Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Social Networking 4.4.0 Oct 22, 2012 May 15, 2018 82.8 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 4.4.0

- We've updating some privacy information and controls for users affected by GDPR
- Fixed some issues with the notification toggle not working
- Enhanced some performance
- Fed the birds


Timehop helps you celebrate the best moments of the past with your friends. It's like #tbt every day!

What were you doing a year ago today? Two years? Three years?

Tap through your old photos, videos, & posts from your iPhone, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Swarm, and replay your past a day at a time.

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Streak is not going up!
ScubaSteve1984 on 5/24/2018
The number of days that I’ve checked my Timehop is stuck at 575!! Is that the max or something? Please fix this bug. It’s been on 575 for a week now...
It’s Awesome!
JenJoyR on 5/23/2018
I love looking back at all the memories that I have! It’s so cool to see how things change in 1,2,3,10 years! And it’s cool to see what I was doing on this day 1,2,3 or 10 years ago today! I really enjoy this app! And I recommend you get it!
Highlight of my morning
bobbfamily on 5/23/2018
I look forward to checking my TimeHop each morning and seeing the memories. It’s a great app!
That Harry Potter spoiler was not cool.
Lorenzop3397 on 5/22/2018
That was a low blow guys c'mon.
Won’t load pictures
nnyletak on 5/22/2018
Won’t load anything
Pretty good
meapluverchica13 on 5/22/2018
i love this app so much! the only other feature i'd like to see is a way to connect snapchat memories to it so we can view those!
Shame on you
Jhalad on 5/20/2018
Loved you guys for years. Completely refuse to agree to your latest EULA. Shame on you. Time hop user no more.
It’s a good app sometimes.
Isabel 87980567 on 5/19/2018
All the ads are ridiculous and if I wanna see what’s going on at 2 am and it still says it’s yesterday that’s a little inconvenient for the purpose of the app.
wsuhhhhhh on 5/18/2018
The only thing missing is we should be able to link our snapchats for memories
What’s the point in saving stories
AntreaseFran on 5/18/2018
If you guys never play them back correctly??? Like pictures playing music... videos blacked out. I should have used my camera roll and not this app for my vacation. All my memories are ruined.
neenaw7 on 5/16/2018
I redownloaded time home today after not having the app for a few months. When I logged in through MY Facebook app and account, Timehop showed being logged in to my friends Facebook and twitter in the settings. I thought this was strange, seeing as how neither of us have ever logged into each other’s social media accounts before. When I scrolled through the Timehop, I found posts from BOTH of our socials - despite the app only indicating being logged into hers!!!! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??? It shows this way on both of our phones. DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT AND DELETE THIS APP!!! I have already contacted support and am awaiting a response. I expect to get to the bottom of this, as this is unacceptable.
Too bad it’s so broken
mikrobson36 on 5/15/2018
This used to be an awesome app, but now it shows about 90% of the photos as just blank, so it’s pretty useless. Apparently something changed with their ability to connect to Google photos, so most don’t work or display any more.
Great app
ans80 on 5/14/2018
I wish that the screenshots in my camera roll would show up in my Timehop feed. There are a lot of memorable screenshots I don’t see. Also with Snapchat a lot of screenshots are taken and they don’t show up either. Please fix this or make it an option in settings for those who may not find it useful. Timehop is the first app I go to every day. I love it. Thank you!
hannahbunny23 on 5/14/2018
It would be SO much better if you linked snapchat memories!!! That’s where I have most of my stuff so it’d be cool to see it on here.
Issues connecting
Lmurd57 on 5/13/2018
I love this app but every time I try to open my settings to connect Facebook, I get a blank screen. My app is updated so I’m not sure what the issue is.
doesn’t work anymore
Thiscrazygal1234 on 5/12/2018
The app doesn’t show my Instagram posts for last year anymore
Instagram connection failure
Elyse Mo on 5/11/2018
The main reason I downloaded this app was to see what I was up to a year or two ago on my instagram (which I post a LOT on) and the app no longer connects it. It says it is connected and then my posts never show up on the app’s feed, it’s been weeks so I know that it just wasn’t that I must’ve not posted. There’s an error message whenever I try to reconnect my instagram and I’ve done everything I can (redownload the app, log out of the app, disconnect and reconnect my instagram account in the app) and nothing has worked. There’s no point to using it now for me.
SammyJo1699 on 5/9/2018
I love it and use it everyday but I just wish they’d also connect to snapchat memories
Duplicate accounts
Teenahpea on 5/9/2018
I love Timehop. But we live in a world where social media is basically our lives. Many of us have multiple social media accounts. I’d love to have the option of adding both my twitter accounts in the future! Otherwise, great app!
Mini time machine on your phone
elyse221 on 5/8/2018
Love this app! Gathering my memories from all my social media accounts of every day of the year and having them in one place is an easy fun way for a quick trip back in time. Love seeing how many years have gone by and sharing with friends a good TBT!
No photos
Cece812 on 5/6/2018
Update: I deleted this app & reinstalled. It still doesn’t work. This app is supposed to show photos from my history, but all it does anymore is say how many years ago and blank screens. This has happened repeatedly for the last couple of weeks. Sick of not seeing photos, like the app advertises. The only thing that shows is that stupid retro video, which is not why I got this app.
jadeegan27 on 5/5/2018
Got this app specifically for Instagram. Suddenly, Instagram doesn’t work and now, I essentially have no use for it. I used to look at it everyday to see my old memories with friends and family, and now I only open it to get rid of the annoying 12 notifications I get everyday. Super disappointing!!
Love Time Hop
Roe48 on 5/5/2018
Each day I can’t wait to see what happened a year ago sometimes 3 yrs ago. Time does just fly by. I really enjoy this app!
no memories?
Shwaaa on 5/4/2018
for at least a week is claims i have no memories, just takes me straight to the what’s special about today... between Facebook, instagram & camera roll i should have something. i’ve updated and all. bring me my memories!
Omits too much
Disappointedinapp77 on 5/3/2018
For some reason my timehop seems to pick and choose what it wants to show. If I go on facebook’s on this day, I have many more photos and posts than what is coming up on timehop. Makes it useless if I need to use more than one app to see my prior year’s posts.
Arbini on 5/1/2018
Its a good app to use but sometimes my past updates are cringy.
Connection issues
kimgflirt on 5/1/2018
My app no longer connects with Instagram
I used to love it
Bittybe on 5/1/2018
The app NEVER loads memories anymore. It is either blank or says can’t load videos. It’s such a bummer
Nice app
Julia2646462 on 4/29/2018
I love the concept of this app!! My only 2 complaints are I wish they would go back to the old layout, and I wish they would add Snapchat stories!!! :-)
They listen to their reviewers
Imluvndabeach on 4/28/2018
The programmers really took a big leap and moved the look & feel of the UI in a whole different direction last year. The users were livid. Quickly they not only changed back to a user interface that was acceptable but improved upon it. Kudos to them. I enjoy the ability to look back (for me) up to 7 years ago and relive great memories & photos I’ve taken. Thanks guys! Perhaps a revision bug? 1/2 of my timeline photo screens show dark screens with no sign of progress to upload the missing photos. Guess I’ll start looking on Milk Cartons to see if I can find my missing pics.... 😉
Snapchat Memories?
supergreatgameahdksm on 4/28/2018
I use timehop everyday and love the idea of it. But I take most of my pictures on snapchat and they save to my Snapchat memories. You should be able to connect timehop to snapchat. If that’s already possible then does anyone know how to do it?
Great but...
Carlym142 on 4/28/2018
Great app but you should be able to connect multiple Instagram or twitter accounts to the app
Twitter photos
Spock2221 on 4/25/2018
Still not showing all my twitter photos. Useless.
therearenonewnicknamws on 4/24/2018
i can't see my pictures. i thought it was an april fools prank but its been going on for 24 days. i'm sick of this. memoir was better
Problem with connection
Jasonfunnyboy 9999 on 4/24/2018
My Timehop, for some reason, will not share anything on my posts from the past anymore. Everything is connected, I have deleted the app, I have no idea what’s going.
Cant see priv ig??
Uneasypeach on 4/23/2018
I cant see any timehops from my private instagram anymore. Which makes no sense bc it has you log into your instagram. Looking at my instagram timehops was the best part and now i dont even want to open the app anymore :/
I love this app
Hello Kitty is awesome on 4/23/2018
I love timehop. There is never a day that I don’t laugh at my past self. The only problem I have is that I have 2 Twitter accounts and I can only connect 1. If I could connect both I would give this app 6 stars.
Not working
JuliaNeis on 4/23/2018
I usually love this app, but for the past two weeks nothing shows up on my timehop. Specifically, my instagram posts. I would like to use an app that actually cooperates, so please fix this.
Mermomma83 on 4/22/2018
I’d like to be able to search for a time period to find pics from a particular event.
Please fix. It’s been broken for weeks
Spoonemore on 4/22/2018
This app hasn’t worked for me in a month. I cannot see anything I posted from instagram and it says for a lot of people, that there is a connection issue
New update made app worse...
LuckyLefty5 on 4/22/2018
For the last week, maybe two, I have not been able to see my Instagram posts. AT ALL. And it’s showing in my settings I’m signed in. And it all started with the most recent update. This is HIGHLY frustrating.
Missing lots of posts...
LoveLee123 on 4/22/2018
I love TimeHop but I know I am missing tons of posts every day. Disappointed that I don’t get all things from every year. Plus... New adds are kind of annoying. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Not as good
Snow diva on 4/21/2018
I liked the old format way better. I really don’t care for it now. Thinking about deleting it.
hdfyrydh on 4/21/2018
I used to see my pictures and posts from Facebook EVERY day on my Timehop but I don't anymore so I'm upset that I can't see them
Hasn’t worked for weeks
Mad Mama D on 4/21/2018
All I get now, is what movies were filmed on this day years ago. None of my pics.
Almost there
rweeeeeeezzzzyyyy on 4/20/2018
This app is great and I love the idea behind it... however, it’s frustrating that you can only add one account from each social media platform. Nowadays many people (including myself) have multiple instagrams and have had them for a few years now. I want to see those photos from that account as well but unfortunately only one account can be logged in with Timehop. In addition, now that Snapchat memories have been around for over a year, it would seem only logical to have those saved photos in Timehop.
Doesn’t load
Soothingoceansounds on 4/20/2018
Every time I open this dumb app a different memory doesn’t load - and usually more than one. But of course the obnoxious retro videos that I don’t care about at all load just fine.
Idk what happened
Mommyoftwo0709 on 4/20/2018
Timehop hasn’t worked for me in months!!! Ever since I updated my phone to the new iOS it crashes! Every time I try and open the app it fails and crashes but it still notifies me every day to open it!!! Please fix this because I miss being able to post pictures from years past!!!
instagram hasn’t been working for weeks
App girl 1234😄 on 4/19/2018
the feature to let you see your old instagram photos hasn’t been working for weeks! i usually love this app & would give it 5 stars but this has been upsetting
huhgfdderyomnvcddxghjlldaa on 4/19/2018
i really did love timehop, i loved looking at my old posts and seeing what i was like back then. but recently my time on timehop has not been so enjoyable. now for the past two weeks or so i havent been able to see my instagram posts even though im logged in. ive tried logging out and logging back in and deleting and redownloading the app multiple times but it doesnt work. please fix this!!
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