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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Health & Fitness 2.6.3 Jan 24, 2013 Jun 13, 2018 117.1 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 2.6.3

We've made a couple of improvements to make sure the app is fully functioning for you. Just install the update and continue with your usual activities :)

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Life has its ups and downs - we call them SQUATS! Want strong, defined thighs and a firm butt? Download the Runtastic Squats app and get started - no equipment needed, only yourself and a good attitude. Turn your iPhone/iPad into a PERSONAL TRAINER who accompanies you, step by step, towards your goal. Challenging? Yes. Too difficult? Not at all! Squats not only strengthen your legs, they also train your core. Let Runtastic help you show off that sexy backside you’ve always wanted!

- Counts completed squat repetitions using accelerometer
- Access to Level 1 of the scientifically developed training plan
- Voice Coach for constant feedback
- Beat your best and set personal records
- Upload workout activities to Runtastic.com
- Share your success on Facebook, Twitter or via email
- Integrate Runtastic activities to your MyFitnessPal account
- Collect motivating badges for your performance
- Automatic countdown timer for your rest between exercise sets

The Runtastic Squats app counts all your repetitions and provides you with interesting stats. Check out an overview of your fitness activities to see your progress. Plus, beat your own records and set new personal bests - you’ll be surprised of how fast your performance improves. Squat baby, squat!

Your squats are automatically recognized using the accelerometer of your iPhone/iPad.

There’s more: You can upload your fitness data to Runtastic.com, if you want. There, you can access all your stats anytime, as well as monitor your success thanks to your personal training log. Remember, you can also share your achievements with your friends!

Proper form: When training your legs and glutes with squats, make sure your back is always straight, core activated and knees do not go beyond your toes. Use the Runtastic Squats app to up your motivation and reach your goal. We’re convinced you’ll get there soon and be proud of your achievement. Now, get going!

Runtastic Squats: Your start into a fitter life!

Runtastic Terms & Conditions: https://www.runtastic.com/in-app/iphone/appstore/terms
Runtastic Privacy Policy: http://www.runtastic.com/in-app/iphone/appstore/privacy-policy

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Leroy-Jekins on 6/13/2018
why is this company so vague in what they updated??? it’s suspicious to me, anyone else get that feeling?
Can’t repeat
Tyretr0 on 5/30/2018
Once you finish the program, you can’t do it again.
Worth the download!
gmaeswar on 11/27/2017
Great app!
Great Get Moving App
Reviewer247 on 10/26/2017
I like exercising in my home and these Runtastic apps are perfect for that. I feel myself getting stronger.
Needs to remember
*eVe*33 on 10/24/2017
I am also someone who bought all four before getting a new iPhone. Now it’s asking to re purchase again
It wont restore my purchase
Es7155 on 10/18/2017
Ive updated my phone recently. It remembers my history on here but not that I bought the full version of this, crunches, and pushups.
Love this!!!!
Shane Swann on 10/10/2017
I was looking for a new squat app since my old one was incompatible with the new iOS update! OMG. I so love this. It’s interactive and keeps me motivated. Please don’t discontinue!
Great for beginners
Enkheart on 10/6/2017
If you're just starting a workout regimen, this is an easy way to keep motivated doing simple exercise so you don't burn out too quickly. Great app! I also use their push up app which has really kept me motivated to work out
Amazing app
Gnanender on 8/8/2017
I have searched for many apps but nothing is as good as this one. The best app as of now.You can go for it.
It is stupid because it doesn't count my squats!!!
SalvoHuh on 6/22/2017
Great motivator
SKirtonBear2 on 4/28/2017
Love that it keeps track for me, counts down each number of reps, and the "screen cracking" when I beat my last count of extra squats is even more motivating. It doesn't play your personal music playlists, or any music, but if you start your own music app first they don't interfere with each other. Then it syncs with Runtastic and Runtastic Me and I see my time and calories calculated there. The only strange thing is it has my bday wrong: I've deleted and reinstalled the app, restarted my iPhone and made sure my info was correct on the website-still wrong here only. Weird. Still recommend it!
Good app
MpossibleKim on 4/22/2017
Even though I don't use it everyday like I should, it's a great app. I like that it keeps track of the extra squats that I do in each set and adds them to my history.👍🏾
Salehpour on 4/22/2017
It is very good app
Love it!
Lost90lbs_SoFar on 1/7/2017
Love this app!
Lovebooks!!! on 1/4/2017
It's absolutely perfect! It's exactly what i needed!
Nice app
bk shin on 1/2/2017
It's very nice Everytime so harder, easily
Ahmeddotmorshidatgmail on 12/20/2016
Just a good training companion
Great App... Amazing Accuracy
rradecki14 on 12/20/2016
This app couldn't be any better and easier to use, very please with its performance.
Sonya Murzikova on 10/17/2016
Best one
Osama Thani on 9/27/2016
It is the best app for sport i have ever used
Not as silly as you think
Iank14 on 8/15/2016
I've only been doing this for 3 weeks now but I can already feel a difference in muscle tone. It's starting to fight that middle age butt sag and I like it.
Aizhan Minzhilkieva on 6/28/2016
I'm usually super lazy when I have to do sports. So I really need someone who can force me to exercise. With this app I can do it without a coach at home, coz this app is so much fun. I even wish it could be harder. I kinda like sports now. Amazing
What now?
Jonasbrutha on 6/24/2016
I just finished my 12 week program and am not ready for it to be over. Why are there only three levels? If you buy the app it's exactly the same, it ends after level three. It's completely useless to me now, I want to continue doing squats but why would I start over when I've been working so hard to get to where I am now? I like that it keeps track of my progress and I want it to keep doing that. I wish there was an "open squat" where it would still count my squats. It can't be hard to add more levels.
Great app
pamcnultyjr on 6/10/2016
Easy to use and follow along with
Okay so far!
No name40 on 5/31/2016
I like how it counts my squats and records it.
Supahnike45 on 5/28/2016
It's so goooood💪👞
I didn't think I could
Livvieshea on 3/25/2016
I mean usually I give up, but I don't know why, but when I used this I did way more than I can do in any of their apps such as the sit ups one. I don't usually Wright a review but the pop up annoyed me and this is interactive so it motivates me and idk how but this really really works. I'm going on vaycay so I used this and I'm loving myself and this yayayayay
Ramonalmonte90 on 3/22/2016
Muy buena la recomiendo
Need for watch
steph09876 on 3/16/2016
I wish it was compatible with my Apple Watch:(
Like a PT
S J Jang on 1/7/2016
It is good app to achieve the goal of your body shape!!!
Push-up master 22 on 1/6/2016
As described
John Stocktunn on 12/2/2015
As described.
Simple and Great
Kytty Blue on 11/22/2015
A no hassle app.. 5 stars
Love it
Glengeurin on 9/29/2015
It's been pushing me for a month now. Gone from 4 squats to 45 in a row. And my butt never looked better.
Best workout app
PRAISE DA LORD on 9/24/2015
If you want to get in shape, use all the runtsstic apps, you can use the free ones, they work great!
That's bomb!
Stanislav-Dnepr on 9/24/2015
Awesome! Very good, useful and convenient application!
I recommend all runtastic apps!
Jcole313 on 9/23/2015
Love all these apps. They start out easy and work you slightly harder each step!
J.workman on 9/19/2015
Best running app EVER!!!!!
The best
DistantSkunk on 9/8/2015
Awesome stuff
멋진 허벅지
닥치고정치 on 8/2/2015
하루 500 개씩
ملك الذئاب on 7/23/2015
Easy to Use
Myngleigh on 7/18/2015
The apps are fun and easy to use. They add an extra bit of motivation. Only drawback is having to download a bunch of different apps for the various exercises. It would be more functional to have one integrated app.
Great squat instructor
Adam Tolman on 7/3/2015
Nicely designed interface with everything you need to start doing a great exercise in just a few minutes a day
ycasebolt on 6/21/2015
Great for Beginners!
Dre P. on 6/12/2015
Amazing App
Alex Versace on 5/19/2015
This app acts like your personal trainer and makes you do more than u actually thought you couldn't 10/10 would recommend this app!
Good app!
NerdyGirl51 on 5/3/2015
Fast and easy!
Absolutely love it!
Rocking chic on 4/27/2015
I was kind of dreading doing my exercises but these Runtastic apps are making me excited to do them everyday! So precise and I love the interface. Going to show my friends today.
Jmm1970 on 4/21/2015
Good app
Sentad ollas
Jailopi on 4/9/2015
Muy bueno el seguimiento y la rutina.
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