Amount - Unit Converter

Marco Torretta

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
$0.99 Productivity 3.9.95 Sep 18, 2012 Dec 03, 2017 5.7 MB iOS 8.0 or later 4+
New in version 3.9.95

• Fixes iPhone 5 incompatibility.


Amount is the most intuitive, lightweight and easy to use unit converter you've ever seen.
Amount let you convert units in a way you've never seen before: with just two tap of your finger you have all the results you're looking for in a single display, side by side.
When you use Amount you don't have to think what are number is and choose from a long list of values which unit assign to it, spending time. Just let it do all the stuff!

• Incredibly lightweight, fast and easy to use.
• Simple graphic and intuitive interface.
• Over 700 units across more than 30 categories.
• Real time conversions in one screen.
• Create your own customized lists. You can change the order as you like and select just the units you want to see.
• View your conversion history log (the history keeps even old exchange rates for currencies).
• Search feature to let find the unit you want and instantly convert it.
• Custom units can be added easily for each category.

Categories Amount can handle: Acceleration, Angles, Area, Clothing (men and women), Cooking, Currency, Data, Density, Electric current, Energy, Flow (mass and volume), Force, Frequency, Fuel Consumption, Illuminance, Length/Distance, Luminance, Metric System, Network speed, Power, Pressure, Radiation, Speed, Temperature, Time, Torque, Typography, Viscosity (dynamic and kinematic), Volume and Weight/Mass.

• Move between screens using swipe gestures.
• Long press any category or unit to see more options.
• Shake the device to change the sorting of category or units (only on iPhone).
• You can change the number directly in the conversion screen by simply tapping it.

To convert currencies is required an internet connection.
Currency and clothing size information are provided only for informational purposes.

If you're going to download Amount, please rate and leave a comment!
And if you have a suggestion don't hesitate to contact me. With your help I can improve Amount even more!

iPad Screenshots
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All I want to do is covert
monochrome1 on 3/8/2018
It’s overly complex to just use in a daily basis.
Great App, though small font
rameezhabib on 12/13/2017
It’s an amazing app with many conversion units. I wish the developer would increase the font size of the currency, it’s really hard to focus sometime.
Channel 317 on 11/22/2017
Nov2017 update supports IOS 8 and up so it shows up in updates but then won't install because only 5s and up phones are supported. So have to keep current version and have an update stuck in limbo or delete the app. Coding error for uploaded update?
Can't update on iPad 4
Sunset.lg on 11/22/2017
I can play "GTA: San Andreas" on my iPad 4, but I can't run this tiny 4 MB app.
Terrible interface
RobbiePcola on 2/21/2017
Very difficult to navigate | among the least user-friendly apps for unit conversion, or of any kind.
Easy to customize--the units
whatnicknameISNTtaken? on 12/5/2016
Out of the eight converters I've downloaded, I found it easiest to remove/add units on this one, because I didn't have to go through settings or menus to find the options. However, there's not enough customization otherwise. You can change the seconday color of the app (pastel red/purple/blue/etc), but neither the text colors nor the main background color (white) can be altered. In my opinion an unwise decision was made to color the text displaying the units in gray, making them rather difficult to see, especially since the font *size* for the unit text is the smallest in the app.
Clean interface, lots of metrics.
Talihassee on 5/28/2016
Update: I agree with others, I think the developer slighted the people that purchased this app by creating 'amount plus' instead of updating this app. That's a pretty low ball move. The app still functions perfectly and is very useful, however. Original review: I have had this app for over a year and it has proved very useful. The interface is really simple and clean. Can be a little daunting trying to find the metric you are looking for at times but overall this is a great app. I would really like to see some more color options. I was using the app Vert briefly to compare to this one. Amount is far superior but what I really liked about Vert was the color options.
Best conversions
Digipup1 on 5/15/2016
I love this app, it helps with everything I need converted and is easy to navigate. I highly recommend it.
Beautifully simple.
T.Alexander.85 on 2/21/2016
Works great and efficiently. It does exactly what it advertises without a hitch. Simple yet attractive, easy to use design that anyone can appreciate. I use the app frequently. Not quite daily, but more than twice a week. Takes the guess work out of any conversions. Thanks for a great product.
Great App
BillB43 on 2/20/2016
Makes conversions and calculations remarkably easy. Best ever!
After the update
Kliptoic on 2/20/2016
There is no lag very quick easily one of the top 5 utillity apps available!
Fantastic! So Easy!
ZenLizard on 2/20/2016
I can't even imagine a better app for conversion. Easily put the conversions you need most at the top of your lists, then ignore the rest. Amount is perfect. Any conversion instantly & without effort.
Clean interface, Fast conversion
incineration on 2/19/2016
Clean interface and easy to navigate between pages and categories. I like the idea of having all the conversions in a single page instead of choosing only two different units. It's a clever idea to enter the amount when the program starts, too. But if there was a description of each unit, it would be better. A single line of description to show when we hold our finger on a unit. For example, people would realize the difference between Kilobyte and Kibibyte and not complain about it.
Slighted existing customers
The emusifyer on 2/19/2016
Amount 2 is basically the same as this app - just a way to charge again for the same app. I am a Physicist and I can say there are better apps that provide more commonly used units and are also much more accurately used. This app mixes up categories just because they have the same units but have different meanings. Radiation absorbed and then some that should be Radiation effective is a big example. So is the use of the variants of foot-pounds. I will not buy your new app after you stopped supporting the people who originally supported you hoping to see your app develop. Don't expect people to keep paying for your "new" apps, i.e. Amount 2, Amount 3 and so on and then leave great reviews so you can charge again and again for the same undeveloped app that went nowhere.
John Jag on 1/16/2016
I really like this app. It is very handy to have. Come in hand many times.
Simplicity + Speed
Tao-ish on 1/15/2016
No other conversion app has quite the polished speed of Amount. The icons are easily recognizable and it's not bogged down by over-designed navigation; you can quickly locate conversions visually or just type in a search. Re-order your most used conversions to the top of the queue and turn off ones you don't need. And, Unlike other apps, Amount does not charge extra iAP fees for the most useful, day to day conversions you need.
Best unit converter app
David_Burns_Red on 1/15/2016
I love how easy it is to use and how you can view all the units in a category and their conversions in one glance. Please fix the crash that occurs when you use Launch Center Pro to launch Amount to convert a unit! I'm a little disappointed that this app is now obsolete to Amount 2, which has a Today widget and other new features. I wish those features were an update to this app rather than an entirely new app.
Great and still somehow getting better
I'm Batman on 1/15/2016
Title pretty much sums it up.
The BEST converter
Radio Floyd on 12/4/2015
The only converter thorough enough to include mcg and even centigrams! Thanks!
Charged again, no thanks
Sarah Kangaroo on 11/30/2015
Releasing a v.2.0 that is basically the same thing and asking your supports to pay again, NO THANKS! You just made a greedy mistake.
Excellent Conversion Tool
Brenook Trouilly on 11/16/2015
This is a stellar tool for converting units. The interface is clean, well-designed, and easy to use. The actual conversions are displayed in a manner that makes it easy to compare and determine how they relate to each other. I highly recommend this app!
iPhone 6 9.1 & it doesn't work
Thisuseridistaken on 11/10/2015
This app doesn't work with iPhone 6 running 9.1! Junk
Crashes a lot
Hjowr on 11/6/2015
After getting the latest update, it crashes a lot when going to Settings
Love it!
colossusshoe on 11/3/2015
This must be the most sleek conversion app there is on the App Store. It's easy to use and so very pretty! The developer nailed it :)
Greedy selfish developer
Seattleopsyy on 10/24/2015
Selfish developer refuses to update app and has shafted buyers by releasing a new app that should've been an update.
Please read:
what what 82 on 10/21/2015
Other reviewers of this app are complaining about "bad business tactics" please understand that this is a work-around that unfortunately developers must do in order to get paid for continued development on their apps due to the app stores lack of upgrade pricing. People's frustrations should be directed at Apple and not developers, for their lack of common sense features on the App Store like upgrade pricing and free trials that developers have been requesting for years-there are 2 workarounds, pro features as an in app purchase that is free for existing users of app or as this developer did-an app bundle that only cost $1 for existing users, it is only practical for developers to do this so that Time invested in making a great app like this can help pay his bills, this is a great app and perfect for what it does
Excellent App but greedy Dev
LK8472 on 10/18/2015
The Dev is a shyster for putting a separate app on the market that is essentially only an update and to top it off charges people who bought the original app at full price the full price again for an update. I paid for Amount and used it for over a year. It's a great app. It works well and it's better than the many other more limited freebie apps for the task. Currency didn't consistently update, sometimes for a week, but usually within a few pennies of the exchange rate.
Simple, smooth, fast!
MKB_88 on 10/15/2015
Best unit converter I ever used.
Great App
Other Nick on 10/15/2015
On of the cool app on the world
Please Add Apple Watch App
Zam.HS on 10/15/2015
Excellent unit converter.. please add Apple Watch support.. Thank You
Superb App!
DJKittyKlaws on 10/14/2015
I am amazed at the accuracy of this App! Definitely worth the price... There is literally NO other App out there with so many Conversations of all types, it's a one-stop-shop-app!
Pawran on 10/14/2015
After the modifications made to the app, it has become a "go to" tool for doing conversions and calculations.
Simple and great
emaШka on 10/3/2015
I really like this app. It does exactly what you expect from it in a very simple, but robust way. And I enjoy its minimalistic and clean design.
Needs Today widget & Watch app
ORHobbes on 10/2/2015
Great app. Very clean and easy. However, it really needs a Today widget for the calculator (i.e., like PCalc offers). Second, I would love to have a calculator and converter on my Watch, so it would be nice if they added that ability as well. Also, it would be really nice if the calculator had a landscape view with scientific capabilities. Additionally, I'd like to be able to scroll back and see a history of my previous calculations. (i.e., and calculator tape) Lastly, under Data, it has megabytes and kilobytes, but it's missing megabits and kilobits, which is what most data speeds are measured in.
Excellent Utility!
Rob_Nav on 9/1/2015
Overall a very solid app and easy to use.
Great Conversion Tool
Poynetian on 7/18/2015
It takes a bit to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, it's a convenient tool.
So great!
Thealoulou on 7/18/2015
I love this app. I've been using it a lot while traveling and it's perfect. Very easy to use, very simple design yet has every conversion one could possibly think of.
Simply amazing
Prestondj on 7/10/2015
This app is absolutely fantastic and is always handy. Simple, easy to use and does what it's suppose to very well. Definitely a keeper. A++
Kaine Lawson on 6/23/2015
This app is wonderful. I love that it has everything that you could ever need with precise calculations. It's free and has a very professional clean design to the GUI. I love it! One of the better apps that I've used in a long time! Cheers!
ruinrobots on 6/13/2015
UI looks beautiful. Wish there is a button to update exchange rate faster.
Exceptionally Useful App!
Bogtrotter46 on 6/8/2015
This is a required app for all those who live in countries where obsolete measurement systems still prevail. It covers an impressive range of disciplines and is very easy to use. I love it!
No directions?
pgrigg on 5/10/2015
This app was very confusing and if there are instructions I couldn't find them. There seems to be an assumption by the designers that everyone will know how to us it by opening it. Not the case. It may be a good app but my time is too valuable to spend time figuring out an app I downloaded to save time. I just deleted it and will find something else.
My favorite converter, but no watch support.
Mowenwanders on 5/8/2015
My title says it all. Give us an  watch app!
Beautiful/clean design & great utility
internetsguy on 5/2/2015
I bought this for an upcoming trip to Europe. I love the design & functionality. Not sure how the currency rates update, but I did a few spot checks vs Google and it was providing the correct rates. Currency converter also appears to be able to use GPS to locate you & automatically update the base currency.
Good, almost great
eggg on 4/27/2015
I really like the look of this app and the way it functions, showing multiple valued at once. A couple modifications would make it a 5-star app for me: - Add setting for default location (US vs. GB gallon for instance); - Correct the data conversions. Example: app says 1 MB = 1,000 KB (should be 1,024).
NO.1 Unit conversion app
Deliaaaaaaaaaa on 4/26/2015
Haven't found a flaw yet. You enter the number first, and then you choose the unit you want to convert. You can change the number or unit anytime with very ease, just by simple tapping. Sometimes I play with it to just see how other units are related. UI is also cute and neat.
Excelente, tiene de todas las conversiones
Taurussx on 4/25/2015
Esta app siempre me ha facilitado la vida al realizar las conversiones de forma sencilla y practica. Y aun la pueden mejorar
Very impressed
ibgbeny on 3/22/2015
I'd say it's the best app for conversion... Good looking, very good UI.
Great App
NeedMorHP on 3/20/2015
One of the most used app o have. Use it for cooking distance and teaching my grandkids.
Really good, works really well!
SylvieLorne on 3/10/2015
Really good, works really well!
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