to do is browse thru the catalog. Trying to go green is impossible with the idiots that wrote this app. DELETED!!
Not bad
Apfelmaennchen on 10/31/2016
I actually find many of the articles in Costco's magazine quite interesting; they're kept short and informative. As for this app, I dont see some of the issues other folks complained about - the current issue was right there, and I was offered a free subscription so I assume that it will download the next issues when they are available. I don't quite get why there are two ways of presenting the material though - a scan of the magazine and a ad-less page per article (where btw. the text size function appears to be inoperative). Why not have just one PDF-based (i.e. fully text searchable) version that looks the same as the magazine? I also think that a nice touch up would be a page turn effect which I have seen in other e-book/magazine apps. But by and large this app works for me, and it's free content so I'm not complaining, only suggesting.
Rerednaw on 8/13/2016
Top and only match in app store. This just has the magazine and ads. It is not the shopping app.
Need a true iPad version
tfiPad on 7/14/2016
Please make a full creep iPad version
Current issue
rockwithgranny on 5/19/2016
It's May 19th. Where is the May issue? I'd like to see current feature items.
iPad app ?
Brynncess on 5/6/2016
Even tho it says it has an iPad version, all I get is the iPhone version. Fix please!
DEEZ NUTZ REVIEWS on 12/26/2015
Between my wife and I, We have had various magazine subscriptions in the past. We have also paid for other member based shopping stores and feel that their operation is worth the time and space to praise publicly. I personally like the content in these magazines as it seems Costco as an organization is cautious as to what they put next to their good name. I have heard Costco doesn't carry as many products as other retail giants. They have their reasons for their strategy, but between that knowledge and what I actually see and buy in that store with my wife, tells me that they work hard to not throw any nonsense on their shelves and put a quality product out there for us to even look at. I like that by the time its on their shelves or in their magazine respectively, their is a likely chance their trusting and loyal customers will have a likely chance of considering the product and what an article has to say. Their magazine mirrors that trust customers have in the Content of their stores and their name. From the recipes they advertise to their book reviews and featured articles, I have grown to truly enjoy Costco's magazine.
No push notification
customer182 on 10/6/2015
Your app considers my email address as's valid.
Overp++ on 8/31/2015
How do I delete this from my I pad I do use it.
Not optimized for iPhone 6
TNGFan1 on 5/1/2015
Fonts are blurry please fix.
Searching for Costco Photo App
Cowgirl_Hill on 4/3/2015
But I got this instead. Not what I want.
No "offline" viewing
osugrad85 on 3/31/2015
When I first discovered this app, it worked great. I could download the the latest issue of the magazine and read it later "offline". With this newest update to the app, "offline" reading is no longer supported. I go through the process of downloading it and start to read it after it is fully downloaded, but when I try to access it later offline, I can't read it and am prompted to download it again.
Update please ios8
--** on 3/5/2015
Slow, slow, slow to download and render pages as well. (50Mb/s connection & Air) Also getting out of a page and back the table on contents is iffy... Wish they would make it an actual priority, as its a great read.
Expected better
gkdhrhiihgfs on 1/25/2015
Weak performer. Takes forever to download. A miss for Costco
Needs iOS 8 update
joshbrake on 1/18/2015
Good content, but app is in desperate need for update for iOS 8 compatibility. Currently it is not possible to remove old issues through the app and some of the in app navigation is not working well.
App takes forever to download.
Mak4133 on 10/29/2014
Slow to download. Performance is poor. Good concept...poor execution.
Print option???
Suunmoonstaars on 2/28/2014
Why is there no option to print for the iPad? The iPhone version has that feature. It would be nice to have available for both :)
Barely OK
crashtestdummy on 2/16/2014
This really needs a landscape mode for the iPad.
Wpntletmewriteanythingbad on 10/11/2013
Not a good app. Only thing I can do is read the magazine connection. Deleting this app.
Nice move Costco!
scottjl on 8/14/2013
I'm a fan of Costco, it's nice to see them embrace eMagazines and do a little to save the environment. I canceled my paper subscription and will read the digital version from now on.
Connection apps
Butte ridge on 8/6/2013
The aap will not download on my iPad. I am disgusted! I rate this aap as zero. Now I cannot submit this comment for your review. I would like to be able to use the Costco connection aap on my iPad but I cannot see how.I cannot do this when I cannot get any response from you. I am finished with this aap. Thank you apple!
Works fine on my iPad 3
Cynber on 5/17/2013
I like reading the digital version and find the links on the pages convenient. My only complaint is all of the location based links are for the western half of the country. How can I get the east coast version?
Nice PDF Costco
Skiingsiu on 5/10/2013
Great to see you go digital, but this is just a PDF. I would expect more from this company.
BLR24th on 4/8/2013
I tried to download it a few times but it wouldn't work.
So bad
Svdddd on 4/5/2013
Doesn't get anywhere. Do not install if you don't want your iPad messed up
PSP Man on 4/2/2013
App crashes. Can't read more than a page or two before it crashes. Keep sending the paper version!
Not authorized
GoBears2012 on 3/30/2013
Says I'm not authorized to view it. I assume this is a settings issue but I shouldn't have to waste my time playing with settings to see a free magazine.
Works fine for me
Hulen,ark on 3/29/2013
I just downloaded this app before I read all the reviews. The pages load instantly on our iPad 3, flipping through the pages in the app and the print version and both are exactly the same. No extra ads that I can see. Maybe I just got lucky.
So slow...
Enthous on 3/28/2013
I was excited to see this mag on the iPad, and at first I was really pleased, although it seems there are more ads than in the print version, but I'm not sure. I wanted to cancel the print version to save paper and household clutter, but I won't for now. The download was so slow, and each page took forever to render. If I went back a page or two, everything had to reload. It was painful. The cookbooks are even worse. I can't even download the older ones, they just sit and spin on "Downloading". The most recent one downloaded, but it's so slow I can't even browse through the contents, let alone the whole thing. I have plenty of other mags on my iPad, with more complex content than this, and they're fine. This is just poorly done, or a really slow server, or some other technical shortcoming. Needs serious work.
Maria blaria on 3/11/2013
I have in app purchases turned off because I don't want my kids buying things by mistake. Why would a free magazine require that this be turned on? I can't read the magazine because I am NOT turning in app purchases on. No other magazines I read requires this.
Long way to go
Freddie-Frog on 3/8/2013
Loaded app and did not give permission to use my info. Looked for a link to read how my information would be used and did not see any link for that information. Now There is no option to change that decision. Also, when I click on "CONTENT" I get a momentary effort to populate the screen then it goes blank.
porsche991s on 3/3/2013
put on iPad Mini and worked fine (except for 10 times the ads) tried to install on iPad 3 and it wanted me to subscribe again and then always gave an error Tried everything. Just a messed up app
Completely unusable on iPad version 1
Annoyed2NoEnd on 1/21/2013
As other reviewers have commented, the app immediately crashes upon start. Will uninstall after finishing my review.
Less commercials
Banar on 1/21/2013
80% commercials, 20% content.
It works
Realhkp2000 on 1/21/2013
Got past the "disconnected" and "unauthorized" messages. Now it works. The experience is not the same as reading the paper magazine of course.
Happy camper
Misterbeef on 1/16/2013
Works great since the start. Fast download on wifi, good notifications and badges with each new issue. I prefer this iPad version to the print magazine. All the cookbooks are a real bonus.
App does not work
Moosidebay on 1/4/2013
Downloaded without an issue but now it does not open. Gave up and deleted it!
Worst app I've ever seen
Johndevxx on 12/30/2012
Install and see for yourself... The WORST app I've ever seen on iOS. Just plain bad... They could improve this app 100% by just making it open the Costco website when you launch the app.
Nice app but with a couple of minor issues...
WC-KY on 12/27/2012
The app renders the pages correctly and I have not experienced the issues which other reviewers did. There is a small glow of yellow around the graphics and text every time the page is displayed. It is a little annoying but it is tolerable. There is a problem which it can't delete issues when you use the settings option and select manage issues, it shows the issue but it would not allow you to do anything after you select edit. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. I don't want to keep it on my iPad3 as it takes up valuable storage.
alföldi on 12/22/2012
Absolutely unnecessary. Sits there and doesn't do anything. Why?
Crash Crash Crash
ThanksForPlaying on 12/20/2012
Takes forever to download then crashes almost EVERY time. Frustrating beyond belief! Can't read any issue because it won't stay open long enough for me to get through the first few pages
No good. Shame on you!
Mef1234543 on 12/12/2012
Still not fixed. Fooled twice now. Makes me feel like a fool. I will give it one more try in a month or so.
Unauthorized user
PenelopeZ on 12/3/2012
I was excited to learn the Costco was putting their magazine and cookbook in an app. But every time I open it and try to read an article or look at a recipe, it tells me I am unauthorized to use it.
Just doesn't work
Kitchen Curmudgeon on 12/1/2012
Downloaded and it crashes the iPad everytime. Not a great job, Costco.
Crashes constantly
Gryt90604 on 11/27/2012
App continually crashes on original iPad. Unusable. Please fix!
lucian.i on 11/24/2012
The app works fine on my ipad 2, the only problem is that I can't seem to find a way to delete older issues, so they're just taking up space on my tablet.
Does not work!!
bemisreviews on 11/21/2012
Costco talks about how great their apps are and how easy and convenient to use. This is the only app that refuses to fully download. Plus when I click on any of the articles it blocks me from opening as an unauthorized user.
Articles won't open
Ajg2000 on 11/12/2012
The magazine downloaded without any problems but none of the articles will open. It says I'm not authorized. Please fix!
Won't install
Jaymoe2 on 11/3/2012
The app has been trying to download itself to my iPad 2 for three days and is holding up updates to other programs. There appears to be no timeout or cancel mechanism. I would not expect such poor quality control in an App Store-delivered product.
Great App
Merlins assistant on 10/17/2012
App works great on iPad 3, one of the better apps I've seen in awhile, I prefer this over the printed version. You won't be disappointed.
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