Runtastic Pull-Ups PRO Trainer


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
$1.99 Health & Fitness 2.6.3 Oct 30, 2012 Jun 13, 2018 113.8 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 2.6.3

We've made a couple of improvements to make sure the app is fully functioning for you. Just install the update and continue with your usual activities :)

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When life gets complicated - pull yourself up to the challenge! Pull-ups are the best exercise for a strong back, arms and a toned upper body. Good thing you found Runtastic Pull-Ups! Download the app and voilà, you’ll have a PERSONAL TRAINER on your iPhone/iPad.

Pull-ups are among the most famous bodyweight strength moves ever, plus they require minimal equipment. No bar at hand? You can do your pull-ups with rings, a tree branch or bars at a park, get creative! A scientifically developed training plan makes the most of your efforts while keeping you motivated on your way towards your goal. What else? You don’t have to count every repetition - let the accelerometer of your iPhone/iPad take over. And now, there’s one thing left to do: Try it out. You can do this!

- Counts completed pull-up repetitions using accelerometer
- Access to Level 1 of the scientifically developed training plan
- Voice Coach for constant feedback
- Personal records
- Upload workout activities to
- Integrate Runtastic activities to your MyFitnessPal account
- Share your success on Facebook, Twitter or via email
- Collect motivating badges for your performance
- Automatic countdown timer for your rest between exercise sets

- No ads!
- Three levels based on scientifically developed training plan to reach 30 pull-ups
- Set a reminder for your next workout
- Personal records & exercise statistics (i.e. monthly or yearly stats)
- Leaderboard for personal records and overall repetitions: compare to others and see how you rank with your Runtastic friends

Stats about your completed pull-up repetitions are not only highly motivating, but offer you a great and useful overview of all your sessions. Make use of your personal records to boost your motivation even further and keep setting new PRs for this classic upper body strengthening move. Pull-ups are an ideal move to complement your push-up training.

Your pull-ups are automatically counted using the accelerometer of your iPhone/iPad.

Practical, interesting, informative: You can upload your fitness data to, if you want. There you can access all your stats anytime, as well as monitor your success thanks to your personal training log. Remember, you can also share your achievements with your friends on, in social networks or via email!

It’s hard to come up with an exercise that challenges your upper body as intensively as pull-ups: they’re ideal for your back, arms and core. Let us help you keep motivated to reach your training goal of 30 reps. Can’t wait to get started? Grab that bar and give it your all!

Runtastic Pull-Ups: Pull your fitness to the next level!

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Satisfecho con esta app
Jscharf1991 on 6/15/2018
Muy satisfecho con esta app 5 estrellas le doy
Love it but...
Empty Saturn on 5/24/2018
The app works well and have no negative comments on it except for one thing... they have not built in access to health kit and Apple Watch. Many people have requested this...
Facebook login is broken
Pand4i on 5/15/2018
Paid for the bundle, and managed to log in to all of them except for the pull ups pro, the Facebook API login results in error. Can’t use the app.
Alex9Xu on 4/10/2018
It makes you progress day by day
Great app
Carolinole on 4/8/2018
Great tool to start getting your pull ups (strict). Doing Crossfit for 5 yrs and still can use this app to get the PUs down.
Force log In
ICE COLD 89 on 3/15/2018
This app can’t be used until you input you personal info .
Over designed and under delivers
Dhbrad on 2/8/2018
Bottom line: I'm a big fan of runtastic, this app is a big let down and I feel gypped out of $2. Poor: -the motion sensor doesn't always work -the rep progression is rigid--you can't manually edit what you actually did, or change what you want to do -the social media component is obligatory -the badge system is extraneous Good: -I love how the app is tied in with runtastic apps so that my pull-up workout shows up in my accomplishment list along with runs and body weight workouts. Cool! Not worth the hassle however. I'm going back to just six weeks to track my pull-ups.
Great. Auto counting needs to go though.
jmtm on 1/16/2018
Great app. Great pacing and progression. I actually went through a few different progressions before I got decent strict pull-ups. I started with chin-ups, until I could do 10 unbroken. Then I reset back to day 1 and started neutral grip pull-ups. Finally, I reset back to day 1 again for pull ups. That worked really well for me. These types of pre-pull-up progressions should be added to the app. I also agree other commenters who say the counter need to go.
A Force to Login App
SoCalAnthony on 12/11/2017
Ugh. I really dislike apps that MAKE you login to use. Another data/user collecting app that I’m not going to bother with.
Badge notification
lxjordanxl on 11/26/2017
I am leaving a miserable 1 star review and will not change it until the developers of this app enable the badge notification on this app and the pull up app. When I get a notification, I want the little badge show up next to the icon of the app on my iPhone. FIX THIS PLEASE!!!
Counter that doesn’t!
Infiniti Pi on 10/30/2017
Not only does the counter not work, there isn’t an option to manually override. Give me one reason to go through the trouble on my next workout.
Turn Off Auto Counting?
PeteBird on 10/2/2017
This needs to be an option, because the accelerometer count does work very well (iPhone 7 Plus). It just counted two for me after five pull-ups. I’d prefer an option for manual data entry.
Jadgerjr on 8/27/2017
Hello all, this app helps me to stay technically incline to chart and share my progress with friends!
Just follow along and get stronger...
GaLiNd3z on 8/6/2017
It makes it really simple and easy to follow along with the apps routine and increase your reps pretty quickly. It works, try it.
Great, but...
Da programmer1 on 7/17/2017
The counter sometimes misses a pull-up. Otherwise, fix that and it's 5 stars!
Great body weight exercise app!!
Motv8 on 6/9/2017
I downloaded this app as a bundle and it is by far the best app for upper body weight training. This app takes you through 4 sets of different repetitions and gets harder as you progress through the training plan. By far the best app!
Great Workout!
dcovington64 on 5/21/2017
This app makes you work, track and reach your goals. It does everything but the pull-ups for you.
A-u-0 on 5/3/2017
This app makes me keep workout
Minirom on 4/15/2017
Muy completa
Lakelzrd on 4/4/2017
Over 13,000 pull-ups to date! Really works and lats are flaring! Great app! It doesn't get easier you just get stronger!
칸젤 on 3/31/2017
Great App!
Pegpie on 2/26/2017
Great App!
KY4660 on 2/25/2017
I could do this on paper but the App is a daily reminder that I have a workout pending. It motivates me to hit it everyday and the results are great!
Does the job
Seugenes on 2/24/2017
If you supply the effort.
Good app
Unlucky God on 2/6/2017
This is a good app for you
Good app
Regui8er on 1/28/2017
Starts off slow, work your way up
Runtastic App Sensors Stink
Hyacinthiusup on 1/19/2017
I own several of these apps and they are all good. But the forced use of the iPhone app sensor to count exercises is frustrating. I end up doing all the workouts and then have to fiddle with my phone later on to get the reps to "count." Isn't there some way you could make the use of the app sensor optional?
Good but needs work
Samythebull64 on 1/18/2017
Good app to have on your phone to help you keep up with exercising. But the interface needs some changes and would be nice to have it as a widget. Add option to touch screen to indicate the reps completed since sometimes it does not count correctly or you don't want to carry your phone while exercising.
Really good regimen
Jacomusdod on 1/17/2017
I like how it starts out slow. Not expecting you even be able to do one lol. But seriously it's really good training. I started out barely able to do 5 at proper form. Up to about 12 without cheating. And the proper form is really important. I talked to a trainer realized I wasn't using proper form and actually had go back a level lol.
Simple, Effective, Motivational
Loving FB in Portland on 11/21/2016
Very nice program. Easy to use. I bought it to track my workouts found myself getting excited and motivated by the charts and achievement stats.
Power to the people!!
Zieph on 11/12/2016
This is an awesome and motivating app. I just wish two things. One is they combine all of those four apps and make it a cycle workout. Like push-ups then switch to sit-ups then pull ups then squats then add dips. That way it's a full workout and they keep track of each all in one app. Other than that. It's def the best app collection :) thanks guys. Please consider my proposal :) :) :)
_p_a_l_i_ on 10/28/2016
феноменална апликација
Love these apps!
Doctrav1650 on 10/18/2016
I own the 4-pack, and each app has a very good progression which really push yourself. Also, good voice prompts, rest time and counter help you know exactly where you are in the program. I always look forward to completing the next level!
It's great
Dennisreynolds on 7/28/2016
Actually doing pull ups now
Timo thee on 7/26/2016
Real kewl
At 23 pull-ups and counting...
Giddss on 7/19/2016
Great app for increasing pull-ups. Gotta stick with it, it'll pay off
Almost there!
faspgold on 6/28/2016
Really like this app - pretty darned good motion sensor and solid programs. Needs the "in-between" levels (e.g., 5, 15) for me to rate five stars as there is little chance for us mere mortals to go directly from the 10 to 20 program successfully. I have the other apps from Runtastic as well and they work together quite nicely.
Misses Reps
MajorChutney on 6/24/2016
Nice interface. The auto record feature needs some work though. No one wants to train worried about if their reps will be counted.
Gets the job done
gosatin on 5/29/2016
Has some issues with tracking but it depends on proper pull up technique
Workout app
JoshSea on 5/9/2016
Good app for keeping track of pull ups. The rep counter doesn't work.
Awesome app for pull-ups
StatikKling on 5/2/2016
This app will track you pullups with pretty great accuracy. Easy to use.
Not as good as other Runtastic apps
iJavy on 4/6/2016
I like the other apps, but this one does a really poor job of counting reps. I usually have to count myself and then shake the phone to count fake reps to catch up. I'm sure I may not have prefect form but it should be close enough
Great app
Kylay_Kyle on 4/5/2016
Motivational and wonderfuyl app!
Great Workout App!
ChicanoPower5000 on 4/1/2016
Helps me keep track of my pull ups.
Love it
rcrissinger on 3/24/2016
This is a great app, highly recommend it.
Jose_Anaco on 3/16/2016
Tengo un iPhone 6, y las 4 aplicaciones funcionan geniales
Awesome app
bokee on 2/17/2016
Awesome app
Great app.
Nsd7c4 on 2/1/2016
Love it.
Good app
Cratesthetrue on 1/24/2016
It was fairly effective. I went from 2 pull ups to 15 in about 2.5 months.
Inaccurate and quirky
gprocter on 1/23/2016
The app doesn't always register a rep which is its main function so that's disappointing. Another negative is if you don't reach that day's goal and have to repeat the day it's not at all easy where to change that in the settings.
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