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This app was last updated on: Jun 18, 2017
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New in version 6.7.2

Good morrow fine lords and ladies all! We hope you had a restful, relaxing, fun weekend. We've plucked a handful of fixes surrounding the way we calculate password strength into this release. Thank you to those who wrote in with these issues.

• [Improved] Reworked the design of the introductory screens for new 1Password.com customers.
• [Fixed] Corrected a couple minor typos thanks to our eagle-eyed translators on Crowdin.
• [Fixed] Resolved an issue that would cause the password strength indicator to flicker and ultimately display as 0 strength when generating new passwords. {OPI-4050}

1Password never prompts you for a review because we value your workflow too much to interrupt it. If you feel generous or have a couple of minutes, please leave a review. It makes a huge difference to us. Thank you in advance. :)

If you need us you can find us at @1Password on Twitter, at facebook.com/1Password, or support.1password.com, we love hearing from you!


1Password remembers all your passwords for you, and keeps them safe and secure behind the one password that only you know.

1Password: the password manager that's as beautiful and simple as it is secure. Just add your passwords and let 1Password do the rest. Sign in to websites and apps with just a few taps, and use the password generator to change your passwords and make them stronger.

Featured on NBC’s Today Show: **Coolest must-have phone apps of 2017**!

Try 1Password free for 30 days, then keep going with a 1Password subscription*.


◆ Create strong, unique passwords and memorizable pass-phrases for your online accounts
◆ Fill usernames, passwords, credit card numbers and addresses into websites and supported apps
◆ Access your information on all your mobile devices and computers


◆ Store items in more than a dozen categories: logins, credit cards, addresses, notes, bank accounts, driver’s licenses, passports, and more
◆ Create multiple vaults to keep different areas of your life separate
◆ Organize your information with tags and favorites
◆ Add custom fields to your items to store security questions, extra URLs, and any other information you can think of
◆ Use Spotlight to search for information when you need it, fast


Everything you store in 1Password is protected by a Master Password that only you know. 1Password uses end-to-end encryption, so your data is only ever decrypted offline. The encryption keys never leave your device, and you are the only one who can see your passwords.

◆ Unlock the app quickly and securely with Touch ID
◆ Lock the app automatically to ensure your data is protected, even if your device is lost or stolen
◆ Use 1Password as your authenticator: store two-factor authentication (TOTP) codes and access them quickly when it's time to sign in
◆ Get alerts when a site you use has been compromised and you need to change your passwords


1Password for iOS has full support for team and family accounts. It’s never been so easy to share the simple security of 1Password with those you work and live with.

◆ Add all your accounts — family, team, individual — and see all your information in one place
◆ Easily migrate information between accounts
◆ Share passwords, documents, and more with teammates and family members


Get a 30-day free trial when you install 1Password, and subscribe at any time using the in-app purchase*.

Your subscription includes the full 1Password experience for all your computers and mobile devices. Your data syncs securely and automatically between your devices, and can also be accessed on the web.


1Password has been highlighted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Verge, Ars Technica, Mashable, and The Guardian. We’ve also received many awesome honors:

◆ Named One of The World’s Greatest 100 Apps by Business Insider
◆ Inducted into Macworld’s App Hall of Fame
◆ Received an Ars Design Award

We’re proud of this recognition, and we’re even happier that millions of people love and use 1Password every day.


We love 1Password and strive to make it the best it can be. Connect with us with us at support@agilebits.com, @1Password on Twitter, and Facebook.com/1Password!

* 1Password.com is a monthly service that costs $3.99 for individuals or $6.99 for a family of 5 (prices vary by region). Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase and auto-renews at the same price unless disabled in iTunes Account Settings at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your subscription can be managed in your iTunes Account Settings. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period.
* Privacy policy: https://1password.com/legal/privacy/
* Terms of Use: https://1password.com/legal/terms-of-service/

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This is a great app and I tell my friends and family to use it
HeynayBill on 6/24/2017
I love the usability applied to security with 1Password. My passwords are more secure and I'm able to access them on all my devices seamlessly and easily. Great job.
Im frustrated
pezthing on 6/24/2017
Ive had this app for awhile now and used it all the time. I use the finger print thing to open the app. I guess the app had a recent update so i have to open it with my "master password". I cant remember it and ive tried every password i use. Ironic that i forget my password to a pp to keep me from forgetting passwords. No option of "forgot password". grrrr
Better and better
afieldsmd on 6/24/2017
I bought a license for my desktop and an app for all my iDevices. Now they have a monthly subscription for family, and it has been so much better!
Must have application
doctorclack on 6/24/2017
I love this app and don't know what I'd do without it. It keeps me organized and my accounts safe. It keeps improving with each update.
Great app, but fix reset of pro features with each update
DS Mitchell on 6/24/2017
Constant app updates should not clear out the fact that I have the pro features. Yes, I did initially buy the app under a different Apple ID than I use now, but unless I deleted and re-installed, I should not be forced to log out the App Store, go back into 1Password and "Restore Purchases" (using the original Apple ID), then log out of the App Store again...with every single update
Mohdalkhatib1 on 6/24/2017
Highly recommend - Exceeds the competition
dsawyer2011 on 6/24/2017
1) Works seamlessly with Apple hardware & software, but still easy and effective on Windows. 2) It lowers my stress and frustration. No joke. 3) 1Password is in my top 3 best purchases made in the lady year. No questions asked.
I rely heavily on this app
Soft Spoken on 6/24/2017
Truly great security app. I've been using this app for 5 years and it continues to get better and better.
Always great
Dan S on 6/24/2017
Has always been great. Love it.
Life enhancing
Mahmud.dk on 6/24/2017
This is so good an app that will really make your everyday life more easy and comfortable. It just made my life more easy by relieving me from remembering lot of passwords. Because in corporate and personal life as well, many accounts has to change passwords very frequently for security purpose.
Life savor 👍🏻
Amv1289 on 6/23/2017
Awesome!!! Love it!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
K33mun on 6/23/2017
Short story here. Great design-hats off to agilebits for great design and usability. Don't think twice if you need a password manager (and you do!) get this.
Useless after trial. Can't edit, delete import passes
Hattusili on 6/23/2017
I used to have it on my iPhone, it was working fine. Decided to try it. After trial your account gets frozen, you can't import, edit or delete passwords. They deserve 0 star.
Love it
Arbitrary Nickname 2 on 6/23/2017
No issues. Makes my life easier and more secure. Once you go 1Password, you never go back.
Can't function without it
Krys1913 on 6/22/2017
This app constantly saves my butt when I forget my logins/PIN numbers etc
markmedic on 6/22/2017
Has been a lifesaver. I use it on all computers and phones. What a tool for my brain
Continues to be an amazing product
AKTX on 6/22/2017
The folks at 1pw continue to amaze. Not only is their product an amazing multi-platform app that works incredibly well, but they also have superb customer service. The cost of a subscription is well with every penny.
Thank you for never asking me to review your app.
Quality reviewer on 6/22/2017
This is a great app and ecosystem, for many years now. I've never left a review but I've been using 1password for YEARS. It's served me well. I'm trying to think of features I could ask you to add... But I can't think of any! Maybe the one thing is putting more pressure on me to update my passwords that are insecure. I have nothing else. Good job, and thanks for not bothering me.
Can't live without it!
OrganicPixels on 6/22/2017
I've been using 1 password for about 8 years now. I honestly can say that if I didn't have it I'd fail miserably at life. Thank you 1Password for being dedicated to this project and making the world a safer better place!
Amazing App
GregAshelman on 6/22/2017
I use this app almost everyday, and it's great to have. No more having to write down or try to remember a few simple passwords or usernames. Instead, 1Password keeps track of them all and allows you to generate complex passwords that nobody can guess. Definitely an essential app if you have to manage a lot of accounts
Reliable and Easy
Miche84 on 6/22/2017
This app is great! I've tried several password generators/vaults and this is by far my favorite. Always reliable and easy to use. Plus being able to share information with my significant other is so much easier and more secure than texting or emailing a password. Having it on both my iPhone and MacBook makes it that much better.
The Gold Standard🥇
DanM329 on 6/21/2017
1Password is the gold standard of password managers. There is no higher priority than security in online credentials. Team AgileBits consistently updates their apps to stay ahead of emerging threats. They communicate regularly with their customers and actively seek feedback to enhance functionality. This app is worth every penny and should be at the top of your investments to use across every device you have.
ladybugrtt on 6/21/2017
Love this app!!!
This is a must-have for anyone who uses the Internet
bohica56 on 6/21/2017
I've been using the mobile and desktop version of 1Password for years and it is by far my most used app to date. Between my work and personal accounts, I have more passwords for different sites than I can keep track of. 1Password makes keeping track of these passwords a piece of cake. Dropbox integration syncs my passwords across all my devices, and the security of an encrypted data file keeps me warm at night. TouchID makes logging in a breeze, and the app not only stores my passwords but also account information or any other bits of information I want to keep protected. Frequent updates and great support make me feel good about supporting this company.
Life saver!!
Jazwowza101 on 6/21/2017
This app has saved my life and I use it almost daily! It encourages me to make more security-wise decisions and mix up my passwords and make them more complex. Also it's great that you can transfer the data. That was perfect after I lost my other phone.
Excellent App.
MadempC on 6/21/2017
I use the Dropbox sharing option and share the folder with my wife. It works very very well.
I wouldn't go a day wo 1Pass
MSHartley on 6/21/2017
Completely changed the way I work and save items.
Used more than my phone "app"
JwKauffman on 6/21/2017
I'd sooner get rid of my phone's ability to make cellular voice calls than do without this app. It syncs my data flawlessly, and has done so for years (though I'm an old Dropbox holdout). It's the first purchase I recommend for anyone setting up a new smartphone, or switching to iOS. Folks are almost always skeptical they will need it, and almost never tell me they regret the purchase - at any price/subscription.
Life saving password program
Midgedeb on 6/21/2017
Unlike most of the reviewers here I am not particularly computer savvy, but I have used 1Password for about five years and it's a lifesaver. I'm sure it does way more than I use it for which is just to keep all our passwords, credit cards, passports, all there every time we need them on all five of our devices. Anyway, I've run into trouble with it a couple of times and both times their wonderful support team gave me detailed step by step instructions and stuck with me until I got it right. I am amazed by the personal service I received in this age of little customer service and even less human contact. It's a great program and company.
Absolutely the best password manger
Dgfleerjr on 6/21/2017
I bought this app several years ago and installed it on all of my devices. For home and long get-a-ways I have all of my passwords saved and encrypted in my own personal vault always available to conduct all of my personal business. Tech support is just an email away and always spot on if you need it. This app is very user friendly. I do not know what I would do without it.
Game Changer
amitsankaran on 6/21/2017
1Password has totally revamped the way I use my passwords. Everything feels super secure, and hooks in well with my workflows
Safe, simple and effective
StormDjinn on 6/21/2017
I love one password, because having secure logins- different for every site- is a fantastic idea
Will Never Go Back to Manual Password Management
opEd on 6/21/2017
First, I love that you don't prompt me for in-app for reviews. I appreciate it so much I'm here writing a review. I love using this software. I have many devices and they all magically have my ever-changing, hard to remember passwords ready at a moment's notice. I love the vaults that keep my pesky work passwords separate from my personal ones. The in-app browser for mobile devices is super convenient. I do all my online registrations using it so new accounts are easily added. I'm already starting to see 1Password integration with login pages on both the web and native -- please keep making this happen, make it super easy for devs to integrate! it's the best when I don't need to switch apps or copy/paste on mobile.
I rely on this app more than any other
Daniel Q2 on 6/21/2017
It has all my critical data locked up tight. Need a passport number away from home or a reminder of the combo to your gym locker? It's all in there for me.
A very solid app
Liam McPoyle on 6/20/2017
This app has helped me in many situations when I've forgotten a password in a pinch. I also use it to store ID card information whenever I may not have my wallet on-hand. It's easy to use, and an overall great product. Thank you!
Great app
bosh_adair on 6/20/2017
I've used this app for years and love its simplicity and full features. 10/10 would recommend.
I always come back...
Clinkerkid on 6/20/2017
Every time I try out a new password manager, I end up switching back to 1Password within a day or two. I'm not a huge fan of the look of the interface, but 1Password stores a ton more information than anything else out there. Useful stuff, like images of ID, recovery codes, instruction manuals (as pdfs) for the software you are password protecting, etc., etc.
An essential daily tool
Eohud on 6/20/2017
I use 1Password multiple times a day; it has dramatically simplified my password usage and increased my internet security. Can't imagine being without it!
New forced subscription licensing model is terrible
Sk_illed on 6/20/2017
Way to treat your customers...
IamBadCoder on 6/20/2017
My default password management system. Love it.
The only app I use every day throughout my day
RLoizzo on 6/20/2017
Apple markets its products as things that just work . Intuitive... gets the job done... stays out of your way. 1Password perfectly complements my iPhone, my iPad, and my mac. It's so useful and secure... there's no other app I use more frequently than 1password. I recommend it to family, friends, and co-workers. It just works. And I don't know what I'd do without it.
Mandatory app
Rodrigo Munoz on 6/20/2017
I rely on this app day to day. If you are on the fence about getting it, just do it. You will be happy you did. The app is beautifully designed, easy to use, and their support is wonderful.
The best password solution there is
djdestasio11 on 6/20/2017
I have used 1Password for several years now and continue to be impressed. The iOS app works great and has made password management much, much simpler. You cant go wrong with 1Password.
Excellent App
jejemonn on 6/20/2017
One of my most essential apps. Appreciate the continuous improvement.
Changed my life
walltndr on 6/20/2017
Utterly amazing. So easy to use and it all of S sudden became a pleasure to use separate strong passwords for all of my logins.
My life is so much easier now
Justabegginer on 6/20/2017
Keeping up with passwords was such a pain until I found this app! It's so convenient and easy to use idk what I'd do without it. It's refreshing that I can actually feel safe with it too!
The best!
ehemmete on 6/20/2017
Indispensable for anyone that wants to be safe on the internet. Awesome integration and frequently updated.
Can't open
Rads76 on 6/20/2017
This was a great app until a recent upgrade which made my Touch ID go away and will not let me log on using my Password. I know my password is correct as I have it kept somewhere safe and have used it multiple times to unlock the app. I am now Iocked out of the app and support only responded to my email with a link to a forum. This is now a useless app and I cannot get into things now because I don't have access to my passwords.
Amazing app
Dave9991 on 6/20/2017
I love the effectiveness of this app. And I couldn't live without the sync across both my phones and iPad.
Still Stellar
Hey, you forgot your change on 6/20/2017
I've used 1Password for years. Integration and sync across my iMac, MacBook, iPhone, and iPad works seamlessly while ensuring my passwords remain secure.
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